Chanel West Coast Gets Banged By Her Canine Friend

Title: Chanel West Coast Gets Banged By Her Canine Friend

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Chanel West Coast

Codes: F, zoo, anal, cream pie, facial, first

Disclaimer: This story is fictional and never happened except in fantasy alone


Chanel was at home and found herself horny as Hell and went to her room where she stripped naked and laid on her bed at the foot of it so her back was on the bed and her legs dangled off the edge and her feet were on the floor. There she caressed her soft skin and motioned her fingertips over her pert nipples and plump breasts as she rubbed the chrome end of her vibrator over her clit, making it change sounds as she did so.

But, within a few minutes of her soothing masturbation, she got the shock of her life when her pet doberman came into the room and swiped his tongue over her bare snatch. Chanel’s eyes opened with surprise as the vibrator dropped from her hands and onto the floor as the dogs tongue took its place, working deep into her pussy and lapping up her vaginal juices like water from a bowl.

Chanel squealed from her new found delight and couldn’t believe this was happening but found herself enjoying every tongue lash. But she soon found out that he wanted more than to just lick her pussy as he lifted the front torso of his body and positioned himself over her so his front legs were just below her armpits and holding him erectly upright and his hind legs were supporting him while remaining on the floor.

Chanel looked down between her legs to see its massive 8” bulbous red cock with purplish veins bulging out on it banging up against her innocent, smooth shaven pussy. She grasped both his front legs just above his paws as he plunged into her balls deep and made her cry out from the enormous penetration.

“HOLY FUCK! YOU’R HUGE! I HAD NO IDEA, BABY! THAT’S IT, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!” Chanel screamed to her new lover.

The dogs thrusting was fast and furious as he claimed Chanel’s human pussy for himself and his hips rapidly banged liked pistons in a car engine. Chanel lifted her legs around him and ensnared him in her womanly grace, his furry underbelly tickled her nipples as her breast heaved upward as he took her again and again.

Chanels’ eyes rolled back into her head and she sunk her head back into the mattress as her orgasm neared. Almost simultaneously they both came….The dog began to yelp as his hard dick pulsed inside of Chanel, filling her with dog cum and making her convulse in uncontrollable orgasmic delight.

Chanel gushed all over his hard member inside of her and let him sink himself down onto her and lick her face and neck as they both finished. It took nearly 10 minutes for his knot to subside enough for him to dismount, when he did he jumped up onto the bed and started to lick his own cock clean of his cum and Chanel’s vaginal juices.

“Let me help you with that, baby…”  Chanel said and pushed him onto his back and went down on him, putting his huge cock into her mouth and helping him suck it off.

The dogs leg began to twitch and kick like it would if you scratched him in that special place on his stomach, indicating his joy and impending orgasm. He filled Chanel’s mouth with dog cum and it poured out the corners of her mouth as she kept him in her mouth and continued to squeeze every last drop from him while massaging his balls.

Chanel finished and pushed his hard cock from her mouth, spitting his cum onto his cock and lower stomach while licking her lips. The dog jumped up and got behind her and licked her backside, teasing Chanel onto all 4’s and then mounting her doggy style.

Chanel couldn’t believe he wanted more, but was all too willing to accommodate him. In one thrust her entered her ass and made her cringe from her first ever anal. It was her first anal and first sex from an animal, but it was the best thing she’s ever felt and loved every last rapid plunge into her tight ass, making her scream in ecstasy…


Then the dog thrusted one last time into her and sunk his cum deep into her bowels, making her eyes pop open wide and her body collapse onto the mattress under her and pulling him down onto the back of her since he was knotted yet again in her. Chanel’s ass clenched tightly to the knot inside of her and her ass burned with nerve endings pulsing and sending stimuli to her mind.

The dog laid atop of her for a good half an hour, letting her feel his swelling meat inside of her shrink down and flop out of her ass along with his cum draining down her snatch and onto the mattress. Chanel cooed with delight as the cool room air now met the back of her body and ass where the dog once was but now laid at her side and snuggled up to her, feeling fulfilled and satisfied the two slipped off into a well deserved slumber in bed together.

Chanel now knew that when she was horny she could always count on her canine lover for companionship without complaint and always willing…

By: Dr. Demented 666


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