Charlie Patterson Private Investigator 2

Title: Charlie Patterson Private Investigator 2

Author: Tori

Celebs: Dove Cameron

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, beast, drugs

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Charlie Patterson sat in his office going over some paperwork.  His latest client, Zendaya, had just left and he was slightly disappointed that he hadn’t earned his bonus.  Zendaya had hired him to find out if her old costar and former friend Bella Thorne was a lesbian.  She had wanted to blackmail the gorgeous red head but that plan backfired when Bella came out of the closet on social media.  Needless to say, she was pissed off.  Even though he didn’t get the bonus, his initial retainer was quite large.  That, plus the fact that he tapped the Disney teen’s tight ass on several occasions, made the job a complete success.

When Charlie opened his safe to put the cash inside, he saw the disc.  He hadn’t thought about that disc in a long time.  He picked it up and loaded it in his laptop and hit play.  Charlie sat back and watched the scenes unfold.  He smiled as he watched young Dakota Fanning get covered in cum.  His cock got hard at the sight of Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens getting gangfucked but the one thing that really caught his eye was Dove Cameron getting fucked by a huge German Shepard while she went down on some whore.  Charlie had just about forgotten about that.  Not that you could blame him.  He had made a shit load of money off of Selena Gomez’s stepfather for that job.  He had also fucked the gorgeous Latina’s ass as well as several other hot celebs, including Victoria Justice and Taylor Swift.  That week undercover at the warehouse club had been one of the best assignments he’d ever had.  He wondered if Selena was still being used by her stepfather as he reached over and hit the intercom.  His secretary answered and Charlie asked her to get him Dove Cameron’s phone number.

The next day, Charlie sat patiently while the sexy blonde watched the video.  After he closed his laptop, Dove Cameron stood up and started to unbutton her blouse.  She looked over at the man sitting behind the desk and said, “We don’t have to tell anyone about that tape, do we?”  She let her blouse drop to the floor and then removed her bra, exposing her perfect breasts.  Charlie pulled his cock out and sat back.  He said, “Of course not.  That’s why I called you.  I thought we could come to some sort of arrangement.”  Dove took off her skirt up and then slipped her silk panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them.  She hopped up on the desk and spread her legs.  “I thought so.  If anyone found out what’s on that tape I’d be ruined and no one would like that” she said.  He shook his head, “No, no one would like that.”  Charlie leaned down and started to eat out the gorgeous blonde.  Her pussy tasted like heaven and the seasoned private eye had her cumming almost immediately.  She leaned back and let the man devour her and when she came a second time, she squeezed her thighs tight around his head.  Charlie stood up and dropped his jeans.  His hard cock had no problem sliding into the young actress’s hole and Charlie started to fuck her hard.  He pounded away at her as she wrapped her legs around him.  Charlie had waited a long time to take advantage of that tape and he was going to make sure he got everything he wanted.

After several minutes of hard fucking, Charlie pulled out and had Dove turn around and bend over the desk.  He spread her cheeks apart and then pushed his cock deep into her ass.  “Oh fuck yes, that’s it, slam my tight little ass” she said.  Dove loved got get sodomized.  She loved the feeling of a big fat cock up her ass.  She reached down between her legs and played with her pussy as Charlie pounded his cock balls deep into her.  She started to cum and then Charlie pulled out and shot his load all over her back.  Dove scooped up the nasty cum and licked her fingers.  When Charlie sat back down, Dove dropped to her knees and licked him clean.  When she finished, she sat on his lap and opened his laptop.  “Can we watch it one more time?  I loved watching myself getting fucked by that huge dog.”  Charlie slid his hand between her legs and finger fucked her while they watched the sordid scene again.

When the video ended, Dove started to get dressed and Charlie said, “Listen.  I have a friend that would love to meet you.  How about I pick you up tonight around eight.”  Dove buttoned up her blouse and said, “Sure.  I’d love too.”  As soon as she left, Charlie picked up the phone and told his secretary he was going home early and that he would see her in the morning.  During the ride home, Charlie thought about the tape.  He thought about how Selena Gomez’s stepfather had hired him to find out what Selena was up too.  He thought about going to that club and seeing all those famous people fucking each other but mostly, he thought about walking in on Dove in one of the back rooms getting fucked by a huge German Shepard.  The meeting in his office was just the previews.  Tonight was going to be the main feature.

When he arrived at Dove’s house, she was standing outside waiting.  Dove hopped in the car and immediately pulled Charlie’s cock out of his pants and went down on him.  After she swallowed his load she sat back up and said, “I hope you have some fun planned.  I’m horny as hell.”  Charlie just smiled and said, “Oh, we’re going to have some fun alright.”  They drove the rest of the way in silence and when they pulled up to the old warehouse, Dove said, “Is this where we’re going?”  Charlie looked over at her and said, “Yup.  Why?  I thought you liked warehouses.  This place isn’t as posh as that club but it’s got everything you’ll need to have a great time.”  When they walked in, Charlie turned on the lights and Dove looked around.  There were over twenty vehicles parked in the huge space.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles.  Charlie said, “This is where I store my vehicles.  In my business, I need to be prepared for just about anything.”  Dove looked at him and said, “So, where’s your friend?  Does he work here?”  Charlie whistled and suddenly, a huge German Shepard came running up to him.  The dog was wagging his tail and Charlie squatted down to pet him.  “This is Brutus.  He guards the place for me.”  Dove felt herself starting to get wet and the animal could smell her.  Brutus went over to her and pushed his snout under her short skirt and started to lick her wet panties.  Dove held his head and let him lick away at her snatch.  Charlie stood up and got behind her and pulled her top up over her head.  He quickly removed her bra and started playing with her tits.  Charlie unzipped her skirt and then pulled it down along with her soaked panties.  Brutus didn’t miss a beat and kept licking Dove with his large tongue.  Dove closed her eyes and then said, “I’m…………..cummmmmming………….…FUCKKKKKKK……………MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

Charlie held her up when her legs buckled and let her orgasm subside.  He slowly let her slip down on the cold concrete floor and took off his clothes.  Dove laid back and spread her legs for him.  “Come on and fuck me” she said.  Charlie got down between her legs and slipped his cock into her dripping wet hole and fucked Dove hard for several minutes before shooting his load.  When he pulled out, Brutus came over and licked her pussy clean.  As he did, Dove reached between his hind legs and started to stroke his big red cock.  The dog was panting and salivating all over her as she leaned up and took him in her mouth.  Charlie sat back and watched the gorgeous blonde sucking his dogs cock.  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Here was this beautiful, talented young woman who had made it big, sucking off a dog.  What was even more surprising was when Brutus came, Dove licked and swallowed up all his cum.  When she finished, Brutus went over next to one of the cars and proceeded to lick his balls.

Charlie looked at Dove and said, “Fuck me.  That was fucking hot.”  Dove sat up on her elbows and licked her lips.  She said, “When I was a little girl, the neighbors had this Doberman.  One day after school, I cut across their backyard and the dog corned me.  The next think I knew, I was on my hands and knees letting him fuck my pussy.  That dog took my cherry.  I’ve been into big dogs ever since.”  Charlie stood up and said, “Well, why don’t you get up on your hands and knees and get ready for this big dog to fuck you in that tight little ass.”  Dove did as she was told.  Charlie got behind her and shoved his cock in her ass.  He held her hips tight as he sodomized her hard and deep.  Dove was grunting a moaning like a cheap street whore as the private dick fucked her nasty hole.  Charlie stood behind her power fucking her ass and then he came.  He shot rope after rope of hot cum deep into her bowels and when he pulled out, Dove quickly turned around and licked her ass off his cock.

Charlie whistled for Brutus and said, “My buddy wants a turn.”  Dove put her face on the cold concrete and arched her back.  Charlie helped the huge animal mount her and Dove reached between her legs and guided his rock hard cock into her pussy.  Brutus’s natural instincts took over and he started to hump the blonde beauty.  When Dove felt him knot up inside of her, she started to cum.  Her pussy felt like it was going to explode as the dog fucked her hard and fast.  Charlie got in front of her and fed her his cock as she got fucked by Brutus.  Charlie could see her cumming over and over again and when finally Brutus came, Dove collapse flat on the concrete with the dog still attached to her pussy.  Charlie stroked his cock and showered her face and hair with his hot load.  It took several minutes before Brutus could finally get his cock out of Dove.  The dog went over to his spot and laid down.  He was fast asleep a minute later.

Charlie helped Dove stand up and he took her back to the washroom.  He cleaned her up and then the two got dressed.  Brutus was still asleep when they left.  Dove didn’t say a word during the ride back to her house.  When they arrived, Dove turned and said, “I want to thank you.”  Charlie said, “Thank me?  For what?”  Dove ran her hand along his crotch and said, “For not judging me too harshly.  When the guys I date find out that I like, well, that I LOVE getting fucked by dogs, they dump me in a heartbeat.  I usually have to pay them a shitload of money to keep their mouths shut.”  Charlie looked at her and said, “Listen.  I’m just a private investigator for hire.  I’ve done and seen things a whole lot worse.  You can trust me when I tell you that your secret is safe with me.”  Dove leaned over and kissed his cheek.  “Thanks.  Anytime you and your guard need a good fuck, just call me, OK?”  Charlie kissed her and said, “You can count on it.”

It was still relatively early by the time he got home, so Charlie hopped in the shower, got dressed and headed down to the warehouse club.  He handed the doorman the usual envelope containing cash and walked in.  Charlie made his way to the back of the club and looked inside several of the rooms.  In the first room, he found Jennifer Lawrence going down on Amy Adams.  Both women were surrounded by a half dozen hard cocks.  When he opened the next room, he was greeted by Brian Teefey.  Brian came over and shook his hand.  “Want a taste?” he said.  Charlie looked over and saw Selena Gomez getting fucked by three men.  Charlie smiled and said, “Absolutely.”  He quickly stripped out of his clothes and got behind Selena and shoved his cock up her ass.  After he came, he pulled his clothes back on and said, “I see she’s still paying the price.”  Brian smiled and said, “You don’t know the half of it.  I’ll call you.”  Charlie shook his hand and left.  He was going to go the next room but decided he needed some refreshment so he headed back out to the main club.

Charlie grabbed a joint and a drink from one of the topless waitresses and sat down in a corner booth.  Across from him was Sarah Hyland riding a big cock.  Next to her was her TV sister Ariel Winter sucking off a huge black man.  Just as he finished off the joint, one of the waitresses came over and told him that someone was waiting for him in room 6.  Charlie made his way to the back rooms again and when he opened the door, he found Taylor Swift going down on a young brunette.  She looked back at Charlie and said, “Hey there!  It’s great to see you again.”  Charlie quickly stripped out of his clothes and got on the bed.  Taylor reached over and started to stroke his cock and said, “Hailee, this is Charlie.  Charlie, I’d like you to meet Hailee Steinfeld.  This is her first time at the club.”  Charlie took Hailee’s head in his hands and shoved his cock down her throat.  “Nice to meet you Hailee.”

The End

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