by: sandman10

Most of my characters are celebrities. here are all the celebrity women’s names. Elizabeth Banks(40 year old virgin), Julianna margulies(tv show “ER”, Snakes on a plane), Kendra Wilkinson(tv show “the girls next door”), Jessica Biel(Blade Trinity, I now pronounce you chuck and larry), Jessica Alba (fantastic four, into the blue), Megan Fox(Transformers), Trish Stratus(WWE), Hayden Panatierre( tv show “Heroes”), Eva Longoria(tv show “desperate housewives”), Eva Mendes(Ghost Rider, Hitch), and Amanda Peet. my series is called Champ. the codes for my story are MF, MFFF, CONS, ORAL,
ANAL, fDOM, VIOL, and SPANKING. and thats it. please email me back if i sent everything to you the right way.

Authors note: most of these stories were corrected by kash. hes a very good writer. my last chapter is not that good. theirs not a lot of sex but i felt like i had to end my series. Comments or questions can be emailed to me at

WHAM. I got hit with a straight. WHAM a left hook lands to my jaw. I fell to the canvas. The referee started counting.


I was dazed, seeing stars.


I was trying to get up, but my legs were wobbly.


And then in my head I could see my ex wife.

“Your never going to be a great boxer Kody!” She said with venom in her voice.


“You’re spending all your time training for this title bout and you”re going to lose because you suck!”


“I have wasted my time all these years on your worthless ass!” She said ” Goodbye Kody!”


And then I stood up. And the bell rung.

I went to my corner, where my team came into the ring to help me out.

“OK, you’re doing fine.” My trainer said. “When you get back in the ring, rush him and go to work on that gash you put on his left eye.”

I nodded my head.

“You put enough pressure on him and he will fall and then its your time to shine as champion!” He said

Across the ring, the Russian who I was facing was smiling.

I looked at him with anger. I was ready to hurt him more. And it wasn’t really a good thing to get me angry. I am 8 foot and a big muscular build weighing 250lb.

Then my team got out of the ring and the bell rung.

I ran forward to him. I rained down left and right hooks to his head. He went to clinch and I threw all my power into a right uppercut to the jaw. He fell to the ground.

Ten seconds later I was one of the four heavyweights holding a boxing title. The crowd was going wild. I felt like I was on top of the world.

Reporters started coming up to me and asking me what was next.

” I want to fight for the rest of the belts.” I said. Then I left the ring with my team. As I was walking through the crowd a women caught my eye. I turned to look at her.

She was blonde with brown eyes. She breasts were at least a C cup. And man did she look good. She looked so familiar. I think she is an actor. She was looking right at me.

She was in the crowd. Everybody else around her were leaning over the rails trying to get to me to get an autograph, but she just smiled at me. I turned to my bodyguards.

“Make a path for me to that woman.”

My guards started moving people aside so I could get to her. It took a couple minutes but I finally got to her.

“Hi my name’s Kody.” I said.

“Nice to meet you Kody.”

“You look so familiar.” I said to her. “Do you want to come back to my locker room for a drink?” I asked

“Sure.” She said with a smile.

We walked back. And my team was just ecstatic, pulling out champagne and fizzing everything.

“So what is your name?” I asked.

“Elizabeth.” She replied.

“Got a last name Elizabeth?” I asked with a grin

“Banks.” She replied giggling.

“So, that’s where I know you from! You’re an actor!”

“Yeah I’m done for a while with movies and this fight was in town. I”d seen some of your past fights on TV and I wanted to come see you live and see how you would do and you did great”

“Well thanks.” I said. “Want some champagne?”

“I would love some!” She said smiling.

I poured her a glass.

“So who do you want to fight next?” She asked me while sipping her champagne.

“Well it’s tough to say because its mostly all about money with these boxers, but I would love to fight Vladimir.”

“I hope you fight him.” She said as she finished off her drink.

“Hey Kody! We’re going to go, it’s getting a little late.”” Said my trainer. I thanked my team and said goodbye to them before they left.

Me and Elizabeth kept talking, laughing and drinking. I looked at my watch.

“Wow its 2 am!” I stated.

“Are you single?” Elizabeth asked me.

“Yeah! I just got divorced.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Its OK, she was always telling me that I was never going to amount to anything and that I would never be a great boxer.”

“Well look at you now!”

“Yeah! It’s an awesome feeling being the champ”

And then she leaned in and kissed me. It caught me by surprise but it just added to my happiness. I started kissing her back. We started really getting into it. I started putting my hands on her tits. Caressing them through her shirt.

I started pulling off her shirt, she leaned back so I could get it off. Then we went back at kissing. I started undoing the clasp of her bra. I got it off while kissing her and let it fall to the ground as I started caressing her nipples. She got more into the kiss as I did that. My hands started snaking down her body towards her pants. I undid them and put my hands into her panties. She was already wet.

I started rubbing her clit and she pulled her head away, moaning. I grinned and I picked her up in my arms and sat her on the chair next to the fold out sofa. I pulled the fold out bed out of the sofa and laid her down on it. Then I pulled her pants off along with her panties.

She looked beautiful and hot. I got between her legs and started kissing her pussy lips while my fingers rubbed her clit. She was moaning really loud. Then I shot my tongue as far into her pussy as I could and started licking.

She put her legs around my head and started humping my face.


She started shaking and moaning as she came. I licked up all her juices.

I got up to my knees and she wrapped her legs around my chest and pulled me to her. Then when I was on top of her she smiled and rolled me over so she was on top.

She started kissing her way down my body. She pulled off my boxing trunks and as soon as she saw how big and hard my penis was she just gasped.

“Wow I have never seen one this big!” She said grinning.

Then she went down to the base and started licking from bottom to top. It felt amazing. Her tongue was great. She started to tongue my piss slit.

Then she moved down to my balls. She started licking everywhere around the sac. She took my balls into her mouth one at a time. Then she went back to the head of my penis.

She started kissing the tip, what a tease, taking the head into her mouth and swirling her tongue all around the tip. Then she started bobbing up and down taking a little more each time. She got down to like 6 or 7 inches and couldn’t go any more, so she pulled off.

“Damn I need your help.” She said. “When I get down as far as I can, push my head down further. OK?” She asked and told me at the same time.

And before I could say anything she was back at it again.

She went down as far as she could and when she couldn’t go any further I pushed her by the back of her head forward, so she could take more. And she’d bob back and fourth, always taking more with my help, to where she started to lick my balls with my dick in her throat and her nose on my pubes.

She was pulling my balls closer to her mouth and in one quick motion my balls were in her mouth along with my dick.

No one has ever done that to me, so of course I came in her mouth with a shudder.

Every single shot went into her stomach. She pulled off and looked up at me with a smile.

“I love sucking cock!” She said as she crawled up and kissed me. I soon was hard again. I rolled her over and in one quick motion plunged my cock deep into her pussy.

Immediately she stopped kissing me and started moaning. I started kissing her neck while pounding into her. She just kept moaning louder and louder with her hands around my back.

I put my hands down to her clit and started rubbing.

“I’M CUMMING!” She screamed.

I just kept pounding her and pounding her. She came two more times and I still hadn’t cum yet.

“How come’s you have not cum yet?” She asked panting every time I thrust into her.

“I don’t know.” I said “You’re really good though.”

“You’re probably the best I have had!” She said smiling. “”How about you fuck my ass?”

“I don’t know. I would rather have you jerk me off with your feet” I said in between thrusts.

“OK!” She said with a smile.

She lifted herself off of me and sat cross-legged in front of me.

She then stuck her feet out and rested her soles on the sides of my cock.

Then she started going back and forth jerking my cock. It felt so good. Her toes were polished and looked really good. Her toenails were pink. She just kept going at it and jerking back and forth. She was really picking up the pace. It felt so good.

“I’M CUMMING!” I shouted

She pulled her feet off my cock and put her head right on the tip of my cock as I shot load after load into her mouth. When I was done I looked at her and she had her mouth open swirling all my cum around her mouth savouring the taste.

“OK you are the best in the whole world.” I said.

“I get that a lot.” She said with a grin.

I looked at my watch and it was 4 am.

“Time flies when your having fun.” She laughed.

“Do you want me to drive you home?” I asked.

“That would be great because I got a ride here with some friends who probably left with out me already.”

She put on her clothes while I found the clothes I brought here and put them on. We left with my arm around her shoulder. We walked to my car which was a mustang.

We got in and she told me directions to her house. We got to her house in like a half hour.

“You want to come in?” She asked.

“Yeah sure!” I said. I got out and walked around and opened the passenger door for her. She just giggled.

Her house was big. Not mansion big, but close. She opened the door and invited me in. I walked in and the inside was even better then the outside.

“Nice house.” I commented.

“Thank you!” She said.

“Do you want anything to drink?” She asked.

“Just some water.”

“OK.” She went and got me a glass of water along with a glass for herself.

“I am really tired.” She said.

“Well you should get some rest then.” I said.

“Would you come sleep with me?” she asked. “I sleep better with people in the bed with me.”

“Sure I’m really tired too.”

I followed her up to her bedroom. We took off our clothes and got into her nice king sized bed. I got right next to her and cuddled with her. She fell asleep as soon as I did.

I woke up around noon. She was still sleeping. She was so beautiful sleeping. I got up and went and put on my clothes. I walked out of the bedroom looking for a pen and paper. I shut the door quietly and walked down the stairs when my cell started ringing.

“Kody! Vladimir will fight you for ten million.” My manager told me.

“That is great! When do I sign?”

“Well they wanted it signed in an hour.”

“So what do I do?” I asked.

“They sent the papers here and all you have to do is come back to the gym and sign it within the hour.”

“Alright I’ll be there.”

I closed my phone and went to the kitchen and found a pen and some paper. I wrote:


I had to go because my team worked out a contract for me to fight Vladimir for ten million and I have to be there and sign before one thirty. Call me if you want to do something soon.

And I left my cell number with it. I left and went to my gym and found my team. They were all happy that I won the title and now I am facing one of the other title holder.

“Alright Kody, all you have to do is sign here and he gets 8 million for the fight while you get 2 million.” He said.

That sounded really bad and he must have read my mind.

“Now look I know that your getting the bad side of the deal but if you fight him and beat him badly then you will move on to bigger and better fights.” He said.

I nodded and signed it. My team was ecstatic.

“Vladimir is one mean fighter.” My trainer said.

“I know.” I said.

“Well if you have not seen his record he is undefeated with 45 wins and 38 knock outs.”

“Why did you not tell me that” I shouted.

“Because I know you can beat him your record is 40 wins 5 losses and 38 knockouts.”

“But this guy has fought more and he is more experienced.”

“I have seen his knockouts and almost all of them are in the twelfth round when he is fighting someone who is as good as him.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” I asked.

“It means that he only wins against tired opponents.”


“So we are going to train you harder then ever and make your cardio way better then his and we will see who wins that night.”

“So when are we fighting anyway.”

“Three months from now.”

“So when should we start training?” I asked.

“Tomorrow and that means no more sex because I know what happened last night.””

“How?” I asked.

“We all heard the noises as we left the arena we are not stupid.”

“OK! fine I will stop the sex and I will see you here tomorrow at ten in the morning.” As soon as I walked out of the gym my cell phone rang.


“Hey Kody.”

“Hey Elizabeth.”

“Can you come back to my place I need to talk to you.”


“OK bye.” And she hung up.

I got in my car and drove to her house. I rang the doorbell and she opened the door and invited me in.

“So what do you want to talk about” I asked as I walked over to her couch

“Well I just wanted to tell you that last night was great but I don’t want to be in a relationship right now.” She said.


“I was drunk and I admit you were great, but I can’t go any further. I”m sorry.” I was dumbfounded. She must have sensed this.

“I’m sorry, but I can give you something to remember me by.” She dropped to her knees. She unzipped my zipper, wrenched down my pants. Then she pulled down my boxers to see my semi hard cock.

She started licking my pubic region. It felt good. Then she licked from my pubes to the base of my cock and licked from their to the tip and swirling her tongue around it.

My dick was getting harder. She then cupped my balls and lick them thoroughly. She was a pro. She then went to the tip of my cock and started to suck it. She started to bob her head back and fourth. And then she pulled off before she said anything though I stopped her.

“Um… would you mind if I tried something different with you?” I asked.


“OK, stand up turn around and bend over.” She did so with speed, eager to see what I was going to do.

I kneeled down and pulled off what she was wearing and started kissing and licking her ass cheeks. She was giggling. I then started licking the crack of her ass thoroughly getting the in sides of her cheeks nice and wet.

Then I stood up and put my dick between the in sides of her ass cheeks and pushed back and forth. It was like a tit job but with her ass cheeks and it felt really good.

I started to pick up the pace. She started fingering herself and rubbing her clit. I kept pumping because it was amazing. I could feel my climax coming so I picked up the pace.

“IM GOING TO CUM!” I shouted

I pulled my dick out of her cheeks and started Cumming on them. When I was done her cheeks glistened with my sperm.

“Was that good?” She asked.

“Oh yeah!” I replied. She kissed me on the lips and walked me to the door.

“Bye!” She shouted as I walked to my car. I got in and waved as I drove away. I drove to my house and it was around 7.

I got something to eat and went to bed early thinking of the last two days and my unification match coming. I smiled as I fell asleep.

end of chapter 1.

I woke up the next day feeling refreshed. As I walked into the shower, I reminisced on my whole relationship with Elizabeth . As I walked out I put on some clothes and headed outside to my car.

I got in and drove to the gym. As I walked in the door my trainer was waiting.

“We have told the press about our upcoming fight with Vladimir.” He said.

“Good.” I replied

“I also got a call from a producer saying he would like to have you play a small role in a new movie.”


“It should only be about five days to do everything so they want you at their studio today.”

“That’s kind of short notice.” I said.

“Yes but there’s one great opportunity for this.”

“I know publicity.”

“And the producer said that you would interact with the main character who is played by Julianna Margulies.”

My eyes kind of bulged out for a second. My trainer picked up instantly on this.

“Oh. I forgot you had a thing for her.” He smiled.

“I did, well I do, but I just never believed I would have the chance to meet her.”

“Well you’re a star now.”

I smiled. He gave me directions to this studio and I went on my way.

I arrived at the studio and was ushered in by a fan of mine who shook my hand and asked for a autograph. I obliged because it’s a rarity for me to give autographs.

When I got in it looked just like in the movies. There were a bunch of people scurrying around the sets making sure everything’s perfect.

“What’s the name of this movie?” I asked my fan.

“Blood Lust.” He answered.

“What’s it about?” I asked.

“It’s a horror about vampires.”

“And what is my part about?”

“Well you’re going to be the person who turns our main character into a vampire.”

“So I am supposed to be the vampire who turns Julianna Margulies into a vampire?””

“Yeah pretty much. Oh and I almost forgot. Here’s your script. It isn’t a lot of dialogue, you will just bite her and then she will wake up and you will tell her what she is and then you just… kind of leave.”


“You won’t be needed on the set for another couple hours, but instead of going to your trailer, I could show you around to some of our cast and crew.”” He offered.

“That would be awesome!”

He showed me around and I learned his name was Joe. He would show me to some people, have me shake their hands and stuff like that. He started making jokes and stuff and it seemed to me that we could probably be friends.

“Hey Joe? When can I meet Julianna Margulies?” I asked

“Well she has been asking about you, she seems to be a boxing fan and loved your last fight.”

“She did?” I asked sounding surprised.

“Yeah! She been kind of looking forward to this. I think she was the one who suggested that you get the part. But don’t tell her I told you she might get angry.”

“Wow! That’s awesome and really nice of her.”

“Yeah, it is. Oh and I forgot to tell you how much you’re getting for this part.”

“I don’t want any money for this. Its OK”

“Really?” He asked.

“Yeah it would be my pleasure just to be here. I have always wanted to be in a movie.”

“Well a dream come true then.”


“Well, Julianna wanted to see you as soon as possible. So I will take you to her trailer.”

I followed him out of the building and to a nice looking trailer. He knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Julianna said. I followed him in. There seemed to be no one there.

“Julianna! I brought Kody in with me.” Joe said.

She came out of a door, probably a bathroom or something. Her hair looked silky smooth.. She was smiling. She was wearing just a shirt and jeans. But she looked great.

She walked over to me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She said holding out her hand to shake mine.

“No the pleasure Is all mine.” I replied taking her hand and kissing it. She giggled in a sweet girly way.

“Well I will just leave you two alone I will be back in a while.” Joe said as he walked out and shut the door behind him.

“I loved your last fight against that Russian. A lot of people thought you were going to lose, but after I saw you get up from that knockdown I knew that you would win.” Julianna said.

“Well thank you!” I said.

“Want to rehearse the scene we are about to do?” She asked.

“Sure!” I replied.

I read from my script. Apparently it starts out with her walking down a deserted small street when I jump down silently from a tree and put my hand over her mouth and bite her neck.

So she started acting like she was walking and I got behind her and put one hand over her mouth but my fingers a little spaced so she could talk if she needed to. And put my other hand on her waist.

“It will be over soon.” I said with malice.

She pretended to scream while I put my mouth on her neck. And then she pretended to faint. The script then said I pick her up in my arms and take her to my place. I just picked her up walked to a chair and put her down in it.

“Wake up.” I said softly into her ear. She stirred.

“Where am I?” She asked with a shiver.

“My crib. Don’t worry, I wont hurt you any more. Nothing can hurt you anymore.”

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?” She pretended to shout.

“I made you strong and powerful. I made you a vampire.” She started to pretend cry and sob.

“I saw what happened to you. I watch everyday as you’re harassed and beaten on by that husband of yours and his buddies.” I read. She sobbed even harder.

“I gave you this gift to defend yourself.” I continued. She stopped crying. She started clutching her stomach.

“That is the hunger and I think I know who you can feed off.” I tell her to follow me as I pretend to walkout.

She pretends to walkout and then that’s the end of my role.

“That was great acting.” She said to me.

“Back at you.” I smiled.

We rehearsed a couple more times and then I had to get makeup put on me for the shoots we were going to do.

After a while the makeup was done and I was hurried to the set where everything was set. They tied the rope around me for when I jumped out of the tree.

We must have been doing the jumping and biting for hours. The director always wanted more.

When it was all done Julianna seemed to be tired.

“Wow! I am beat do you want to come back to my trailer for a drink?” She asked.

“That sounds great.” I replied. I followed her to her trailer.

“You should sit down let me get the drinks.” I said.

“Thank you so much.” She went and sat down on a chair with a groan.

I went to her kitchen and got some drinks and came back.

I gave her the only drink she had in there. It was vodka. I grabbed some water because I can’t drink alcohol.

She was getting drunk. She laughed at all the jokes I made.

“You know what would be great?” She asked.

“What?” I asked.

“A foot massage!” She said with a grin. This is going to be awesome, because I love feet.

I sat down on the floor and grabbed one of her feet and started rubbing the sole. She was moaning out of pleasure.

“Wow! You’re really good at this.” She said.

“Well my hands are powerful!” I replied with a smile.

I just kept on rubbing. She was moaning louder and louder. It looked like she was getting wet because her dress was damp around her crotch.

I started to get bolder. I started blowing air on her toes making her giggle. She was rolling her eyes out of ecstasy.

Then as I figured it’s long past us becoming just co-workers, I took a giant leap so to speak.

I started sucking on her toes. She moaned louder and I knew this was going somewhere. I pretty much covered her feet in saliva. I started kissing up her legs till I got to her inner thighs where I wanted to tease her, so I licked around her inner thighs.

Then she stood up and started taking off her dress. I felt like I was worshipping her seeing as how she was standing up and I was at her feet. But it made me feel good.

She got out of her dress and sat back down. I leaned up and started licking the outside of her panties. Then I grabbed the top of them with my teeth and pulled them down and off her feet. I looked up and stared at her pussy.

It was shaved, just how I like it. I licked around the lips making her shudder with anticipation. Then I dove right in pushing my tongue straight down into her moist hole.

She screamed with pleasure and wrapped her legs around my head and pushed my head flat against her pussy. It was awesome. I took one finger and started rubbing her clit. She was shaking after I did this. I looked up and saw her massaging her tits. They were nice.

I returned my attention back to her crotch. I kept licking her hole and rubbing her clit till she screamed and came into my mouth. She tasted like heaven.

She unwrapped her legs and rewrapped them around my lower body and pulled me up to her face, where she started kissing me with vigour.

She rolled me over, so that I was in her position and she slid herself down my body.

She started with the zipper pulling it down and then pulling off my jeans. She then proceeded to take off my boxers.

My cock was already hard so it slapped her on the face upon release from its cage. She gasped.

“Wow! I have never seen one so big!” She said.

“That’s what they all say.” I replied with a cocky tone.

She grabbed the shaft and started stroking, while licking my balls, coating them with saliva. She started licking from the base to the tip of my cock. Then she put just the tip of my penis into her mouth sucking and swirling her tongue as she went.

Then she started bobbing up and down. She went as far as she could then went back up. She kept doing this, going farther and farther each time. She was bobbing really fast now going all the way down, pushing her nose into my pubes. She was really good.

She kept bobbing for like a minute and I was so close. Then while she was bobbing she looked up at me with those innocent brown eyes.

“I’M CUMMING!” I shouted and jettisoned load after load into her mouth. She let some dribble out of her mouth and even pulled off to let some fly onto her face. Then she gathered it all up with her fingers and licked her fingers clean.

“That was great.” I said.

“So were you” she replied with a grin. Then she kissed the tip of my cock easily making it harder again. Then she climbed on top of me and positioned her pussy over my dick and slammed herself all the way down.

“HOLY SHIT!” She screamed.

Then she started riding herself up and down. She kept slamming down as hard as she could. She was really tight. It felt really good. Then she started slamming down while leaning this way and that making sure she got every part of her touched by my cock.

She got up and went and laid down on the couch. She put her legs behind her head.

I walked over to her and positioned myself in line with her cunt. Then I rammed into her as hard as I could. She let out a loud moan. I think in this position that every time I slam down I rubbed up against her g spot.

Every time I went down she moaned. I knew she was not going to last for long.

So I picked up my pace going as fast and hard as I could trying to make her cum. She was trying to hold out but it didn’t work she came quickly.

“You last longer then most guys.” She said as I pounded away.

“I get that a lot too.” I said as I grinned.

“Is their anything I can do to make you cum faster?” She asked.

“A foot job would do it.” I replied as I kept pounding in and out.

“Sure but could you keep going right now I am almost there?”

I kept pounding away till she shook and came.

Then I pulled out and sat down. She put her feet onto my cock and started rubbing around with her feet.

She put her soles on each side of my cock and started rubbing up and down. Her feet were so smooth that it felt awesome. She just kept going up and down, up and down. It felt great but I just wasn’t their yet.

“Wow usually if I do this to a guy he cums very quickly!” She said.

“It usually does it for me.” I replied.

Then she pulled her feet away and positioned herself over me. Then she slammed herself down. And this was tighter then before so I figured she wanted anal. So she just rode me like a horse. It was so tight and felt so good.

She was going reverse cow girl style. And man that was a great position always.

She just slammed herself down harder every time.

“I’M CUMMING!” I shouted she pulled off and put my cock into her mouth.

I think I jettisoned more cum this time because of the hot ass to mouth that she just performed, but she sucked it all up and just smiled up at me.

“Fuck! that was great!” I said.

“It sure was.” She replied. I took her to her bed in the trailer and we slept together. She woke up to go do scenes in the morning and came back for me later, to take me to the set so we could finish up our scenes a couple days early.

When it was all over I felt sad.

“What’s wrong Kody?” She asked.

“Well I don’t know if I will ever see you again.” I replied.

“Here!” She said pulling out a piece of paper and handing it to me. “”That’s my phone number call me when you can.” She said smiling. I hugged her and gave her a goodbye kiss and set out for my home.

When I arrived home I picked up the phone and called my trainer.

“Hello?” He said.

“Hey! It’s me! Kody.”

“Hey what’s up?”

“We finished shooting early and I am coming in tomorrow to start training for the fight.”

“Good you’re going to be in the best shape come fight time and I know that you’re going to win.” He boosted my ego.

“Thanks. I got to go, so see you later.”

“Bye!” He said and then I hung up.

I went up to my bed and the clock read eight at night. I went to bed to get a good night sleep so I could train hard tomorrow. I went to sleep dreaming of Julianna Margulies.

End of chapter 2
“In two months Kody Wight will face off against Vladimir in a title unification bout to see who is the better heavyweight.” Says the announcer on TV. “It is being pegged as the fight of the year, because of the two fighters, their last fights both ended in Knockouts”

I turned off the TV. I really was not expecting this to be fight of the year. I have already been training a lot and I feel better then ever.

I look over and the time is nine at night so I go to sleep.

One month later.

BAM BAM. I land two jabs to the punching bag while my trainer is yelling into my ear. One of my team members comes out of the trainers office and tells me he has a very important phone call that I should answer.

I shadow box my way to the phone.


“Hi! Mr. Wight I was hoping to talk to you about your upcoming match.” Said the voice. He kind of sounded old.

“Uh sure what’s your name?” I asked.

“Hugh Hefner.”

“SERIOUSLY?” I asked. I waved for the guy who gave me the phone to come here.

And he just smiled.

“Yeah. I don’t know you, but my girls want to see your fight in person. Is there anyway you can get us some tickets?”

Now since I am the main attraction of course I can get tickets. I was already given five front row tickets to give to whoever I wanted. And Hugh’s girlfriends are hot.

“Yeah. Sure. I could, just tell me where to mail them to.”

“Well I thought it would be better to meet in person at the weigh-in and you could give us the tickets there and we will pay for them so don’t worry about that.”

“Are you kidding me? You can have them for free!”

“Well thanks I cant wait for your fight”

“Alright I will see you later then. Bye.”

“Bye.” He said and then I hung up. Wow Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends. That is going to be some great publicity.

A couple of weeks later it was time for the weigh-in. Me and Vladimir were getting onto the scales and people started going nuts.

I could not see Hugh or any of his blonde girls. But man the feeling of the crowd like that was just exhilarating.

Then we stood toe to toe in fighting stances for the cameras. He was talking trash.

“Just one more day Vladimir” I said, then I walked away.

As I walked off the stage to my changing room I was kind of disappointed because I didn”t meet Hugh Hefner. I opened the door and there he was. Old, but still that cool old man with his three hot girls.

“Nice to finally meet you.” I said holding out my hand to Hugh.

“Same here.” He said. “Kendra won’t stop talking about you. She says that you’re going to beat the hell out of Vladimir.””

I knew who he was talking about so I turned to her. She had on a tight shirt with blue jeans. I smiled. She was on one side of Hugh and Holly on the other with Bridget on the other side of Kendra.

“Well that means a lot to me. Thanks!” I said. She just smiled even more.

“Can we have a picture with you?” Asked Hugh.

“Sure all of us together or separate?” I asked.

“Well how about you get a picture of all of us and then one with Kendra?”

“That sounds great!” I said. So they all moved with Hugh. Holly one side of me and Kendra and Bridget on the other side.

Now this was great for me, because I think Kendra is the hottest. So we got a couple of pictures together and then It was time for me and Kendra to do the separate picture.

“How about we get one with a pose and then one with your arm around me?” Asked Kendra.

“Jeez Kendra! He probably already has a girlfriend!” said Holly. To which they started laughing and giggling.

“Its OK. I haven’t really had time for one training for this fight.”” I said with a grin. They were still giggling. I did the pose, one with Kendra where we acted like we were fighting with both us jabbing at the other.

In the next picture she got up against my side and I put my arm around her.

“Well here is your tickets and I will see you at the fight. Bye!” I said my eyes lingering on Kendra. And then I was off to the hotel to sleep in till tomorrow.

One day later.

“LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!” The announcer steps out of the ring and so does both fighters teams.

I looked over outside the ring and there was Hugh and his girls. Kendra was on her feet cheering and clapping and smiling at me. I am going to win this fight for her, I thought to myself.

The bell rings and I rush in and start jabbing. He starts copying and jabs right along. He goes in to a jab this time and I sidestep and put all my power into a right uppercut.

BAM. He falls to the ground. He gets up after 5 seconds. He gets back into the fight and from there, I try to make this fight as good as it can be. Me and him just start throwing bombs. This continued into the later rounds.

At round 11 he caught me with a flurry of hooks and I fell. I was on the ground and I looked over and Kendra was shouting “GET UP KODY!” I got up after six and went back into the fight.

We sat at our corners for the last round. We were both exhausted. I didn’t appear to look too, bad but Vladimir was bruised and bloodied. Time to go in for the knockout.

My team got out of the ring and the bell rang. I rushed in started throwing hooks and straights, putting all my power behind them. He was covering up so I started throwing hooks and uppercuts to the body.

He clutched his chest and then I threw a flurry of hooks to the chin and sent him down. I walked back to my corner waiting for him to get up. My trainer yelled I have 2 minutes left.

He got up and the count went to nine. The ref let him go and I ran to him and unloaded everything I had on him. Upper cuts and hooks rained down on his face. He covers up and that’s when I go to the body. He grimaces in pain and his arms go down and I put all my power into a right hook and knock him out cold.

The crowd is going nuts. The count goes to ten and the ref calls it. I drop to my knees in relief. I went the distance. I look over and Hugh’s girls are going crazy, especially Kendra. She is clapping and cheering.

The reporters and everyone jump into the ring and surround me. They start throwing questions everywhere at me. I just wave to my crew to pull them off.

“This stoppage of the fight comes in at two minutes and thirty seconds in the twelfth round and the winner by knockout and the new unified heavyweight champion of the world Kody-”

My team is pretty much going nuts and hugging me. Larry merchant heads over and starts asking questions.

“Next weekend the other two title holders are facing off in another unification bout. Do you plan on fighting the winner?” He asks.

“I would love to. But right now I feel exhausted.” I said bye and left the ring. I couldn’t see Kendra or Hugh and his other girls. I walked to my changing room with disappointment.

I may be the new champion but I wanted to talk to Kendra. I opened the door and there they were. Kendra came up and started Hugging me.

I just hugged her back. Hugh said he had to get going, I didn’t ask any questions. Kendra stayed though, so we could talk and everything.

My team gave us champagne for the victory and the night was spent with me and her talking and laughing.

At around 4, I had to leave. She wanted to come with me so I let her. I drove to my house and let her in.

“Nice place!” She complimented.

“Thank you!” I said. She seemed a little drunk. “I am beat”” I said.

“Well I am going to make you feel alive starting right now!” She said grinning.

She dropped to her knees and with surprising speed pulled down my trunks and boxers.

My cock sprung to full attention as soon as she was staring at it.

She immediately went to work sucking the tip. Keeping it nice and hard in her pretty little mouth.

She just sucked and sucked away. She finally started bobbing her head up and down my shaft. It felt really good. She was swirling her tongue around as she sucked.

She looked up into my eyes as she sucked. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“IM CUMMING!” I shouted. She just went faster and sucked up every last drop.

“You worked him over pretty fast there Kendra!” Said a girly voice from behind me. I turned around and saw Bridget naked looking at my penis. She has a great body.

“Whoa you’re bigger then Hef!” She said.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well we followed your car here.” said Bridget.

“Who’s we” I asked.

“Me and Bridget” came a voice from my side.

I turned and saw Holly also naked in the doorway to my bathroom. She gasped when she saw my cock.

“Wow it is bigger then puffins!” She said.

“We never get sex from him because he is too old. We need a real man to satisfy our needs.” said Kendra. I turned and saw that she had stripped down to nothing.

“Well I am only one man but this one man is not going to sleep till he satisfies every last one of you.” I said.

“Well I am going to start with Bridget, because she looks ready.” I walked over to her and told her to lay down.

She laid down and I lined my dick up with her pussy. Then I rammed straight in making her gasp with pleasure. I started going as fast and hard as I could making her moan with pleasure. I looked over and saw Kendra eating out Holly.

I rammed harder. Holly positioned herself so she could lick and suck at Bridget’s breasts. As soon as she did, Bridget shook and screamed with pleasure cumming onto my cock that was pistoning in and out of her.

I pulled out of her and moved over.

“Holly you’re next” I said. Kendra stopped eating her out and I jammed my dick into her pussy.

I started ramming into her like I did for Bridget. But this time I pistoned each and everyway I could, making her moan with pleasure. She looked extra hot with my dick in her with her eyes rolling around. It was pure bliss doing this.

I pounded and pounded away at her pussy and she just kept moaning and moaning. Kendra was sucking one of her tits while Bridget was sucking Holly’s tit. She came a few minutes later.

“Last but not least, it’s Kendra’s turn” I said. She got up on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me.

“You like it doggy style don’t you?” I said grinning.

“HURRY UP AND FUCK ME!” She shouted.

I rammed my cock into her pussy. She was tighter then the others. It felt so good. I pistoned in and out of her as fast as I could. Going deeper every time. She started pushing back in time with my thrusts making it all the more better.

Holly got up and pushed her pussy against Kendra’s face.

“EAT ME OUT!” Shouted Holly.

Kendra must have been good at eating people out because Bridget and Holly always wanted her to do it. Kendra obliged and started licking away while she matched me thrust for thrust.

Bridget started caressing and licking Kendra’s boobs while Kendra was giving oral to Holly, while I fucked her. It was great. Pretty soon she came all over my cock. And yet I had not cum yet.

I pulled out a little exhausted after the fight and fucking three hot women.

“Why have you not cum yet?” Asked Bridget.

“I seem to always have a problem cumming.” I said

“Well it would be an honour for all three of us to make you cum.” Said Holly and they all started giggling. They made me stand up and then Holly and Bridget dropped to their knees.

Holly immediately took my cock into her mouth and started bobbing up and down. Bridget started lick and sucking at my balls. Every so often she would put them in her mouth.

Kendra came up on my side and me and her started kissing. It was incredible three women were giving me more than I could handle.

Pretty soon I pulled away from Kendra.

“IM CUMMING!” I shouted.

Kendra just came back for more tongue, while Holly and Bridget kept giving me head. Then right before I came they all were kneeled under my cock waiting to be sprayed with my semen.

My first shot was sent shooting onto Kendra’s face landing on her forehead and then it sort of spread out and dripped down her face.

My second shot landed on Holly left cheek. My third shot landed on Bridget’s lips. Then they all took turns coaxing all the semen out of me and into there greedy mouths.

They all drank it down and then stood up.

“You were probably the best fuck I have ever had!” Said Kendra

“Yeah same here!” Added Bridget and Holly in unison.

‘What about Hef?” I asked

“We are going to leave him.” Said Holly.

“OK.” I said. Then they all turned and huddled and whispered in a little group. Like a minute later they turned around.

“We want to stay here and live with you.” Said Kendra.

“Yeah, you can always keep us satisfied and we will always make sure that you are as well!” Said Holly.

“Please!” They all said with a pouting look on there face. How the hell could I say no.

One week later.

“In celebrity news Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends have left him for up and comer heavyweight champion Kody.” Said the host of a news channel. “They have all been seen going in and out of Kody’s house and when asked for comment, they say that they are happier living there then they ever were with Hugh.”

I just smiled watching the television. I turned it off and went to sleep with Kendra and Holly snuggling up against me while Bridget was out doing a photo shoot.

2 weeks later.

“In sports news. Kody the heavyweight unified title holder will face off against Ivan, the other unified title holder to crown the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in 5 months.” Said the announcer.

“The fight is being pegged as fight of the decade and each fighter will get 40 million for this fight and the winner will get a bonus 20 million.”

The girls were watching and were cheering and clapping for me when we were in bed. I went to sleep satisfied from sex as well as Kendra, Holly and Bridget.

end of chapter 3

I woke up to the sound of my home phone ringing. Kendra was irritated by this but she just rolled over me so I could get to the phone. I looked at the clock and it was five in the morning.

I went and picked up the phone.

“Hello” I said groggily.

“Hello. I am a producer and I saw how great an actor you were in bloodlust and I want to sign you to our next big movie trilogy.” Said the producer.

I was instantly wide awake.

“What kind of role would I have?”

“Well you’re going to play the bad guy, but in this first movie you”re only going to be on at the end because of you having to train for your next big fight.”

“That sounds awesome! Will I be in the next two movies?” I asked.

“Yeah. You will pretty much be the main bad guy?”

“Sweet! Do you have any names yet for who else is going to be in the movie?”” I asked.

“Well we have already signed two big names.”


“Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel” Wow. The two hot Jessica’s. that will be awesome. “And if you sign the whole three movie contracts that is 50 million right there.”

“I would love to do this?” I said rather excitedly.

“Great! We will probably only need you here two days max, so if you could come in next week, Monday and Tuesday that would be great.”

“Yeah that is awesome! Thanks a lot!”

“Alright see you Monday then.”

“Ok bye.” I said and hung up. Wow a big movie role worth 50 million. This is going to be awesome.

I went back to bed and woke up to Kendra sucking me off. I looked around and Holly and Bridget were not to be seen. I pulled her up to me, sat her on my cock reverse cow girl style.

She rode me up and down for a little while. Then she came. She then positioned herself over me so that I was in line with her ass. She then slammed down and started riding me.

Very soon I came. She then snuggled up against me. I told her the great news about me in the movies. And then she said something rather weird.

“I bet that you won’t sleep with them before shooting is done.” she said

“What?!” I asked.

“You heard me. If you don’t sleep with them then you have to do something for us three, but if you do we will do what ever you want for 3 days.” She said.

“Well won’t you girls care that I am sleeping with other people?”

“Not really! As long as you satisfy us.” She said.

“OK then. You have yourself a bet.” I said.

Next week rolled around pretty fast. As soon as Monday hit I was ready to go to the studio to start filming. I jumped in my car and headed over their.

I got there in half an hour and walked into the studio. Immediately the director came to me.

“Good, you’re here.” He said.

“Yeah I m a little nervous.”

“Don’t be! It’s going to be great. OK, here is your script and my assistant will take you to your trailer where your makeup is going to start and then after an hour we will be filming. So I will see you then!” He said and then left to go to the stage.

His assistant took me to my trailer where the makeup team sat me down and went to work where I started reading the script.

It’s called last chance. It is about two women who are the best in a secret organization for America fighting national threats.

The two Jessica’s were the main roles. I read ahead to my part and I have 3 lines. Apparently I take out my boss at the end before the two women get to him. They see me kill him and try to get to me but I get away.

It sounded really good. The makeup team got me all set up and then they sent me off to the set.

I had already rehearsed in my head so I was prepared.

Soon after we began and it went off without a hitch. Jessica Alba seemed to not take here eyes off me, which was cool for me. Jessica Biel on the other hand was always talking to me in between takes.

When it was all done Jessica Biel invited me back to her trailer for a drink, since filming was over for the day.

I followed her back to her trailer staying behind her watching her ass sway back and forth and man did she have a nice ass.

She opened the door and I followed her in.

“So this is where I am pretty much sleeping for the next couple months.” She said.

“Wow! They gave you a huge trailer.” I replied

“Yeah they gave me And Jessica Huge trailers.” She said walking to the kitchen to get a drink.

“What would you like?” She asked.

“Just some water. I have a fight in a couple months.” I replied

“OK.” She said. “I am getting myself some Vodka.”

She came back and gave me a bottled water and had a glass of vodka for herself. She sat down and started sipping away. She was wearing camouflage pants and a white tank top which showed off her rack very well.

“So I read about you dating those three blondes. They’re really pretty.”” She said.

“Yeah I know. They make me feel happy.” I said.

“What exactly do they do?” She asked.

“Well you know sex is great and they’re always around me. I never really feel alone anymore.” I said.

“I bet the sex is the most part though.” Jessica said with a giggle.

“Well, yeah!” I replied.

Then in an instant she was on top of me kissing me with ferociousness. She was using just the right amount of tongue and it was great. I started pulling her tank top over her head revealing her braless tits. They were great. She started pulling off my shirt while I started pulling down her camouflage pants.

“I know. I am better!” She said getting off me and dropping to her knees. She looked up at me and smiled. She put her hands behind her back and put her head right in between my legs and bit the zipper and pulled down.

She was really skilled with her mouth. She used her hands to pull down my jeans but used her mouth to pull the waistband of my boxers down and off me.

“Come to momma!” Jessica said giggling. My dick was already hard the second she was on me. She put my tip in her mouth and sucked hard on it making me gasp. Then she used just the right amount of teeth behind the head to make me moan. She was good.

Then she started bobbing up and down like a true pro. She increased her pace every time. It seemed every girl I had sex with could deep throat. And I was about to find out if she could.

I guess that’s why she kept increasing the pace so she could go farther and farther down each time. She reached the end and her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Then she twisted her head from side to side like a wrench screwing in a nail. It felt awesome.

I was so close. She then did something I have never seen done. She started working my balls into her mouth along with my cock.

“I’M GOING TO CUM!” I shouted.

She pulled off and started jacking me off on to her face. My cream exploded all over her beautiful face. It hit her cheeks then her forehead and then above her lips. She was covered in cum. She sucked out the last couple drops and smiled up at me. I was hard again.

“You are good!” I said.

“The best!” She replied grinning up at me.

I had the feeling this naughty little vixen liked it rough. I pulled her up by her waist and pushed her down onto the couch. I crawled up and grabbed her thong with my mouth pulling the thong down and off her feet. I went straight in.

I dove my tongue right into her cunt. I started swirling my tongue around on the inside. I looked up and she had her head back moaning while she caressed her own tits. My right hand went to her clits and started rubbing in a circular motion.

She started moaning louder.

“DON’T STOP YOU LITTLE FUCKER KEEP GOING!” I obliged and kept swirling my tongue around on the inside. I switched positions with my hand and swirled my tongue around her clit while I fingered her with two fingers.

“HOLY SHIT!” Jessica screamed flooding cum onto my face. When she was done she looked up at me with an angry yet horny look.

“I knew you liked it rough.” I said.

“SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!” Jessica screamed. I picked her up roughly in my arms carried her to her bed and threw her down. I got on top and pushed her feet behind her head and impaled myself on her.

She gasped. Then I pistoned in and out of her as fast and hard as I could. It seemed like she never had one as big as me because I kept hitting the back of her. And every time I did she shuddered. She seemed to keep cumming and cumming. Then she went limp.

“Jessica?” I said.

No answer. Apparently it was too much for her and she fainted. I did not feel right to keep going so I pulled out. But I started smacking my dick against her soft luscious lips.

Pretty soon I came into my hands. I went into the bathroom to wash up. I came back out. She was still asleep.

I left and it was late at night so I went back to my trailer. I was worn out by that little vixen. I fell asleep as soon as I hit my bed.

I woke up to a strange feeling. I looked down and my dick was out and in between the soles of two feet. I looked further and there was Jessica Biel, feet fucking me. It felt good but I have never woken up to it before. It was kind of nice because her feet were that of an angel’s.

“Good morning sleepy head!” Jessica said grinning as she jerked her feet up and down.

“What time is it?” I moaned.

“It’s around 5 in the morning.” She said. “We have to be at makeup in like a half hour and I thought you could use a good wakeup call.”

“Thank you.” I moaned.

She just smiled at me while jerking her feet up and down. I was really close to cumming. Then she got up and I saw she was naked from head to toe. She got up over me and turned and grabbed my dick and put it between her butt cheeks. Then she bounced up and down.

“Jesus!” I moaned squirting load after load onto her back. She turned around and smiled at me.

“We still have time for a quick shower together.” She said pouting.

“I would love to.” I replied. I followed her into my bathroom and turned on the shower.

We helped rub each other down. Sadly there was not any more time for sex, so that’s all we did.

We went to makeup and Jessica Alba was already there a few minutes into her makeup. Jessica Biel sat down on the other side of her, so I sat on the other side of Alba.

I was halfway through my makeup when Jessica Alba got up and stormed out of makeup slamming the door on her way out.

I looked over at Jessica Biel and she had a what did I say look on her face.

So I just wondered what was wrong and let them put me in makeup.

A little while later we started filming my last scene. We kept doing take after take and finally after a couple hours it was done. It was around one so I got up and went back to my trailer.

It seemed as though while we were filming, Jessica Alba always seemed to be glaring at Jessica. Biel. I guess she was mad at her for something. I went back to my trailer and closed the door behind. I started packing up all my things to go back home when I heard a noise. I went back into the living room near the couch and Jessica Alba was waiting for me in lingerie.

Before I could say a word she jumped on me catching me off guard knocking me on my back on the couch. She started kissing me hard while pulling my shirt off as well as my jeans.

I pulled off her bra going with it. I went to sit up and she just pushed me back down.

She got down on her knees between my legs pulled down my boxers. She started licking from my base to the tip of my cock. Her tongue was so soft and wet. It was truly heaven.

“Not that I am not totally in heaven right now but why are you doing this?” I asked through gritted teeth trying not to moan.

She pulled off.

“Because I wanted you first. You were supposed to only have sex with me. I told Jessica my plans and she went and tried to make this a competition.” She said.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah but then she went and got to you first and fucked your brains out leaving me horny and lonely and also pissed at what she did.”


“Yes me!”

“You the one who says you will never go naked on camera?”

“And I never will. I keep my sexual needs on the down low.”


“Shush enough talk.” Jessica interjected putting her finger on my lips.

With that said, she preceded to suck me off. She put the tip back in her mouth all the while looking at me. She started bobbing back and forth swirling her tongue around my shaft while cupping my balls.

She started sucking faster and faster, going farther down each time. I was going to cum soon. She pulled off and moved up a bit and squeezed her tits together around my cock. It felt better then her mouth.

She started pushing her boobs up and down around my cock. She did not have huge boobs but she made up for it with effort. Her tits felt so smooth and soft that I knew I would not last much longer.


“WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT TALKING?” She said with an angry tone. She stopped me from my climax.

I guess she likes to be the dominant one. I have never tried this before, but it made me harder then before. And I know it’s hard to believe since I am 6’8″” and I probably have a foot on her. But that made it that much more arousing.

“STAY THERE!” Jessica said with the same tone as before. I went along with it.

I didn”t dare to look. When she came back into view she had her hands behind her back.

“GET UP AND GO TO YOUR BED!” She yelled.

I did as she said. I walked to my bedroom in the trailer while she followed behind me. Right when I was going to what I do next she slapped my ass.

“LAY ON YOUR BACK ON THE BED!” Jessica yelled again.

I lay down on my back on the bed.

“SPREAD YOUR ARMS!” She yelled again.

I did as she said. She grabbed my right hand. I felt something cool around my wrist then I heard a snap.

“What are you d-”

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO SPEAK AND DON’T LOOK AT YOUR HANDS OR YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!” I knew she could not hurt me but this whole dominance thing made me so horny.

I felt the same coolness on my other hand followed by another snap. I tried to move my hands but they would not move far.

“Just relax and enjoy the ride!” She said. I figured that she handcuffed me to my bed.

She then took off her soaked panties and hovered over me.

“BEG FOR IT YOU LITTLE WHORE!” Jessica said in that menacing tone.

It was kind of weird to be bossed around but like I said it has me so horny. So I begged and she impaled herself on me. She moaned and started riding me. Now I know how to break out of handcuffs. And I had a paperclip on the nightstand that I could just reach. I got it and started working away at uncuffing myself.

She didn”t notice because she was to busy enjoying riding me. I silently got out of the first handcuff. I then threw the paperclip to my other hand and surprisingly I caught it and soon, uncuffed my other hand silently.

She was still riding me while I pretended to be helpless. I was waiting for the right moment to take over and let her know who the real boss is. And there it was she was very close to orgasm I could tell by her moans.

That”s when I grabbed her waist and rolled her over, my cock pulling out of her at the same time and I pinned her arms against the bed.

“Who’s in charge now?” I said grinning.

“PLEASE! I’M SO CLOSE! PLEASE PUT IT BACK IN!” She moaned. How could I say no.

I then rammed myself all they way into her. She came as soon as I went in. She then seemed to be out of the whole dominant thing. I pulled out of her.

“Sorry! I get sort of dominant during sex.” Jessica said

“No need. I loved it. I was so hard, I felt if I just got touched I would cum, so thank you.”

“But you didn’t cum.”

“Yeah I seem to have a problem cumming, unless I get a foot job or a blowjob or anal.” I said.

“I can help then!” She rolled me back over. She moved back a bit and then put the soles of her foot on my cock.

Her feet were great. She started jerking her feet up and down. Her feet were so soft and smooth that I was getting close to climax.

“I’M CUMMING!” I shouted.

She pulled her feet away and put her mouth on my cock head and instantly I shot load after load into her mouth.

She got the last couple drops into her mouth then looked up at me with her mouth open showing off all the cum in her mouth. It was a lot. Then she gulped it down. It was really hot. She got up and went to the bathroom saying she wanted to brush her teeth. I had not packed there yet so I let her.

I kept packing and soon she came back out and kissed me.

“I don’t know when I will see you again.” She said.

“Well it should not be more than a year.” I told her.

“Well here is my number, in case you want to talk or something.” She said pulling out a piece of paper.

“I will do that. Thank you!” I said taking the piece of paper. I kissed her goodbye and continued packing. Once I was done I left.

I arrived home a half hour later. I heard noise coming from the bedroom. I went and stood outside the door because it was closed.

“Are you girls packed yet?” It sounded like Holly.

“Sort of. I cant believe we are going to leave him just because someone with more money has been fucking you two.” That sounded like Kendra.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” She continued. I felt a weird tingling sensation in my body.

“You will be better off with us.” It sounded like Bridget.

“You guys keep saying that, but I think Kody really cares about me he doesn”t just want me for sex.” Said Kendra.

“Well you have to decide now.” Said Holly.

“I cant go with you guys. I’m sorry?” Said Kendra.

The tingling sensation grew. I was angry at the others but Kendra just made me want to walk in and hug her. But I didn’t want a big fight with the other two. So I went out to my car and drove around for a while.

When I came back as soon as I was in the house Kendra flung herself at me and hugged me. She told me what I already knew.

“I know I heard everything you guys said and I am glad you stayed.” I said kissing her forehead. She just hugged me harder.

Later that night.

“It feels weird to be the only girlfriend of a guy.” Said Kendra.

“Well I could probably find another one, but I could never find one that I like more then you.” I said.

“I would really like it if you do that.” she said

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah it makes me feel like I have friends and my boyfriend with me at the same time. It makes me feel good.” She said nuzzling up against me.

“We’ll see. I promise.” I said.

“If you do, I would like you to find someone around my age.” She said.

“I will try.”

Soon after I followed her up to my room and went to sleep with her nuzzling up against me. I felt better then I have ever had.

end of chapter 4

I woke up the next day. Kendra was still sleeping. I went to my bathroom and took a shower. I called my trainer and told him I was coming in today to start training for the fight.

“Good! We got a lot to do, also there is supposed to be some celebrity girl coming in to train for her next film role.” He said.

“Uh, OK. Kendra decided to come with me today, she wants to keep in shape and wants to see what I do all day.”

“OK, we can give her one of our team to work with her, but I was requested to work with this celebrity and they’re paying me a shit load. So I’m sorry.”

“Oh. OK. Uh… who is this celebrity?”

“Some girl. I think her name is Megan Fox. She was in that transformers movie, I think. I don’t know.”

“Oh. Um… when do you expect to be done training with her?”

“I don’t know, she is supposed to start filming in a month, so it could be all month.”

I suddenly remembered her from that transformers movie. She played a high school girl. She was mostly in daisy duke shorts with a tight pink shirt and I was going to be seeing a lot of her.

Then another thought popped into my head. She is young, probably around the same age as Kendra. Maybe I can turn this into a good thing.

“OK. Hey, could you also train Kendra with her? She might like to be around people her own age for a while.”

“Sure! They will probably become good friends.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for.” I said grinning to myself and I hung up. I woke Kendra and told her about it.

“OK. So what’s the big deal?” She said through sleepy eyes.

“Well I thought you wanted someone else around the house around your age, but I guess if you don’t want to, we can go train with someone else.” I said rather slyly.

“No, no I forgot! She is perfect. I bet we become good friends.”

“That’s sort of what I want you to do, but pretty soon I want you to get really friendly with her. That will open her up to dating me as well as having you date me.” I said.

“Good. That’s a great plan.” She said. She put on makeup and we hurried out of my house. We got in my car and drove to the gym. She followed me to my trainer’s office.

“Is she here yet?” I asked.

“No but she should be here any minute.” He replied.

“Well I’m going to start training.” I said. I pulled off my shirt revealing my abs.

“My plan should work much better with me without a shirt on/” I said winking at Kendra.

I immediately went outside the office and grabbed a jump rope. I walked near the boxing ring just at the right spot so she would see me walking in.

I started going at a faster pace then usual trying to sweat hard to make it look like I”m glistening. Kendra always seemed to like it, so why wouldn’t she?

I was starting to sweat when she walked in. There was no mistaking her. Silky black hair, pretty brown eyes, luscious lips. She was perfect.

She was wearing sweatpants and a shirt. Plain and simple. I wasn’t really staring at her. I was using my peripherals and it seemed like she was definitely staring at me. Maybe a little longer then a person would.

I saw her walking towards me.

“Excuse me do you know where the owner and trainer of the boxer Kody is?” she asked me.

So she didn’t know who I was. That would be fun for Kendra to tell her or my trainer.

“Yeah he is in that office over there.”

“Thank you!” She said her eyes lingering on my abs. She walked towards the office. I looked around and Kendra was in the ring sparring with a guy. He seemed to be taking it easy on her.

Probably because if her hurt her I would hurt him. A few minutes later I saw Megan walk out with my trainer. They went to the ring. Megan put on some gloves. She got in after Kendra got out.

So I went about my routine. I went and started lifting weights. Every so often I would see Megan move to something different. After a while I was rather excited to start sparring because Megan seemed to be taking a break on the bench facing the ring.

Time to start showing off. I grabbed one of my team and we put our sparring gear on and we stepped in. I thought I could see Megan start to watch me.

I got in and my sparring partner went after me, apparently trying to show off as well.

I dodged everything he threw at me. He seemed to get impatient and threw a shot to my kidney. It hurt but I didn’t show it.

I was rather pissed about what he did. So I went after him. I threw hooks to the body he threw a shot I sidestepped and hooked him in the right spot and he went down. I grinned.

He got back up and fought fair. But he didn’t hold a candle to me. He didn’t even touch me.

“Kendra who is that guy in the ring practically annihilating the other guy?”” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kendra smile.

“I thought you knew! He’s the best boxer in the world! That’s Kody!” I heard a gasp. I knew who it was coming from.

“I talked to him. I didn’t know!”

“Yeah, isn’t he great? I am dating him.”

“Oh!” I heard the disappointment.

I was pretty much done with him. He was on the floor panting. I got out of the ring and went to my towel. I could not see Kendra anywhere.

“Didn’t care to tell me who you were?” Came a voice from behind me. I turned around smiling.

“Well, I don’t like to brag.” I said to Megan.

“Well it could have helped me. I wanted to spar with you.” She said.

“You think I am tired?” she nodded. I just laughed.

“Get your gear on then. I don’t even need a water break and besides I always help someone in need.” I said laughing a little.

“Sure!” She said playfully pushing my arm.

She walked away. She knew what she was doing. Swaying her ass that way. You only do it that way when you want someone to notice. I didn’t even put on a head set. I just put on some gloves and went in the ring. I started just throwing punches in the air showing off my speed.

“Take your time warming up for me. Trust me you will probably need it!” Said Megan from behind me. I turned around and she was just in gym shorts now. She was wearing a headset.

“Oh definitely!” I laughed. Because I am usually always a foot taller then everyone. Same case here.

“Uh!” She said in a playful shocked voice.

“Show me what you got then Laila” I said referring to Laila Ali.

She started throwing a wild hook.

“You’re throwing your hooks wild here. Let me show you.” I got behind her took her arm. I started throwing it like a good hook. I felt her ass against my crotch. She was grinding it against my cock. I tried to not get hard but it did not work. So I moved back a bit and adjusted myself.

I went to the front and told her to throw the hook now. She was definitely doing it right now. But she seemed to add more bounce to her boobs trying to get me to notice her.

After a while she seemed to be worn out. I think a little too worn out. She went to throw a hook and started to fall to the ground. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her up.

“Are you alright?” I asked her.

“Yeah! I just need some water.” She went to walk and almost fell again before I caught her.

Well this would make things move along nicely. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my trainer’s office. I sat her down on his couch and went behind his desk to his small refrigerator. I grabbed a bottled water and handed it to her.

I looked on the desk and there was a note addressed to me. It said that he had to go home, an emergency arose.

So I took the time to talk to Megan. She told me about her upcoming movie and that she needed to be in shape and know a few moves. And that she wanted me to help her. I said I would.

“We can start tomorrow, but right now. We should relax. We have been training for a couple hours.”

“If it is not too painful to talk about. What was it like dating three girls.”” Megan asked.

“It felt kind of good. I mean I was alone for a long time because I didn’t want to be with anybody since my wife left me, but then I had people around me all the time and it made me feel happy. But Holly and Bridget are not like Kendra, she seemed to genuinely like me for me and not just for sex.”

“So the other two just used you for sex?” She asked.

“Pretty much, not that Kendra doesn’t like it. But she seems to want to go out and take me with her. She wants to be with me a lot so it makes me happy.”

“Wow! You must be great in bed if you had three girlfriends.”

“Well.. I don’t like to brag, but everyone always seems to come back for more.” I said grinning.

She smiled back. Then she went straight to the point.

“How big is your dick? It must be big to satisfy them.” She said smiling at me. I felt bold.

“Why don’t you come over here and find out.”

“I thought you would never ask!” Megan said.

She got up and flung herself at me. Kissing my while pulling down my trunks. My trunks came off then she dropped to her knees.

She pulled down my boxers and my cock poked her in the mouth. She gasped.

“No wonder they were so satisfied!”

Before I could say anything she took the tip into her mouth and sucked like she was slurping a drink through a straw. I grabbed her by her head and forced her head down. I forced her head up and down my dick it felt better this way. I stopped when I noticed something outside the window. It was Kendra smiling in at me.

I looked down and Megan was still bobbing up and down. She didn’t seem to notice when the door slowly and silently eased open. Kendra tiptoed behind Megan. Where she waited.

She kept bobbing up and down till I pulled her up and pulled down her shorts.

I smiled while sort of nodding my head. That’s when Kendra inserted a finger into Megan’s pussy.

She turned around and smiled. Then Kendra went in and started making out with her. It was really hot.

From there, I just sort of watched those two go at it. They were kissing while Megan started pulling off Kendra’s shirt and then her sweatpants. She was not wearing anything underneath so Megan went right to work while kissing her.

I watched with lust in my eyes. They were caressing each others breast while making out.

They started fingering each other while still making out. I was not going to wait any longer.

I moved in and separated them. I pushed Megan down onto the couch and moved between her legs.

“Get ready” I said. Then I plunged my dick deep into her. Going in then out. She kept moaning and moaning. I motioned for Kendra and she knew just exactly what to do.

She moved in and started sucking on Megan’s breasts while I pounded away at her. Her moans were becoming louder because of the heightened pleasure of Kendra.

Just then I heard my cell phone ring on his desk.

Kendra went and turned it off. So I continued pounding away at her. My mind was wondering what that call was about. But my dick was pretty much thinking or me.

So I just kept thrusting and thrusting. She started to push back matching my thrusts. She came pretty soon. I still had yet to cum.

“Why have you not cum yet?” Asked Megan.

“It always seems hard for me to cum in a pussy.” I replied.

“Well I want to help.”

“Well I will get myself ready the best I can and I am sure you will know how to finish me off.” I said.

I moved lower and lower down her legs till my head was at her feet. I grabbed one of her feet and started licking around the top of it, then I made my way down and started sucking on her toes.

I was getting really hard because of this, so I kept licking and sucking. She just moaned. I looked up while sucking her toes and Kendra was eating her out.

I continued sucking and licking her toes. Soon after I moved to her other foot. Just sucking and licking her toes savouring the taste. I love feet. I decided that now was the time to let her jerk me off. I took her feet and guided the soles to both sides of my cock.

I started pushing them up and down and then soon stopped moving them and let her do it.

She was moaning really loudly. She kept jerking me off, with her eyes closed and getting eaten out. It was really erotic. She came soon after.

Kendra moved down so her face was just above the foot job.

And then she did something so good that I could not hold it any longer.

When my tip poked through she put her mouth over it and sucked hard.

“SHIT I’M CUMMING”” I yelled.

I came on Megan’s feet. Her feet were soon covered in cum. Then Kendra started licking her feet clean of my cum. She got it all into her mouth without swallowing. And then she leaned down and started cum swapping with Megan.

“So how was that?” I asked Megan.

“That was the best I have ever had!”

“Well I am offering that you can have that everyday.”

“What?” She asked. She had a puzzled look on her face.

“Me and Kendra both want another person to be around my house and I want another girlfriend.” Megan looked stunned.

“So what do you say?” I asked her.

“Well there is only one thing I can say and that is HELL YEAH!” She smiled.

Kendra leaned down and kissed her again. I bent forward and kissed her too.

“Well I need to go back to my house to pack and then I will bring everything to your house.” She said.

“Kendra will help you pack and then she’ll bring you back to my house. So I’ll see you both later.” I said.

I put my clothes back on, grabbed my cell phone and headed to my car. I started driving and looked to see who called me. It was my trainer. He left a voicemail. I listened to it and all he said was goodbye.

I went home. And after a couple hours Kendra showed up with Megan. I asked them two about why my trainer left. They said all they knew was there was an emergency and he left.

A few hours later I got a call from the police.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hello this is the police department. We are sad to tell you that your trainer has been shot.” Said the voice.

“WHAT?!” I yelled.

“He was shot five times in his house.”


“We know who he is we just can’t find him.” Said the voice.

“Well then who is it?”

“We cant tell you that right now.”

“WELL FINE!” I roared and hung up the phone. Kendra and Megan were looking at me. I was in tears. My trainer was like a father to me. I was an orphan and he had no family. He pretty much took care of me. They were still looking at me while I was upset. I felt a surge of anger go through me and I got up and picked up something made of glass and I just threw it against the wall.

“Honey what’s wrong?” Asked Kendra.

“Somebody killed my trainer.” I said.

Kendra and Megan both looked dumbfounded. They came over and both hugged me at the same time.

“I will hurt the person who did this.” I said.

end of chapter 5

I was thoroughly pissed off. I wanted to hurt someone. But I thought that might not help right now. And further more my recent film producer said the movie decided to not bring me back for the next one. I decided to go pay this cop a visit and see what I could get out of her.

I drove my car out their and asked for the lieutenant to speak with because I am sure it is her that talked to me. They motioned me to her office. I walked in with jeans and a white tank top showing off my muscular arms and chest.

“Hi.” she said. Her eyes looking me over. It seemed to be working. “What can I do for you?” she asked.

“Well I wanted to know if could tell me who you think is the killer of my trainer.” I asked her.

“We cant really give that information away.” she said hesitantly. Her double d breasts heaving up and down as she talked. “And if we did you might do something stupid and hurt this person.”

“I will make you a deal I will do whatever you want me to for a whole month and in return you tell me what you know and I will make sure that you get the killer you take all the credit and that way we are both happy.” I said knowing full well I know what she would want from me.

She was good looking too. She was blonde with adorable brown eyes. She had double d cup breasts with an ass to die for.

“That is really really really tempting but I cant it is my job.” she said.

“How about I make that month a year and I will even show you something you wont be able to turn down.” I started pulling down my pants.

“What are you doing.” she said.

“Showing you what you could have for a whole year.” I replied. My pants were off and I was teasingly pulling down my boxers extra slowly.

“That is not going to work on me.” she started to say but stopped when my erection popped out.

“Whoa that is the biggest I have ever seen!” she said salivating.

“I will let you have a test suck.” I said smiling.

“Well maybe just once.” she said drooling while she walked over to me and kneeled down. She put her hands around my ten inch cock. She was impressed. I could see her lust taking over. She then with speed devoured my cock in her mouth.
Her lips were great. While she bobbed up and down I rocked my hips back and forth fucking her face. To me this was just added incentive. She would probably just become another girlfriend for a while. there is now way she would leave me though.

I just somehow knew that. I was ok with it too. It was kind of hot to be dating a police women.

I looked down and she was looking up at me with those cute innocent brown eyes.

“I am going to cum.” I tried to whisper because this was a police department. I came into her mouth and she swallowed it all greedily.

“Ok I will tell you what I know.” she said. She licked her lips then stood up.

“We have a lead and we know that it is your next opponents trainer.” she said.

The anger started coursing through my veins.

“Now since we can not go into Russia to get him we are sort of screwed but we know someone who knows him who says that he is in Canada hiding.” she said.

I had my phone halfway out and she interrupted me.

“Now how are you going to get him over here and let me take the credit then?”

“I will formulate a plan after I have met with this contact of yours.”

“So who is this contact?”

“She was a wrestling diva in the WWE and retired a year ago she now lives in Ontario and is the only one who knows where this guy is.”

“Ok.” is as far as I got because she interrupted me again.

“The trainer is young and we have reason to believe she is involved with him.”

“What is her name?” I asked growing impatient.

“Her name is Trish stratus.” she said. My eyes got wide because she is the hottest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Trish stratus is like a goddess.

“Ok my plan will be to get Trish Stratus to bring him over here and I will have further details as soon as I get to her.” I said. I gave her my number and my address and told her if she wants to come over she can but I have two girlfriends living together with me if she can handle it.
I turned around and walked out. I drove to the airport and bought the first flight to Ontario which left in a half hour. I took nothing but the clothes on my back. I phoned my girls to them about my plan.

“Ok just come back to us in one piece ok honey.” said Kendra.

“I will baby bye.” I said and hung up.

The flight out took hours. Once I got their I phoned the lieutenant to ask where she lived. She told me a half hour a way. I rented a car for 3 days, bought insurance and drove out to this place. My first part of my plan is rather ingenious.

As I was getting closer I saw something that would help my plan.

I slammed on the accelerator and steered to this tree that was down that sort of made a ramp. I turned the wheel keeping my foot as far as it would go on the accelerator and what happened next is sort of a blur. I hit the tree and flipped my car over . Then everything sort of went dark.

I woke up I don’t how much later in a bed. I looked around and it was a bedroom. Not much in it. I would say a spare bedroom. I felt around my body for damages luckily their was none. I got up off the bed.

“Hello is anyone their?” I called out.

I looked down and noticed I was still in my same clothes.

“Hello is anyone their?” I yelled out opening my door. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway.

I looked over to see a man with a gun held to my face.

“Ah yes so you are the one who will lose to my pride and joy Ivan.” said the man.

I then recognized him as the trainer.

“Turn around.” he said,

I complied. He grabbed my arms. Not a smart decision. I felt his hand grab at my wrist. I pulled my arm out quickly turned and backhanded the gun out of his hands.

He kicked out at me. I sidestepped and grabbed his throat. I had him now. I was choking him. I saw the veins start popping out of his head. I could feel all my anger coursing through me. I then thought about the lieutenant.

I pulled away hooked him to the side of the head. I looked further down the hall noticing the stairs which probably lead to the ground floor. I pushed at his chest with my foot sending him reeling to the far wall.

I closed the gap between us grabbing him by the arms and sending him rolling down the stairs.

I ran down the stairs. He was unconscious. I saw the handcuffs he had. I put one on his hand and the other around a pull-up bar next to the kitchen door. I walked into the kitchen and found Trish bound and gagged in a chair.

She looked terrified.

“Its ok he can not hurt you anymore.” I said. Grabbing at the rope in her mouth. I pulled it off. She still seemed speechless. I walked behind her. I looked for a knife and found one. I turned back and started hacking away at her rope tying her hands.

A minute later they were off. She still had ropes around her ankles which I cut off soon after.

“Thank you so much.” she said.

“Its ok what happened?” I asked.

“Well I came out and saw the car flipped over. And I came to the car and tried to pull you out but your kind of heavy for me.” she said.

“Ok so then what happened?” I asked

“I went back in and since me and him WERE dating I had him help me pull you into the house.”

“Once he saw your face he went ballistic he carried you up then put you on the guest bed.”

“He came back down here pulled out a gun and tied me up then went up the stairs once you started yelling and then you know the rest.” she said.

“Wow for a trainer he really was terrible at fighting.” I said.

“I guess I just cant begin to thank you we could have been killed.”

“Well you don’t really have to its really an honor for me to be meeting you.” I said.

“Oh really you watch wrestling then?” she asked kind of smiling.

“Yeah sometimes you were mostly the reason I watched I could never really hate you even if the crowd was booing you I just applauded and kept watching.” I said.

“Well thank you that means a lot.” she said grinning.

Just then my phone started ringing.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey its me.” said the lieutenant.

“Hey how is it going?” I asked her.

“Fine I just wanted to ask you what is going on?”

“Well long story short but he pulled a gun on me and Trish.” I said.

“Wow.” she said back.

“Yeah I don’t know how I am going to get him back for you though I will call you back when I know.” I then hung up.

“What was that about?” she asked.

“Well I came over here to find this guy because he killed my trainer I had to get information from the police women who knew about it and I told her I would let her take the credit when I brought him back.” I said.

“I am sorry I did not know.” she said

“It is ok at least I can have peace now no longer worrying about this.” I said.

“Well I can help you get him back their it is the least I could do.” she said.

“I couldn’t ask you to do that.” I replied.

“It is ok I have a private jet we can take him back and your lieutenant can arrest him from their.”

“You would do that yeah I would I would actually like to spend more time with you hell maybe we could go out sometime after all you did save me from being killed.” she said grinning.

“You just like me for my body.” I said grinning.

“Well you are ripped and you seem to be a little excited.” she said pointing to my pants where a tent was growing.

“Let me help you with that.” she said grinning.

She dropped to her knees. She unzipped me and started pulling down my pants. I cant believe this was going to happen. Trish stratus was about to give me head. This is unbelievable.

She pulled down my waistband with her teeth looking up at me while she did it. Once she had it off my feet my erection hit her in the chin. She gasped.

“I have never seen one this big!” she said with her mouth wide.

“Its your lucky day then.” I said.

She grinned up at me. My dick was throbbing. I knew I would not last long. And I can not believe I was going to be fucking a goddess.

She teasing pushed her lips together and rubbed my cock all over her lips. It felt so good.

“Don’t tease me anymore please suck me off you goddess.” I moaned.

“Nobody has ever called me a goddess but it feels good to be called one.” she said. She opened her mouth and started French kissing the tip of my penis. She then put the head of it into her mouth sucking like it was a dream come true for her.

She started to bob her head up and down. I was so close but I tried to hold off. I couldn’t look down at her because that would send me off. She pulled off.

“Its ok you can cum if you want to.” she said grinning up at me. Then went back to bobbing her head up and down my dick. I looked down at her and in my head said screw it.

I then moaned really loud and started jettisoning my cum into her mouth.

“I am going to make sure you never forget me.” I said. She stood up and smiled.

“Go pull yourself up on that pull up bar and stay up.” I said. She went and did it staying up their. I got behind her. I pulled off her pants. She was barefoot. So I did not have to use extra time on shoes.

I made my cock stick straight up. Then I pulled her body down hard slamming herself onto my cock.

“OH GOD!” she screamed still holding onto the bar. She did not really even have to use any strength I was making sure of that.

I kept pulling her down and pushing her back up grunting with every slam.

“OH IM CUMMING!” she screamed. I kept pounding away at her. I then pulled one hand off and started rubbing her clit as I pulled her up and down.

“ITS TOO MUCH IT FEELS TOO GOOD.” she moaned. I stopped knowing full well that is how people faint. She calmed down.

“You have not cum yet.” she said.

“I don’t plan to for a while.” I replied she let go of the bar. I picked her up in my arms carried her to where she said her bed was.

“Alright I bet you have not tried this position yet.” I said laying her onto her king sized bed.

“Lay on your stomach with your hands parallel to your sides.” I said grinning.

She did so. Her head was staring at me with a puzzled look on her face.

I lined my dick up with her pussy. I grabbed her by the wrists and as I rammed into her I pulled her wrists to me.

“HOLY FUCK!” she screamed. I kept at it. Pulling her wrists back while I fucked her hard and good.

Her head had started facing forward with her eyes closed clenching her teeth. I could tell she was trying to hold it in.

“You wont be able to hold it much longer my goddess.” I said in between thrusts.

I watched as her head would shoot forward every time I thrust forward. Her beautiful blonde hair jumping forward.

She was tight. I did not think she would be for how hot she is. I pulled out. Flipped her over and slammed into her with lightning speed.

“FUCKKKKK!” she screamed.

I put her legs on my shoulders. Her calves were on my shoulders while her feet dangled over them. I started pounding at her as hard as I could wanting to make this goddess crazed over me.

“OH FUCKKK!” she screamed as her whole body trembled and shook. She came again.

I slowed my thrusts to let her calm down.

“You still haven’t.” that’s as far as she got as I picked her up and put her on the ground.

“Get into a pushup position.” I ordered.

She got into the position. I was standing up. I grabbed her by her legs and rammed into her.

“OH FUCK ME.” she screamed.

I rammed her hard and fast making sure she did not have to use any strength so she could stay in the position.

I was getting tired after all this. But I knew I wanted her to never forget me so I kept up. I went as hard and fast as I could. She was sweating all over making her glisten. She was an angel.

The I decided to reach around and play with her clit.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed trembling and shaking. I felt her juices all over me.

I pulled out and went and laid on her bed.

“Wow I put everything I had into all that.” I said.

“That was probably the best I have ever had.” she said walking over to me. She looked down and frowned.

“You still have yet to cum.” she said.

“I usually don’t.” I said.

“Is their anything I can do?” she said.

“You don’t have to do anything this was a dream come true for me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I am sure If I died right now I would die the happiest man in the world.” I said.

“Well I am not going to leave you hanging.” she said. I was still pretty hard and my cock did ache.

“How about anal?” she said grinning. Suddenly my energy was coming back to me.

“Ok come her and lay down then I will do all the work.” I said grinning.

She came over to me and laid down beside me on her stomach.

“You know you probably have the best ass in the entire world.” I said.

“Thank you.” she said. It was true. Her ass was bronzed and firm. It was great.

I got between her legs and started licking and kissing her ass cheeks. She giggled. I kept at it coating her ass cheeks with saliva. Her hand was open and in it was a bottle of lube. I took it because I was ready.

I lubed up my dick then around her ass hole. Then I lubed up my finger and started fingering her little hole.

“Are you ok with this?” I asked.

“YES NOW FUCK ME!” she screamed.

How could I resist. I plowed into her with full force. Her screams echoing off the walls. It was really tight. But the lube made it good.

I plowed hard and fast.

“UGHH IM CUMMING.” I yelled.

I pulled out and squirted on her butt cheeks. It felt amazing.

One day later.

I was boarding Trish’s private plane watching as a couple of men threw the trainer into the back handcuffed unable to move. They locked the door and then I got on. Trish was right behind me.

“You know I was thinking maybe I should come live with you.” she said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes I really like you and your girlfriends seem nice.” she said.

I kissed her on the forehead as we sat down in her comfortable chairs. We talked a while and then went further back onto a couch.

I saw at the far end while nuzzled up against me laying down. She put her head on my leg and yawned. She seemed to go straight to sleep.

I looked at my phone. Right after I put it to silent I saw the lieutenant was calling.

“Hey so your bringing him here soon right?” she asked.

“Yeah we are on our way.” I whispered.

“Listen I cant do the whole year thing I have found someone that I really like I hope your ok with that?” she said.

“Yeah I am fine with that.” I whispered back.

“Yeah he asked me to marry him and I said yes so it will be great.” she said.

“Yeah congratulations I wish you a happy marriage.”

“Well I will see you at the airport.” she said.

“Bye.” I whispered back.

I turned off my phone and set it down on the table nearest me. I looked down and she was still sleeping. I started stroking her hair while she slept.

I nodded off to sleep sometime later.

A day later.

Everything went great. It was all over the news that the lieutenant had got the murderer. She then was offered a job for F.B.I. Trish sold her house and flew all her stuff out here and settled into one of my rooms. She hit it off well with Megan and Kendra.

I was back to having 3 girlfriends and everything was great. Now was the time to start training to beat Ivan’s ass.
end of chapter 6

“In one week Kody will fight Ivan in a unifications match of all four heavyweight titles. This is by far the biggest match in a while.” said the man on the television.

I groaned. I was in peek physical condition now. I had help from my new girlfriend Trish. She knew some things that I did not. Its good having her around here. The sex for me is great since I have three and we have a four way like every night.

Life was great. Every night I remembered my trainer before I went to sleep. The girls would always suspect something and ask what is wrong. I would just shrug. I promised myself when I win this match it would be for him.

I went to sleep.

Night of the fight.

I am putting on my trunks and listening to my team giving me instructions and tip for the fight to come. I don’t listen because I know what I am going to do. I am going to beat him and embarrass him.

The girls were next to me massaging my shoulders telling me I was the best. They were good girls. My team started putting on my gloves.

It was time. Me, my team and the girls followed me out to thunderous applause.

I walked into the ring. I just watched in silence as the announcer did his usual bit. Ivan was across the ring telling every one he was going to beat my ass. I was ready.

Minutes later the bell rang. I walked over calmly while he laughed and said how easy it was going to be.

That was it. I closed the distance fast and threw a combinations of hooks. He started blocking. I put my hands on his chest and pushed to the corner where I unloaded on him. He started blocking his head where I then went and unleashed hooks on his body.

He was groaning his hands fell and I saw my opportunity. I threw an uppercut right to the chin. He fell down.

“That’s for my trainer you bastard.” I roared. He looked up at me. He got up at 5.

When he was cleared I ran at him and unleashed a deadly combination of uppercuts to the body and face. He went down this time and stayed down.

Suddenly every one flew into the ring. Reporters, announcers, referees and the boxers teams.

Everyone was trying to get at me to ask me questions. I looked up.

“That one was for you.” I said.

The girls and my team got into the ring they started hugging me. After a while one of the commentators came over.

“So Kody what are you going to do next?” he asked.

“Well I have thought a lot about this and I do not think I can box anymore.”

“Really this is unexpected.” he said.

“Well it is just too emotional for me since the loss of my trainer.” I said.

“Well what do you plan on doing next?” he asked.

“Well I am set for life and since boxing is too emotional for me I think I might try another sport.” I replied.

“Like what?” he asked.

“Well I have been talking on the phone with Dana White and I think it is set up so I can be a cage fighter.” I said.

“Wow that seems good for you.” he said.

“Yes it really is. I will have to move down ten or twenty pounds but I plan on fighting at the heavyweight division.”

“Wow any idea when and who you will be fighting” he asked.

“Well theirs a lot of talk about between what type of fighter is better, a boxer or a cage fighter and we will see in two months. Dana wants me to fight the dangerous Mirko. So we will see what happens.”

“Wow well good luck I cant wait to see you fight their.”

“Thanks.” I replied. I held up my title and then left the ring with my team and my girls.

We walked into the changing room.

“Why didn’t you tell us about your plans?” asked Kendra.

“Well I wanted it to be a surprise for the whole world.” I replied. They came in and gave me a hug. My team was breaking out the champagne bottles. I started thinking of my trainer.

I was starting to get teary.

“Hey guys I think I am going to walk home.” I said.

“You sure?” asked Trish.

“Yeah fresh air will do me good.” I said. My place was not far. If I wanted too I could just call someone to pick me up. But I would rather be alone right now. I changed out of my trunks into some jeans and a shirt. I wrapped myself in a coat and walked out and started walking down the streets.

My trainer would be proud of me I thought to myself. I was walking by buildings. The one coming up to me was a bar. I walked past.

“STOP IT. PLEASE NO. SOMEONE HELP ME.” someone screamed. I walked back and down the alleyway a big heavy set guy was trying to force himself on a girl. She was blonde and did not look to be too old.

“Hey buddy the girl said no.” I shouted closing the distance between us.

“Hey mind your own fucking business before I break you neck.” said the guy.

“PLEASE HELP ME.” screamed the girl.

“I tried reasoning with you but you asked for this.” I said.

I got right up in his face. He went to throw at me but he was sort of drunk. I sidestepped and threw a right hook straight to the jaw. He went down pretty fast.

I stepped over him and examined him. He was knocked out cold.

“Thank you so much.” said the girl behind me.

“Its ok im glad I was here to stop him form raping you.” I replied.

“Listen he had some friends back in the bar. Could you walk me home please?” she said. I kind of towered over her. She looked really cute. How could I say no.

“Sure. By the way my names Kody.” I said extending my hand.

“Hayden.” she replied shaking my hand.

“So what were you doing?” I asked her.

“It is my birthday and I was out celebrating when that drunk tried to force himself on me.” she said as we walked down streets.

“Good thing a man like me was their he was pretty big.” I said.

“Yeah I can never thank you enough for what you did.” she said. She sounded and looked familiar.

“So what do you do for a living?” she asked me.

“Im a professional heavyweight boxer.” I said as I kept walking.

“Thought so. So you’re the guy who was fighting tonight. I watched you in the bar. You were amazing.” she said as we kept walking.

“Thanks.” I replied.

“So how far away is your parents house.” I asked.

“Well since I get paid a lot I don’t live with them anymore. I live in my own house now that I turned 18.” She replied.

“Really? What do you do then?” I asked her.

“Im an actress.” she said.

“You do look familiar to me. I cant place it though.” I said.

“Well im acting in a hit television show called heroes.” she said. Now I remember. She was the girl who could herself. She was very hot in those cheerleader outfits.

“Oh your that girl I remember you. You’re my favorite character on that show..” I said.

“Well thank you.” she said. We approached big house.

“So this is me.” she said walking up the stairs.

“Wow nice house. Its huge.” I said.

“Well thanks for everything.” she said.

“Ok bye then.” I said. I turned around.

“Hey do you want a drink?” she shouted out to me. I turned back around.

‘That sounds good.” I said as I walked to her door and followed her in.

I looked around.

“Nice place.” I said.

“Thanks it is rather good.” she said.

She went into her kitchen and grabbed some water. She came back and handed me one.

“So what age did you turn today?’ I asked her.

“18. Time to go wild for me.” she said laughing.

“Well happy birthday.” I said. As we sat down on her couch.

“Thank you. Hey what age are you.” she asked me.

“Well im 32.” I said.

“Wow your really old.” she said laughing.

“Well im like a fine wine. The older I get the better I am, unlike you teenagers.” I said. Grinning.

“Oh sure.” she said playfully shoving my arm.

“So when are going to be filming more of the show?” I asked.

“Well we are filming some episodes now but they are taking a break for now and we should be doing more in a couple weeks.” she said.

“Cool.” I said.

“Can I ask you something?” she said.

“Sure.” I replied.

“When you look at me do you just see a hot piece of ass or do you see someone you could have a serious relationship with?” she asked.

“Well I would have to say both.” I replied.

“Pervert.” she said giggling.

“What can I say you are hot and you are someone that could have a serious relationship.” I replied.

“You know what your right. It just seems like everyone wants to use me for sex.” she said.

“Sorry.” I replied.

“You know how I got the heroes part?” she asked me.

“I had to blow the director.” she said.

“Wow I did not think girls had to do that these days just to get jobs.” I replied.

“Yeah Ali larter told me she had to do the same thing.” she said.

“That sucks. Is that even legal?” I asked her.

“Well here in Las Vegas almost everything is legal.” she said. Just then her front door smashed away from its confines and fell to the floor. The drunk man and two of his buddies came through the door.

“Your going to pay for what you did.” he roared.

He came at me. I threw an uppercut straight away. He doubled over and I kneed him to the gut.

His two buddies came at me next. I threw a hook to the ones jaw and he fell like a sack of potatoes. His other buddy backed away. The other two got up and ran out of the house.

I grabbed the door and put it back in place.

“I am sorry. I will fix that door for you if you want me to.” I said to her.

“That’s twice you have saved me now.” she said.

“Its not a big deal.” I said. She was on her knees next to eh couch hiding. I walked closer to her.

“What can I do to thank you?” she asked. Just then I got a boner because of her being on her knees asking me that question.

“Not like I haven’t done that before.” she said grinning. She ran her hands up my legs very slowly. Making my erection throb with anticipation. She unzipped me and pulled my jeans down very slowly. She just smiled up at me with those puppy dog eyes of hers.

She then grabbed my waist band and pulled down fast.

“Wow your huge!” she exclaimed.

“Have you ever seen a bigger dick?” I asked.

“Nope. Everyone I have ever had sex with or given a blow job to is small.” she said.

“Can you handle this then?” I asked grinning.

“Lets find out shall we.” she said. She French kissed the tip of my penis making me shudder.

She was looking up at me while she kissed along my shaft. She pushed my shaft up and started licking my balls.

I moaned. She pulled back. Then put the tip of my penis into her mouth and pushed herself further down. Her mouth is super warm and wet. It felt really good.

She looked up at me and kept bobbing up and down my shaft. It was a lot to handle. But I kept holding on.

“Do you think you could do something that would make this a lot better?” I asked her. She pulled off.

“Like what?” she asked.

I whispered in her ear. She smiled and went to her room. She came back a few minutes later wearing her cheerleader outfit from her television show.

She came back and kneeled once again and went back to work sucking my cock. It felt really good.

I pushed her off gently. Then I picked her up and took her to her room. I laid her down. I got between her legs and started kissing my way up her legs. When I was close to her cheerleading skirt I grabbed it with my teeth and pulled it down and off her legs.

I grabbed her panties and pulled them down as well. I kissed around her lips. Making her groan and push her legs closer to my face. Then I dove my tongue into her sweet little pussy. It tasted delicious.

I replaced my tongue with my fingers and sucked on her clit.

“SHIT!” she screamed. She wrapper her legs around my head. I sucked harder and fucked her pussy with my fingers.

“IM CUMMING.” she screamed.

Her juices started covering my face.

I grabbed my cock and shoved it into her in the middle of her climax making her scream even louder.

I pumped in and out making her moan loudly. She was really tight. She is probably the tightest I have ever had.

She was moaning and groaning like a mad women. I kept pumping in and out faster and harder each time. She wrapped her legs around my back and helped me push in and out.

She started cumming trembling and shaking. I was close but I pulled out.

“That was great.” she said sighing.

I don’t know how I was going to finish. She was probably and anal virgin. Cunts don’t usually finish me off. A blowjob would not help right.

“I know what you need.” she said smiling up at me. She rolled me over. She slid down and put the soles of her feet on the sides of my cock. She pumped her feet up and down my shaft.

Her feet were really soft. She was smiling wickedly at me. I was getting close. She was really good.

“I am really flexible.” she said grinning. She held her feet at the base of my cock. Then she bent forward and placed the tip of my penis in her mouth.

That did it. I exploded into her mouth. Load after load shot into her mouth. She licked me dry and the stood up.

“That was really fun.” she said. I got up and kissed her.

“Here is my number she said holding out a piece of paper. I smiled.

“Call me if you want to have fun.” she said. I put my jeans on kissed her one last time then headed out.

I started walking back to my house. It was pretty close to here. My one started ringing.

“Hello?” I said.

“You need to come down to the hospital.” said a sobbing voice.

“Trish is that you?” I asked.

“Yes Kendra is hurt badly and the doctor says she might not have much longer to live.” Trish said sobbing harder.

“Oh my god. Ok I will be right their.” I said. This is where my conditioning is needed. I ran home as fast as I could I got their in two minutes. I ran inside grabbed my keys got in the car floored it to the hospital.

I got to the hospital soon. Megan was outside waiting for me.

“Follow me.” she said crying. I followed her to a room. I walked in. Trish was sitting in a chair crying. Kendra looked pretty bad. Her face was fine but her body was bleeding profusely.

“What happened.” I asked.

“Car accident. We are all fine but Kendra was driving. We got hit pretty badly.” said Trish.

I came up next to the bed. Her eyes were barely open.

“Kendra its me Kody.” I said.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last baby.” she said groaning.

“Come on please you have to make it through this. I cant lose you too. ” I said. I started tearing up.

“I am sorry.” she said groaning.

“It is not your fault. Please stay awake baby. I love you.” I said.

“I love you too. ” she groaned.

The beeper started flat lining. The doctor came in and started doing the paddles. He kept trying.

“Im calling it. 3 am.” said the doctor taking off his gloves.


“Theirs nothing we can do. I am sorry.” he said.

“NO she is not gone.” I started yelling but it turned into a sobbing voice.

The doctors, nurses and interns left me, Trish, And Megan alone. Trish and Megan hugged me. They just kept holding the hug. They were tears running down their cheeks onto my shoulders. Mine in turn ran onto theirs.

They pulled off. They went and kissed Kendra’s cheeks and walked out of the room leaving me alone with her.

I walked up right next to her.

“I will always love you baby.” I said crying. I kissed her forehead and walked out.

end of chapter 7

Its been a while since Kendra died. My fight against Mirko was this Saturday. I put everything deep down. The girls were always asking me do want to talk about it. I never did. I kept everything bottled up.

I found a new trainer. His name is Ken. He was a cage fighter, great too. He was their at the beginning. He trained me good. I was really good at stand up. He showed me how to defend the takedowns.

I was turning into an all around fighter. I was set and ready to fight.

Night of the fight.

I drove my car out to Mandalay bay casino, where the fights were set to take place. The girls were with me. I was not the main event but I was still going to be shown. It seemed like they wanted me to be a stepping stone for this Mirko.

They were going to get something else. I went to the changing room. I changed into my trunks. That was when they were ready for me. I walked out with my old team and my new trainer.

Everybody was sort of cheering for me. But they gave more applause to Mirko. I guess he was a great fighter.

I went to my side of the cage.

“Ok Kody, this guys kicks are deadly. But your punches are deadly as well. Avoid his kicks and land something, then we will walk out of here with pride.” Said Ken.

I nodded. Everybody left the cage except for me, him and the referee.

“Are you ready?” asked the referee looking at me. I nodded.

“Are you ready?” he asked looking at Mirko. He nodded.

“OK LETS GET IT ON.” shouted the referee. We both got close and touched gloves. Then we moved back. We circled each other for a second then he came at me with a high kick. I put my arm up to block and with my right landed a hook that sent him reeling backwards.

“HES DONE GO AFTER HIM.” shouted Ken.

I lunged at him. I started throwing hooks and uppercuts to his head. He fell backwards. I got on top of him and started pounding him into the canvas. The referee came and pulled me off him.

“THAT’S IT. ITS OVER.” shouted the referee.

I got up walked back to my corner. My team rushed in and hoisted me up. I looked up. That was for you Kendra I said silently. The crowd cheered for me. They got us together. The referee was holding our hands then put mine in the air.

After that Joe Rogan came in an d asked me his usual questions.

“So what do plan to do next?” he asked.

“Well I think I proved myself here. The only way I could get a shot at the title would be to fight Rashad Evans.” I said.

“Well I hope it works out for you. Ladies and gentleman Kody.” he said. I waved at everyone in the crowd and then left the cage. My girlfriends followed me into the changing room.

They hugged me.

“You were great baby.” said Trish.

“Yeah you kicked his ass big time.” said Megan.

“Thanks.” I said. Soon after I was changed back and I drove the girls home with me. They went to sleep. I couldn’t fall asleep. It was like 1 or two in the morning. I decided to go to that good bar that’s usually packed with celebrity.

I got their in a few minutes. I walked in and went to the bar table and sat down.

“One beer, please. ” I said. He nodded and went and got one then brought it back.

“Thanks.” I said. I paid him then. I heard a sniffle come from next to me. I turned and it was a women next to me she looked familiar. She was obviously crying. And maybe a little angry.

Her face was beautiful. She looked Latin. She had long black silky hair.

“You ok?” I asked her.

She looked up at me.

“Yeah I am fine.” she said.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes thank you though.” she said sniffling.

“My names Kody.” I said.

“Eva.” she said back. Now I remember.

“Your on desperate housewives. You’re a pretty good actor.” I said. She sniffled and looked at me again.

“And you’re a great fighter.” she replied.

“You know me as well?” I asked.

“Look up at the television.” she said. I looked up and they were showing my fight. Must have played an encore.

“Oh.” I said. I looked back at her. She seemed to be better now.

“You want to get out of here?” she asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

She walked to her car and I walked to mine. I followed her to a hotel. I followed her up to her room. I got in and took a few steps. Their was a bed in front of me. It was pretty big. I turned around and she flung herself on top of me knocking me onto the bed.

She kissed me with vigor. We started French kissing. I went along with it. Because I mean she is really hot.

I broke away.

“I thought you were married.” I said.

“And he cheated on me. I am returning the favor.” she then pulled me back and went back to kissing me. She started pulling off her shirt and I followed. She went back to kissing me. She had no bra on. So it was a good view for me.

She then started kissing her way down my body. She got to my pants and rubbed her hand on the front. She then unzipped me and pulled my pants down. She pulled them off. Then she grabbed my boxers and pulled them off as well.

She gasped but did not say anything. She started licking the underside all the way down to the base. Where she licked my balls. She gave them a nice coating of saliva before returning to the tip of my penis.

Then she took the head into her mouth and used suction to make me moan. Then she started bobbing up and down like a true cocksucker. Her lips were really good.

She was too good. In less then a minute I was ready to go. I went to moan that I was cumming and she put her fingers to my lips to keep me quiet. I moaned once more and shot loads of cum down her throat.

My time to taste her. I grabbed her waist and rolled her over so I was on top. I started kissing and sucking her nipples. They tasted good.

I then started kissing my way down her stomach towards her cunt. She still had pants on. I unzipped her and pulled her pants down. I then pulled her panties off as well. She was shaved just how I like it.

I then started kissing the lips making her juices flow faster. I then kissed my way up to her clit making her moan louder.

I stuck two fingers into her pussy making her moan even louder. I kissed and sucked her clit till she trembled making her legs wrap around my head pushing my face harder into her cunt. She came and I licked up all her juices.

I then positioned my dick at her entrance and rammed into her. I pulled back and then pumped back into her. I continued that cycle for minutes. I then decided to go faster and harder making her scream with pleasure.

She was cumming now while I continued to pump in and out of her. Her orgasm soon stopped while I continued ramming into her.

“Wow your probably the first person to outlast my orgasm.” she said in awe.

“I have trouble cumming in cunts.” I said.

“Well I am not going to leave you hanging.” she said smiling.

She pushed me off her then rolled me back over so she was back on top.

“I guarantee you will cum soon.” she said. She then put my dick in her mouth and slobbered all over it. She popped it out of her mouth then put my dick between her melons.

She then grabbed the sides of them and pushed them down and up. They were so soft. It felt really good. I moaned. She then started going faster and faster.

“OH SHIT.” I moaned. She kept doing then put her mouth on the tip making me explode into her mouth. It felt like forever. She then smiled up at me and popped my dick out of her mouth.

“That was probably the best sex in the world.” she said grinning.

“That’s what they all say about me.” I said.

“Well you have to leave now. No offense but I am more used to sleeping alone.” she said.

“Ok.” I said. I dressed and then kissed her one last time and then left her room. I was walking down the hall when I heard glass shattering from behind one of the doors.

I walked down to where I heard it. Then I heard a scream. I was at the door now.

“SOMEONE HELP ME.” screamed a woman’s voice from behind the door.

“NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOUR ASS YOU LITTLE WHORE.” is what I heard next. I stepped back then threw all my weight into kicking down the door. It fell down then I rushed in.

Their was a women standing against a wall with a guy walking closer to her. He turned around when he heard me. He had a broken beer bottle in his hands. He came at me swinging the bottle at me. I sidestepped threw a straight to the jaw. He stumbled backwards.

The women ran from the wall behind me. She was scared. The man then lunged again at me with bottle in hand. I threw a hook to his jaw this time and he went down. I grabbed the bottle from him. He was still conscious so I hit him in the jaw again and this time he was out.

“Are you ok?” I asked to the girl. I turned to look at her. Her face was white. She was wearing jeans and a shirt. She looked really scared.

“I am not going to hurt you. Your safe.” I said. I went to her phone and called the lobby. I told them what had happened. I went and turned the door over and told them the number. They told me to wait and they would have security up there in a moment.

“Security is on their way. ” I told her. She looked she looked exotic. Like she was from Mexico or somewhere further south. She looked really familiar.

“May I ask what happened?” I asked.

“It was a couple minutes ago. He knocked on the door saying someone had left flowers for me and that he was supposed to bring them up. When I opened the door he brought them in. then he walked back to the door and locked it from the inside. I asked what he was doing and then he went to the fridge and got a beer bottle and broke it. Then I screamed for help. He said something and then you showed up. ” said the women.

“You look familiar.” I said to her.

“Yeah I bet I would. I am an actor. I am Eva Mendes.” she said. Now I remember her. She was in some movies that I had seen. She was hot. Soon the security showed up put him in cuffs.

“Can you guys just say he was trying hurt someone. I don’t want my career to be in jeopardy because of that bastard.?” asked Eva.

“Sure.” said the security. Then they took him away.

“Thanks for saving me.” she said.

“No problem. It was lucky someone like me was here.” I said to her.

“I don’t understand.” she said.

“I am a pro boxer turned cage fighter.” I said.

“Wait I knew you looked familiar. Your Kody. You defeated those two Russians to become the undisputed heavyweight champion. And you’re the guy who defeated Mirko last night. It was impressive.” she said.

“Yeah I am surprised I finished him that fast. His kicks are deadly. I don’t know who I would be fighting next hopefully it is Rashad. He is undefeated and he would help me on to fight for the title. ” I said.

“Well I know you will probably be fighting for it soon the way you dismantled Mirko.” she said.

“Well I should probably be going.” I said to her.

“Would you stay here and watch over me? I don’t feel very safe with the door like that. And the hotel people will not fix it till tomorrow. They have everything here they just do not have the people to fix it.” she said.

“Sure. I think I could fix this door though. I will call them to bring the stuff up so I can fix it for you ok.” I said to her. I then called the lobby and told them to bring up the tools. They brought them up a few minutes later and I went to work.

“I am just going to go try get some rest.” said Eva.

“Ok. Wait a minute. Um if I finish do you want me to leave?” I asked her. “No I would rather you stay. I still don’t feel safe.” she said as she walked into a room within the room. Probably with a bed. So I went to work. I found that I just needed to redo the sides of the door and the frame. And then I went to work. I was finished in an hour.

Their was glass so you could look in the bedroom that Eva was sleeping in. she was tossing and turning. I don’t think she could sleep after what happened. I went over and sat down on the couch and turned on the television.

It was on the pay per view channel. It was showing another replay of my fight. I watched it. Their was not much to improve on because it ended so fast. Then I heard a door open. Eva came out of the room.

“I can not sleep.” she said. She came over and sat down on the couch next to me.

“What are you watching?” she asked.

“Just a replay of my fight.” I said. She did not look the least bit tired.

“So you been working on any new movies?” I asked her.

“Not at the moment. But I am still waiting. I have been interviewed for a couple things. Just waiting for them to get back to me.” she said.

“That’s cool. I will be right back.” I said. I got up and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later I flushed and opened the door up to go back and watch the fights with Eva.

She was not on the couch.

“Eva where did you go?” I asked.

“Come here I have to show you something.” she said. It sounded like it came from the bedroom. So I walked over and opened the door. I gasped.

Inside Eva took off most of her clothes. She was only in her bra and panties.

“I wanted to thank you properly.” she said. She used her finger to gesture for me to come closer. I walked closer. I was getting hard. I got closer and she kissed me. She then pushed me onto her bed.

She started dancing slowly and erotically. She then started to strip. I think she has had practice. She slowly took off her bra. She had nice firm c cups. Then she took off her panties. She then straddled me and kissed me. She took off my shirt.

Then she kissed her way down my stomach. She unzipped me and pulled my pants down. Then she pulled down my boxers and took hold of my dick.

“Wow your huge.” she said stroking me up and down. She then spit on the tips and gripped me harder.

She kissed the tip while stroking me up and down. She continued to stroke me while she licked my balls. She coated them with saliva then licked from my base to the tip of my cock.

She engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth making me moan. She pushed my cock into her cheek to make her cheek bulge out more. She kept doing that. It felt great. Her cheeks were made for this.

Then she just bobbed up and down on my dick. She was good at this. She looked up at me while she deep throated me.

She did not even gag. She has done this before. I was close to cumming. She sensed this and sucked harder. I did not even get to mutter a warning.

I shot loads of my seed into her greedy mouth. She drank it all down coaxed the last couple drops out of me and then pulled off.

“I love semen.” she said. As she said that my dick retained its hardness.

She laid down then spread her legs. I got between her legs and positioned myself to fuck her hard.

I then plunged into her. I went to the hilt. Making her scream. She wrapped her legs around my back pulling me farther in. I continued to pump in and out. She was tight. It made it that much better.

I slammed in and out like a machine. Making her moan every time I slammed into her. I started to suck and lick her nipples as I fucked her hard.

“SHIT” she yelled. I felt her cunt tighten up and release her cum all over my cock. I still did not cum. I pulled off.

“No one has ever not cum in pussy.” she said in awe.

“Well I have that trouble.” I said.

“I bet I know what you want. You like feet don’t you.” she said.

“It is a weakness.” I said as I smiled.

I moved down and kissed her feet. I licked the soles first coating them with my saliva. My dick was throbbing. I then took her toes into my mouth sucking them good and licking at the same time.

She then sat up and put me in the position she was just in. she then wrapped the soles of her feet around my cock. Her feet were so soft and wet. She then jerked them up and down my dick.

She was getting me really close.

“I am so close.” I said through gritted teeth.

She giggled. She took her feet off my dick . Then put the head in her mouth and sucked hard making explode into her mouth.

She downed every last drop. She pulled off.

“We are even now.” she said.

“I am really tired now. And I thank you for saving me. But I don’t trust the hotel. They might have told someone that your in here. So you might want to leave.” she said. I nodded.

I put my clothes on and gave her a kiss.

“This is my number. Call me if you ever want to do something.” she said handing me a piece of paper.

I kissed her again and left. I left the hotel and got into my car. I headed home. As I walked into the house I thought about Kendra. I was still upset about it. Sex with people made me think about other things. But when I would go home to my bed it be a reminder that I would be sleeping alone.

Most of the time my girls slept in their rooms. I sighed. I walked up to my bedroom. I opened the door and walked in. Trish was sitting up in the bed reading. She looked up when I came in.

“Why are you here. I thought you liked your room better?” I asked her.

“Well I thought you could use the company.” she said patting the side of the bed she wasn’t laying on. I walked over took off all my clothes except my boxers and got under the covers with her.

I leaned over to her and kissed her on the forehead.

“Thank you. It means a lot to me. ” I said. I was starting to tear up. She just hugged me.

“I miss her too.” she said. I let go and put my head on the pillows. She put her book down and snuggled up against me with her back to my stomach. I put my arm over her fell asleep.
end of chapter 8

I woke up the next morning to the sound of a phone ringing. I rolled over to the left because Trish is on my right.

I picked up the phone.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey Kody its me Dana.” said the cage fighting owner.

“Hey what’s up?”

“Listen what you did last night was phenomenal. You proved that a boxer can hang with the cage fighters.” he said.

“Thanks.” I replied.

“Listen I heard what you said about Rashad. And since he just came off a tie so we would like to see you fight him.” he said.

“That’s great man where do I sign.”

“I will send someone over to your gym with the contract. Alright take care.” he said.

“You too man.” I said back and then I hung up.

I went and got in the shower. I took it and then grabbed a protein bar, left a note for Megan and Trish, then I left to get to the gym. When I got their it was around ten.

As I got into the gym I saw my trainer talking to a guy. I walked over to them.

“Hey Kody here is the contract all you have to do is sign.” he said holding a piece of paper.

I went over and signed. I smiled then walked over to locker rooms. I changed into my trunks and a white tee.

I went back out and jumped rope for a while. I saw a brunette walk in. she looked familiar. Usually when I get this feeling it turns out their celebrities. She was wearing sweat pants and a white tank top.

She went over to my trainer and started talking with him. I watched while I continued jumping rope. She then walked away towards the weight lifting room. She went to work on her chest.

So I stopped watching. I took off my white shirt. One of my teammates got the idea and put his sparring gear on. I just put on some gloves and got in the ring. He followed suit.

He got in and went right at me. I smiled and pushed him into a corner and unloaded on him. A minute later he was out cold and I was just warmed up.

So I then took off my gloves. Another of my team got in and was ready to start my next sparring session.

He got in and tried to shoot in and take me down. I brought my knee up quick and hit him n the chin. He stumbled backwards. I ran to him put my arms around his chest picked him up and slammed him to the mat.

He seemed to not know where he was. So I guess he was done. I sighed then got out of the ring. I figured I should go lift shoulders then. I walked into the weight room.

The brunette had started benching when I got in their. I went over to the military press station.

“You beat them pretty good.” said a voice behind me. I turned and it was the brunette.

“Yeah I am training for my next cage fight.” I said to her.

“Your Kody then.” she said,.

“Yeah.” I replied sitting in the military press position. Their was 150 on it. I was going to start light.

“I am Amanda Peet.” she said.

“Nice to meet you. I would shake your hand but I am lifting.” I replied to her.

“Its alright. I came to this gym to watch you train.” she said.

“Yeah a lot of people do.” I replied.

“Not a lot of celebrities like me though right.” she said. Now I remember she was in the whole nine yards and its sequel. And she just recently did a movie called The Ex.

“No not really. And nowhere near as pretty as you.” I replied.

“Thank you. ” she said. I was done with that set so I walked over to her.

“I liked your movies.” I said to her.

“Which ones?” she asked.

“The whole nine yards and its sequel. You were also pretty good in The Ex.” I said to her.

“You did?” she asked.

“Yeah only you though the other guys not so much.” I said to her.

“Thank you.” she said.

“One second.” I said to her. I walked back put thirty pounds on the station. And went at it.

“Your really strong.” she said.

“Thanks.” I said. A couple more reps and I was done.

I walked back over to her.

“You got anything new your doing?” I asked her.

“No not really.” she said.

“Well you could be one of those hot girls in the music videos shaking your stuff.” I said.

“Maybe I will.” she said grinning.

“You could probably be a ring girl if you wanted.” I said to her.

“Maybe.” she said.

“One more second.” I said to her. I went and put 20 more pounds on it and went to work again. I grunted through all of it and when I was done I was red in the face. I then walked back over to her.

“Well it was nice meeting you but I have to go change and go back to my house. Bye.” I said to her.

“Bye.” she said. I walked out and told the trainer I would be back around 3 to train some more.

I went into the locker rooms and got changed. I walked out of the gym and walked towards my car. I opened my door and got in the car. I turned the ignition and started driving.

“How is it going.” said a voice from the backseat.

“Holy shit.” I said. I looked at the rear view mirror and their was Amanda grinning.

“You scared me.” I said to her.

“Yeah well I thought I would surprise you.” she said. She then climbed into the front seat.

“How did you get in?” I asked her.

“A women never tells her secrets.” she said. She then put her hand on my thigh and started rubbing her hand up and down.

“What are you doing?” I asked her as I continued to drive.

“Relax and enjoy it.” she said. She unzipped me and dove her hand into my pants. She felt around and grabbed my penis which was now fully erect.

She gasped. She started to stroke it up and down making it throb for whatever was about to come.

She then lowered her head to my dick. She blew air over the tip making me groan. She kissed the tip then engulfed the tip with her mouth. She then bobbed her head up and down while I drove.

It was hard to drive while she was giving me so much pleasure. It felt really good. I was having a really hard time driving. But I managed. She would pull off and spit on my cock purring then deep throating me every time.

It was getting to be too much.

“I’m going to cum soon.” I told her through gritted teeth. She then went faster and used more suction. I moaned one last time and shot a load of sperm into her greedy little mouth.

She sucked out every last drop then pulled off.

“Wow I love sucking dick and getting a load of sperm in my mouth. ” she said.

“You know I have girlfriends.” I told her.

“Yes I do. But one time I came home and found Trish Stratus sleeping with my boyfriend a year ago. And she said I could return the favor whenever I wanted. So I am calling in that favor now. Trish already knows and she and Megan went to the gym after we left. So we are going back to your place to have sex.” she said.

I nodded and drove faster. I pulled into my driveway a few minutes later and she followed me in. she followed me up the stairs taking off her clothes as she went. When we got to my room she was naked. She pushed me onto the bed then got on top of me.

She pulled off my pants and boxers. Then she rode me like a cowgirl. What was strange was I was not even thinking about the sex. I was thinking of Trish. She has been really good to me since Kendra died.

And then I knew that what I had been doing with all these women was wrong. Sure a lot of men would be open to sleeping with celebrities. But I don’t think I can do it anymore. I need to stick to Trish and Megan because they have always been good to me.

Amanda just kept bouncing up and down. My dick was throbbing. I then knew why I had not been able to come in anyone’s pussy yet. I was saving it. That sounds strange I know but it just what had to happen for me.

She then came a few minutes later.

“Well I have things to do now so I got to go. Here is my number.” she said as she walked over to her sweatpants and grabbed a piece of paper out of her sweatpants.

I took it. She then kissed me and dressed herself. She left soon after.

I started thinking about my girlfriends. I just cant believe I have been doing all this. I then thought about my career. I had earned so much money that I did not need to really fight anymore. I then thought that that would make my cage fighting career a waste. I decided then and there that as soon as I won the title that was it for me I would be done with professional fighting.

I fell asleep. I woke up later to the sound of someone coming into my room. My eyes were adjusting but I soon saw Trish walking towards the bed naked. I looked over and the time was around 11 pm.

“Hey baby. I am sorry I did not tell you about Amanda. But it just came out of the blue.” she said to me.

“That’s ok.” I said to her. She got under the covers and cuddled up against me. I kissed her forehead.

“I love you.” I told her.

“I love you too.” she said back to me. She then kissed me. It was a passionate kiss. She pulled back after a minute or so.

“Good night.” I told her.

“Good night.” she said back.

Over the next few weeks I was training like crazy. The fight was coming soon and I was getting excited to fight. Pretty soon the fight was just a day away. I was at the gym with Megan and Trish was at home.

Trish was in my room deciding which Lingerie she should wear for me. She tripped and fell against the wall. As she got up she saw the wall move. It opened up into another room. The room was like a storage closet but the walls were white. Their was a storage rack. She looked and in rows on the racks were bottles of a clear liquid she could not identify.

She moved closer. She gasped. On the bottles the name said Human Growth Hormones better known as HGH. She was shocked. This is the stuff body builders shot up with. She had no idea he was on steroids.

She was angry. He could get hurt doing this. He had never told her. She then heard a car rolling up the driveway. She ran to the window. It was Kody and Megan getting out of the car. She out on some clothes and ran downstairs.

As he got in the doorway she smacked him hard across the face.

“What the hell was that for?” he said.

“You never told us you were on steroids. You could get hurt. Hell you might get angry and hurt us. Megan grab your things we are leaving. Kody I love you but I cant be around someone on steroids. Until you get your act together we are gone.” she said. I tried to speak but nothing came out. She grabbed some things as well as Megan and they both left. They said they were going to go live at a hotel for a while.

I walked upstairs racked with grief. The steroids were only helping me out in the cage fighting. I ran upstairs hit the wall and walked into that closet. I grabbed all the bottles and went to the bathroom. I poured them all down the drain. I threw the syringes in the trash. I then went to my bed. I drank some sleeping pills and went to sleep.

The next day I headed to the gym. My team was all ecstatic about the fight tonight. I was eager to fight but yet my girlfriends had left me.

Minutes till the fight started.

Trish and Megan were watching the Fights from the television in their hotel suite.

They heard the referee say lets get it on and they saw Kody and Rashad touch gloves. Then Rashad backed away. Kody went straight at him. He threw punches to the head making Rashad cover up. Then Kody grabbed him by his waist picked him up then slammed him hard to the mat. He got on top and pummeled him. He was throwing punches right to his face.

Rashad was bleeding profusely. The referee still has not stopped it. Then Kody started hammering him with his elbows. The referee saw that Rashad could not protect himself and stopped the fight. They watched as Kody stood up. He was not as ecstatic as he usually would be if he won a fight.

After the fight the announcers asked him questions.

“Before you guys say anything I will just answer everything I can. I felt good about fighting tonight. I knew I would win in dramatic fashion. I know that the way I have been fighting that I deserve a title shot. I just beat a guy with an undefeated record. I deserve the title shot. that’s what I want to do next. And I have to say something to my girlfriends. Trish im off all that stuff now. I just want you back with me baby. Please come home. I love you so much. ” he said to the camera. He raised him arm then turned around and walked out.

He did not celebrate with his team he just went home. He knew they would not come home right away. He then thought what he should do next. She would really like it and she would have to come home to him. He smiled and then went to his bed to sleep.

in the coming months Kody won the heavyweight championship and soon after married Trish Stratus. they had a kid and lived great.

the end.

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