Charlotte Church And Steps – Backstage

Charlotte Church & Steps – Backstage

Charlotte sighed as she closed the dressing room door behind her parents,
finally she had the dressing room to herself. She smiled one of her cute smiles
and walked over to the mirror and began fiddling with her hair.
She was due to perform at a charity concert with Steps and she had an hour to
get ready. She examined her budding breasts through the sweater she was wearing,
Despite her physical development Charlotte remained very innocent and knew
little about sex or how desirable she was becoming.

Just then there was a knock on the door
and Faye followed by Lisa and Claire
stepped inside. Charlotte was shocked but also rather aroused by the tight,
revealing outfits they were wearing. She was especially drawn to Lisa whos big
breasts were barely covered by the low cut belly top she was wearing and who had
on the shortest skirt Charlotte had ever seen, she knew she shouldn’t have such
feelings for other girls but she couldn’t help it.

"Just thought we’d say hello Charlotte" Faye said "Are younervous?"
"Oh no" Charlotte said grinning "I’m used to performing now."
"I bet you are" Claire said suggestively and three girls giggled much to
Charlottes confusion. Faye moved behind Charlotte and began stroking her long
brown hair, Charlotte had a strange burning sensation between her legs as she
felt Faye’s warm breath on her neck.

Faye was tall and blonde with a stunning figure perfectly offset by the tight
cut-off top and figure hugging leggings she was wearing which rode in at her
pussy and small,firm arse.
"Your really beautifal Charlotte" Faye breathed "We all think so." Charlotte saw
Claire and Lisa had huddled together and were smiling at her. She wasn’t sure
what the girls were up to but she felt very excited.
"I hope this isn’t too personal." Faye continued "But are you a virgin?"
Charlotte blushed, she didn’t know much about sex but she knew what that meant.
"Y-yes" she stammered "of course, I’m only 14."
Lisa and Claire giggled. "I’d had about ten shags by your age." Lisa said. "Mind
you" she said moving next to Charlotte and stroking the soft,white skin on her
left arm while fixing her with a seductive stare "I’ve always been a bit of a
Charlotte gulped, She could feel herself becoming wet in her pussy like
sometimes when she stuck her fingers in there at bedtime, The girls could tell
they had got her going.
Lisa walked back to Claire and they embraced again, staring lovingly into one
anothers eyes.
"Y’know a good way to get sexual experience without making a fool of yourself is
to start with girlfriends." Lisa said.

Charlotte stared in stunned disbelief as Lisa and Claire began kissing
passionately, locking tounges and caressing one anothers firm bodies as they did
"With another girl?" stammered Charlotte "But that’s wrong it’s…"
"Relax" Faye said soothingly "Lots of girls do it, it doesn’t mean your a
Faye began to kiss Charlotte gently on the neck, Charlotte gasped and pulled
away. "Faye! what are you doing?" she said "stop that!"
Faye fixed her with a stare "are you telling me that doesn’t turn you on
Charlotte" she said pulling the young girl back against her firm womanly body.
Charlotte felt Fayes small, rosebud breasts pressing against her firm teenage
ones and came in her white panties.
"I don’t know, I’m so confused…" Charlotte said.
Faye smiled and kissed her affectionately on the lips, Charlotte didn’t try to
resist, she knew she wanted this.
Charlotte and Faye turned as they heard Lisa groan, Claire had her hand up her
skirt and inside her panties.
Lisa moaned and groaned as Claire pushed her long fingers in and out of her
pussy. She promptly came all over her friends hand, Claire smiled and withdrew
She turned to Charlotte who was staring fixated at the scene, she smiled
mischievously then slipped her fingers into her mouth lapping up the warm, milky
liquid on them.
Lisa giggled as Charlotte stared on, open-mouthed.

"Lets’s give her a real show." she said to Claire, Claire nodded and moved
behind Lisa. With Charlotte still staring on and having her breasts massaged by
an equally aroused Faye, Claire pulled the straps from Lisas top and slipped it
down revealing Lisa’s big breasts, nipples standing erect.
Charlotte couldn’t believe how big they were and found herself imagining
suckiling on them. Lisa groaned as Claire shot a hand up her skirt and ripped
off her panties, dangling them in front of Charlotte for a moment then licking
the crotch much to Lisa’s delight.
Finally she unzipped and pulled off Lisa’s skirt, Charlotte gazed admiringly at
Lisas perfect body – her big round breasts, her trim stomach and waist, her
thick brown bush hiding a tight,wet pussy and best of all her tight,pert arse
which Charlotte was ashamed to admit she’d have happily eaten shit from.
Lisa quickly undressed Claire, She was taller and thinner but with a beautifal
figure too. She had medium breasts and long alluring legs that Charlotte
imagined slipping inside.
Lisa and Claire collasped onto the leather sofa in the room, Lisa spread her
short legs giving Charlotte a delightful view of her tight cunt. Claire bobbed
down and returned to fingering her friend, she quickly brought to another
climax. Charlotte was a little frightend by Lisa’s loud gasps and groans but
also very aroused and intrigued, she wanted to feel that way too.

As Claire slipped her long tounge into Lisas dripping wet pussy and lapped up
the sweet liquid greedily, Faye slipped a hand between Charlottes legs and felt
her tight,teen pussy through the trousers she was wearing.
Charlotte spun round to face her, initially angered at this intrusion of her
most private parts but then as Faye fixed her with a seductive stare she melted
and found herself enjoying Faye’s exploration of her cunt.
Meanwhile Lisa and Claire had swopped roles, Claire’s long legs were spread wide
open and Lisa was fingering her. She had an even louder, even more disturbing
and arousing orgasm. Lisa smiled sweetly and fed Claire the come on her fingers,
Claire loved to taste herself. Next Lisa buried her head between Claires legs
and lapped up the wet cunt.

Claire moaned "oh fuck yeah Lisa, go on ye dirty bitch."
Charlotte was a little shocked by the language, but she was enjoying the
breaking of many a taboo today.
The two girls lay upright beside one another grinning at Charlotte.
"Did that do anything for you?" Claire asked
"I don’t know, I suppose…." Charlottes mind was in a whirl, she was being
exposed to so many new things and her discoveries were not about to stop at
watching. Faye pulled her hand from between Charlotte’s legs.
"Time for you to get an education." she said.
"What do you mean?" Charlotte asked innocently.
Faye stroked her cheek and kissed her passionately.
"We want to give you your first experience." Faye said, she took Charlottes hand
and lead her to the sofa. As Lisa reached for her trouser button, Charlotte
realised what was planned and pulled back.
"Oh no!" she said firmly "I can’t, watching is one thing but doing it is quite
Faye began stroking her hair again, Charlotte turned and stared into her
seductive,blue eyes.
"It’s going to be alright Charlotte" she said soothingly "We’ll be gentle and
you’ll enjoy it."
Charlotte found it hard to resist the beautifal Faye, she had built a bond of
trust with her even if she did still fear as well as desire the other girls.

Charlotte relaxed and turned back to Lisa, she nodded and Lisa unbuttoned her
trousers and unzipped them. Faye pushed Charlotte down on to the sofa and Lisa
moved across her, making sure to press her body against Charlottes as she did.
Claire helped Charlotte lift her sweater over her head while Lisa pulled off her
trousers. Charlotte was left sitting in just her childish training bra and polka
dot panties.
Faye, Lisa and Claire stared for a moment, Charlotte looked so sweet and
innocent none of them could wait to deflower her. Lisa and Claire quickly helped
Faye to removed her top and leggings, exposing a firm,tanned body that Charlotte
couldn’t wait to be in contact with. Faye fixed her with a seductive stare as
she discarded her final garment a pair of white panties. She had a small blonde
bush that barely hid her tight,wet cunt.

Lisa always one to take the initiave bobbed down to slip off Charlotte’s
panties, while Claire moved behind her expertly unhooking her bra. Charlottes
pale,developing body was exposed. The girls were impressed with her medium and
still developing breasts and she had a cute little arse but best of all was her
still bald pussy. It made her look so young,sweet and innocent and the girls
loved that, they always enjoyed watching young girls jiggling around at their
concerts in skimpy,revealing outfits.

Lisa slowly slid two fingers into Charlotte who yelped with pain of entry then
relaxed and widened her pussy to allow Lisa to slip in a third. Faye gently
pushed Charlotte on to her back and slowly sat on her face, pushing her warm wet
pussy into Charlotte’s eager face. She smiled satisfiedly as Charlotte’s tounge
began to explore her cunt and anus. Meanwhile Claire had taken Charlotte’s hand
and was pushing her fingers in and out of her cunt, groaning and smiling one of
her sexy smiles as she got off from a fourteen year old girl.
Charlotte’s mind was in a whirl as she experienced heights of pleasure she could
only have imagined, Lisa was driving her crazy with her fingers and tounge, the
feeling of Faye’s pussy in her face was heavenly and she loved bringing Claire
to a climax as well.

Finally the girls gave her a moment to breathe, and all four of them lay gasping
for breath. Charlotte was covered in sweat and had come in her hair, around her
mouth, between her legs and on her fingers. She had a strong taste of Faye’s
sweet pussy as well as a slight tinge of her foul but strangely arousing shit
and urine in her mouth.
Much to the girls delight Charlotte slipped her fingers into her mouth and
sucked the sticky liquid from them eagerly, She had been well and truly
Nothing was taboo for Charlotte anymore and she happily submitted once again as
the girls swapped roles with Faye poking and eating her tight,teenage pussy
while Lisa put Charlottes fingers up her and Claire sat on her face.
They swapped roles a third time after which an exhausted Charlotte lay flat out
on the sofa gasping. She’d had the most mind-blowing experience of her life but
there was still one more treat to come.
Lisa rummaged around in the pocket of her discarded skirt and pulled out a huge
plastic object that Charlotte hadn’t seen before. She quickly cottoned on to
what it was used for when Lisa, grinning cheekily, rammed it up herself and
began moaning loudly.

"It’s a dildo" Faye said "It’ll give you an idea of what it’s like to have a
cock up you."
"Won’t it hurt?" Charlotte asked.
"No." said Claire soothingly "Does Lisa look as if she’s in pain?"
Charlotte watched Lisa moaning and screaming as she reached a climax with a huge
slutty grin on her face. It looked anything but painful and Charlotte was up for
anything after what she’d just done.
Lisa withdrew the dildo and sucked it clean of her come. She stared knowingly at
Charlotte who looked back nervously.
Faye and Claire sat either side of her gently stroking her hair.
"Open your legs" Lisa instructed firmly, Charlotte did as she was told,
intimidated but also aroused at being dominated in this way. Lisa bobbed down on
to her knees and forcefull rammed the dildo up Charlotte, she screamed in agony
and had to be comforted and encouraged by Faye and Claire as Lisa violently
pushed it in and out of her cunt.

Suddenly she began to get into the rhythm and a huge smile covered her face as
Lisa increased the ferocity and she was driven to the heights of ecstacy.
"Oh,oh,oh fuck yeah!" screamed Charlotte, all her morals had gone out of the
window and she had developed just the right mouth for a slut. "Do me you bitch!"
she shrieked "I wanna be fucked!"
Finally she came all over the dildo, Lisa pulled it out and rammed it down her
throat. Charlotte sucked expertly, it was clear she was going to be great at
blow-jobs one day.
Faye took control of the dildo after that and ordered Charlotte on to all fours,
she pushed it in and out of Charlotte’s pert,milky white buttocks until
Charlotte could bear no more and collasped back on to the sofa panting and
moaning with the pain and pleasure of it all.
Charlotte smiled at the girls, she’d had the wildest experience of her life and

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