Celine Dion At The Grammy’s

Celine Dion at the Grammy’s (M/F, mast., public)

Backstage at the Grammy’s, Celine Dion was getting ready to
present an award. She was a bit nervous because her co-presenter
was rapper Sean "Puffy" Combs and she had never met him.
They would be out there for awhile as they had a longer than
normal introduction and presentation to make.

Celine was wearing a black dress with a short skirt which
intentionally emphasized her phenomenally sexy legs. This was
all set up by Celine’s management team to help boost her appeal
to the young male audience. She was a little
reluctant to wear
this particular dress because she had to forgo wearing any panties.
The panty line would otherwise be visible and not be a good look
according to her sister.

However, going without her panties on also helped make Celine
feel sexy. In fact, to say that Celine was a little wet, would be an
understatement. She took a deep breath and walked out on the
stage. Puffy met her at the podium. He put his right arm around
Celine’s waist with his right hand resting on her hip.

Celine didn’t seem to mind, she was an affectionate person herself
by nature. As she began to speak, reading from the teleprompter,
Puffy’s hand moved from Celine’s hip and gently began to stroke
Celine’s incredibly firm and perfectly shaped right ass cheek.
She continued to read, even though now she felt a bit uncomfortable.
Puffy continued to rub the material of Celine’s skirt in slow circular
motions. She really didn’t know what to do. She knew that if
she made a big fuss about it she would look like a fool. "Just
keep going," she told herself, trying not to allow this to distract her.
When it was Puffy’s turn to talk, he moved his hand across her
beautiful ass onto her left cheek, pushing his fingertips between
the two perfect halves of her ass causing the material to wedge
between Celine’s beautiful buttocks. His hand traveled down the
curve of her ass to the hem of her skirt. For a moment, Puffy’s
hand rested there half on her skirt and half on the back of her
bare upper thigh.

Suddenly, his hand curled around to Celine’s inner thigh and up
under her skirt. She just froze as he continued with his otherwise
mundane introduction. The front of the skirt was just long enough
to conceal Puffy’s invading hand from the audience. Before she
could fully understand what was happening to her, Puffy had
managed to easily push a finger up inside Celine’s spectacular
soaked pussy.

Despite her effort a little gasp escaped from her lips. Puffy looked
over at her but Celine was looking straight ahead. "Why did it have
to feel so good?" she asked herself. The pleasure that Puffy’s penetrating
finger released in her washed over her body and Celine understandibly
missed her cue. Puffy nudged her slightly and she snapped out of her
temporary trance, "oh … uh . . . "she started and did her best to read
and act normal while Puffy began methodically fucking his finger in
and out of Celine’s gloriuos cunt. It was all like some strange dream.
She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She should have
been mortified that it was all taking place in front of so many people,
but instead that just seemed to turn her on even more. Celine even began
to ever so slightly and totally unintentionally rock her hips to unconsciously
fuck her pussy back onto Puffy’s steadily pumping finger. Everything was
happening so fast. An orgasm was rapidly building and Celine’s speech
became faster and her breathing became a tad more labored. She finished
her speaking part just before her orgasm hit her. It was incredibly intense.
Celine bit her lower lip and closed her eyes trying with everything she had
not to let herself scream out in ecstasy. While most of the onlookers
probably didn’t guess that they had all just witnessed the gorgeously sexy
Celine Dion have an orgasm, they did think her body languge and facial
expression was odd. Puffy, however was well aware that he had just caused
Celine to cum on his finger. Her tight, toned body shook enough for him
to feel it and her pussy quivered and gripped at his finger. Puffy removed
his finger from her dripping hole and ran his finger up between her ass
cheeks leaving a trail of Celine’s juice in her crack. His hand returned to
rub Celine’s exsquisite ass, but this time, unlike the start, his hand was
under her skirt and massaging her bare ass flesh.

Puffy calmly announced the winner. Puffy and Celine backed away from
the podium. They politely listened to the acceptance speech then exited
the stage. The whole time Puffy’s hand was up under Celine’s skirt
rubbing her unparalleled ass. She just stood there next to Puffy not
giving any indication that she either wanted him to stop or that she
liked it. She just let it go on. Once they stepped off stage, Celine’s
husband/manager, Rene came charging over and Puffy removed his

Anyone backstage who bothered to look could see that Puffy’s hand had
been on Celine’s ass and then under her skirt for sometime.
However, only Celine’s sister who was also her fashion assistant
knew that Celine was not wearing panties. Rene certainly didn’t
know this. It would have escalated his anger even more.

Rene began yelling at Puffy and his crew of people, threatening to have
Puffy arrested for sexual assault for having touched Celine’s ass. Rene
had no idea just how far into Celine Puffy’s finger went. He had only
thought, like everyone else that he had simply been fondling her ass,
which was more than enough to incite the Dion team.

The argument continued between Rene and Puffy’s management.
In the confusion nobody seemed to notice that Celine had sought
out Puffy and the two began to make out. The two slipped away
from the commotion and found a semi-secluded spot in the maze

Ironically, while the two groups were arguing about how Celine was
traumatized by what happened, she had taken Puffy’s black cock
into her mouth and sucked it until he was hard as rock. The two
didn’t say a word. Puffy layed down on his back and Celine seductively
walked over him. Her feet straddling his waist. Celine pulled the tight
skirt up past her navel, revealing the most beautiful lower body that
Puffy or any man had ever seen. The perfect long shapely legs, the
hips and that sweet one of a kind pussy. Celine licked her lips, squated
down, took Puffy’s rigid cock into her hand and lowered herself onto it.
Now she finally let out a moan. Celine hovered with an inch of Puffy’s
cock inside her. She brought Puffy’s hands to her small firm breasts. He
squeezed them through her dress.

Celine hesitated, as a wave of guilt ran over her. The 31 year old star
had never cheated on her husband. Any thoughts of guilt were quickly
erased by the feel of Puffy’s cock resting just inside Celine’s wonderful
vagina. She threw her head back and then pushed her hips down hard
impaling herself. Her pussy was so wet, she easily took the entire length
of Puffy’s rod. "Oh God! Yes!" she cried out.

She enjoyed the feeling of having her aching pussy full of cock and just
stayed there with him completely inside her. Celine unbuttoned her top
as fast as she could and unhooked the front clasp of her bra so Puffy
could feel the flesh of her breasts. He obliged by pushing his hands in
and cupping them. Celine arched her back thrusting them forward.
She moaned again as Puffy pinched Celine’s extremely sensitive nipples.
She was now fully imersed into her own lust.

Celine began to hump herself furiously and her thunderous orgasm came
quickly. Her pussy was too much for Puffy to take and he quickly
followed Celine into heaven, filling her womb with a huge load. They
clutched each other tightly. Their orgasms being the most powerful
either had ever experienced. Puffy had been with more than his share
of women, it came with the territory, but never had any of them made
him cum so quickly and so hard. He never would have imagined that
Celine Dion of all women would be the best fuck of his life. Celine may
have vocal talent, but even that was dwarfed by her sexual abilities.
It took a minute for Celine to recover, then she leaned over kissed Puffy,
stood up, eased her finger into her pussy and bought the jism covered
finger to her mouth and sucked it clean. Puffy’s eyes didn’t know where
to look. He tried to capture it all. Earlier in the evening he would have
laughed had someone suggested that he would even think Celine was
hot. He had only put his hand on her ass to fluster the diva, but once he
felt how nice her ass felt, his hormones took over. Now lying there
looking at Celine with her skirt pulled up and her top opened, he thought
she was the sexiest woman he’d ever seen. Celine pulled her skirt down,
turned and left, while buttoning her top. Puffy just lay back watching Celine’s
phenomenal ass as she slinked away. Celine later convinced Rene to forget
it all. She told him that all Puffy did was have his hand on her butt. As part
of the reconciliation, Celine and Puffy agreed to record a duet.

Three months after the Grammy’s the two performers met in a studio to work.
Both management groups were excluded from attendance and everything
was very secretive and hush hush. Only a few select people were there.
Rumor has it that the session lasted about 2 weeks. And that all the vocals
were recorded while Celine and Puffy were in the act of fucking one another.
It took nearly 31 different takes over that 14 day period until the two were
happy with the final version. A recent press release indicated that the two

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