Changing The Rules

Max couldn’t wait any longer. His hard cock was aching for attention

He nursed it with his right hand, caressing the hardness thru his jeans

Sarah noticed this and beckoned him over with her forefinger

‘Come here big boy’ she whispered seductively

He leaned over, his face inches from hers

His lips grazed hers, his tongue flicked over the soft fleshy tissue

She opened her lips and poked her tongue out to meet his, their tongues danced in a passionate waltz

He pulled away and looked down at his lover

Her face was covered in beads of sweat, her tanned skin
glowed under the dim light

Flicking a hair from her forehead, he kissed her cheek, her skin was moist and a little salty

She looked lovingly at him, her green eyes fixed on his, his cheeky elf like face gazed back at her

His hand slid over her toned stomach, caressing the soft warm skin of her body

He moved it up to her breast, massaging the juicy mounds, teasing the hard nipples with his fingers

She jumped slightly as his thick fingers teased her sensitive tips, the very touch sending a jolt up thru her body

Her hand covered his and she guided it around her large mountains, fondling every part of her, sending her into a world of ecstasy

He leaned over and kissed her again, his mouth moving on hers, their tongues entwining in a passionate embrace

‘Oh Max, I love you’ she whispered between kisses

‘I love you too’ he replied

He pulled away and let his eyes wonder down her voluptuous body

Every peak, every crevice and every valley was perfect

Her sexy body cried out to him and he was ready to embrace it

He let his hands explore her thin frame, caressing and fondling every part of her gorgeous body

His fingers lightly danced over her smooth skin, the tiny hairs responding to each touch

His hands wondered down to her pleasure zone, lightly tracing the outlines of her bald pussy, drawing circles with his fingers

She squirmed under his touch and he slowly moved in, his digits carefully stroking her soft skin, sending waves of delight thru her

He slid a finger over her long slit, lightly brushing the folds of skin that covered her wonderful treasure

He toyed with her labia, the soft flaps responding to his touch

He eased a finger inside her lips, stroking the soft pink skin that lay beneath it

She groaned and he continued to caress her, his fingers running thru the delicate folds of skin that buried her hidden treasure

He moved down and found her love hole.

Sliding a finger in, he stroked the walls of her cervix, the soft flesh coated in her love juices, sucking him in further

He slid another finger in, the digits disappearing completely inside her

She moved to his movements, her hips grinding in a sexual rhythm, willing him to make passionate love to her

She felt an orgasm well up inside her and let it embrace her

The wave of ecstasy engulfed her, sending her into euphoria

Her body racked as she let the mighty force take over her, helpless to stop it, not wanting to stop it

The orgasm ebbed away and she slowly came back down to earth

The twinges of ecstasy still ran thru her, like a surge of electricity running thru her body

Every part of her ached, every inch of her body yearned for more………

Hr trailed his tongue down her body, planting little wet kisses all over her soft skin

He kissed her breasts, running his tongue over her nipples, making her twitch with excitement

She laid a hand on his head, guiding him along her mounds, pulling him into her

He took one in his mouth and sucked on the hard bump of her nipple

A sigh passed her lips as he caressed her with his mouth, suckling and nibbling on her delicious melon

He moved to the other one and did the same, his tongue teasing and sucking the juicy flesh, increasing her arousal

He licked and sucked his way down to her naval, sliding a tongue inside her tiny belly button

Moving down to her love nest, he kissed and licked the area around her treasure chest, careful not to touch the centre itself

It elicited a moan from Sarah ‘Ohhh………..Max…….baby’

Each movement caused a stir, the sensation almost unbearable at times

‘Oh……….stop teasing me……..’ she moaned ‘Give me what I want’

He happily obliged, moving in further into her love nest, his mouth continuing to work feverishly on her treasure trove

He reached the centre of her paradise, flicking a tongue across the wide slit, eliciting another groan from Sarah

‘Oh Baby…..’ she encouraged him

His tongue slid in between the folds of soft skin, uncovering the soft pinky flesh that lay beneath it

He lapped at it quickly, tasting the salty flavour of her sex

Reaching down, he encountered her love hole, it’s wide gap oozing with precum, it’s entrance leading to a forbidden world of pleasure

He slipped his tongue inside, immediately tasting the sweet nectar he was after

Like honey to a bee, he was drawn to it, the sticky liquid filled his senses, making him drunk on love

She pushed him in further, his head buried deep between her thighs, searching for the haven that was her pussy

‘Oh God baby………..don’t stop’

She was in heaven, her senses going into overdrive as her lover continued to tongue fuck her

She came hard, the juices flowing freely from her, running over her soft skin and into the crevice of her arse, coating her puckered hole

She pushed Max’s head in further, willing him to continue as she made the journey to new heights of pleasure

His tongue worked feverishly on her love hole, causing more of her sweet nectar to flow, filling his mouth with her delightful cream

‘Ooooohhhhhhhhhh……………fuck’ she found herself crying out as she continued to climax

The flow of come seemed never-ending as he continued to fuck her with his tongue, each thrust more powerful than the last, sending wave after wave of pleasure thru her tiny body

Finally the orgasm began to subside and her body calmed

The feeling of ecstasy slowly ebbed away, leaving her exhausted, but satisfied

Her lover halted his movements, allowing her to catch her breath.

His mouth and chin were covered in her sweet creamy nectar, the thick liquid glistening in the dim light

‘Come here’ she beckoned to him ‘Lemme help you clean up’

He moved over her body, his muscly torso pressed down on hers, his soft skin gliding over her silky flesh

She immediately flicked a tongue over his chin, tasting herself on his rough bristly skin, coating her tongue with her own sweet juices

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm……….tastes good’ she smiled ‘Wanna taste?’

Before he could answer, she covered his mouth with hers, allowing him to taste more of her sweet honey

The kissed passionately, their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths, frantically searching for one another

Breaking it off, Max looked down at his lover, her soft skin was covered with beads of sweat, strands of wet hair clung to her face

She had never looked more beautiful than she did this very moment

He gently rolled off her and lay next to her, his body touching hers

She leaned over and stroked his smooth chest, her fingers teasing his skin

She put her mouth on his chest, planting little kisses along his skin

She moved across his chest, licking and sucking at his nipples, teasing them till they were hard

She rolled her tongue along his soft flesh, leaving trails of saliva along her wake

She kissed her way down to his stomach, caressing the hard muscle with her lips

She ran a finger over his semi hard cock, awakening it almost immediately, it’s wrinkly surface becoming hard and smooth in a few seconds

She let her fingers trail down to his balls, the soft hairs responding to each touch

She fondled them gently, taking each one in her hand, massaging the hairy sac in between her delicate fingers

A sigh escaped his lips as he moved to her gentle rhythm

Her tongue rolled over his hard meat, the wet organ danced lightly over the smooth surface, eliciting a groan with each movement

The purple head glistened with precum, the tiny slit opening in anticipation

She took his swollen meat in her mouth, sucking on the purple mushroom, drops of precum stained her mouth

She licked the underside of the head with her tongue, lapping at the bumpy surface, causing it to twitch with each tiny movement

Max thrust himself into her, making her swallow every inch of him

She gladly accepted, licking and sucking her way down to the base, the tiny hairs tickling her nose as she expertly devoured him

Max felt an orgasm well up inside him, his swollen cock ached for release

The familiar sensation rose up inside him, blood suddenly rushed to his cock as he approached climax

Floods and floods of come flowed from him as he climaxed hard

His body jerked as he let the orgasm flow thru him, sending more streams of cream from his aching cock

He cried out as he filled his lovers’ mouth, forcing her to swallow his sticky cream

His swollen cock gradually softened as the orgasm slowly passed.

He looked down to see his lovers’ mouth covered in his sticky wet juices, some of it flowing down her chin as she tried frantically to lap it up

His once hard cock was now soft and limp, saturated in his own juices

Sarah moved down to his saggy balls, lapping at the empty sacs with her soft wet tongue, juggling them between her teeth

She moved down to his puckered arse, poking a tongue inside the tiny hole

Sliding a finger in, she wriggled them around his shit hole, causing him to groan with delight

She fingered his anus, teasing the walls of his canal with her tiny digits

His body rocked to her movements inside him, his mind reeling with ecstasy

She slid another digit in, stretching him slightly to accommodate herself, her fingers coated with his cream

Max felt his cock harden again as his girlfriend fingered his arse, every movement emanating a thrill thru him

He grabbed his semi hard cock and wanked himself to full hardness

Drops of precum already formed on the tip as he reached maximum strength

He stroked his thick hard tool, rocking to the rhythm of his girlfriend’s movements in his arse

She went back to his balls, sucking and licking the soft sacs, taking each one gently between her teeth

This was enough to send Max over the edge and he climaxed again for the second time in ten minutes

Juices flowed from him like a river as he climaxed over and over again

His body convulsed as he rode the on the wave of pleasure

She moved up beside him, her warm body never leaving his

She gently kissed his forehead, beads of sweat stained her lips

He looked up at her, his deep brown eyes saying all he felt

She kissed his eyes, her soft lips gently grazed his eyelids

She moved down to his cheek, trailing little kisses across his skin

She led them along his chin and neck, his soft skin responding to each embrace

He placed his mouth over hers, his lips gently gliding over her soft opening

He slipped a tongue inside and was instantly greeted by hers, it’s warm wet flesh dancing with his

He reluctantly pulled away to catch a breath, his eyes searching her beautiful face as he sighed softly

He grabbed his hard cock and slid it gently into his lover, the entire length disappearing into her wet snatch

She groaned as he entered her, her body pushing down on his hard meat, forcing more of it inside her

He wriggled inside her, his cock familiarising itself once again with her love canal

Once comfortable, he thrust into her, his stiff cock pounding into her with a burning passion

Each thrust was met by her own, her body rocking to his steady rhythm

The moved to a passionate melody, their bodies entwining, moving in unison as they became one

He gently pulled out and motioned for her to sit on him

She got up and slid her body on him, her long silky legs straddling either side of him, tightening her grip on his muscular body

She guided his cock into her, the long meat gliding into her with ease

She groaned as he filled her, his cock engulfed completely in her wet snatch

She rocked back and forth on his knob, thrusting her hips in a steady motion

He grabbed hold of her hips, moving his body to hers as they rocked in time

She slid up and down on his meat, gliding it in and out slowly, each thrust making him yearn for more

Sarah ran her hands over Max’s smooth chest, caressing the soft skin with her dainty fingers, teasing his nipples with her nails

A hand went to her breasts, teasing and stroking the warm tit flesh

Max watched as she fondled herself, her hands roaming her own body, her hips swaying to a steady rhythm as she fucked herself on him

She rocked back and forth on his cock, her lovely tits bouncing as she moved on him

Max watched as his girlfriend fucked his cock, a look of total pleasure on her face

She slid off him and grabbed his cock, placing it directly underneath her puckered arse

She gently slid it in, wriggling her hips as she tried to find a comfortable position

She slowly lowered herself onto him, gasping as his huge meat entered her, a look of slight pain on her face

Max watched in silence as she impaled herself on him, the look on her face soon turning from pain into pleasure

She rocked back and forth on him, familiarising herself with his cock

Her eyes were closed, her chest heaving as she revelled in the anal fucking

She slipped a finger inside her wet snatch, furiously moving it around the tight hole

She groaned at the double pleasure

Max watched, feeling the passion creep up inside him

His lover knew how to turn him on!

He silently gazed at his girlfriend, her eyes closed in ecstasy, her body rocked with fierce passion

She was totally enjoying this!

‘Oh fuck’ the words pierced the silent air

Max knew his lover was about to climax

‘Oh Jesus’ she cried again as the orgasm swept over her

She let out the loudest groan Max had ever heard

A deep throaty sound filled the air

‘Oh fuck………..oh fuck’ she continued to yell, the orgasm welling up inside her

Streams of come flowed from her, soaking them both

‘OHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ she yelled again as yet another orgasm engulfed her

‘Fuck me Max…..fuck me’

He held on to her hips, his cock thrusting deeper inside her, making her scream for more

‘Oh yes’ she cried as the final orgasm too hold ‘Oh fuck’

The sound rang in Max’s ears, sending him wild

He loved the sound of lovemaking, the cries of passion, the screams of ecstasy

This was all to much and he found himself succumbing to the whims of ecstasy

‘Ohhhhhhh……shit’ he yelled as the wave of euphoria swept thru him

He moved fast inside her, trying to hold on to that ecstatic feeling

She encouraged him ‘Come on baby………come for me’

This sent another bolt of pleasure thru him and he climaxed again, filling Sarah’s tight arse with his man juice

‘That’s it baby………fill me with your hot spunk’

This sent him over the edge, and he climaxed one last time

Laying back, he let the whims of ecstasy wash thru him, slowly leaving his body

Sarah collapsed on top of him, her body covered in sweat

Strands of hair clung to her forehead

He wiped them away, giving her a gently kiss

He wrapped his arms around her.

They both closed their eyes, falling into a deep and peaceful slumber

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