Celebs meet CSSA Lindsay Lohan

Story title: Celebs meet CSSA Lindsay Lohan

Story by: Money

Celeb in story: Lindsay Lohan

Story codes: MF, oral, anal

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any feedback send to rockcook5@yahoo.com now on with the story.

Moving into my new place wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be I was finished unloading the truck by myself barely getting any help from anyone except for the the couch and bed. I relaxed for a while on the beach after getting my computer unpacked and running again when I decided to go surfing the new jacuzzi was great helping with sore muscles but I needed some fun.

After fishing my surfboard out of the spare bedroom I hit the waves getting to see the great view from the ocean of my new place.

“Out of the way jackass!!” she said

I was cut off by a girl making me wipeout all I could see was a flash of red hair before my face plant in the water as I got back to the beach I was pissed.

“Where’s the redhead?” I asked

A blonde beach bunny pointed to the house next to mine as I stormed up to the front door ready to chew out my new neighbor after knocking on the door I was about to start my rant when my jaw dropped seeing who it was.

“This had better be good.” she said

“I…you…” I stammered

The busty redhead that opened the door was Lindsay Lohan she was wearing lingerie that was so skimpy she was almost naked since there was so little material with her big tits nearly busting out of her top and a barely there thong.

“Come again?” she asked

“Surfboard…wipeout.” I said

The conversation in my mind was going better than the real life one at the moment when I finally snapped out of it.

“You cut me off out there and I almost drown.” I said finally

“Sorry about that I was trying to get back for the site update.” she said

“Site update?” I asked

“Yeah my favorite site was supposed to be updated at some point this weekend and I didn’t want to miss it.” she said

As I was invited into her place I noticed the computer was on the CSSA website main page with the cursor on the update link.

“So what do you like reading about?” I asked

“Depends on my mood when I visit I try to read some new authors stories to see what they bring to the table if I see something that sparks some interest but most of the time I read Money’s Rehab from hell series or Harem by KMB to see which celebs I get paired with and fun antics happen to me before I get laid I haven’t missed a rehab chapter yet.” she said

“You sound like a real hardcore RFH fan.” I said

“Well duh it’s almost been like clockwork for the series chapters to come out update, chapter, update, new chapter I’ve been laid so often in the series I should barely be able to walk or knocked up with multiple kids.” she said

“Maybe he has a crush on you or something.” I said

“I don’t know but I’m sure the update will have another kickass chapter.” she said

When she brought up the update page it was full of different types of stories mostly with newer celebs I hadn’t heard of before and no RFH chapters due to my move.

“Ah nuts no rehab this trip and not much selection either.” she said

“Wow you must be a big Money fan if your getting this worked up over an update.” I said

“He’s one of my favorites everytime I see a new Money story in an update I break out my vibrator I love his stroke stories too.” she purred

I looked over the update and noticed one of my stories I submitted was missing.

“Dammit Helper forgot my hot 100 epic.” I said

Lindsay got a shocked look on her face.

“No way…Money?” she said

“Surprise.” I said

“This is so cool I have to know who’s in the next RFH chapter.” she said

“Sorry that’s classified only me and my writing partners know the sequence.” I said

“How about your hot 100 epic sounds like it’s done from your reaction earlier.” she said

“It is but why do you want to read it?” I asked

“Because I was going to make it worth your time to let me.” she said losing the lingerie

“I’ll think about it.” I said teasing her

“Don’t take too long I’m really horny.” she said

Lindsay was almost catlike going over to the window sticking her ass out wiggling it while placing her hands on the sill recreating the anal finale scene from her first RFH chapter and I cracked.

“I’ve been wanting to feel that dick for ages let me have it.” she purred

“You asked for it.” I said

I picked Lindsay up shoving my footlong shaft in her pussy it was way thicker than she thought making her nearly scream as it went in. I held onto her boobs sucking them while spreading her legs wider.

“Uhhnn.” she groaned

“The more you do that the more turned on I get.” I said

I kept pistoning into the redhead with long powerful strokes making her very wet and nearly delerious with lust. Lindsay was letting her inner sex beast loose and I wanted to see what she could do.

“Let’s see what that big baby maker can do.” she cooed.

“So kinky.” I said

Lindsay put me on my back slamming her hips down driving my meat far inside while she rode me arching her spine along the way her long red hair flying around as she bounced.

“Feels so good grinding this huge thing up my pussy.” she said

“I’m about to explode.” I said

Lindsay opened her legs all the way driving even harder on top of me feeling herself up letting my hands grope her ample orbs as well while sucking my fingers.

“Almost there.” she groaned

“Gonna spray.” I said

I unloaded what felt like gallons of cum inside Lindsay’s pussy even as I pulled out my shaft was still pumping letting a thick amount plaster her boobs along the way just missing Lindsay’s face and hair.

“That was fun.” she said

“True feels you drained me.” I said

I woke up the next day with Lindsay showing me a big smile on her face and my left arm between her big boobs.

“Morning.” she purred

“So what now?” I asked

“How about an interview.” she said

“Huh?” I asked

“Come on I’ve wanted to do an interview for years I’ve given so many answers I’d like to throw out some questions of my own.” she said

“Hmmm…I’m game fire away.” I said

I never really gave an interview about how I met Kash and came up with my signature series or why I found Lindsay so yummy so I dove right in.

“Ok I’ve gotta know how you and Kash met.” she said

“Well I was reading a lot of different authors stories mostly KMB’s harem stuff and Tricky’s obsession with Emma Watson to start with when I ran across Kash’s Beautiful liars story it was so good I decided if I ever wrote anything he was going to be my mentor.” I said

“Don’t get me wrong I would have loved having KMB or Tricky as my mentor for writing but they already had their hands full with other projects and Kash was willing to have a look at my story I think he saw potential with it since I really wasn’t sure how to make it look good being my first story and all.” I said

“Wow.” she said

“It only became a series after I had an idea of other celebs having addictions for some other stuff that wasn’t so dark and it could be a fun series.” I said

“So you seem to be a big fan of mine what’s the story.” she asked

I remember seeing you years ago as a kid when you hit it big in your first movie thinking awww she’s cute and figured you might be a blip on the Hollywood radar then I sw you on the cover of Rolling Stone a few years later and did a doubletake seeing all those curves plus I have a weakness for redheads.” I said

“That must have been during the media storm about my boobs being fake or real…and yes they are real.” she said

“I have no doubt they are.” I said

“I’ve gotta know what the deal was with Natalie Portman in the series.” she said

“I needed a foil that could double as a fuckbuddy if I needed one so I turned Natalie into a near borderline nympho.” I said

“I loved the blowout chapter I wanted to really have my clothes torn to shreds and then get laid I got really horny reading that.” she said

“Glad you liked it.” I said

“I’m curious what other stories you have up your sleeve.” she said

“Before I moved here I finished a comedy collab with HunterD called built for sex featuring you and an afterparty story with your castmates from MacheteI did with Thee Disciple.” I said

“Mmmm sounds good I would love to read those.” she purred

Lindsay was rubbing her chest on mine and stroking my thick dick making it hard again I could tell she wanted attention and was getting soaked waiting for me so I grabbed her yellow lace teddy and ripped it open freeing her tits.

“You liked that didn’t you making you all horny.” I said

“Uhhh work me over fuck my ass.” she moaned

Lindsay must have been rethinking her statement even as I started fucking her ass I couldn’t hear her screams of pleasure through the sheets. She was way tighter back there than I thought.

“Way bigger than I thought.” she moaned

“It’s magic time.” I said

She was piunned to the bed with my dick as I pounded away at her anal ring it finally gave way after she opened her legs really wide.

“Split me open baby.” she said

“I love a challenge.” I said

I was slamming Lindsay’s ass so hard the bedframe was moving on it’s own even as she clawed my back arching her own the noise could easily be heard outside.

“Such a huge dick.” she purred

“It’s mostly beef.” I said

I picked Lindsay up in my arms continuing to slam her ass while standing up she had started fingering herself to make her orgasm more intense when I was finished with her ass.

“Gonna…scream.” she groaned

“Not yet.” I said

I slowed my pace to a crawl moving my hips ever so much driving Lindsay crazy even as her fingers were buried in her pussy nearly up to her palm the busty redhead couldn’t stop herself.

“No fair….I’m CUMMING!!!” she moaned

“Gonna blow.” I said

Lindsay’s orgasm ripped into her body making it jerk a few times before she let out a primal sounding shreak that could be heard at least down the beach 500 yards in all drections. My own orgasm hit about the same moment dumping what felt like a gallon of sperm out of my nuts deep into Lindsay’s anal opening.

We must have gotten distracted since the interview seemed to have trailed off into sex somehow I’m not knocking it I just thought there were more things she wanted to know about.

“So is the interview over?” I asked

“Oh no I have a few more questions first how do stay focused writing so many stories?” she asked

“Beewhydee showed me a technique about writing a story to a burned CD of music I like that fits the scenes I want to write about in the story the RFH opening chapter was really tough to find when I ran across Metallica’s no leaf clover and the scene nearly wrote itself.” I said

“Never would have figured that was how you wrote stories very impressive.” she said

“Writing with Kash and my other writing partners has been a blast when I was asked to join in for the pool party story I really wanted to pick you but wasn’t sure who else to pick since Lacey Chabert was already taken.” I said

“That’s so sweet the story still came out great I enjoyed it.” she said

“I have a few more projects to put you in so I’m not done with you yet.” I said

“I hope not I want your monster cock to pound my pussy again my vibrator just doesn’t seem to be big enough anymore.” she purred

Lindsay came by at least once a week if not more sometimes she would borrow sugar sometimes not but those are stories for another time.

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