Charlie’s Anal Sluts

Charlie’s Anal Sluts

Staring – Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz – MFF, con, anal, oral

It had been a long hot summer’s day and Drew and Cameron had spent it walking down the beach,
stopping at the various shops and stalls that lined the sea front. Both of them were only wearing the
tightest bikini thongs you had ever seen. In black, of course. They continued to walk down the beach
until they came to a small tattoo parlour at the far end of the shops. Drew already had a couple of
tattoos, but wanted to get another one. They entered the shop and found the tattooist sitting there
watching some cheap porn movie on a TV.
He looked up and instantly turned off the movie. He eyed
the girls up and down, marvelling at their tanned bodies.

“I’m after a new tattoo”, said Drew.

“What of?” asked the man.

“Something sexy”, she replied.

He got out a book and began to show Drew the designs in it. After flicking through a couple of pages,
she found the design she wanted.

“Are you sure you want that one?” enquired the man.

“Just do it”, Drew replied in a firm tone.

She bent over and pointed to her ass and told the man to put it there. He began to put the image that
she had just asked for onto her skin. Cameron could not see what the design was, but knew it had to be
something sluty. Eventually he finished the job.

“How does this look, Cameron?” she said.

Cameron took a look at the image on Drew’s ass. Her face lit up with a sly grin as she saw the words
‘Born To Butt Fuck’ inside a pink heart.

“You better pay the man for his troubles”, Cameron said.

Drew went to her bag to get some cash. She searched through it, but knew that she had spent all her
money shopping earlier that day. She stood up and addressed the tattooist.

“Erm”, she began. “It looks like I don’t have any money on me. I must have spent it all today. Sorry.”
The man looked a bit angry.

“That’s just great”, exclaimed Cameron. “How are you going to pay off your debt?”
“I have an idea”, said Drew. And with this she went up to the man, and whispered something into his
ear. He smiled and nodded.

“What did you just say to him?” asked Cameron.

Drew didn’t reply. Instead she turned to the man, unzipped his jeans, and grabbed his already hard
cock. Cameron could not believe her eyes. Here was her friend wanking off a complete stranger.
Drew ran her hands up and down his shaft before opening her mouth and deepthroating his length. The
man groaned as Drew teased his cock with her tongue. Cameron stood there watching in amazement.
She slid a finger inside her bikini panties and began to wank herself off. Drew turned to see what
Cameron was doing and caught a glimpse of her fingering her love hole. Drew went back to giving
head whilst Cameron stopped for a second and went to one of her shopping bags. She reached inside
and pulled out a huge, black, 12-inch strap-on cock that she had secretly bought when Drew’s back was

“So. You were ‘Born To Butt Fuck’ then?” said Cameron as she strapped on the massive dildo. She
approached Drew’s tanned ass and pulled her thong panties down. Drew seemed to respond by
spreading herself open a bit. Cameron teased Drew’s pussy lips with the tip of the big black cock,
before ramming it’s length into her tight ass. Drew felt pain and pleasure at the same time as Cameron
slid the black monster in and out of Drew’s snug little butt. She sucked harder and faster on the guy’s
cock until he suddenly came in her mouth. He shot a great sticky wad of cum onto Drew’s tongue,
which she swallowed down. Drew then began to lick all the cum off the end of his cock.
“I haven’t finished with you, yet,” she said to the man, “but first I’ve got some hot anal action to attend

The tattooist was going to be treated to some girl-on-girl action with Drew Barrymore and Cameron
Diaz. He sat there, cock in hand, watching these two hot babes get it on.
Drew started to groan louder and louder as Cameron continued to ass fuck her. Drew certainly looked
as if she had done this sort of thing before. Cameron suddenly stopped her butt fucking and pulled out
the 12 inches from Drew’s ass. She sat down in a nearby chair and commanded Drew to go down on
her. Drew obeyed, and began to eat Cameron’s juicy pussy. Her tongue went in and out of Cameron’s
cunt lips like an expert. Cameron buried Drew’s face in her pussy, making sure she tasted her sweet
honey pot. After some minutes of pussy eating, Cameron pushed Drew away, held up the strap-on and
gave it to Drew.

“I want to be ass fucked hard and fast”, Cameron commanded.

Drew put on the strap-on and banged it into Cameron’s ass. She yelled with the same pain and pleasure
that Drew had experienced moments earlier.

The tattoist was now hard again, and wanted to feel how tight Drew’s ass was. He got behind her, and
slowly eased his cock into Drew’s ass. Drew let out a little yelp and continued to fuck Cameron’s ass as
she got ass fucked at the same time. Drew picked up the pace of her fucking and Cameron started to

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder, you bitch!” she screamed as she came. She collapsed to the floor,
sweat trickling down her body.

Drew was still getting her ass filled and was loving every moment. But she wanted to taste the man’s
cum for the second time. She stopped for a second, and rolled over onto her back.
“But your cock between these”, she said as she cupped her tits.

The tattoist got down on his knees and placed his cock between Drew’s tits. She was in full control yet
again, and started a good rhythm going. As she was cock teasing the man, Cameron got up and walked
towards Drew. She knelt down and spread Drew’s legs wide open before going down on her tight juicy
pussy. The man didn’t last long and shot his wad for the second time. Drew’s face now had big dollops
of cum dripping down it. Cameron continued to eat Drew. She noticed that Drew had cum dripping
down her face, so she got up and helped to lick it off.

“I want some cock!”, cried Cameron.

The man looked over to both of them, and beckoned them over. He lay down in his tattooing chair and
commanded Cameron to straddle his tool. She eased herself ontop. He ordered Drew to park her ass
on his face. Drew did so and made herself face Cameron. The man started to eat Drew’s ass and fuck
Cameron’s tight cunt at the same time. Drew began to touch Cameron’s tits, before starting to lick at
tease her nipples.

Cameron reached down to her right and grabbed the strap-on. She eased it into her ass as she
continued to get fucked and licked. For the third time the man came, unleashing a hot, sticky wad deep
inside Cameron’s cunt. She eased herself of him, and inserted the strap-on into her pussy. She pulled it
out, and it had cum on the tip of it. Drew grabbed it and licked it clean and then orgasmed as the man’s
tongue expertly licked her out.
Drew looked up at a clock on the wall.

“Is that the time already?” she asked out loud. “We must be going. Me and Cameron are entertaining
some friends tonight.”

“That local college football team are going to have some fun!”, Cameron added.
And with that they both sucked the last few drops of cum from the tattoist’s cock before leaving.

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