Charisma Carpenter Meets The Legman

This story is a work of fiction. It is ment to entertain do not take
it serious. It never happened. It contains sexual situations.
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Charisma Carpenter meets the legman By Sharkboy 77

Our hero of this tale, lets call him ,Bob in most ways is an average
man. HE works an average job. But there is something unique about Bob.
The first is an ability to go unnoticed whenever he willed it. He did
not turn invisible people just didn’t notice him. He discovered this
when he snuck into the girls locker room and
should’ve got caught.
The girls just walked by him naked eventhough he was in plain sight.

His second and most cherished talent is the ability to seduce any
women by making phyical contact with her leg(s). Upon contact he wears
down their will and molds them into his slave. He stumbled upon this
talent when he felt up the head cheerleader. She bent instantly to his
will. Eventhough she couldn’t pick him out of a lineup he fucked her
most of the year until he grew tried of her. Since then he has honed
his skills.

Today his prey is Charimsa Carpenter star of Angel and formally of
of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He has been watching her for weeks. He
was staked out at her usual resting place during her morning run. Bob
happened to see her there one day when he walking his dog. He did a lot
of recon. By now he knew her moorning routine as well as she. You’d
think she would know better he thought. He decided to make this the
place to strike because she always stopped here to rest.

His heart nearly skipped a beat as she came into view. Charimsa
looked so sensual as she approached. Her long dark hair was pulled back
into a pony tail and she wore a tight yellow spandex top. She also
wore a pair of black spandex shorts a very tight pair of shorts. Her
skin gleamed with sweat. She was like a goddess.

Of course she didn’t notice him he usually willed her not to notice
his presance. One time he did allow her to see him. She actually smiled
and said hi. This did surprise him since women like her wouldn’t give
him the time of day without his touch. He suspected that she liked to
make men drool like a pavlovian dog.

As she bends over to catch her breath he makes his move. He sneaks
up behind her and caresses the back of her legs. As an inital reaction
she tenses up in surprise. Then she lets out a moan of pleasure. Bob
continued to caress her legs as he feels her bend to his will.

"Who are you? What are doing to me?" Charimsa moans. In his exrerience
the sexier a womans legs are the less resistant she is to his touch. So
naturally Charimsa had no chance to escape. Bob finally repleys to her
inquirey,"I am your MASTER and I think you can guess what I am doing to
you." "WWWhy?" she cries out. "You can’t be that dense can you?" He say
as he works a hand upto her perfect ass.

He orders Charisma to turn around she obeys. With one hand on her
upper tigh he releases her hair from the ponytail. He was stunded by
how she looked with her hair down it was almost religous.After staring
into her beautiful brown eyes he gives her a passionite kiss. She
responds in kind. After several minutes he breaks the lock. "Take off
your shirt," he orders. After a slight hesitation she takes off her
shirt relieving the most incredible breasts her has ever seen.

"Do they please you master?" she asks with a devilish smile. "Yes"
he responds. As he starts to fondle her tits he asks,"Charisma, do
you dress like this so men will notice you?" "Yes",she anwsers,"I
feel sexy when they look at me with lustful eyes." The Legman starts
to kiss her breats. "Oh….Goddd..!" she moans. He then takes her nipple
in his mouth and starts to suck. "EEawww,"she squeals in delite. He
then kisses his way down her stomach and grabs her spandex shorts.

"Why can’t I resist you?" she asks. He doesn’t respond, he slowly
pulls down her shorts exposing her shaven pussy. When the shorts hit
the ground she stepped out of them without instuction. She was
completely under his control.

He orders her to lay on the ground. She lays on in a captavating
pose and gives him her best comehither look. Bob grabs her leg and
starts licking his up to her crotch. He then takes a wiff of her
pussy. "I’ve been dreaming of this since I first saw you on Malibu
Shores," he said. "You remember that show?" she says in surprise.
"Yeah I used to masturebate while watching it," he resonds.

Bob then started to lick her pussy very methodically. Charisma was
in heaven she never had oral sex like this. The next thing she knew
she had an orgasam. "I’ve just begun," Bob said as he stands up and
takes off his pants. She gasps at the size of his penis it was a foot
long and really thick.

Charisma looks at him in fear. "Thats not going to hurt? Is it?"
she pleads,"I never had one that big in me before." Bob leans down
and touches her face and assures her he would be gentle.

Bob then positions himself over her and enters her pussy. He couldn’t
believe how tight it was it was the tightest he ever had."OH MY GOD!
It’s to big," she squeals. "Relax get use to it." he orders. "They
always have trouble at first." After a few minutes she feels herself
adapt and she felt pleasure she had never known. Bob started to increase
his rythem he was about to cum. Then suddenly Charisma had the greatest
orgasam she ever had. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" she screams like a
banshee. Just then Bob pulls out and cums all over her midsection.
The both collapse in exhaustion. "You were incredible Master," she

After a few minutes of well earned recovery time Bob gave Charisma
a pill. "What’s this for Master?" she asks. "It will make sure you
won’t get pregnant. It won’t harm you," he said. She takes the pill
and washes it down with her water she carried for her run.

"Now I need to be cleaned." he orders. Charisma then takes his penis
and cleans it with her toungue. Upon completion he decides to return the
favor and picks up her shorts and cleans off her crotch and midsection.
"But Master I have to wear those home," she pleads. "I know," he replys.
He made Charisma run home with his semen all over her shorts. She was
red with shame.

A few weeks later while visiting a newstand Charisma happened to
have a magazine catch her eye. It was one of those scandle rages
with pictures of celeberites in compormising positions. It was her
having sex with Bob in the park. "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!!" she
shieks in horror. She takes the magazine in her shaking hands and
inspects it. Some scumbag photogapher got most of the incident. They
had a two page layout. She ran away in tears.

A couple days later she arrived for a meeting with Joss Whedon
the creator of "Buffy" and "Angel". She wore a black mini-skirt and
a REAL tight purple sweater. The network forwns on improper behavior
>from female stars off camera. She was prepaired to do anything to
save her job.

When she entered his office he noticed her red and puffy eyes. He
told her to sitdown. "Charisma have you been crying?" he asks.
"Yeah," she anwsers "I’ve been so scared. This is the best job I
ever had I don’t want to lose it." She starts to cry. Joss gives
her a tissue and gives it to her. "Well don’t fear your not being
fired." "Really," she exclaims as she hugs him."THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU"
She blubbers. Then she asked how. "Well I called in some favors because
some of the boys upstairs wanted you fired. It also helped that since
your little layout hit the stands that our numbers among men 15 to 39
have skyrocketed. They figured it would hurt the show more if we fired
you." "Well is there anything I can do to repay you?" she asks.
Joss moves closer and puts his hand on her upper thigh. "Well remember
your Cordilia adition?" he asked.


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