Celebslavers 1 – Elizabeth Hurley


Disclaimer: This story is solely a work of fiction. It’s not meant to suggest any knowledge of the sexual practices or preferences of anyone depicted in it! Please don’t sue. If you’re too young in your city, county, state, region, or country to read such material, please turn away now.

Celebslavers is a group of five men- Max,Red,Jon,Wei and Carlos.
They are hardened criminals who have recently undertaken this
activity of capturing female celebrities, training them for slavery
and selling them. Apart from these five there are a number of thugs
working for them, but these
five are really the heart of this
heartless organization,whose each transaction is worth millions.
Their clients are from all over the world. From American business
tycoons, to South american druglords to middle-eastern sheiks.
Female Celebrities suffer until they accept their new life in slavery, and


Celebslavers 1 – Elizabeth Hurley

Smelling salts woke Elizabeth Hurley up. She found herself tied to a pole
with arms behind her back. She thought this would be a nightmare, but it
was very very real. She remembered getting into her car, a hand coming from
had grabbed her then and chloroformed her. Once unconscious, she was then
transferred to another car and thru many carefully planned transfers her
unconscious form finally arrived at the celebslavers’ training center.
And here she was.It was a small room, and poorly lit.
The man who woke her up disappeared through a door.
Elizabeth looks around the room, and tries to figure out where she is.

Just then the door opens, a man enters. He is a huge white man at least
6 ft tall, and has a fully grown beard and moustache.
He came near Elizabeth and stood in front of her.
His name was Jon, he was incharge of Elizabeth’s training.
“Its a pleasure to see you Liz, slave Liz”, Jon said as he started
caressing Elizabeth’s cheeks.
“What the hell !! Let me go at once” Liz shouted, shocked by his words.
Jon just smiled.
“Patience, slave Liz, patience. Patience is one of the virtues that you
have to learn to be a good slave”Jon said.
“What the hell are you talking , you crazy basta…” Liz was cut short by a
hard slap on her cheek.

“Shut up,bitch ! Now listen to me and don’t say a word till you are ordered
do so” Jon thundered,”Understood, slave Elizabeth ?” and slapped her once
The slaps had made aware Elizabeth of her situation, she shut up and
“We are the celebrity slavers. And you, Elizabeth Hurley have been brought
to to start a new life as slave Liz.”
“What the fuck.. you are crazy, you cant do this. you cant do this to me

Elizabeth shouted desparately.
“slave Elizabeth, do you understand what it means to be a slave ?
Don’t worry, I am in-charge of your training.
I will teach you to be a good obedient slave” Jon said.
“You will never do that to me”said Elizabeth defiantly.
“I am pleased to see your spirit Liz. It will be all the more
fun to break you. I am really going to enjoy your training” Jon said.
Elizabeth was now becoming aware of the gravity of the situation.
“Your training begins soon slave. We have a machine in the training room
that should be getting ready for you any moment” continued Jon.
A guard came in and told Jon that the training room was ready.

Jon asked the guard to take slave Elizabeth to the training room. Elizabeth
realize but she was getting accustomed to having herself mentioned as
The guard untied Elizabeth and dragged her through a corridor to another
bigger room.
This was a huge hall. It had grey walls that were adorned with several
whips, chains,
dildos, straps and several other instruments of terror.
There were several huge machines in the room.

The guard brought Elizabeth near a machine that had several chains and
attached to it. On seeing this machine, Elizabeth began to struggle and she
futile attempts to wrest the guards’s grip. Jon had followed them into the
He instructed the guard to ‘attach’ slave liz to the machine- orifice
Despite her struggles, Elizabeth soon found her hands and feet locked in
the steel
cuffs that were attached to the machine. Elizabeth Hurley now stood chained
to the
metal frame of the ‘orifice trainer’.

She started trembling with fear as she began to get an idea of what the
machine would
be doing. Jon stood in front of Elizabeth and said smiling,”This machine
will surely
make out of you a good a slave”.
“Never, never..” Elizabeth shouted in defiance in spite of her fears.
Jon bent and grabbed Elizabeth’s skirt, he started tearing it as chained
was trying to stop him, cursing him continuously. He tore away Liz’s skirt
and grabbed
her panties. He pulled them down, Liz was now half-naked.
Jon then went behind and adjusted a few levers, two mechanical rods started
coming out
from the frame. Jon picked two dildos and attached to the rods, as
Elizabeth watched
helplessly. He then adjusted the height of the rods to be at the same
height as Liz’s
ass and pussy. After positioning them properly Jon pressed a button that
made the rods
move further.

“AAAAAAAAaagggggggggh” Elizabeth screamed in agony as the two dildos
penetrated her
pussy and asshole.
“Hahaha, you make a lovely sight slave liz. I just cant wait to start the
fun” laughed Jon.
“AAaaaaa… Please dont hurt me, please” Elizabeth was shouting.
Jon mercilessly moved ahead and switched on the machine.
The two mechanical rods started vibrating back and forth slowy and soon
caught a speed
of 15 vibrations per minute. Elizabeth was screaming relentlessly as her
pussy and ass
was being raped. This brought a smile of satisfaction on Jon’s face.
He stood there revelling at the beautiful actress’s torment for 10 minutes.
Elizabeth continued to scream at the top of her voice.
Jon looked at his watch and left the room.

Jon came back after an hour to check on his captive.
Elizabeth was screaming in pain, exhausted and at the same time excited.
She had been close to an orgasm many times during that hour.
Jon was immenseley satisfied to see this. He pulled another lever on the
and this brought forth another rod. Elizabeth was further terrified as well
confused at what was happening. Jon attached a huge black to the rod and
it to the height of Liz’s mouth. Liz was now further terrified at this new
Seeing fear on her face brought Jon more satisfaction. He pushed another
button and
the third dildo started moving towards Elizabeth’s face. Jon went to her
side and grabbed
her hair. He held her head steady so that the dildo entered her mouth.
Once the dildo was in her mouth, jon pushed another button and the third
dildo also
started vibrating back and forth.
Elizabeth was now even unable to shout because of the attack on her mouth.
Soon her body got into a rhythm with the three vibrating dildos.
Jon watched her for a few minutes and left again.

Jon came back after 2 hours.
Elizabeth was really in a delicious situation, she was tired and hurting
and wanted
the pain to stop. At the same time she was beginning to get pleasure from
her rape.
She wanted the machine to go on. She didn’t know what she wanted, she wasnt
in control
of her emotions any longer. This was one of the purposes of the orifice
It trained the slaves’ orifices as well as conditioned their minds to
accept pain
and pleasure. Three hours at the vicious machine had left Elizabeth
Hurley’s body in
a state of torment and her mind in a state of chaos.
Jon switched off the machine. For a few minutes Elizabeth could not come to
with her ass,pussy,mouth not being violated. She had gotten so much used to
She felt she was liking it. She saw Jon smiling at her.
“Please don’t stop, please don’t stop. I will die” Elizabeth shouted using
her mouth
for speaking after a long time.
Jon just stood there smiling as Elizabeth came. She was now screaming in
unbearable pleasure.
jon knew this was almost victory for him. Elizabeth Hurley’s spirit was now
both almost broken. Her body was already responding to the torture and
liking it.
A few more things and Elizabeth would become an obedient slave.

Jon called a guard and asked him to unchain Elizabeth from the machine.
Elizabeth collapsed
onto the floor due to exhaustion. Jon bent and grabbed Elizabeth’s hair and
started dragging
her towards another room. This was a small room with a pair of chains
hanging from the ceiling.
Jon asked a guard to lower the chain and then with his help Jon secured
Elizabeth’s wrists
in the chains. Jon now raised the chains and Elizabeth was hanging from the
ceiling by her
wrists. Elizabeth was crying uncontrollably.

Jon pushed a button and a white screen lowered in front of Elizabeth.
She was confused at what was going on, but she was almost certain that this
was some
new form of torture, and partly she hoped so too…
On the lowered screen an image was projected- it was Elizabeth herself at
the orifice trainer.
They had recorded it all, capturing all her expressions, details of her
pussy, ass,mouth being
raped. She could hear herself screaming in agony. Elizabeth was hanging by
her wrists and watching
her own torment. Jon left her there and closed the door.
Watching her own torment was actually turning Elizabeth on.
John came back after half an hour and fastforwarded the tape to the end.
The part where the machine stopped and she screamed because she wanted it
to go on.

Jon paused the tape and shouted at Liz, “You saw that tape , slave Liz ? ”
“Now tell me don’t you like getting used ? ”
Elizabeth was confused, she wanted to shout “YES” but something was holding
her back.
jon had anticipated this. He said in a solemn, kind voice.
“Let me tell you slave Liz. You are a slave. You like being a slave.
You like getting fucked. You like getting hurt. You are a slave , Liz.
You are a slave”

Elizabeth was now pushed to the brink and she suddenly said ,
“Yes i am a slave. fuck me, hurt me , i love that ”
She was feeling much relieved after saying this, she had accepted that
she was a slave.

Elizbeth Hurley was now officially ‘slave Liz’.


After her first day of training Elizabeth’s free spirit was broken.
She accepted the ways of slavery. Everything after that is left to the
reader’s imagination. What follows is a very brief summary..
Elizabeth went through some more training “under” Jon.
After a week’s training she had become an obedient slave,
who was always happy to be fucked. She was later sold to a kinky French

It is learnt that she lived unhappily everafter..

(Next episode – Cindy Crawford )

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