Charisma Carpenter Gets Punished

Charisma Carpenter Gets Punished
by Shakesporn

John Anderson was always on the look out for a quick fuck.
He wasn’t interested in relationships, he just wanted to fuck all the women
he could get his hands on. His last conquest was Jenny, a sexy blonde with
34C breasts and a tight cunt. That conquest was significant for John
because it was his 9th time and he knew that his 10th had to be something
special. He wanted something more….

After thinking for a long time he decided that his 10th conquest had to be
a celebrity and he looked through all his magazines to find out
which one
he wanted. After a while he decided that he wanted Charisma Carpenter, the
sexy actress from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Even though he was very devious and clever he knew that it was going
to be hard to fuck her. John started phoning a couple of his close friends to
see if they wanted to earn some cash by helping him out. It helped that he
lived in California as this state is thriving with sexy actresses, he thought to
himself. After a few hours, his friends Ben and Scott decided to help him out.
They needed the cash and he John needed the fuck. They decided how they
were going to kidnap Charisma and John decided that he will rape her if she
didn’t comply. The next night, there was going to be a big party for all the
stars in LA. At 7pm John drove his truck with Ben and Scott in the back.
Scott brought a fake handgun with him so Charisma would have to comply.
If he needed to use it he would. Scott and Ben were both being paid $1000
each for their services. John knew that this was expensive but he was picturing
in his mind his long 9 inch cock deep within Charisma’s deep, tight, shaven cunt.
Ben could see his hard-on and he told John that he would need that later. They
parked in an old parking lot. John waited in his truck while Ben and Scott leapt
into action. Ben was a great forger. He printed fake money and fake IDs. As
they approached the main entrance they could see the crowds of people, the
police and the stars. With their press passes which Ben had forged they got
into the building easily.

The placed was crowded. Scott saw Liz Hurley with a low cut dress exposing
her large bountiful breasts. When she bent over Scott could see her
beautiful pinks nipples and he longed to suck them before. He
wanted to put his fingers up her tight, shaven cunt before ramming his rod for a
home run. Ben saw Charisma. "God," Ben thought to himself. "She looks very hot.
I might just help John fuck her tight little ass." Ben and Scott waited until
Charisma had to go to the restroom. When she went in for a pee, Scott pounced
in. As she was sitting down on the toilet, Scott came in and pointed the gun at
her head. Before she should scream Scott said: "If you scream u fucking slut I
will blow out your fucking brains out. Now get up off your fat ass, bitch and follow
me." While this was going on, Ben was distracting everyone so they were out of
the vicinity out of the restrooms. Scott and Charisma emerged. Scott was
standing behind her so his crotch was pressing right up against Charisma’s tight
little ass. Ben saw Scott and he stood by the side of Charisma so that when
they came out of the front entrance, they wouldn’t look so suspicious. Ben
and Scott were both worried because if they got busted they would be in jail
for a very long time. On the way out David Boreanaz saw Charisma and said:
"Hey Charisma. Do u wanna go for a beer?" " No thanks" said Charisma, " I’m
going out with my two brothers" "Ok!" said David. Ben thought to himself
"MMmm Family Love" " Where are u taking me you bastards," said Charisma,
when they approached the entrance to the parking lot." " For the ride of your
life bitch," said Scott. Ben put his tie around Charisma’s eyes so that she
couldn’t see. John was waiting for them by the truck. "Good job boys," said
John. "Stick the bitch in the back of the truck and then wait outside for 20
minutes. 5 minutes later Charisma was in the back of the truck fearing for
her life. She was too frightened to scream. John came in the back of the
truck and shut the doors. He saw the beautiful figure in front of him. She
was wearing a tight dress and he could see her nipples through the dress
material. He thrusted forward sticking his tongue right into her throat, delving
and probing her tongue, tasting her sweetness in her mouth. These weren’t
the only lips he was going to part this evening. Charisma was thrashing about
but she was clearly overpowered by John. " Resist me bitch and I will slash
you," said John. Charisma immediately stopped. She knew what was coming
but was powerless against it. She was scared. John slowly slipped off her
dress to reveal her sexy black lace bra and panties. He noticed that her panties
were wet but he wasn’s sure whether she was excited or whether she had
peed herself. Anyway it didn’t matter to John. Still blindfolded, Charisma felt
her bra being pulled off by John. John found her amazing tits. They were not
very big but even though she was scared her pink nipples stood like pins.
John started pinching them. Charisma was biting her lip. Then he savagely
started sucking and biting them. Charisma let out a loud moan. John knew
that she was starting to enjoy herself. John then ripped off her panties and
saw her juices flowing. "Randy bitch," he thought, she is really enjoying this.
John thrust two fingers up her beautiful wet shaven cunt. She started moaning
out loud, John put another finger up there. Charisma was then moaning louder.
But she wasn’t prepared for John’s next attack. He took all his clothes off
then shoved his 9 inch erection down Charisma’s throat. At first she was
gagging from the big bulbous head in her mouth. But then she began to
hungrily lick all over. She licked down the eye, across the V of the head
and then began to suck violently. John began to moan loudly before shooting
his first load down her throat. There was so much cum flowing, that she
couldn’t swallow all of it. It fell down her neck onto her breasts. John hungrily
lapped it up. Charisma thought it was all over but then she felt the biggest
orgasm of her life and she wasn’t even prepared. John had shoved his 9 inch
cock into her pussy so hard that she came. Her juices were flowing for a long
time as John resumed. He thrust violently into her deep tight pussy, then
withdrew, then did it again. It only took two more thrusts to make her cum
again. But John wanted to cum. He pumped her so fast and violently into
her deep pussy. She was moaning so loudly and was so excited, that her
breasts became so swollen. This was the most excited that she had ever
been in her life. "AAAAH," Charisma came again. John was fucking her so hard
that blood began to trickle out of her pussy lips. After one more almighty
thrust he grunted, moaned and came with such a force, that it caused
Charisma to tremble and have another two orgasms. John withdrew his penis
from a mixture of blood, cum and pussy juice and cleaned himself up.
Charisma felt a burning sensation in her pussy and could tell that she had
been hurt. She felt humiliated and used. "Let me out you bastard," she
screamed. "Sure bitch" he said and threw her out of the truck before
picking up his friends and driving off. Shaken up, Charisma could hear

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