Celebs meet C-S-S-A: Kaley Cuoco

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I sat slumped over my laptop, almost working on instinct as I jabbed at the keyboard of my new laptop. I could feel the fatigue working its way onto my face as I tried to focus on the blurry screen in front of me. I had been working on my latest erotic fic with Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory. The story was that she met a guy on the beach, fucked him in the water, and then gave him anal under the pier, but I had hit a brick wall. As I was editing the paragraph, I was seemingly deleting words at random, as I waited for the latest on my flight.

I had traveled to New York for a vacation and was now looking to fly home with a brief stop over in Los Angeles to visit some family. Typically, whenever I wanted to write something I would struggle to put anything to paper but as soon as I went away, I would be able to write dozens of paragraphs. It was a funny thing but my fans wanted to see it and I felt obliged. Luckily, the weather in New York hadn’t been too great so I was able to get a lot of work done inside my hotel room.

Closing my eyes, I tilted my head back and tried to visualize the scene in my head. What sort of positions would they get up to while they were in the water? Having never actually fucked in the water, I was unsure of how the dynamic would actually work. I put myself in the place of the guy, where would I put my hands on her body? Her tits? Keeping hold of her fantastic ass? Should she get into it in the water or want me to fuck her hard on the beach? Should I swim with her to the beach and do her like that? If so, how should I position her? Grip her legs and put them on my shoulders to get deeper into her?

There were too many variables dancing around in my head, I stifled a yawn and looked around the airport’s lobby. The attendant at the desk had told me that the flight was going to be light so I had been told to go straight to the gate. Me being the ever-panicky flyer, I had turned up at least three hours before the flight. Still, it gave me plenty of time to write more of the fic.

There were not many people waiting for the flight. The occasional family was sitting down disappointed at the lack of action with the plane. We had heard that there had been some sort of storm in Los Angeles and it was stopping the flight from taking off for the time being anyway. I rubbed my eyes quickly and peered behind me, there was a cute blonde girl sitting directly behind me. She looked familiar but I could not place her, she could have been the Queen but I felt my brain was melting.

Closing my eyes, I twisted my hips and went back to writing. Getting a creative spurt, I started to tap rapidly at the keyboard getting another paragraph out of it. In the story, I had carried Kaley out of the water and landed her onto the beach. Her legs had gone onto my shoulders and I was fucking her deeper. I looked into describing how the warm sand clung to her body, as she would writhe under my thrusting hips. After several conversations over ‘Instant Messenger’, I had decided with another author that Kaley would use ‘Sweetie’ like her character, Penny, typically does when talking to a male cast member.

As I typed the name ‘Kaley’ onto the document, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned my head and saw it was the girl from earlier. Her long blonde, sun kissed hair was loose around her shoulders while a loose, white top hung off of her curvy body. Her long legs were decorated with a pair of cut-off denim shorts while her feet had on a pair of white sneakers matched up with white socks. She had a pair of fancy, expensive sunglasses covering her eyes but she looked familiar and as if a light bulb went off above my head and I realized who she was.

It was actually her! Kaley Cuoco was sitting behind me and now wanted to talk to me! Sneakily I tried to shut my laptop so she would not see what I had been writing about but she already knew.

“It’s OK. I just wanted to know what happens next!” She was the first to speak, smiling as she opened up my laptop again. She made a couple of interested noises as she browsed through the document. Reaching the end, she smiled and nodded her head. “Yeah, that’s really hot. You’ve got a real talent for writing.”

“Uh… Thanks?” I replied, unsure of exactly how to respond.

She smiled and joined me on my side of the lounge. “You’re welcome! That’s really hot stuff! Where do you put them up?”

“CSSA.com. I’m the author Blackjack on there…” I started but she excitedly cut me off.

“Oh my God! I love your stuff! That one with Blake Lively was totally hot!” Kaley beamed as she watched me save the document and fold away my computer. “I really kinda like knowing that I’m desired so much.”

“Your boyfriend must be a lucky guy then.” I said with a smile, acknowledging the fact that she was off the market.

“He’s long gone. Broke up in November last year, been single ever since.”

“Oh… Well I’m sorry to hear that.” I wasn’t really but it would be nice for her to hear me say it.

“No you’re not!” She teased, jabbing me in the shoulder blade as she sat down next to me. “Still, at least I get to hang out with more cute guys now.” She said with a smile as an airport attendant stepped behind the desk near the seats. The woman picked up the phone and took a deep breath before talking into the phone.

“Attention all customers flying on Virgin Atlantic flight VS15 due to adverse weather conditions in Los Angeles the flight has been cancelled. We are willing to honor any tickets and offer a free exchange to a later flight. Please see the ticket desk for more details.” There was a sound of disappointment in the lounge as Kaley sighed heavily. She looked over at me and smiled.

Kaley tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulder and smiled. The blonde young woman hooked her thumb under her handbag’s shoulder strap and hoisted it up back onto her shoulder. “So, we need a hotel and a new flight… I think the bar needs a visit don’t you?”

What an excellent idea.

We stood up and made our way over to the ticket desk. Ready to swap over our flight we’d then be able to prop the bar up as we looked for a place to stay tonight. The line steadily moved as people made their complaints known to the customer rep working behind the desk. Rolling my eyes, I knew exactly what she was going through working in retail myself. Every thing’s your fault with asshole customers like them.

We got to the front of the line and gave her our sympathies, she smiled and thanked us. She found us a flight at six fifteen in the morning; she booked us in and bumped my ticket up to first class free of charge. Pleased with myself, I thanked her and we left the line.

“Great, so where’s the bar?” Kaley asked as we left the airport lounge.

“Wasn’t it at the start with the rest of the restaurants?” I asked, hoisting my carry on bag onto my shoulder. She clicked her fingers and nodded her head in agreement.

“Right! Let’s go!” She said with a smile, hooking her arm in mine she half dragged, half led me down to the entrance of the airport. Finding a small wine bar called ‘Woods’ we made our way inside, sitting at the bar we ordered a bottle of white and shared it as we tried to find alternate lodgings. I was jabbing at my phone trying to find a vacant hotel for us to stay in.

“I’ve got one. One room left! I’ll book it, and I can take the bath or something.” I announced to her, she was about to protest when I jabbed at the screen and booked it.


“Great. At least let me get the cab.” She said with a smile as I nodded.

“Go for it. That just maxed out my card.” I retorted with a hearty laugh.


The cab ride over was an uneventful one, we heard by radio news that there was a freak storm had been battering L.A and it meant all planes were grounded. Our replacement flight was at an ungodly hour in the morning so we’d have to leave for about four a.m to beat customs and get to our seats in time.

Kaley paid the cab driver and gave him an extra five dollars as a tip. He helped us with out bags and took them into the foyer of the hotel. We made our way over to reception and checked in, we were staying on the fourteenth floor and had a king sized bed. In any other circumstance, I’d be giddy at the thought of sharing a bed with Kaley Cuoco but it was like it hadn’t sunk in yet. I wasn’t quite sure that it was actually happening, we dumped our luggage to one side and decided to have a few nightcaps before heading to bed.

“So when did you start thinking I was hot?” Kaley asked as we stepped through the large double doors of the hotel’s bar area. It was a large room with an actual bar that ran the entire length of the room, the surface looked like it was mahogany but could have easily been a fake.

Decorating the area behind the actual bar was a mirror that ran opposite the bar top as well, but also reflected the expensive bottles of wine and champagne that the hotel had to offer. Opposite the bar there was the seating area, there were several chairs and tables that guests and customers could use for their leisure. The corner of the room had a table and chairs set that faced outside and let whoever was sitting down see outside onto the streets.

“Well, it was The Big Bang Theory that cemented it but I remember managing to catch a few episodes of Eight Simple Rules and thinking you were cute.” I admitted as I pulled out two barstools, like a gentleman I offered for her to take it. She smiled and thanked me as I pushed the chair in with her sitting on it. I sat next to her as she tucked a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear. “Actually… Isn’t that kind of creepy? You must have been… What? Sixteen?”

Kaley laughed and shook her head. “That’s not creepy at all sweetie. I was eighteen, legal in England right?” She asked, playfully nudging me in my ribs as the bartender arrived to take our order.

“What are you guys having?” He was a man in his mid-thirties with short, jet black hair.

“Can we get a pitcher of margaritas? We’re going to be sitting over there.” Kaley asked, as she pointed to the corner of the room.

“Sure, that’ll be no problem.”

“Awesome!” Kaley beamed, fishing into her purse to take out her card, the bartender stopped her.

“We’ve been told to wave your drinks tab. It’s on the house Miss Cuoco.”

“Oh really?” She asked, looking up at the bartender. When he nodded, Kaley grinned and thanked him.

“So you like The Big Bang Theory?” She asked, turning to face me.

“Love it. I think it’s so funny! One of the channels back home in the UK has started doing marathons on Sunday so I get to gorge on food and laugh at it while dreading Monday morning.”

“Awww, it can’t be that bad!” Kaley said with a sympathetic tone as the table became free. We stood and made our way over, continuing our conversation as we went.

“Well, I think I just have a bad case of the Mondays. Plus, I see a real life Sheldon almost every Monday morning.”

“You’re kidding me!” Kaley said with a grin as we walked past the people cluttering up the bar and towards the tables and seats inside the lounge area of the bar.

“I am not kidding you and frankly I’m upset at the very notion of it!” I replied with a mock offended tone in my voice as we sat down in the corner of the hotel’s bar.

“I think you’re lying to try and get in my good graces!” Kaley teased, lightly poking me in the shoulder.

Grasping my heart in an overly dramatic fashion, I writhed like I was in pain. “You wound me with these words Miss Cuoco!”

“You do not know a Sheldon in real life!”

“I absolutely do! His name’s Philip and he works with a friend of mine in a office block back home in London. When I was staying over, he freaked the hell out when I even looked at his toothbrush. I swear he was decontaminating the place before I had even left!”

That made Kaley burst into a fit of giggles, she covered her mouth politely as she laughed. I smiled and made a shrugging motion as she poked me again.

“You are full of it!”

“I am not! How dare you!” I retorted, we were just about to dissolve into more silly talk when the hotel’s waitress came over with a large circular tray that had two glasses and a pitcher full of our yellow alcoholic drink.

We thanked her as she set the large jug down on the table and put both of our glasses in front of us. As she left, Kaley turned back to me and smiled sweetly.

“So, are you single too?” She asked, pouring herself a glass of alcohol.

“Yeah, my work keeps me pretty busy and I’m like the youngest guy in my town so I’d need to go out of my way to get some.” I replied, thanking her as she poured me a glass too.

“Yeah, the same with me.” She took a quick drink and cast her eyes out onto the bustling street of New York. “It can be rough working on sets all the time, especially if you’re in a movie too. You can be away for weeks at a time. It can get pretty lonely too.” She finished off her drink and poured herself another one. “So what do you do at work?”

“Well, I’m a supervisor in a retail store, but I’m also responsible for setting up new stores around the country. Which, admittedly, is pretty cool. It’s like I go on tour.” I replied with a smirk. “So that can keep me away from home too.”

“Wow, kindred spirits huh?” She said with a smile. She raised her glass and we briefly clinked them together in a toast. We each took a sip and shared a smile, she took another glance at me and took another sip of her drink. “So, what else are you working on?”

“Well, I’m still working on your fic and I really want to get it finished soon. You’re way too hot to not have more stories on you. People have been screaming at me to get my Miley Cyrus fic carried on and people want the Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Lancaster story finished too. But, I always get sidetracked with other stories. I’ll be getting through one story and then I’ll get another bright idea and leave the nearly finished story on the wayside.”

“What are the plans for my story? What do you want to do to me?” She asked, smiling at me. Her right foot came up off of the floor and pushed it against my leg, she slowly stroked it up and down my shin.

“You really want to know?” I asked, tugging my chair closer to the table, obstructing what Kaley was doing to give us some privacy. Kaley bit on her bottom lip and nodded her head slowly, she leant forward and lightly pushed her breasts together. I could see her cleavage had been accentuated neatly with her upper arms squeezing her breasts together.

“What did I say at the airport? I’d love to know what guys want to do with me.”

“Well…” I started off, taking a deep breath. I smiled at her as she started to increase her foot action.

“Tell me.” She half asked, half demanded as she tucked some loose strands of blonde hair behind her ear.

“I’ve always wanted to watch your ass bounce as I fucked you doggy style. I’d… I’d like to fuck your ass too.”

“Kinky!” She said with a grin, taking another drink she finished it and looked around before leaning in a little closer. “Where do you want to cum? In my ass? Because I know you like giving girls facials in your stories… Do you want to cum on my face too?”

“God yes…” I admitted as she grinned and leant back in the chair. Her feet moved down my legs to my feet and she casually bumped them against mine playing footsie with me smiling as she did so.

“Well, let’s see where the night takes us shall we?”

I nodded my head dreamily and poured myself another glass of the drink. The pitcher was almost empty and we could probably share another glass or two before it was empty. I wasn’t that big on feet but the fact that Kaley Cuoco was playing with me made me more than a little bit hard.

“So how come you wanted to come to America?” She asked, swishing the glass in her hand around casually.

“Not sure, always wanted to come over and visit. I went to Florida last year and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to check out a city break instead of another tropical break.” I answered, sipping at the drink in my hand.

“Nice, how did you like Florida?”

“Yeah, it was great. Really enjoyed it, I got a lot of… Attention when I was over there too. I don’t know, because I’m English?”

“The accent is very hot. Which girls are hotter? New York or Florida?” She asked, sipping on the drink in her hand.

“Well, Floridians were more scantily clad but… You weren’t in Florida.” I said with a cheeky grin as she beamed back at me.

“Well aren’t you sweet?” She said with a big grin. She leant in and planted a soft kiss on my right cheek, her right hand playfully squeezed my left one. “If we were together I think I’d probably jump you right about now. Shame we’re not together isn’t it?”

Sighing heavily, I nodded my head as she grinned and leant back in her chair. “We’re about done with this.” I said, motioning to the near-empty pitcher. “Do you want to get another one after this?”

She looked over at the bar, frowned slightly and shook her head. “I think a band’s playing later tonight. I could do with a dance, do you want to go and see them?” She said with a smile, turning back to face me.

“Well, I’m a horrible dancer but I’ll give it a shot. I’ve been told that I look like I’m looking for my keys.” I said, putting my hands on my body like I was searching for something.

That made Kaley laugh again, she blinked slowly before speaking again. “Well, maybe you can look for my keys.”

She winked playfully at me, I couldn’t quite get over the fact that Kaley Cuoco was flirting with me and was certainly enjoying herself.

“That sounds… Pretty great actually.”

“Darn tooting it does!” Kaley said with a grin, she finished off her glass and put it on the tray. I swiftly finished mine and placed mine next to hers. “Should we go then?” She asked, as we stood up.

“Sure.” I replied, apprehension filled my stomach as we stepped out of the bar and crossed to the function room of the hotel. It was a large room that had a laminated floor with several tables dotted around. Near the back of the room there was a large wooden stage elevated several feet off of the floor. The band had set up on the stage and were doing a brief sound check, Kaley took hold of me by the hand and dragged me to the front of the room.

As the band opened up with a Cheap Trick number, Kaley let out a pleased squeal of delight as she started to sway in the rhythm of the music. Unsure of what to do, I kind of put my hands in the air as my body jerked to the music similar to how Kaley was moving. She put her hands on mine and moved them down to her body, putting one on her waist and the other on her actual, flat tummy. I was unsure if she wanted me to continue but knew I was OK when she tilted her head back and rested it on my shoulder.

“It’s OK baby.” She encouraged as my hands started to feel her soft flesh. She moaned lightly in my ear as her hands reached behind me and stroked at my hair and face as we moved together to the music. I wasn’t sure of what I looked like but didn’t really care as the blonde Goddess started to rub her ass against my groin. Even over the music I could hear her moaning slightly as my erection pressed into her flesh.

My hands stroked at the other parts of her body as she led our movements. We would move to the left and then to the right as we swayed to the music. Her hands drifted over my face and she slowly slid them off of my body and back onto hers. She placed them on top of mine and led them over her supple body.

Occasionally, she would squeeze her hand making mine squeeze her flesh too. Another girlish squeak escaped her lips as my hands cupped her amazing body. The band finished off with the first song and quickly moved into a softer, slower number. Kaley took my hands off of her body and she turned to face me. Pressing herself up against me softly, she wrapped herself around me and nestled her head into my chest. Almost instinctively, my hands found the small of her back and drew delicate patterns on her as her hands lightly roamed against my back.

She looked up at me and smiled softly. “I’m not teasing you too much am I?” She asked, concern in her voice as her breasts pressed into my chest. “I can go over the top sometimes I know…”

“Nah, you’re doing fine.” I replied, smiling back at her as my erection pressed against her tummy.

“That’s good. I didn’t want to lead you on, that’s all.”

“Kaley, I really didn’t expect anything to come from this so we’re going to be OK.”

She smiled and moved back to her head resting on my chest.

Soon enough, the band had finished that song and we were about to go back to dancing when Kaley put her hand on my chest.

“I think we should go to sleep soon. I need the rest and we need to be up again soon.” She said with a smile, I nodded my head in agreement.

“Sounds like a plan.”

We made our way past the dancing couples, her hand in mine as she led us out. We got back to reception and picked up our bags. Both of our suitcases were on wheels, which made it easier for us to move the to the elevator. We stepped inside the small metal room and I jabbed at the fourteen button. The doors closed and slowly we made our way up, creeping past floor by floor.

“How come you’re here by yourself? Shouldn’t you be flying with an agent or something?” I asked, turning to face her as my erection slowly died down.

“Yeah, I should but I don’t like being looked after. Much easier for me to get into trouble.” She said with a smile as the elevator arrived at our floor.

“And you get to meet handsome Brits too?” I asked with a grin. She cocked an eyebrow but nodded her head.

“Meet handsome Brits too.” She conceded as we walked into our room.

“So, you can take the bed. I’ll sleep in the bath tub or something. You’ll have to wake me up if you need to go though.”

The room was overly large and had a large king sized bed in the middle next to a bedside table. The window ran the entire width of the room and gave a great view of the city as it bustled with midnight life.

“Well, it doesn’t make any sense for us to not share that bed. Look at the size of it!” Kaley exclaimed, looking at the large bed in the middle of the room.

“You’re sure?” I asked, not wanting to get slapped with a sexual harassment charge as my day could possibly get worse.

“Do you snore?” She asked, I was about to shake my head when she ignored it and brought a hand up to stop me. “Never mind. I’ve seen worse. Trust me! We should probably get some sleep though.”

Remarkably, my eyes were getting heavy. I nodded and stifled a yawn. We tugged back the duvet cover and climbed in, we thought it would be appropriate for us to be clothed after all. It’s not like we were boyfriend and girlfriend no matter how much Kaley had spoken about kindred spirits in the bar.

“Good night.” She called out softly, nudging my back with one of her elbows.

“Good night Kaley.” I replied, nudging her back. Then, my eyelids fell heavy and I fell to sleep.


The room was pitch black and I felt a strange presence on top of my hands, it was warm. Like a pair of hands almost, something soft was being pressed up against it as the hands danced around my own ones.

A female figure quickly passed in front of my eyes as they adjusted to the dark light in the room. The figure was certainly toned, a neat set of breasts with long blonde hair. Thinking this could be some sort of robbery, I called out to Kaley, who should’ve been next to me.

“Kaley?” I called out as the female form that was in my room moved onto the bed. I could feel the weight shift in the bed to my right as she kneel-walked over to where I was. Then, she was on top of me and had moved her weight so she was now sitting on my ribs.

“Oh it’s me all right!” She said with a grin, brushing her luscious hair back from hiding her face. Tucking the loose strands behind her ears, I could fully admire her ruby red lips that were wet with hunger.

“I’m… I’m naked.” I noted. Looking down my body as I looked at her sit on my tummy. She smiled and nodded her head.

“You are… And so am I.” I looked down and her porcelain white skin was shining brightly. A thin layer of sweat was on her body and her nipples were hard, I could also feel a warm, wetness on my chest. Looking at the source, she giggled.

“Sorry babe. Had to get started without you! Too horny you see.”

“Oh… Right then… Sorry. What’s going on exactly?”

Rolling her eyes, Kaley leant in and kissed me on the lips. She applied light pressure to my lips as I kissed her back. My dick surged upwards as she put her hands on my neck and tugged me closer to her. Our mouths opened and she pushed her tongue inside my mouth first, she was in complete control and I was at her whim. Breaking her lip lock with me, Kaley playfully bit on my bottom lip. She planted another soft kiss on my lips and stroked my shoulders.

“If I suck you off and you cum are you going to be able to fuck me?” She asked, as she repeated the pattern of kissing and biting lightly at my lips.

Sighing heavily, I nodded.

“I can’t hear you.” She teased, looking up at me as she made her way down to my crotch.

“Yes.” I replied, the s sound dragged out, almost like it was a serpent’s slithering tongue.

“Good boy.” She said, kissing my abdomen lightly. Her delicate right hand cupped my sac and she grinned. “They feel heavy. Are they full of cum for me?” She asked, as she tugged at my nuts, measuring my reaction to her toying movements.

“Yes.” The same slithering ‘s’ rang out in the room as she grinned and made contact with my penis.

“And what about this? Is this going to be able to fuck me like you’ve wanted to? Like I deserve?” She asked, wrapping a hand around my shaft and slowly stroking it. Biting my bottom lip, I nodded my response and then gasped when she squeezed my dick’s base harder that she had done previously.

“Out loud sweetie.” She said again, smiling at her actions.

“Jesus… Yes! Yes it‘ll be able to fuck you like you deserve!”

“Good boy.” She said, a smirk forming on her pretty face. She licked her ruby red lips tantalizingly slow from the left of her gorgeous mouth to the right. Her eyes locked dead with mine as she opened her mouth to suck my cock. A wicked look was in her eyes, as she got ready to rock my world.

Kaley rearranged herself on the bed so that she was kneeling next to my lap. She bent over and tucked some loose strands of blonde hair behind her ear so I could watch her as she slipped my dick into her mouth. Her tongue slowly wrapped its way around the girth of my dick as she slowly started to bob up and down on my length. Kaley made sure that her tongue moved with her lips as she slipped up and down. Up and down, up and down Kaley casually sucked its length. Taking the first couple of inches down her throat, she slid it out of her soft, sweet waiting mouth. She hadn’t gagged a single time during her initial, ‘testing the waters’ with my member. She made a few more casual bobs as she cast a sideways look to me, her green eyes seemed to be so much hotter with my cock in her mouth.

Her lack of any particular eye shadow complimented her pretty well as she was kneeling there with my dick in her mouth. With as little effort as possible, the dick then slipped from her mouth and lightly bobbed in the air. She licked her lips and kissed the tip of my dick making it jolt ever so slightly. Then, in one fell swoop, she opened her mouth and took the rest of my dick down her mouth in one motion. Her eyes looked like they were going to bulge out as she looked so surprised at her achievement.

I heard her mumble something but it was obscured by my dick in her mouth. Not that I really cared either. Of all the people who had sucked my dick, this was the best blow job I had ever had the good fortune of receiving. I was lying in an unfamiliar bed and getting head from the most desirable and gorgeous women in the world and I wasn’t going to stop it now. Kaley’s hands had made their way up my legs and were lightly digging into my thighs as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Her tongue made a conscious effort to flick against my sac whenever she hit the bottom of my cock. Letting out a groan, my head fell back against the soft pillow as she satisfied me orally. Then, she pulled away. I was about to complain but she began to jerk me off with her right hand.

“Close to cumming?” She asked, looking up at me.

“A little…”

“Good boy.” She said with a smile. Jesus Christ, every time she spoke my cock would feel like it was growing an inch or two. It strained against the sexy compression that was being put on it by the star of The Big Bang Theory and 8 Simple Rules.

“Oh Jesus… I wish I could shove my tits in your face while I jerk you off… I really do! I love having my tits worshipped.” She said with a big smile on her face, her voice was rising almost like it was she was getting off on teasing me. When my dick wasn’t in her mouth, she casually stroked the bottom of my shaft with her right hand.

My cock got hard and pushed upwards towards my stomach a little. Kaley perked up, pinning my cock downwards, hard against my abdomen. She pressed my dick against my stomach and then gave it a long, hard lick along its underside. When she reached the tip of my dick her tongue would dance around the head flicking against the piss slit.

She then changed her tactics and started jerking off the bottom of my shaft as she sucked off the top half. Her tongue ran circles around my head while her hand moved up and down applying a lot of pressure as she would squeeze the base of the shaft whenever it dropped downwards. If she carried on like that, I would cum at any second.

“I’m gonna cum!” I yelled pushing my hips up off of the bed slightly. Kaley squeezed my cock hard pushing it upwards towards the air.

“Yeah! Cum for me! Yeah! Give me that hot cum! Mmmm…” Kaley moaned, pressing my cock hard against my lower abs. With a slow, steady, deliberate stroking fashion, Kaley hovered over my dick’s head and waited for me to cum. Groaning, I let loose and shot my cum upwards. The majority of the load landed in her mouth but some landed just over her mouth and on her face.

Smiling, she scooped up the salty liquid and dumped it in her mouth. Sucking it clean off her fingers, she gave a big beaming grin towards me and slunk down to my shaft. Sucking on my cock delicately, she made slow, soft, deliberate passes to make sure she didn’t hurt my member. She managed to take in most of my dick, and would pass up and down the shaft stopping just below the head of my cock. Then, her tongue would come out and trace the semi-circle in front of her.

She finished up with my penis and let it fall from her mouth. She lightly stroked the member, looking up at me.

“So was it as good as you’d imagined?” She asked, smiling warmly at me as I caught my breath and wiped a thin film of sweat off of my forehead.

“Better.” I admitted as she beamed up at me. Once she had finished with my cum, she curled a hand around my member and slowly jerked my shaft. When I shivered at her touch, she cast a glance up at my dick.

“Are you tender?” She asked, after the explosive orgasm I’d just been through.

“Yeah, a little bit.” I admitted, she smiled and nodded her head.

“OK, I’ll go slowly.” With that, Kaley put her hands on my chest. She slowly placed her left leg over my waist and straddled me. She leaned forward, dipping her breasts into my mouth as she did so. She reached under herself and found my dick, aiming it at her pussy she slowly lowered herself down. My dick slowly parted her folds as I entered her for the first time.

Her head fell back as she enveloped all of my dick. I eagerly attached my lips to her right nipple, sucking on the hard nub as I held onto her hips with my hands. Kaley let out a low groan as my dick filled her vaginal walls, she put her left hand on the back of my head and pulled me closer to her tits. Her right hand fell onto my chest, her thumb casually stroked at my left nipple as she started to lift her hips up and down.

“How is it?” She asked, as I took her breast out of my mouth and started to kiss at the flesh around her nipple.

“Fucking perfect Kaley.” Smiling as she leaned down and planted another kiss on my lips.

“Getting inspired?” She said with a smile, lightly biting at my bottom lip as I sat upright in bed with her still on top.

“You’re like my own muse.”

“Tell me… Tell me what you want to do to me!” Kaley moaned as she put her hands on my shoulders and started to ride up and down on my dick.

“I want to fuck you doggy style… Then maybe fuck your ass?” I said, uncertainty in my voice as she opened her eyes and smiled at me. She pressed her smile against my lips and we slipped our tongues into each others mouths as they wrestled for dominance.

“You boys are all the same! My butt’s not even that nice!” She said with a smile, her body wrapped itself around me as I started to lift her up and down off of my prick.

“Well, I’ll have to judge it! Have you ever had anything up there?” I asked as she pushed her face into my shoulder, moaning against my flesh. I put my hands on her ass and lightly squeezed her cheeks as she let out another moan before throwing her head back and calling out in pleasure. Her facial cheeks had flushed with red as she started to grind her groin against mine as I kissed her soft neck.

Sitting up on my knees, I realigned our bodies with the mattress and moved down with her. Pinning her shoulder blades against the soft, fluffy bed

Kaley removed her hands from behind my neck and put them on my shoulders. Using them to steady herself, the blonde geek Goddess started to bounce up and down on my rock hard cock, all seven inches burying themselves inside her.

She pressed her lips up against mine again as her soft tongue parted my lips and we went back to exploring each others mouths. Her tongue slid over mine and then ran under it gently as I started to lift her up and down on my prick. Her soft moans filled my mouth as her hands moved round to my back, instead of digging her nails into my skin, instead she ran them over my shoulder blades similar to how she would one of her co-stars.

Her lips came off of mine and she tilted her head into my shoulder as we built up a steady rhythm of fucking. She surprised me by biting down on my neck and sucking on the wound quite hard, resulting in giving me a love bite. She then flicked her tongue against the wound and smiled wickedly at me.

“Did I do bad sweetie?”

Christ. When she called me that, it made my balls boil with pleasure. I shook my head and smiled.

“Not at all.”

“Maybe you could give me one later?”

“Maybe I could…” I said with a grin, trailing off as her head fell back. The sweat from the nights actions so far had dampened her long luscious blonde hair as she moaned at my dick stroking her insides.

Kaley moaned and pulled me closer to her on the mattress, my forehead rested against the mattress as her crossed, strong calves slammed at my hips. Her soft hands grasped at my shoulder blades as her palms fell flat on my back. They roamed up and down on me, like she was trying to find a particular contour in my skin.

“I’ve never fucked a genuine author before!” She giggled as I lovingly lapped at her soft, elegant neck.

“This is more than a brand new experience for me too.” I admitted as I tried to find a decent rhythm, lifting my head off of the mattress. I smiled as she cupped my head in her hands and kissed me again. As she broke the kiss, she smiled sweetly and suddenly bit onto my bottom lip and playfully tugged it outwards.

“Sweetie… You’re fucking me so deeply!” Kaley groaned as her hips rose up off of the bed and cried out in bliss.

Kaley’s eyes shut tightly and she pulled me tightly to her as my dick started to slide into her against her more sensitive spot. Kaley’s wetness spilled out onto the bed as her ragged breathing started to spill out against my ear.

Her eyes opened slowly and she rocked her head to the right, looking at the soft fluffy pillow she had discarded. She looked back at me as I slipped in and out of her, her eyelids flickered slowly as her breath started to escalate.

“Are you going to cum soon Kaley?” I asked, she bit on her bottom lip and nodded her head slowly. “Good, cum for me… Sweetie.” I used one of Kaley’s more preferred terms and watched her look up at me and grin.

Kaley bit on her bottom lip and nodded frantically. “Oh! God here I go!” Kaley’s legs wrapped themselves tighter around my hips and she squealed out in pleasure as she came. I felt the warm liquid gush out onto my dick as I continued to invade her, taking one of my free hands I slowly started to rub her sensitive clit making her gasp out for more air.

“Oh shit sweetie! So fucking good! Just… Just stop for a minute…”

I complied, slowing down but keeping myself buried deep inside her. I took Kaley’s need for a breather. Kaley casually wrapped her arms around my back and she threw me onto my back. She put her hands on my chest and started to ride me, it was my turn to close my eyes and let my head fall back as her soft hands ran over my chest.

Her warm, wet pussy hugged my member tightly as she lifted herself up and down on my pole. Her eyes had shut tightly again and she was moaning to the sky, pawing at her left breast with her left hand softly while her right hand had started to roam over my chest, casually thumbing her hand against my nipple. I put my hands on her hips and started to help her rise and fall on my shaft, she moaned at the action and nodded her head firmly.

She leant down and kissed me again, her soft forehead felt so good pressed against mine as she rode me. Her soft tongue slid inside my mouth for the second time that evening and this time she was far more aggressive. She went straight for the kill by slapping it, almost aggressively, against mine. When I tried to respond in kind, she let it slip away. Giggling through the kiss, she was obviously enjoying herself as she toyed with me.

She broke the kiss and slowly opened her eyes. Smiling up at me, she bit on her bottom lip and lightly stroked my shoulders.

“Do you want to fuck me doggy style?”

I grinned and nodded my head. She smiled and planted another soft kiss on my lips before she rolled over onto her chest and slowly lifted her hips up off of the bed. I walked on my knees behind Kaley and gave my dick a slow pump up and down, making sure I was ready to go. I rubbed my dick’s head against her wet lips before slowly pushing my dick inside her.

Kaley’s head fell back and she let out a low groan of pleasure as my dick filled her up inside. Putting my hands on her hips, I slowly pulled out of her and pushed back into her. My fingers lightly dug at her perfect skin on top of her thighs, Kaley’s head fell down as she started to moan into the comfy duvet of the bed.

Pumping my dick in and out of her, my hands slid up her body to her perfect ass. Kneading at the flesh, I lightly slapped at her rump. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled sexily as I rubbed the red area I had just swatted.

“Uh… Uh… You like my ass don’t you sweetie?”

I leant down and planted another soft kiss on her lips and nodded.

“It’s a very nice ass.”

Kaley grinned and ran her hands through her hair, tucking it behind her ear, I eagerly pressed my lips up against the soft crease of her neck. I let my tongue slide out and lightly taste her skin as I started to deliver fast, small strokes inside her warm, wet pussy. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close to me as Kaley let out a low pleasant moan in my ears as I fucked her.

Changing my mind, I slid my left hand down from her waist to her waiting pussy and started to rub my left pointer finger against her clit. Kaley let out a long groan as my finger started to stimulate her pussy.

“Feels… Feels so good!” Kaley screamed as I fucked her. Ignoring it and focusing on fucking her, I nodded and started to increase my pounding. Rubbing her clit again, Kaley yelped and her stomach arched up off of the bed. With an almighty scream, Kaley’s pussy flooded with girl cum gushing out onto my shaft. Ignoring it, I continued to fuck her dragging her screaming towards another orgasm. Another shockwave smacked her and another flooding happened, her cum spilt out and flooded out onto the bed.

Dignity had gone out of the window as we engaged in a wet, sloppy kiss. Our tongues bashed against each others as my balls slapped against her skin. We broke the kiss and Kaley rested her head on her arms as she simply moaned with each thrust inside her. She seemed to be spent as I continued to fuck her. Taking a more primal position, I held onto her thighs and just started to fuck her with a wild abandon.

“You’re such a good fucking lay Kaley. You’re so fucking hot.” I cursed aloud as I fucked her. She simply moaned her appreciation, her head tilting to the side so we could make eye contact. Fucking her as hard as I could, I could feel her pussy getting tighter and eventually it contracted around me and she came again. The strength seeming to sap from her body and she fell down so I was fucking her in essentially a reverse missionary position.

I kissed her shoulder blades, wiping the sweat stained hair away from her shoulders so I could get at her skin. As I pounded her, I could feel my nuts start to burn, I could feel the sensation of cum starting to build up in my nuts.

“Kaley… I’m going to cum soon.” I let out with a regretful sigh.

“Hold out sweetie! I’ve got one more treat for you.” Kaley pulled herself off of my dick and slumped forward. She put her hands on her ass cheeks and parted her fleshy buns, using her left index finger she scooped up some of her girl cum and slid it inside her tight, forbidden hole.

“Oh fuck…”

Kaley took hold of my dick, still slick with her juices, and pushed it up against her tight asshole. My head nudged against her entrance as she let go and sighed at the sensation. She spread her ass cheeks revealing her asshole in all its kinky glory to me.

I ran my dick up and down her hole, spreading her wet juice around the brown ring. After a rough minute of lubing her up again, I took my hands away and shuffled forward on my knees. I reached down and took hold of both of her ass cheeks letting Kaley get support lying on the bed.

Kaley looked over her shoulder, bit on her bottom lip.

“Just give me a minute.”

I nodded and waited for her to give me the go ahead. Her breathing was slow and labored, she was panting in anticipation as she grasped as the sheets of the bed.

“… Go.” Her voice was quiet but firm.

I braced myself against her and with a small application of force the thick head of my dick slipped past her constricting ring. She groaned in pain but pushed her perfect ass back against me, encouraging me to continue. I continued to push in to her but couldn’t fit all of my dick inside her, settling for almost half of my member I took hold of her tanned thighs to steady myself.

Kaley let out an intense groan of pleasure as my dick filled out her asshole. Sinking deeper inside her, her tight asshole squeezed at my dick hungrily.

“Shit Kaley… It’s so tight!” I groaned as I made a casual retreat and re-entry into her slick, tight ass hole.

“I’ve not had much go up there.”

Kaley let out a shriek of delight as I slammed deep inside her again. I began to set a pace of pumping in and out of her tight asshole, thrusting in and out at an erratic speed. Kaley threw her head to the bed as I got deep inside her squelching, tight ass.

“Shit! Kaley I’m going to cum.” I groaned as I started to make slow, random thrusts inside her. She cast a look over her shoulder at me and shook her head.

“Fuck my tits!”

I pulled out of her and watched Kaley roll over onto her back. I quickly climbed up onto her and straddled her chest. She put her tits together and wrapped them around my dick, sliding my knob between her tits she bent her neck and flicked her tongue against the head. My eyelids flickered as I groaned and shot my second load of the evening. The sticky ropes tore through from the end of my dick and splattered against her face. She gasped in surprise but closed her eyes and let me carry on shooting my wad, the ropes landed on her forehead and then dripped down onto her actual face.

Collecting my breath, I looked down at her and smiled at my handiwork. The load had landed on her face and had decorated her forehead and had dripped down onto the bridge of her nose. She slowly opened her eyes and scooped up the load, slowly sucking it off of her fingers Kaley smiled up at me.

“Bazinga.” I said with a goofy grin as I slipped off of her.

Kaley giggled and playfully swatted my shoulder. She was about to say something when the alarm in the room went off.

“Shit… We have to get ready.” The plane was going to leave in three hours, it would take at least half an hour to get to the airport and two hours to clear customs and find the right gate so we had half an hour to get ready.

Kaley climbed off of the bed and made her way to the bathroom. I stretched out and yawned briefly, but I was happy. Remarkably, the mental block seemed to have gone as well. I pulled my clothes on from last night and quickly scribbled down some notes on my laptop.

“Bragging on twitter?” Kaley asked, as I made eye contact with her.

“Not quite, getting ready to write on the plane. I had some… Inspiration last night.” I replied with a cheeky grin as she winked at me.

“Come on, the cab’s waiting.” She said with a grin, throwing her wet towel at me.

We collected our things and made our way down the hotel, hand in hand for the time being at least. As we checked out, Kaley moved herself a little closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I looked over at her and smiled, kissing her on the top of her head, I put my arm around her and lightly cuddled her as we got into the cab.

The driver must’ve been half asleep or he’d seen it happen before because he didn’t make a peep as we shared another heavy petting session in the back seat. When we weren’t kissing or holding each other, we spent the time joking as the car made its way over to the airport. We tipped the driver and checked in at the airport, as we made our way to the gate there were a few photographers trying to get snapshots of various celebrities. Kaley saw them and frowned slightly, she looked at me with an apologizing face, but I knew what she meant. I let go of her hand and we made our way down to the lounge separately.

We had been separated but soon after Kaley found me and smiled as she sat down on my lap. I hooked my arms around her waist and pulled her tight to me and we shared another kiss. When we broke the kiss, we rested our foreheads against each others and smiled as we linked our fingers.

“I really enjoyed this Kaley…” I admitted as they started to board the plane.

“Me too… Can you see me in L.A?” She asked, I thought about it and I really wanted to but my schedule was tight and I may never see my Grandparents again if I missed this meeting.

“I don’t think so… I’m sorry.”

Kaley nodded her head and smiled. Leaning up, she kissed the bridge of my nose and then planted a soft one on my lips.

“If you think you’ve got one more in you… I’ve always wanted to join ‘the’ club.” She said with a grin, motioning to the plane with a sideways bob of the head.

“Yeah? That sounds good. I could do with joining another club.”

“Bazinga.” Kaley replied with a cheeky smirk at the end.

We managed to actually get onto the plane and off of the runway and on the way to Los Angeles.

Did we join that club?

That my friends, as they say, is another story.

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