Celebs meet CSSA: Kelly Clarkson

Story title: Celebs meet CSSA: Kelly Clarkson

Story by: Money

Celeb in story: Kelly Clarkson

story codes: MF, oral, anal

feedback YES

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any questions or comments on the story send them to rockcook5@yahoo.com now on with the story

As I was going through my email account answering emails and getting rid of junk I noticed one from a Kellebrity with the subject of story feedback I loved talking with my fans so I had a look and read it it mainly talked about my stories featuring Kelly Clarkson from a few years ago and Kash’s Kelly Clarkson’s voyeur story from the same time frame and how she loved those stories and was hoping for more Kelly stories soon if I had any I was sensing a theme so I sent one back saying I had a couple in the works and to feel free to give me scene ideas she wanted to see if I was willing to write them.

The next week.

I had wondered what to make of the email as I logged on again to clean out my inbox when I saw Kellebrity sent me another email saying she had been busy travelling and just got her uplink back hoping if we could meet in person giving me a list of places she would be I saw a Kelly Clarkson CD signing event at a local mall near my place I sent an email back saying I could meet her there she was thrilled confirming the date telling me to not forget my stories since she wanted to read them.

The day finally arrived for the signing as I put all my story binders in my backpack heading out to meet my mystery female fan to show I was Money I even brought along my binder of unfinished story rough drafts and scenerios most of them were story ideas I was going to finish someday once I figured out how to finish them.

“Awww man the lines a mile long.” I said pulling up

Finding my fan who was waiting to meet me was starting to border on impossible I didn’t need to start asking women random questions and give the impression I was weird or something so I just waited for her to find me since being the last in line she was bound to pass by me at some point it was nice to see other guys in line besides me I figured they only showed since Kelly Clarkson was here and they would be getting lucky tonight from their girlfriends if they showed some interest.

The closer I got to the signing table I saw Kelly in form fitting hip hugger jeans and a plain top even though she looked like a girl I dated a few years earlier she still had some serious curves to her leaving almost nothing to my imagination.

an hour later

It felt like I had been waiting forever as the last few people in front of me finished their time with Kelly since I was next I pulled her albums out of my backpack to get them signed.

“I’m going to have writers cramp if that bags full of CD’s.” she said

“Oh no just those albums right there the rest is binders full of stories I wrote.” I said

Kelly’s eyes got wide as she smiled in a rather coy way while finishing signing the CD’s

“Kellebrity?” I asked

“Not here hang with security till I’m done.” she whispered

I stood with the security guys watching Kelly finishing up the line signing more CD’s, posters, and pictures till the last girl had her picture taken with Kelly when Kelly was ready we headed back to my place since it was closer.

“So this is Money’s crib.” she said

“Yeah some of my best work came from inside these walls.” I said

“I would say so I have CSSA on my web browser in my phone so I can read a few stories between takes of my music videos.” she said

“Your toying with me.” I said

“Am I? Do you know how many vibrator batteries I go through shooting videos while I read your stories over and over again in my trailer?” she asked

“I’m still not buying it.” I said

“Ok I’ve wanted to give you a blowjob for your efforts and not making me look or act like a cock slut in your stories.” she said

My jaw hit the floor.

“Well I do have you in my collab with Ikkitousen about a fun bachelorette party that gets out of hand.” I said

“Where is it? I want to read what you have ready.” she said

“It’s in my rough draft binder but it’s not in the final edit stage yet Ikkitousen has the whole thing with him.” I said

“What else do you have?” she asked

“Just my hot 100 epic I’ve been working on for nearly 18 months.” I said

“What’s this?” she asked

“That’s the story sequence list so I can keep track of what I need to do for it.” I said

“I’m sure it is epic do I get tag teamed by the author and random slutty girls or am I a lesbian prowling around through the story humping anything with a pulse?” she asked

“Why didn’t you contact me sooner I would have totally ramped up your sex drive in the story if I had known that during the planning stages.” I said

“Found it!!” she squealed

Hey, no peeking author eyes only.” I said

“Wow this is really good so far I’m actually getting turned on.” she said

That was all I needed to hear to stop me dead in my tracks and let Kelly read the story as she unbuttoned her shirt one after another showing off her ample boobs and easing her jeans down while laying on my bed going to town on herself I could only watch as my footlong dick went rock hard hoping to join her soon.

“I can’t finish it…I’m too horny…finish me off baby.” she moaned

Kelly pulled me on top of her before I could blink wrapping her legs around me while pulling my shirt off and fishing in my pants for my cock.

“Holy cheese and crackers that’s big.” she said

“Just like my stories.” I said

My 12 inch slab of beef kept her attention as I opened her shirt getting a grip on Kelly’s boobs before diving right in feasting on their supple curves turning her on even more.

“Shove it in I want to feel it.” she said

“Kinky little thing.” I said

I went between her legs licking her pussy like a wildcat making Kelly moan and thrash around driving my face further in with her hand.

“Sneaky bastard.” she said

“Then you should love this.” I said

I drove my full length into her pussy making Kelly’s body go rigid before pistoning in and out with long strokes from my hips making her voice jump in pitch.

“UUUUUUHHNNNNNNN…thicker than….your stories.” she said

“Yes it is.” I said

I massaged Kelly’s boobs while driving my cock as deep as possible pumping more meat into her making her claw my back it hurt a little but I enjoyed it as my orgasm hit blasting a large load into her causing Kelly to scream in my ear I pulled out quick enough where Kelly saw my dick erupt with a second larger load right in her face plastering everything from her forehead down to her shoulders in thick spunk even catching some in her hair.

“That was epic but a bit much.” she said

“I’ll start the shower.” I said

Even washing everything off Kelly pulled me into the shower to suck my dick again and again the size alone amazed her which in turn fueled her kinky side trying to fit every inch down her throat for the next few hours I just let her have fun.

I woke up the next morning with my arms around the petite Texan as she was reading some random stroke stories out of my story binders looking for more that featured her or friends she knew for a laugh.

“Morning…I love these comedies.” she purred

“Find something you like?” I asked

“Yeah I still love your first stories but these new comedies are hilarious Lindsay Lohan getting worked over by a horny car is just too funny I hope there’s more.” she said

“There is me and HunterD laughed for a while when figuring out how the story would look I needed his help because everytime I tried to write the sex scenes I would laugh and fall out of my chair after it was posted I got requests for other celebs to have sex with the car.” I said smiling.

“I’ve gotta know who.” she said

“Well it started with Debby Ryan then quickly got out of hand with a laundry list of about 20 names after some careful thinking I narrowed it down to Debby Ryan, Rosario Dawson, Shakira, Elisha Cuthbert, and Lindsay Lohan the planning was so intense I had to break it down into a mini series to fit everything in.” I said

“Well I would like to read that or something else with celebs with big tits I checked your binders and couldn’t find anything.” she said

“I might have something along those lines I do have a story idea where you get Christina Aguilera to bring you home after a party really buzzed on champagne and talk your way into a threesome.” I said

“That sounds fantastic Christina has such big boobs I would give my vibrator such a workout.” she said

“I’m in it too where do you think the threesome angle comes in.” I said

“While you come up with the plan I’ll jump in your pool maybe you will join me when your done.” she said

“You little minx come back here.” I said

Kelly jumped into my pool stark naked I had to follow as she taunted me before I cornered her under the diving board where she couldn’t swim away it didn’t look like she wanted to get away at all rubbing up against me with those firm boobs.

Kelly couldn’t play swimming games as well as me I wasn’t part fish but enjoyed toying with her anyway going between her legs feeling her curves through the water sliding my thick shaft into her ass making her jump.

“Oh fuck that’s huge.” she moaned

“Wait till you feel it.” I said

I let her have it with long drawn out strokesmaking her yelp while she gripped the wood deck around the pool trying to keep pace with me.

“Never had my ass pounded like this.” she said

“Then your going to love this.” I said

I slammed Kelly’s ass with all my strength crashing into her backside while groping her boobs as her hands went white from gripping the deck harder she was clearly loving this.

“More I want more.” she squealed

“In due time.” I said

Kelly humped away on my prick even harder than before causing larger and larger waves to form and crash around us while she fingered herself rather deeeply

“Just a little more.” she moaned

“Still have plenty left.” I said

I pulled out just long enough to turn her around to face me before slipping my thick shaft back inside Kelly’s ass making her arch her back letting me suck on her ample boobs again.

“Can’t hold it.” she said

“Me neither.” I said

I pulled Kelly up on the pool deck just as I unloaded into her ass making her spasm after I pulled out she quickly got in position sucking my dick of any stray sperm that was trying to get away from her we were both exhausted but satisfied curling up in a deck chair together.

I woke up a few hours later to find Kelly getting ready to leave and checking the message boards on CSSA for word on the next update which were very rare at all.

“If I have some story ideas featuring celebs with big boobs I’ll send them along maybe a few can become stories.” she said

“Well aren’t you a kinky Kelly-kat.” I said

“Yes I am.” she purred

“I never ask for an incentive from my female fans but somehow I don’t think you will have a problem giving me one.” I said

I rarely heard from Kelly after that but the story scenerios she wanted to see were very interesting to where I had a tough time saying no most of the incentives involved naked pics of her but a few had other women in the picture as well will wonders never cease.

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