Charlie’s Angels Cat Fight

charlies angels cat fight

by boslee

Young Heather Locklear was thrilled to get a part on Charlie’s Angels and was justifiably proud of herself as she
drove to the studio. Heather looked gorgeous as she was presented to the cast and co-stars Jaclyn smith and
Kate Jackson were thrilled to have her join them for the episode. Cheryl Ladd on the other hand, wasn’t impressed
at all for she saw blond Heather as a threat to her as the show’s No. 1 glamour girl.
Kate and Jaclyn shook Heather’s hand and greeted her with warm smiles while Cheryl just gave her a cold glare
and went to her changing room. Cheryl was barely
dressed when the door opened and Heather walked in. Cheryl
was standing in front of the mirror adjusting her clothing, looking particularly sexy with her slim body tucked into a
black body suit and shiny black pantyhose.

Cheryl turned around and snapped, “Don’t you know it’s rude to just bust in? What are you looking at anyway, you
sumkinda fuckin dyke or just a pervert?” she snarled.

Heather too looked gorgeous, her slim figure encased in a white leotard and matching leggings.

“I’m really sorry Cheryl. I thought this was Jaclyn’s room, she asked me to drop by for a chat.”

“Are you really that stupid,” snarled Cheryl, taking Heather’s arm and dragging her to the door, opening it and
pointing to a large sign. “See, it says ‘Cheryl Ladd’ right here on the door. What’re you, another high school drop
out who gives blow-jobs to get work?”

“Look, I said I’m sorry,” Heather said, her pretty eyes misting. “What’s your problem with me anyway?”

Cheryl stepped up to her until their bodies were touching.

“Lets get one thing straight, shall we, hon. I don’t like you, I can’t stand you. All kinds of wannabe’s come on this
show and think they’re special, well they’re NOT. I’m the primo glamour girl on the show, not Miss Perfect Smith or
that ugly dyke bitch Jack-off-son. And certainly not you, you little bimbo!”

Cheryl grinned arrogantly at having put this two-bit bit player in her place.

“I was only trying to be friendly,” Heather huffed. “But what’s the point with a bitch-on-wheels like you!” snapped
Heather as she turned around to leave.

“Hey Locklear,” said Cheryl.

When Heather turned back, she was met by Cheryl’s fist sinking into her stomach .

“Orrrrrrrrrrfffffff,” cried Heather stumbling back grabbing her churning belly.

Cheryl lunged, grabbing the younger blonde by the hair and bending her head backward.

“Just remember doll face, you cross me and I’ll rearrange that pretty face of yours so you won’t find work in horror
films. OK pussycat?” Cheryl snarled as she tugging Heather’s blonde locks.

“OK, OK!” whined Heather. “Leggo my hair, you’re hurting me,” she cried.

Cheryl let her go and sent Heather on her way with a hard kick to her tight little ass. Cheryl felt great, she felt a
sense of power, and for once she was the intimidator instead of the punching bag being bullied by other woman
jealous of her terrific good looks .

Heather was in the washroom washing the tears from her eyes when Jaclyn Smith walked in and said, “Here you
are, I’ve been looking for you.” Then seeing Heather’s tears, she asked, “Hey, what’s wrong? Why are you crying

“It’s nothing,” sighed Heather, wiping her face.

“Now, now; come on you can tell me.”

“Tha…. that horrible Cheryl Ladd hit me for no reason.”

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