Charlotte Church And Britney Spears In A Spot Of Trouble Part 2

Charlotte Church And Britney Spears In A Spot Of Trouble Part 2

Just over five months had past since Charlotte Church had invited
Britney Spears to her house under orders from her tormentor,
fourteen year old schoolboy rapist, Mark.

Charlotte, pregnant at the time with Mark’s baby, delivered the
American star into his hands before having a change of heart and
trying to stop him.

Charlotte fell down the stairs and after being rushed to the hospital,
lost the baby.

Charlotte had no idea that Britney had been raped and impregnated by
Mark. Until now…..

Miss Church had taken time off to recover from her miscarriage and
spent lots of time just taking things really easy. She was spending
lots of time with her family and time with her ‘boyfriend’, Steve.
Things were getting back to normal so much that Charlotte forgot all
about Britney. She also had the odd night when she didn’t have a
nightmare involving Mark or Stu.

The day came when Charlotte decided to go back to work.
Her management got to work and booked a few dates in England, Wales
and Scotland before confirming a tour finale in America.
The gigs went fine and Charlotte looked the happiest she had for a
long time. Whilst strolling through New York, Charlotte saw a huge
billboard of Britney Spears. She suddenly recalled that Britney was
left alone with Mark after she had fallen down the stairs. It was
all of a sudden the most urgent thing to do.

Charlotte phoned Britney but got through to her aids. After being
really funny with her, Charlotte was finally allowed time to see

Charlotte was told where and when. She then went to her apartment
and got ready to see her friend.
Charlotte wore a purple knee length dress with matching shoes. She
looked stunning. It had been quite a while since she had felt like
dressing up proper.
As she arrived at Britney’s house she felt nervous. How would she

Charlotte walked in. Britney was wearing shades, her hair was down
and she had on a black sleeveless t-shirt. She also had a paisley
design skirt and shin high boots on.
Charlotte looked at Britney and could see her tummy was pretty trim.
She blurted “Oh! Britney, I’m so glad to see your not……”

“NOT HERE!” Britney snapped.

Britney whispered “we need to go somewhere else, there are monitors
all over the place in here”

Britney sneaked Charlotte out of their room and out the back
passage. They walked for about half a mile until they reached an old

“This is where I come to be alone” Britney said.
Britney took her glasses off and Charlotte could see her eyes were

Charlotte didn’t know what to say or where to start. She looked down
and said “I-I-I…….urm, how are……. did……urm…….
he…….oh God…….. urm…….”

“YES CHARLOTTE!!” boomed Britney.

“HE……..” her voice softened.
“he raped me……”

The two girls sobbed for a while until Britney got control of
herself and said “Charlotte, that bastard stole my virginity and
made me orgasm, it IS your fault, and I will never fully forgive
you…. but…. you did try to help me in the end…. and I know
about the videotape”

Charlotte stammered “w-w-well at least he….. d-didn’t…..”
Britney interupted and said “he did!….. he did get me pregnant!”

A distressed Britney then told the story of how she was a strict
Christian. It was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do in her
life. In the end though, there was no video evidence so she decided
that an abortion would be the best thing to do.

The pair then swapped stories of their torment as they cried.
Britney looked at Charlotte and said “After the rape, I said to
myself that I would never wear a skirt again…. but I then said
that this was not going to rule and ruin my life…. I had to get
over it”

A smile appeared on Charlotte’s face as she said “ME too!”
The pair linked hands.

Suddenly, the lights went out. It was pitch black.
“Whats going on Brit?” queried Charlotte.

“We must have blown a fuse…… I will try and feel my way to the
fusebox…. dont move.”

Britney felt her way along the wall and came to the box.
She felt a hand on her shoulder and said “Charlotte?”

Charlotte replied in a whisper “yesss!?!”
Britney then felt a hand lift her skirt. As she turned the switch
she felt a sharpe object scratch her arse.

The lights came on as Britney yelled “aaaargh!!”

To her horror, Britney turned to see the figure of Mark standing
behind her. He had just injected her with some sort of drug. Poor
Britney groaned and collapsed on the floor.

Charlotte was stunned and screamed as Britney fell unconcious to the
floor. The teenager ran for the door but Mark was quick. He caught
Charlotte and wrapped his arms around her. As Charlotte screamed and
struggled she felt the needle plunge into her arm. Charlotte groaned
and her eyes rolled back as she felt Mark molest her firm tits
before she too fell into unconciousness.

Charlotte opened her eyes. She could not see anything as she was
blindfolded. She was certain she still had her dress on but she was
bound tightly with rope.

The poor girl couldn’t move and had no idea where she was, what she
did know though, was she was in trouble. Britney began to stir
as well and soon both stars were awake. Neither could move and they
were very afraid. Charlotte then felt a hand on her shapely
breasts. Charlotte moaned her protests as an evil laugh filtered
through her ears. Both girls squealed “NOOOOOOO!!”

Then their blindfolds were removed. The girls could see that they
were each strapped to a bed, not three feet from each other.
Mark pointed to a mounted camera on the wall. “that, my little
bitches, is the camera that is going to film me RAPING and

Charlotte shuddered as she realised she was on her period. How the
hell did he always know when was best to catch her?

Britney was also on her period and was in a state of shock. She did
not know where thery were, but she was going to be raped again.
Charlotte felt Mark’s hand stroking her legs. As he untied the ropes
he said “Tut, tut, Charlotte, you lying bitch! What’s all this SHIT
you’ve been saying about losing your virginity to your BOYFRIEND!?!”

Charlotte whimpered as he reached up her thighsand said “HE! HE!
HE!, RAPED at fifteen, RAPED at sixteen….. and now….I’m gunna
RAPE you at seventeen!”

Charlotte could do nothing as she felt her silky thong being slipped
off. Charlotte knew she was about to be raped, yet again and closed
her eyes to pray.

Mark twisted her nipples and said as she shrieked “No time for that,

Then, for the first time in almost half a year, Charlotte felt her
dress lifted and the zipper on Mark’s jeans.
Charlotte wept as she saw Mark’s cock aimed at her pussy.
She had thought her days of rape were behind her and that she had
her life back.

As Mark slowly inserted his cock, poor Charlotte knew she was back
to square one, a helpless little girl, about to be fucked and

Mark was supreme. He had his two favorite rapetoys and was working
Charlotte into a bit of a sweat.
Mark knew he had the ability to make Charlotte cum but he took his
time and raped her very slowly.

It was agony for Charlotte. Her rosy cheeks got redder as she
continued to get hot. Soon Charlotte could fight no longer. The
teenager succumbed to her young rapist and shuddered to orgasm.
Charlotte cried. She knew Mark hadn’t really tried too hard to make
her cum. She felt so cheap!

Mark then ripped Charlotte’s dress to unveil the sexiest lacy bra
ever. Charlotte groaned as he played with her errect nipples and
thrust his cock deeper into her tender pussy. Charlotte’s squeals
were soon overcome by her panting. Mark knew exactly what to do and
worked Charlotte hard. Charlotte moaned


Charlotte orgasmed in multiples. She could barely breath as one
followed the other. As they came to a finish Charlotte just wanted
to curl up and cry, however, she saw a familiar look in Mark’s eyes
and knew he was close.

Charlotte cringed as she felt his cock slide deeper and deeper into
her. Mark felt Charlotte’s womb and smiled “Ready Mummy?”

Charlotte screamed and screamed, until Mark’s cock exploded.

Charlotte’s head went back and she cried

The deed was done. Charlotte felt her womb fill up with cum once
more and as each squirt swam in she was left in less and less doubt
that Mark had got his wish.

Mark then sucked on Charlotte’s nipples and said “I’m sure the sprog
will enjoy sucking these puppies as much as I do!”

Britney had been laying in total dispare. She had been listening to
Charlotte’s ordeal and was now going to go through it herself.
Mark looked at his watch.

“Sorry Britney, I don’t have long.”

Mark reached up Britney’s stunning tanned legs, under her little
skirt and got to her panties.
As he removed them he mocked his victim and said “I’m glad you got
over your skirt phobia, sweetie. Your legs are the best!….. Oh,
just to let you know….. I’VE BEATEN YOU!! And I’m about to ruin
your life!!”

Britney cried a whole stream of tears as she realised he was right.
She was totally defeated.
Mark then cut the ropes from one of Britney’s arms and said “I wanna
see you play with yourself!”

Poor Britney found herself reaching down and inserting a couple of
fingers into her own pussy.
Mark was overjoyed and started to jerk off as he watched. Britney
was soon getting aroused but so was Mark. The young boy lept onto
Britney and thrust his throbbing cock inside Britney’s tight pussy.
Both of them groaned and moaned instantly as the rape commenced.
A surprised Mark found it was too much for him and shot his load
into a gasping, groaning Britney Spears.
To her dismay Britney orgasmed too, just as the last drops of cum
were squeezed into her womb.

As Mark got off, Britney looked at the video and wept hysterically.
She knew she was pregnant again but this time he had her on film.
The once powerful superstar, Britney Spears was now a helpless
little girl, who had no other choice than to have the baby growing
inside her.

Both girls had pregnancy tests.

Both came out positive.

Charlotte was desperate to get back to England. At least she could
blame the pregnancy on Steven.

An inconsolable, heartbroken Britney Spears had to come to terms
with the fact that she was going to be a Mummy by the time she was
twenty two.

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