Chance Encounter With Shirley Manson

Chance encounter with Shirley Manson
by Mr. Nice Guy

First of all I would like to say that I am not going to glorify my
accounts of my experience. Nor am I going to glorify myself for any
reason. I don’t consider myself to be an overly attractive person by any
stretch of the imagination; I am nearly six feet tall and roughly 200
pounds. I have brown hair and blue eyes and am still amazed when I look
at myself and think of what I am about to tell you. I am a lowly pizza
delivery driver in San Francisco; I work at a restaurant on Henry Adams
near the Galleria Design Center, if you know where that is.
Anyhow, I was delivering one fateful (I use ‘fateful’ in a good sense
not an ominous one) October evening. The night was playing itself out in
the standard fashion. Take a delivery, wonder why you’re delivering
pizzas in the first place, and take another delivery. If you’ve ever
done this kind of work then you know what I’m talking about. Luckily the
powers that be, whatever you may call it, God, Allah, I don’t care, were
looking out for me that night. Around 11:45 I received an order to a
hotel (it will remain nameless to prevent tourism to my site of glory).
It was close to closing and I decided I would bank out for the night,
pay for this food with my own cash (because the customer was paying with
cash as well) and just take the money and go home for the night. It was
lucky for me that I did because my boss would have been waiting for me
for some time. When I arrived with the pizza, Hawaiian if I recall, I
went to the lovely young lady, Jane I believe, at the front desk and
inquired as to the location of this customer because the fool who took
the order forgot to ask for a room number. When Jane returned from
checking the outgoing phone calls she told me to go to the penthouse
suite. I was none to happy when I heard this because the wealthy never
tip. So I made my way up the elevator to the penthouse level expecting
maybe a wealthy businessman and a prostitute, maybe just some fat ass
movie star. Upon exit I was surprised by the lack of security at the
door, there was just one little chubby man with a nametag that read
"Frank". "This yours Frank?" I thought I should check, this guy looked
hungry, but alas he just pointed to the door. I knocked, and after what
seemed like 3 minutes the door finally opened and it was answered by
none other than Shirley Manson the singer from Garbage. I could hardly
contain my excitement, I love Garbage, and they were in town to do a
show the next night. I was in udder shock I couldn’t even speak. Luckily
for me she could "I take it you’re my pizza man, well how much is it?"
"Um, um, um, I uh, um" is all I could spit out. She reached over to look
at the ticket to see the price and gently brushed my hand with hers.
Good God, I could feel my heart jump (not to mention something else).
"17.50, for a medium pizza, this certainly is a pricey city isn’t it?"
she said in her wonderful accent. "Um, uh, yeah, I guess it is." At this
point I was convinced at this point that Shirley Manson, the object of
many a sexual desire of mine thought I was a total retard. "Steve" I
spurted "What?" she said. "Steve, my name is Steve, but my friends call
me Blue" "Well Blue, I’m Shirley" "I know, I’m a really big fan of your
music" "Well thank you, but don’t you think I should pay for this
pizza?" "Um, yeah, I guess that would be a good idea" "Well, I don’t
know if I can eat all of this myself, is there anyway you could join me
or do you have to get back to work?" my first thought was FUCK WORK!, "I
don’t have to go back, I’m already done, I was just going to go home
after this delivery" "Well would you rather just go home?" "Hell no!" I
blurted suddenly without even thinking, "Come in then, have some dinner
with me" We sat and ate the pizza, I tried not to eat to much so I
wouldn’t look like a pig, even though I was starving. We watched a
little television, MTV mostly, until one of Garbage’s videos came on, I
think it was the video for "Special" "I hate seeing myself on
television, I don’t like being a celebrity" She confided in me as she
turned the television off. I took this as my cue to leave, but when I
got up she suddenly grabbed me by my pants pockets and pulled my back
down on the couch. "I never asked you to leave" "Oh well I just
thought." is all I could get out before she started kissing me, and not
just playful kisses, full on passionate kisses. She kissed me like that
for at least 10 minutes until my lips hurt and my tongue was tired. "Its
very lonely being on tour, all the other guys in the band are always
trying to get into bed with me, but I won’t do that" She said this as
she began pulling on my shirt buttons one at a time but the buttons are
kind of tricky and after two she just ripped the rest off. "I need sex
in a terrible way, that’s why I ordered a pizza not because I was
hungry, but rather horny is all" "That’s cool by me" is all I could
manage to come up with. By this time she was working on my pants. When
she got those off she noticed the rather obscene tent I was pitching in
my pants. She looked me deep in the eyes with a desire I had never seen
on a woman’s face or have since and slowly began to work my boxers off.
My dick jumped to attention once freed from its cotton prison and she
began to flick her tongue at the tip of it. My head was spinning as she
took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue over the tip surely
getting quite a taste of the large quantity of pre cum I had oozed at
this point. Suddenly she took all of it in her mouth (this is an easy
task mind you, I’m not going to lie and say I have a huge pecker) and
began to work her way up and down it’s length at a feverish rate
occasionally stopping to lick her lips and stroke it with her had a
little. It only took me a couple of minutes before my balls started
tightening up. "I’m going to come." I warned her, but this only made her
go even faster and harder and I shot the hardest load I’ve ever shot in
my life up in her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it all down
like a pro and immediately began stroking my dick to get it back to
attention. "I hope that’s not all you have for me" she said, "Not in the
slightest" I responded. "Good." Was her only response. She stood up in
front of me and removed her sweat pants and tank top (it’s an off night,
do you expect her to wear gowns all the time) and stood in front of me
in her bra and panties. I was not expecting to see Shirley Manson, such
a sexual person, wearing plain old white cotton panties and your
standard white lace bra. Believe me this was as much a turn on as
anything else she could have done. Nor was I expecting the large wet
spot on her panties "Did I cause that?" "Like I said, I need sex, it has
been quite some time" She gently slipped off her bra and panties to
reveal a neatly trimmed patch of dark hair (I knew it wasn’t red
everywhere) and the most beautiful pair of breasts, it they aren’t C
cups then they are plump B’s at that. Shirley has the most lovely ivory
skin you could ever imagine, smooth as silk. She slowly walked over to
where I was sitting on the couch, well half sitting half laying, I was
still slumping a little from that blowjob she gave me. There she
straddled over me and stuck her pussy right in my face. I was like a
thirsty dog at the water dish, I was just lapping every thing up. She
was at an awkward angle so I couldn’t get my hands up to help my cause
so I had to do everything with my mouth. This made me seem more
aggressive than I wanted too but she seemed to like it. I had to really
push and fight with my face to find her clit and once I found it the
true challenge presented itself. I had to try to keep her from breaking
my neck because she immediately started bucking her hips and squeezing
my head with her thighs. I was having trouble breathing so I just picked
up the pace until she had the loudest orgasm I have heard a woman have.
She came hard and long and sprayed (literally) all over my face. I
thought to myself that after an orgasm like that she would certainly be
done for the night but as soon as her orgasm subsided she worked her way
down to my cock which was fully erect and had been for quite some time
now. She slowly glided her slit over my cockhead which by now was
glistening and dripping with precum. My dick slid in so easily because
she was so wet from her orgasm and my precum just aided in the process.
She began to work her way up and down the length of my member slowly at
first but then she increased speed until she was fucking me so fast that
I could hear and feel my nuts bouncing at a rapid rate of speed. In
retrospect I realize that my nuts bouncing so much was a good thing, the
pain in my sack held off my inevitable orgasm. She was fucking me so
hard that she didn’t notice that Frank the security guard was in the
room by the door jerking himself off. I didn’t care, hell I was amazed
myself at what was happening to me, I was glad to have a witness. I
could feel what felt like the start of a monumental orgasm beginning in
my balls. That was when Shirley noticed Frank in the corner and much to
my surprise motioned to him to come over to her. Frank stood behind the
couch still stroking his Johnson dangerously close to my head. Suddenly
Shirley leaned forward and took Frank’s dick in her mouth. I was a
little disturbed to have this going on right next to my head but I was
fucking Shirley Manson so I really didn’t care. I heard Frank moan a
little and then I heard Shirley struggling to choke down all of Frank’s
spunk. That’s when I felt the tightening in my balls for the second and
final time for the evening and I erupted I have never cum that much, I
was cumming so hard and fast that it began to leak from Shirley’s cunt
onto my balls and down to the couch. I nearly passed out on the spot,
luckily the sight of Frank’s penis next to my head snapped me out of it.
Shirley got up and put her pants and tank top back on, Frank but his
dick back in his blue Dickies and I was left on the couch shirtless, my
pants around my ankles (because I never got my shoes off) and my dick
slowly softening. Once dressed I gathered my composure enough to speak.
"Am I ever going to see you again?" "I don’t know, maybe next time I’m
in town" "Well how will I get a hold of you?" "Don’t worry, I think I
know where to find you" So I made my way to the door, she handed me a
twenty for the pizza, I handed her 2.50, she said "Don’t you want a
tip?" "Don’t eat yellow snow!" I replied and walked out the door. "Later
Frank" "Um, yeah, bye"

Hope you enjoyed the story

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