Charlotte Church And The Manbeast

Charlotte Church and The Manbeast

At 15 Charlotte was a firmly established child sensation in the music world.
With multi-platinum
albums under her belt she could do no wrong even with her huge male following.
She and I had
been dating for a solid 6 months and things were definetely serious between us.
We had already
kissed, she had sucked me off, I’d eaten her out but we hadn’t fucked. But that
was about to change.

Me and her decided to take a walk down the local woods just to spend some time
away from all of
press and media. In the midst of this we stopped for awhile and had a lie down.
Time passed by
we had fallen asleep only to be awoken by what I could only describe as some
type of
werewolf (I don’t believe in that shit but I believe in what I see). Charlotte
screamed in fear
as it lunged towards her with a gaping jaw atempting to bite her, but me being
the loving boyfriend
I am leaped in front of him and recieved a bite on my shoulder. It wasn’t very
deep but it hurt like
hell. Then suddenly he unlocked his jaw and ran off. “Are you OK baby?” I said
as I gripped at my
wound tightly. “I’m fine, but what about you we should get you to a doc….”.
Charlotte paused
and was amazed that the wound I had been inflicted with started to heal at a
rapid pace. I to
was amazed and didn’t know what to do. We pulled ourselves together and decided
that since knowone
saw this then we would keep this between us and left the scene of terror for

In coming weeks I had begun to transform somewhat in my head. I began thirsting
for sex alot
more especially. Since Charlotte was still a virgin I couldn’t take out my
sexual urges on her
when I wanted and although it sounds sad, I do love her. Charlotte was noticing
that I was
alot more aggressive with her when we were getting intimate, and she didn’t know
what to do.
I had to be locked in a room at night while she slept on the couch because I was
getting alot more
violent and it all culminated on a hot summers night.

Our usual goodnight routine of me being locked up and then destroying the room,
but this time I
was able to get so mad that I smashed the door down. I saw this as my chance and
rushed downstairs
where Charlotte had awoken from the noise. I couldn’t belive what I was doing. I
was acting like
a dog, growling, barking walking around on all fours. Charlotte had never seen
me like this face
to face an she was shocked and frightened, but as soon I looked at her I calmed
down and slowly
walked over to her while she was lying down. She got up and kneeled down in
front of me with a
bit of caution. She was wearing nothing which I know she said she did when she
slept but I wasn’t
fully convinced by her. The site of her naked was amazing, big juicy teenage
tits, a beautiful set
of young toned legs, and a bald snatch. A guy of my age’s dream. This was all
too much for me and
I began to develop a raging rock hard cock and it was then I realised why had
been so agressive
these past weeks. Just like any other dog I was in need of a mate, and it looked
like Charlotte
was going to be it. She noticed my rod at full attention and began to get horny.
How did I know?
The dripping liquid from her vagina was a dead give away as well as her eyes not
moving from the
site of my huge hard cock. It was at that point I could take no more and leaped
on top of her. My
immediate instincts were to turn her over so I did. I manuvered her onto all
fours which she gladly
did and thrusted with enormous force. I connected in one and began to pound at
the speed of a
wolfhound. Charlotte was screaming so loud the neighbours were waking up but she
didn’t care. Me
taking her virginity in the most vicious way possible turned her on emmensely as
well as turn me on
just as much. I don’t know how long I was pounding her for but it all came to an
end when I
came harder than I ever think I would normally. It spewed inside her just like a
dog and began
leaking outside of her now devirginised snatch. I released myself and stayed
there on all fours.
Charlotte looked at me like a dog on heat and was ready for more. And trust me,
she wasn’t the
only one.

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