Changing With Jennifer Ellison

Title:Changing With Jennifer Ellison



Celebs:Jennifer Ellison

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Disclaimer: In no way is this a true story of any sort and is only fictional.

It was a hot summers day in liverpool england and i was going out shopping
with a couple of my friends so we all left and headed into to town,we were
all just sort of looking in most of the shop windows seeing what they had
and seeing if they had anything we liked so we looked in a clothes shop and
i caught a glimpse of the hot babe
jennifer ellison she was wearing a short
mini skirt that just about covered her ass a tight white top and knee high
boots,so i told my friends that i just wanted to pop in the shop quick and
told them to carry on and i will catch them up,so i walked into the clothes
shop and i straight away saw jennifer looking at the mini skirts i walk over
to her and say “that one looks nice” she turned around and looks at me
“thanks do you really think it would look good on me” i look her up and down
checking out her fine ass body “anything would look good on you baby” i say
with a little wink,she smiles at me and says “thanks honey,ummm did you want
a signature or something” i look into her brown eyes and say with a smile
“yea but i havnt got anything on me for you to sign” she looks around the
shop and points to some purple thongs “how about those” i look over to the
thongs and smile “sure if thats what you want to sign for me” she walks over
to the thongs and picks them up “how about we take this to the changing
rooms its more quite up there,not so many people looking at me either” i nod
at her “yea sure were ever you wanna go”.

I let her lead the way up the stairs to the changing rooms as she’s walking
up i go a few steps behind to get a nice veiw of her perfect ass inside a
pink thong,we get to the top of the stairs and she walks over to the
changing rooms she opens the door and walks inside i follow her in and stand
against the door she pulls the purple thongs out of her hand and places them
on the floor she then takes out her pen and bends down to sign the thongs
she signs the thongs on the front, as shes bent down i lean back and take
another look at her perfect ass she turns around and see’s me looking at her
ass i jump up and say “ummm there was a penny on the floor” she stands up
and looks around the changing room for the penny “i cant see anything” she
then walks over to me and pushes me against the door “i know there wasnt a
penny you like my ass dont you” i look into her eyes “who doesnt you must
have the best ass ive ever seen” she looks behind her to check her ass out
“i guess its ok do you want to see it without the thong on” i smile at her
“sure why not” she turns around and pulls her thongs down and throws them on
the floor she then bends down showing her tight ass hole, i look at her as
and my cock starts getting erect i then look down to the pink thongs on the
floor and see that there soaking wet she notices me looking at them and

She stands up and pushes me back against the door and kisses me gently she
slides her tongue in and plays with mine she pulls away and says “baby this
is gonna have to be quick ok” i smile at her “then we better get started” i
turn her around and bend her over and push her mini skirt up i then rub my
fingers around her tight ass hole sliding in 2 fingers at first its real
tight but soon it gets looser i carry on slideing my fingers in and out of
her asshole as i slide my cock into her pussy starting of slow making her
more and more wet as i slide another finger into her asshole,i carry on
fucking her pussy slowly while my spare hand moves up to her tits i squeze
them through her tight top making the nipples really hard,i continue to fuck
her pussy with my 11 inch cock going in and out faster with each thrust as
my fingers continue to fuck her ass she turns her head around and says “i
want that fucking cock in my ass hole baby” so i take my cock and fingers
out of her pussy and ass and stick my huge thick cock into her tight ass
first of all its incredibly tight but after 3 minutes of fucking it with the
tip of my cock it soon starts to loosen up i start to ram my cock in and out
of her ass hole going real fast fucking her jolting her forward with each
thrust i grab her long blonde hair and pull on it as i fuck her ass sweat
starts to drip down her face as i go faster and faster.

i continue to pound her ass really hard pulling her hair back as she starts
to scream in pleasure her hands are up against the wall as i fuck her ass
ramming my cock into her ass so hard shes screaming even louder now,i grab
her hips and slam her against me making my cock go deeper inside of her i
feel my cock bulging inside her as i feel my cock about to cum inside her
“ime about to cum baby were do you want it” she looks behind her as ime
still pounding her ass “huh huh yea ba…….baby cum……inside my ass”i
carry on fucking her ass real fast pounding her while my balls slap against
her pussy i start to smack her ass really hard leaving a red hand mark there
i feel my self explode inside her as my cum shoots out deep inside her ass i
carry on slapping her ass as the rest of my cum runs out of her ass i take
my cock out of her ass and place it back into my pants and zip them up she
stands up and slides her skirt down to how it was and then she picks up the
signed purple thongs and puts them on,i bend down and pick up her pink
thongs “i think ill be keeping this since you took the other thongs” she
looks at me and smile she leans over to me and kisses me on the lips “that
was a good fuck baby thanks” she then walks out of the changing room and
gets back to shopping.


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