Charlie Patterson Private Investigator

Title:  Charlie Patterson Private Investigator

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande,

Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Bridgit Mendler, Demi Lavato, Victoria Justice,

Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Dove Cameron

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Charlie Patterson ran a private investigation service.  His reputation for discretion was well known and many of his clients were Hollywood elite.  He saved a lot of actors and actresses from the shame and embarrassment of a public scandal and for that, he was well paid.

Charlie was just getting ready to leave for the day when his secretary came in and said that a man outside needed to speak to him.  He asked her to have him come back in the morning but she told him he insisted that Charlie saw him right away.  He told his secretary to show him in and sat back down at his desk.

The man entered and introduced himself as Brian Teefey.  Charlie shook his hand and asked him to sit down.  “So, what can I do for you Mr. Teefey?”  Charlie sat and listened to his story.  It turned out that Brian was Selena Gomez’s stepfather and both he and his wife Mandy were growing concerned over their daughter.  She had been acting strange for the past few months but it had gotten worse over the last several weeks.  She was hanging out with a new crowd and disappeared for days at a time.  They were worried that she’d gotten into drugs or worse, went back to that asshole Bieber.  Brian also told him that he loved his stepdaughter very much and a scandal right now would be devastating to his wife as well as Selena.  Charlie assured him that he would do his best to help them out and told him not to worry.  He called his secretary in and asked her to gather a few things for him.  While they waited, Charlie explained his conditions and also told Brian how much his services would cost.  Brian agreed to everything and signed a contract.  Charlie’s secretary brought in the things he’d asked for and Charlie showed Brian what they were.  He handed the man three small tracking devices.  He explained how to hide them and where.  One was to be placed in Selena’s handbag and the other two in her vehicles.  Charlie would be able to track her without her knowledge and he could see where she went and with whom.  Brian took the items, shook Charlie’s hand and left.

The next day, Charlie arrived outside of the Teefey home and sat in his SUV.  His cellphone rang and he listened as Brian told him the devices were in place.  Selena was going to be going out soon and she was probably going to be driving her Mercedes.  Charlie thanked him and once again told him not to worry.

An hour or so later, Selena’s car pulled out of the gate and headed down the road.  Charlie checked his computer and saw that the tracking device was working perfectly.  It had a range of several miles so Charlie could follow a fair distance back and not have any chance of being detected.  He followed the young starlet all day.  She went to her hairdresser, shopped on Rodeo Drive and had lunch at Spago with her manager and her new friend Carla.  After lunch she went to her gym and then headed home.  Charlie sat in his SUV and ate his Big Mac and fries and waited.  It was well after 10pm when his tracking screen lite up and he saw Selena leave the house, this time she was driving a black Land Rover.  She drove across town and Charlie tracked her to the warehouse district by the docks.  When he saw she had stopped, he pulled over for a few minutes before checking out her location.  When he got there he saw a large number of expensive cars and SUV’s parked by one of the warehouses.  He could hear the loud music coming from inside and pulled his truck around to the back of the parking area.  He entered the warehouse across from the one Selena was in and made his way to the roof.  Locked doors and security systems were no problem for the surveillance expert and Charlie was soon standing on the roof looking over at the other building with night vision binoculars.  He watched as people came and went.  They were well dressed and appeared to laughing and having a great time.  They were all ages, men and women and they were also checked out completely by the bouncers guarding the doors.  A few were turned away but most were being let inside.  Charlie recognized several of the actors and actresses as well as few singers and one chick with a big fat ass that he knew from her reality show on E!  He could smell the strong stench of marijuana wafting up from the warehouse and figured there were other drugs being used as well.

It was well after 4am when Selena finally came out and got into her SUV.  She was walking slowly and almost fell down a few times.  She had on a man’s shirt and didn’t appear to have anything else on underneath.  Her hair looked like it had been through the ringer and her makeup was smeared and messed up.  He followed her home and then went back to his office and filled out a report of the day’s events.  That morning, he called his contact at the police department to see if they knew anything about the warehouse and who owned it.  His buddy told him he’d get back to him later that day.  Charlie laid down on his large couch and drifted off to sleep.

A little after noon, his secretary came in and woke him up.  She handed him a cup of coffee and went back to her desk.  Charlie took a shower and change into fresh clothing and waited.  Around 5pm, his police contact called him and gave him the story on the warehouse.  After a few more calls, Charlie had managed to get an invite to the club that night.  He told his secretary he’d see her tomorrow and went home to get ready.  Charlie dressed in a very expensive suit and put on his Rolex and a few diamond rings and went down and pulled his Ferrari out of the garage.  A man in his business, had to be prepared for any situation.  Charlie owned over a dozen vehicles, ranging from a beat up Ford to Ferrari’s and other exotics.  As planned, he got a call from Brian saying that Selena had left so Charlie made his way over to the warehouse.  His tracking system showed that Selena had already arrived.  Charlie walked up to the door and told the guard the password he was given and handed the man an envelope containing $1000.00.  He welcomed him and opened the door.

When Charlie entered, he looked around and saw the large crowd dancing and drinking while a DJ played loud music.  The strong smell of drugs and sex hit him like a brick and he soon saw why.  Everywhere he looked, he could see people smoking or snorting and having sex.  There were girls on their knees sucking men’s cocks and he saw a few girls doing each other.  He looked around and saw the very sexy Amy Adams sitting on a man’s lap smoking crack while he fucked her.  He made his way through the crowd and saw other famous celebrities doing unspeakable things.  Young topless women in thongs were walking around handing out shooters and Jello shots as well as joints, small bags of coke and other assorted drugs.  Charlie was wearing a small lapel pin that was actually a camera and he made sure he got everything on video.

He made his way to the back of the room and found a hallway that led to some private rooms.  He opened the first door he came to and walked in.  There was a crowd of about 20 men standing around a young girl on her knees.  He looked down and recognized her immediately.  Dakota Fanning was jerking off several cocks and she was covered in cum.  Charlie watched as man after man came over and shot their loads on the pretty blonde teen.  Her hair, face and dress were a dripping mess and she looked like she was loving every minute of it.  Charlie made sure to get a few minutes on video and then left.

In the next room, he found Vanessa Hudgens getting fucked in the ass by a large black men.  There were a dozen or so other men there, all naked, waiting their turn.  Vanessa was grunting and moaning like a whore and Charlie watched as the man came in her ass.  The next guy took his place and shoved his foot long deep inside the actress.  She looked over at Charlie and licked her lips.  Charlie just smiled and left.

In the next room he found Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande in a 69 licking each other’s pussy.  They were surrounded by about 20 men and women, all of whom were playing with each other while they watched the two stars.  One the men walked over and pushed his hard cock into Ariana’s pussy.  He fucked her while Elizabeth alternated between licking his balls and sucking on Ariana’s clit.  Charlie felt his cock getting hard and decided to get a taste for himself.  He pulled his cock out and walked over and fed it to Elizabeth.  She sucked him down and it didn’t take him long to fill her mouth with cum.   She smiled as she swallowed it down and then went back to licking Ariana.

He zipped up his trousers and went down to the end of the hall and went into another room.  There she was.  Selena was up on a stage getting gang fucked by five men.  She was riding a cock in her pussy while another man was fucking her in the ass.  Another was face fucking the pretty Latina while she jerked off the other two.  Charlie watched while they took turns fucking the gorgeous brunette.  She was given hits of coke and weed while she got fucked.  When one man came, another took his place.  Charlie leaned against the back wall and watched as more men came into the room and took their turn with Selena.  He took video of the entire event.  His cock was so hard it felt like it was going to rip out of his trousers so Charlie decided to get a piece for himself.  He stripped out of his clothes and took a turn in her ass.  She was gaped wide open so he slammed his 9 inches into her.  She was sucking a huge black cock while he pounded her ass.  He fucked her for a good fifteen minutes and then filled her ass with his load.  Just as he pulled out of her dripping asshole, the man in her mouth came so Charlie shoved his cock into Selena’s mouth and had her clean him off.  He wiped his cock off with her hair, got dressed and left.

He stood against the wall in the hallway and thought about what he just did.  He usually didn’t contribute to a client’s debauchery but the sight of one of the most beautiful, sexy starlets in Hollywood getting gangbanged got the best of him.  He started to make his way back to the main room when a very pretty blonde came up to him, dropped to her knees and pulled out his cock.  She took him into her mouth and proceeded to give him a wet sloppy blowjob right there in the hallway.  He recognized her immediately and couldn’t believe that Ashley Tisdale was giving him head.  She deep throated his cock and he felt her tickle his balls with her fingers.  She sucked harder and harder until Charlie came in her mouth.  Ashley sucked every last drop from his cock and then leaned over and spit the load out on the floor.  She stood up, kissed his cheek and then went into the room with Vanessa Hudgens.

Charlie walked over to one of the bars and got himself a drink.  He gulped down the scotch and looked around the room.  It reminded him of the stories he’d heard about the old disco’s in New York back in the 70’s.  He finished his drink and headed out.  On the way to the door, he stopped one last time and watched Jennifer Lawrence sucking on two cocks in a corner booth.  He smiled and left.  As he drove back to his office, he thought about what he was going to say to the Teefey’s.  When he got there, he sat down at his computer and looked at the video he shot.  He edited the footage, making sure all the celebrities were recognizable.  He made sure to edit his own defiling of Selena’s ass out of the video.  He didn’t want Brian and Mandy to see him participating in their daughter’s degradation.  When he finished, he took a shower, ate a sandwich and headed home.

The next day he made a phone call to Brian and told him he should come to his office as soon as possible.  When Brian arrived, Charlie told his secretary he didn’t want to be disturbed and showed Brian the tape he made.  Brian sat in front of the laptop and watched the entire sordid video including about 20 minutes of his stepdaughter getting gangfucked.  When it was over, he just sat there stunned by what he had watched.  Charlie asked him what he wanted to do next.  Brian thought about it for a minute and then asked if Charlie could get him into the club.  Charlie asked if he was sure he wanted to do that but Brian insisted.  Charlie made a phone call and then informed Brian that they were in.  He needed to dress the part and bring a grand in cash.  Brian agreed and went home to wait for Selena to go out.  He had to keep his composure around his stepdaughter and fought every instinct he had to keep from confronting her.

Brian waited until after 11pm and watched Selena drive away.  He called Charlie and told him to pick him up.  Charlie arrived about 20 minutes later and they headed to the warehouse.  They parked behind Selena’s Mercedes and went inside.  Brian couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.  He was shocked that his stepdaughter could be a part of something so degrading.  He did admit though, that he was starting to get turned on by the sight of so many young women defiling themselves in a club like this.  They started to make their way to the back rooms when Brian grabbed Charlie by the arm and pointed to a girl in one of the booths.  Charlie looked over and saw Demi Lovato getting fucked in the ass by a pro football player.  Brian turned away quickly since he didn’t want to be recognized and headed to the back rooms.  Charlie stood and watched for a few minutes and then caught up with Brian.

They went into the first room and found Miley Cyrus handcuffed to a bed getting fucked by a dozen black men.  She was covered in sweat and cum and was screaming for more.  They quickly left and went to the next room.  There they found Ashley Tisdale getting fist fucked by Vanessa Hudgens.  Vanessa looked over at Brian and recognized him immediately.  She pulled her fist out of Ashley and went over and pulled Brian over to the bed.  Charlie heard her tell Ashley who he was and the both of them pulled Brian’s trousers down and started sucking his cock.  Two of the other men got behind the High School Musical stars and starting fucking them while they sucked Brian’s cock.  Vanessa climbed on top of Brian and lowered her asshole onto his hard cock and started riding him reverse cowgirl style.  The other man shoved his cock into her pussy.  Ashley climbed up on his face and told Brian to lick her pussy.  Vanessa felt Brian start to cum and screamed for him to fill her nasty ass with his cum.  Brian shot his hot load right up the pretty star’s asshole at the same time Ashley came all over his face.  Vanessa got off his cock and started to kiss and lick Ashley’s juices from his face while Ashley went down on him and licked his cock clean.  Brian got up and pulled up his trousers and walked out of the room.  Charlie watched as three other guys start for fuck the two girls again and then he left.  Brian was leaning up against the wall smiling.  He told Charlie he’d always had a thing for Vanessa and now his dream had come true.  Charlie took him by the arm and headed for the next room.

They opened the next door and found Kristen Stewart getting blowbanged by a dozen men.  She was sucking cock after cock and was covered in cum.  Man after man throated the actress and came all over her face and hair.  Her eyes were shut but she kept screaming for the next guy to feed her his man juice.  Charlie asked Brian if he was in a hurry and Brian told him to go for it.  Charlie took his turn in line and when it was his turn, he shoved his cock down Kristen’s throat.  He rammed the young starlet like there was no tomorrow and then shot his load all over her face.  He zipped up and he and Brian headed to the next room.

Inside the next room was something neither man had ever seen before.  Dove Cameron, one of the newest Disney stars, was getting fucked by a huge German Shepard while she sucked on a big black cock.  About twenty men and women stood around and watched the pretty blonde getting fucked by the dog.  She looked to be loving every minute of it and as soon as the man came in her mouth, one of the other men pulled a big Pit Bull up on the bed and Dove started to suck its cock.  The German Shepard came in her pussy and got down on the floor and started licking his cock and balls.  One of the men got up behind her and took her in the ass.  Dove kept sucking the Pit Bulls cock while she got sodomized.  Charlie made sure his lapel camera was getting every second of the scene.  The sight of this beautiful young teen getting defiled was mesmerizing and the two men just stood and stared when her swallow down the dogs cum.  One of the woman got up on the bed and Dove went down on her.  The two men watched for another ten minutes and then left.

Brian told Charlie he needed a drink so the two men went out to the bar area and ordered a couple of shots.  Brian looked around and finally saw Selena.  She was on her knees in front of the DJ giving him a blowjob.  He just stood there and watched his beautiful stepdaughter giving head.  Charlie told him to stay calm.  Brian watched the man cum in her mouth and then turned around and finished his drink in one gulp.  When he turned around he saw Selena walking back towards one of the rooms and he followed.  He told Charlie to keep everyone else out and when she opened the door and turned on the lights, Brian came up behind her and pushed her into the room and shut the door.  Selena started to say something but stopped dead in her tracks when she turned around and saw who had pushed her.  Brian back handed her across the face and she fell back onto the bed.  She looked into her stepfather’s eyes and saw a maniac staring back at her.  Brian grabbed the front of her dress and tore it from her body.  He reached down and ripped her panties off and then pulled his cock out and started to fuck his stepdaughter.  She pleaded for him to stop but Brian just pounded away at her pussy.  He pulled out and turned her over and shoved his cock up her ass.  He showed her no mercy as her tore into her, slamming his cock in and out while she screamed for him to stop.  He grabbed a handful of her long dark hair and pulled her head back while he choked her with his other hand.  She was ready to pass out when Brian came in her ass.  He pulled Selena off of the bed by her hair and shoved his cock down her throat and told her to clean up her mess.  When she finished, Brian made her swallow it all down and then let her go.  He opened the door and asked Charlie if he wanted a piece.  Charlie looked in at the ruined girl sitting on the floor and declined.  Brian took off his jacket and put it on Selena and the three of them left the warehouse.  Brian and Selena got into her car and Brian told Charlie he would contact him later in the day and then drove off.

Charlie figured that since he was officially off the clock, he would have some fun on his own and went back into the club.  He sat down in one of the booths and was soon joined by a pretty young girl whose name eluded him.  They didn’t talk but she sucked him off and then left after she finished.  As soon as she walked away her name came to him, Bridgit Mendler, that was her name.    Charlie smiled and drank his scotch.  One of the waitresses came over and offered him some drugs and Charlie decided to live it up and got a big fat joint.  He leaned back smoking it and was soon joined by another young actress whom he recognized immediately.  Victoria Justice took the joint and hit it hard.  She took a couple more hits and then pulled Charlie’s cock out of his trousers and sat on his lap.  She wasn’t wearing any panties under her shirt and reached down and guided his cock into her wet pussy.  They smoked the joint and fucked while the music blasted.  Since Charlie had just came a few minutes earlier, he was able to fuck the beautiful Puerto Rican actress for the better part of twenty minutes before he filled her hot cunt with his load.

He made his way to back rooms hoping to find some new meat.  The second door he opened was like a dream come true.  There, laying on the bed getting her pussy pounded was Taylor Swift.  He hated her music but he always got hard when he looked at the beautiful singer.  There were about fifteen men standing around watching her getting fucked.  Charlie decided to jump right in and after he took off his clothes, he got on the bed and pushed his cock to her waiting mouth.  He moaned as she wrapped her bright red lips around him.  She started to cum and Charlie started to fuck her mouth.  She gagged a little when he pushed his cock down her throat but was soon taking him deeper and deeper while the other guy shot his load all over the flat stomach and perfect tits.  Charlie pulled his cock out of his mouth and pulled her on top of him.  He rubbed his cock along her wet slit until finally deciding to take her ass.  She grunted when she felt him open her tiny hole and then pushed down, impaling herself on his meat pole.  Taylor started to slam her ass up and down on Charlie and then another guy got up and shoved his cock into her cunt.  They DP’d the pretty singer for almost twenty minutes making her cum over and over again until they both couldn’t hold out any longer and came at the same time, filling her gaping holes with cum.  Taylor collapsed on the bed and Charlie got up and put his clothes back on.  He saw three more men climb onto Taylor as he walked out of the room.

It was well after 4am when Charlie decided to call it a night.  He went home and fell asleep still dressed in his Armani suit.  It was a little after 1pm when his cellphone rang.  It was Brian.  He wanted to meet Charlie and settle his account.  Charlie told him to be at his office at 3pm.  Charlie grabbed a shower and got dressed.  At 3:10pm, Brian walked in with Selena close behind him.  He closed the door to the office and sat down.  Charlie offered her a seat but Brian told him that wasn’t necessary since Selena was having a hard time sitting down and probably would for the next week or so.  Brian snapped his fingers and Selena dropped to her knees, took out his cock and started sucking him off right there in front of Charlie.  Brian told Charlie that he and Selena had a new arrangement.  In order to spare her Mother the humiliation of finding out that her daughter was just a cheap whore, she was going to be servicing him whenever and wherever he wished.  Brian paused for a few seconds while he came in her mouth and watched his pretty stepdaughter swallow his cum.  She zipped him back up and stood up next to him again.  Brian handed Charlie an envelope with the agreed upon fee as well as a 10% bonus for taking care of his problem so quickly.  Charlie stood and shook his hand and then Brian and Selena left.

Charlie called his secretary into his office and handed her a folder and a disc and told her file them away.  He opened his safe and placed the cash inside and then made a phone call.  Later that night, Charlie walked in the warehouse and searched for his first fuck of the night.  He smiled when he saw Taylor Swift walking towards him and knew he was in for a long evening.

The End.

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