Charlotte Church Goes Wild

Charlotte Church Goes Wild

By Vinetalover

If someone had told me what I’m about to tell you I

wouldn’t have believed them either. But what you are

about to hear genuinely happened, just 3 weeks ago.

I was holidaying in Ibiza, having just broken up with

my girlfriend. I’d gone out with a few lads with a

view to drowning my sorrows, chilling by the sea and

getting laid. After the first week of the holiday I’d

achieved the first two objectives but as far as girls

were concerned the only thing I’d done was get a quick

grope off an attractive blonde called Carly. Maybe

just wasn’t trying enough.

But then it happened. We were in Harry’s Bar, a

popular bar/nightclub which was packed to capacity,

girls out numbering fellas three to one. And it

seemed all the girls were getting totally pissed on

the cheap wine, beer and cocktails.

The guys and I moved in on one specific group of girls

we had been eying up from afar. There were four

girls in all, one for each of us. As we approached I

recognised one of the girls.

“That’s Charlotte Church” I told my mate, Paul

“No way, man, you’re just drunk” he replied, himself

drunk on cheap beer.

But I was convinced it was the young singer. As I

approached I knew I was right. Charlotte’s round,

dimpled face was unmistakable.

The other guys all homed in on their respective

targets, Paul to a slightly over-weight Indian girl,

Terry to a skinny blonde, Martin to the brunette with

the chunky legs and me to Charlotte.

Plucking up the courage, I cleared my throat and

introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m John…are you Charlotte?” I asked, nervously

“Yup, that’s meeee” laughed Charlotte, clearly already

the worse for drink.

I bought Charlotte a drink – a double Red Bull and

Vodka and we started chatting although it was hard to

hear anything over the pounding rhythm of the music.

However Charlotte seemed to laugh at all my jokes so I

thought I was doing well, even though I suspected she

was just totally drunk and would have laughed at


As we shouted at each other in an attempt at

conversation I marvelled at how pretty Charlotte was.

My parents had a CD of hers from when she was about 13

and even then she was pretty. But now, at 18, she was

stunning, her round face framed by gorgeous straight

brown hair that cascaded around her shoulders, her

wonderful large eyes, luscious lips. God I wanted her

so badly.

As if in response Charlotte suddenly grabbed me and

started to kiss me passionately, forcing her tongue

into my mouth. Instantly I could feel my cock going

hard and I willed it to go down for fear of putting

her off. But it actually seemed to have the opposite

effect, as now Charlotte was grinding her body against

mine and kissing me even harder.

Eventually she broke off the kiss, started giggling

again and then, looking me directly in the eye said

“Have you ever fucked a superstar?”

I shook my head. Of course I hadn’t.

“You wanna?” Charlotte said, collapsing in hysterics

now. I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not but I

just took her by the hand and virtually dragged her


We staggered the 5 minute walk back to my hotel and

all the time I was convinced she would want to stop.

But when we got to the elevator Charlotte was on me

again, kissing wildly, running her hand up my leg and

cupping my cock through my shorts.

“Mmmmm.. Mr Cock wants to play!” giggle Charlotte.

We virtually crashed into my room and as the door

slammed behind us Charlotte threw me to the bed,

laughing in that soft welsh laugh she has.

“I want you to fuck me sooooooo hard” she said in her

delightful, soft Welsh accent and then pounced on me,

pulling my shorts off and releasing my erect cock.

Then she struggled to pull her thin dress over her

head to reveal her glorious breasts and huge thick

nipples. Her wondrous long hair fell down her naked


I could feel how wet Charlotte was through her thong

and I pulled her onto me, grasping her breasts and

grinding my groin against hers. Then I started to

pull off her thong.

“Just rip it” Charlotte said. She was incredibly

aroused and was dripping with sweat. I did as she

said and threw the ripped panties to the floor.

Between my legs I looked down and could make out the

neatly trimmed triangle of dark brown pubic hair

between Charlotte’s legs.

“Fuck me..oh god I want you inside me” Charlotte

moaned and guided my cock into her vagina. She sank

down, taking my full length into her.

“UUUUUGggnnngghghgh” groaned Charlotte as I penetrated

her. And then she proceeded to fuck me, bounding up

and down, her tits jiggling with each thrust, her head

thrown back with pleasure.

“Stick your finger up my arse” asked Charlotte. I was

surprised by this request but did so anyway and

Charlotte let out a loud cry as my digit slipped past

her sphincter and into her tight little anus. She

clearly liked this and began to ride me even faster in


“Harder…harder….oh yeah, fuck me hard” Charlotte


Charlotte’s face was now screwed up in what appeared

to be intense pain although I knew it was actually

great pleasure. She rode me like crazy, her hand

coming between us so that she could finger her

clitoris. The sight of the naked Charlotte Church on

top of me, masturbating herself, was almost too much

to take and I had to fight to stop myself from coming.

Suddenly, Charlotte stopped bouncing, gave me a

serious look and announced:

“I’m..gonna………..puke!!!” she cried and at that

jumped off the bed running to the bathroom.

Unfortunately she was unfamiliar with my bedroom and

instead of finding the bathroom she found the closet

instead. But unable to hold back, Charlotte vomited

into my shoes.

I lay on the bed, watching Charlotte bend over,

listening to her wrench as she puked all the alcohol

up. After an age she slumped face down on the bed

next to me looking very ill.

“I’m…soooooo..drunk..” she announced.

“Lets fuck Charlotte” I asked, hopefully.

“Too.tired..too pissed..” Charlotte answered and then

fell asleep! I couldn’t believe it. I had been so

close but now the stupid girl had passed out. I lay

there for sometime, hugely frustrated over the lost

opportunity, staring at Charlotte’s beautiful tanned


I got up to have a shower and in doing so caught a

glimpse of Charlotte’s perfect round buttocks. So

inviting. I knew what I had to do and even though it

was wrong I couldn’t stop myself. I clambered onto

the bed and pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her

little puckered anus. I licked the hole for a few

minutes to lube it up and then jerked my cock back to

hardness. And then I pushed forward, the tip of my

cock against Charlotte Church’s anus. Man it was

tight. Even though her body was relaxed from alcohol

her anus was very closed up and I concluded that she

had never done anal sex before even though clearly she

enjoyed being touched down there.

I pushed forward further and thought I was going to

rip my cock off she was so tight. But I had to be

inside her, I just had to.

I thrust forward again, sliding my cock into her

bottom. At this point Charlotte woke up.

“Wha.what are you doin….NO!!!!” Charlotte protested

as she realised what was happening. But by now I was

deep inside her anus and it felt too good to stop. I

began to thrust hard.

“Aaaaaaaaaggghhhhh…you’re…. hurting……me”

Charlotte sobbed.

I grabbed at Charlotte’s luxurious long hair and

pulled it back so that her head rose from the bed and

then I began to ride her harder, pulling myself

forward with her hair.


Charlotte wailed. But then she started to relax and

to my astonishment she began to move back against my

thrusts, meeting my every push. She was actually

starting to enjoy it.


Charlotte grunted. Then she raised her body slightly

off the bed and let her right hand drop down to her

vagina and to my astonishment started to masturbate


“uuggh……harder..harder…..” Charlotte


“Are you.ok?” I enquired, now a little worried that I

was actually being a little too brutal.


god..aaaggghhhhh” spluttered Charlotte.

I thrust forward with more intensity than before,

slamming against her as I hammered her anus, buggering

her for all my worth as she rubbed urgently at her

clit, masturbated herself furiously.

“Aaaghhh..cumming…unnnnghghhghghgh” cried Charlotte.

Her body began to jerk in a series of spasms. I

couldn’t hold out either and I shot my load right up

her arsehole then crashing down against her sweaty


Exhausted, we both fell asleep like that, me still in

her anus. When we awoke hours later she was very dry

and her anus had closed up causing us both

considerable pain as I withdrew. But it had been such

an amazing night I didn’t care.

And so that was it. I never saw Charlotte again after

that and doubt she would even remember me. But it was

an experience I myself would never forget.

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