Charlie Dimmocks Gardening Tale

Charlie Dimmocks Gardening Tale (FM mast,voy)


Jack Anory (

Charlie grunted. The effort was beginning to get to her.

It was all very well for the crew to bugger off, but who was left to do all the work. She bloody well was!

She was left to dig a fishpond; it was almost done now, just the last few bits of the lining to put into place.

At least though, being left on her own had an advantage, she had been able to remove her t-shirt. She never wore anything
underneath and so she felt the glorious sensation of the warm sun on her bare skin. She didn’t have particularly large breasts, however there was plenty of movement. Movements that were sending signals to her brain…

She sat back, leaning against the sloping sides of the pond, deciding to take a few minutes break. With the sun beating down she relaxed removing her jeans and panties.

“This is nice,” she thought to herself. As she lay back her hand went to her stomach, flat because of all the exercise digging these gardens. She played around her belly button, and then moving her hand upwards she began to gently circle her breasts. With a finger from each hand she gently stroked each nipple, feeling them swell and become hard in response to this gentle petting. Then using the tips of her fingers and just touching her skin she moved her hand in a circular motion around her breast gliding ever closer to the nipple. Her breasts were now warm, swollen and hard with this attention. She cupped her right breast in her hand, lifted it up towards her mouth and gently licked the nipple.

Next she slid her hand down her body to her thighs allowing her legs to part, just lightly touching the skin, running her hand along the top of her leg then allowing her hand to reach the soft folds of her pussy. Sliding her finger up and down the entrance to her vagina, she applied pressure forcing her lips apart, feeling her juice flowing.

She sank her finger into herself feeling the warmth. She pushed it right in, then withdrew bringing her hand right over her lips until reaching her clitoris, her body shivered with excitement. She left her hand there for a while enjoying the sensations.

Then she once again sank her finger into herself, took it out, brought it to her mouth and sucked on it. She returned to her clit and slowly brought herself to an extremely pleasurable climax!

“Nice view.”

She opened her eyes and looked up startled. Standing before her was a co-presenter on the programme, Tommy Walsh, with a bulging erection, if she wasn’t much mistaken

“Don’t stop on my account” he said They had been working together for some time now on Ground Force but there had never been any suggestion of sex.

So she said “I guess we’d better get on with this pond or we won’t make the deadline. It only needs the water to go in when I’ve tidied up this lining.

Tommy looked disappointed. Like many a man he had fantasized about her tits. She never wore a bra so her breasts moved about tantalizingly all over the place! Still, he wasn’t one to go where he wasn’t wanted.

“Ok, I’ll hook up the hosepipe while you finish here” he said.

He wandered off.

Charlie stood up putting her clothes back on and started work again. Shortly she was done and shouted, “Ready,” Tommy responded by turning the tap on. Water began slowly to trickle through the pipe, and then became a torrent as the force picked up. She dropped the hosepipe into the hole and sat down on the edge watching it. Tommy joined her.

They sat there quietly for several minutes, and then Charlie asked “How long were you there for?” “Most of it” he replied.


“If you’d known I was there, would you have stopped or carried on?”

She pondered this for a moment.

“I think I’d have carried on”


Tommy broke it by saying; “I’ve watched you for a long time, watched and wanted you. You must be aware that us men furtively glanc at your breasts all the time: they’re hard to resist showing through your t-shirt. So many men must wank after watching Ground Force.

She chuckled.

The water level was rising and as it was such a hot day Tommy said “I’m going to soak my feet in the water.” He took off his boots and socks. Charlie did the same.

They sat together dangling their feet lazily in the water in companionable silence.

Suddenly, Charlie leapt into the water, bent down and grabbed a handful of it, which she threw at Tommy. “Hey, what are you doing?” he said laughing. She continued splashing him so he stood up in the water: at well over 6 foot he towered over her. “Two can play at that game, young lady.” He bent down, put his big hands in the water, bringing them back up with an armful of it, which he splashed over her, soaking her face, hair and t-shirt. They both laughed and looked at her chest. The fabric was stuck to her showing all the contours of her breasts, as the water was cold, her nipples stood out, proud and erect! Tommy felt his penis begin to stiffen (again)

To break the moment they both continued to mess around splashing each other, which ended with Charlie falling face down in the pond. Tommy leant down to pick her up and as they both stood there, he holding her around the waist, she getting her breath back, a frisson passed between them.

Without a word he lifted her t-shirt up over her head and shoulders, tossing it to one side. He moved back slightly to step out of his shorts and she undid her jeans and slid them down her legs and off. Naked, she dropped to her knees in front of him and he thought she was going to take his cock in her mouth. But she didn’t.

Instead she said, “As you’ve admired my tits for so long you can now fuck them.” As she spoke she pushed her breasts together, he pressed his cock between them, squeezing his shaft. At the same time she began to play with her nipples, pressing the hard knobs between her thumb and forefinger.

She was excited at seeing a stiff cock between her tits and she felt his excitement as he thrust deeply against her. his tempo increasing. The water was splashing around them but they were oblivious to everything except their own urgent needs.

He came suddenly, large amounts of semen spreading onto her chin and neck, she raised her head slightly opening her mouth to catch the spunk, she loved the way it splashed against her face.

She held her breasts tight together until the last bit dribbled down her cleavage.

Then she began to splash water on herself, to clean up: the water was cold and goose pimples stood out on her skin. She shivered. Tommy said, “You’re cold” “A bit” she acknowledged. “I’ll soon warm up though and I’ve got a change of clothes in the house.”

They both climbed out of the pond. Tommy retrieved his clothes and began putting them on, She ran lightly indoors, breasts bouncing, coming out minutes later looking fry and as fresh as ever.

At that moment there was a lot of voices coming from down the side of the house: the rest of the team returning.

“We hope you’ve finished and not been sunbathing.” They chorused.

Charlie and Tommy looked at one another and she said “No, we’ve been getting down to it in the pond making it come to fruition. It took some manipulation but it was worth in the end.”

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