Charlotte Church: Holiday Hell

The usual disclaimers apply. This is a work of fiction and fantasy.


(MMF, nc, rape, oral, anal)

by R

Gavin Henson wasn’t feeling quite so full of himself right now. His face darkened under his tan as he struggled to break his bonds.

Trunk nodded affably at the straining sportsman.

‘You comfortable, white boy? You got a good view?’

Beads of sweat popped from Henson’s forehead. The frenzied thrashing of his muscular
six foot frame threatened to destroy the cane chair he’d been bound to with strips torn from Charlotte’s sarong.

‘Cool it, white boy. This is gonna happen. No point fightin’. Just relax and enjoy the show.’

Henson moaned into his gag as Easy pricked his throat with the tip of the switchblade.

‘You watch, white boy. You watch what my man Trunk does to your sweet l’il girlfriend.’

Henson’s vision blurred with tears of shame – shame that he had been overpowered so easily, shame that he was powerless to stop what was going to come next. The pain of the burns from the telephone cable that had been torn from the headset and knotted around his wrists, holding them fast in the small of his back, was nothing compared to the mental agony of impotence. He knew that he couldn’t save her from this horror. A tear ran down his cheek.

Charlotte Church shivered uncontrollably. Her usual feistiness had evaporated. Her legs were trembling so much that a tiny part of her mind, somehow floating above the fear, marvelled that she was still standing upright. Trunk’s huge hands rested on her waist. She could sense him looming behind her, could smell the sour musk of his body. She gasped as she felt his fingers close around the thin cords of her bikini bottoms, tied in bows high on her curvy hips. It was suddenly very quiet. The air conditioning chilling the hotel room whirred. A gaudy bird sang on the balcony’s balustrade. She could hear the cords whispering as Trunk slowly untied them. She shuddered as the bikini bottoms were flicked away, jumped as she felt the huge Negro’s hands planted on her firm round peach of an arse.

‘She’s a hot one, Trunk.’

Easy’s eyes glittered as he watched. The beautiful Welsh girl was half the size of Trunk. Easy liked that. He liked watching little white girls getting raped.

Trunk’s hands moved up Charlotte’s silkily-skinned back to undo her bikini top. Easy licked his lips as the pastel pink material fell to the floor. The breasts exposed to his hungry eyes were sensational – very big but firm and beautifully buoyant. Trunk slid his hands under Charlotte’s arms and cupped them.

‘Nice. Real nice.’

Charlotte’s heart pounded.

‘Get on the bed. Hands and knees.’

She obeyed. Trunk had made it clear what would happen if she fought or called for help. Every instinct screamed at her to run, to fight, to kick, bite and scratch – but she knew that Gav’s throat would be slit the moment she resisted. She gazed at the quilted headboard, the cotton sheets cool against her knees and palms.

Trunk admired the view. This one had a fine body – cock-arousingly curvaceous and kissed by the Caribbean sun. He unbuckled his belt and let his baggy shorts fall to the floor.

‘Take a look at what I got for you.’

Charlotte took a deep breath and looked back over her shoulder. Her eyes widened.

‘Oh my God…’

He grinned at her shock.

‘Why you think they call me Trunk, girl?’

Ten inches? Twelve? His cock was thick, vein-entwined, and capped with a bulbous glistening crown. Trunk upended a bottle of sun tan oil and ran it up and down his shaft until it was slickly shining.

‘Get your pretty face in that pillow, girl. We don’t need anyone bangin’ on the door askin’ why you screamin’ like a stuck pig.’

Henson gurgled. Trunk looked over at the tormented rugby player.

‘What you sayin’, white boy? You beggin’ me to bang your girlfriend?’

Henson shook his head frantically, spittle flying from the soaked gag stuffed into his mouth.

‘You didn’t say that? Sorry, white boy, I musta misheard. Well, I gonna bang her anyway. Gonna rape this sweet piece from behind, give her a taste of black dick she ain’t ever gonna forget.’

Charlotte wept into the pillow. The bed creaked as Trunk knelt behind her.

‘This gonna be sweet, girl.’

Easy’s cock was out now, and he was tugging at his thick stubby shaft as he watched Trunk run his hands over Charlotte’s arse, the creamy skin of her firm young buttocks forming a cute contrast to the golden tan of her back and thighs.

‘C’mon, Trunk! Do her!’

‘Shut it, Easy. I’m anticipatin’ here.’

Charlotte began to beg, her words muffled by the pillow.

‘Please, please don’t do this. I’m begging you – please, just leave me alone. Please, please don’t do this…’

Trunk slapped her arse.

‘Quit your moanin’, girl. This is all down to you. You shoulda locked your balcony door…’

‘Yeah, s’right! That palm tree outside? We was up it like fuckin’ monkeys!’

‘Shut it, Easy. I’s explainin’ things to the bitch.’


‘You shoulda stayed by the pool. Why you come back to your room mid-mornin’ anyway? You aimin’ to fuck your boyfriend? Get horny in the sunshine, come back here to suck his little white dick? Well, you gonna get some dick alright.’

‘Please, you’ve got our money – please, I’m begging you, just take it and leave!’

‘Yeah, we got your money. A coupla thousand dollars? Think that saves you from gettin’ raped? Shit, girl, you worth more than that.’

Charlotte sobbed piteously.

‘I can get you more! Please, just don’t – don’t- ’

‘Don’t what? Say it.’

‘Please don’t r-r-rape me…’

‘Hell, you was always goin’ to get raped, girl. Soon as you came in through that door looking so damn cute in that l’il pink bikini, you was gonna taste my dick.’

Trunk nudged his fat helmet into the silky groove of Charlotte’s pussy lips. She was still begging for mercy. Henson was gurgling anew but shut up when Easy increased the pressure of the knife on his throat.

Trunk’s hips twitched. She yelped as his crown opened her lips. Trunk slapped her arse again to elicit another yelp, then crammed his crown inside her and sank a good half dozen inches of solid sable shaft after it. Her back arched and her mouth stretched open to scream, but he was ready for it and cuffed the back of her head so that she cannoned back into the pillow.

‘Bite the pillow, girl. No screamin’ now.’

He sank his cock up to the rough mat of hair at the base of his muscular stomach.

‘Fuck her, Trunk! Fuck her!’

Trunk fucked her. He gripped her hips and slammed his huge cock in and out of her succulent snatch. Sweat dripped from his broad forehead to spatter her soft skin.

‘She tight, Trunk?’ Easy’s voice was thick with excitement.

‘Shit, yeah! Super tight. Virgin tight. How old you, girl?’


‘Hell, you been in a nunnery all that time? Or maybe your boyfriend’s dick is just real small?’

Easy was jerking his dick faster now.

‘Her butt’ll be even tighter, Trunk! You gonna fuck her butt? You gonna?’

‘Shut up, Easy. I’m concentratin’ here.’

Concentrating on the silky heat of her pussy as he ploughed it, his big black balls swinging with each powerful thrust, raping the lovely young Welsh girl hard from behind.

‘Gonna blow soon, girl. Gonna empty my balls in your pussy. You ready? You ready for it?’

Charlotte mumbled into the pillow clenched between her small white teeth.

‘Here it comes! Yeah – yeah – yeah!’

Trunk climbed off the bed as Charlotte collapsed facedown onto the rumpled sheets, her lithe young body slick with sweat. Easy tore his eyes away from the bed and glanced down at his captive. Henson’s eyes were dull with defeat. He slumped against his bonds, drooling like a child into his gag

‘He’s a fuckin’ zombie, Trunk. Don’t need to watch him no more, right?’

Trunk shrugged.

‘So can I play with her now, Trunk? Can I?’

Trunk nodded regally

‘Make it quick. Soon as I get my breath back, I’m gonna fuck her butt.’

Easy scrambled onto the bed and rolled Charlotte over onto her back. He dove on her big breasts, slobbering over her left nipple and then her right, switching back and forth, saliva sliding over her glorious globes. Her nipples were big, pink and stiff with fear and he sucked hard on them, his woolly scalp bobbing as he feasted.

‘Time be runnin’ out for you, Easy.’

Panic flashed in Easy’s eyes.

‘Not yet, Trunk, not yet – I just startin’!’

‘Clock’s tickin’, negro.’

Easy scrambled up, pulling Charlotte with him so that she was swaying dazedly on her knees in front of him. He got to his feet, keeping the beautiful brunette in place with a hand planted on the top of her head. Her once-stylish hair was in wild disarray, strands plastered across her face; Easy peeled the errant locks away from her eyes, grinning when he saw realisation dawn within them as she found herself staring at his cock.

‘P-p-please – no more…’

‘Grab my black butt, bitch! C’mon, do it!’

Her hands fumbled around his waist and gingerly clasped his buttocks. Easy aimed his warhead at her trembling lips.

‘Sucked black dick before, bitch?’

He impaled her lovely face, grabbing a double handful of her hair and hauling her head up and down his fat dick. She moaned and mumbled through her mouthful of meat. The forced blowjob went on and on until her jaw ached; despite his excitement, Easy was determined to enjoy the hot wetness of Charlotte’s mouth for as long as possible. Trunk watched with narrowed eyes until, after a dozen more minutes, he finally lost patience.

‘Hurry it up, Easy. I’s ready again now.’

Easy let himself go. He pulled back so that only his bulbous helmet was crammed inside her mouth, then thrust forward to press her nose into his pubic thatch. His eyes rolled and his hips jerked.

‘Uh – uh – suck it – yeah, suck it all down! Yeah! Uh! Uh! Uh!’

He staggered back, releasing her hair from his brutish grip. She crawled away, her body wracked by coughing. Spunk sprayed from her lips as she spluttered, gasping for air.

‘Got most of it down her throat, Trunk! You see her swallow? I made her gulp it down! You see it?’

‘Yeah, yeah. Get off the bed, Easy.’

Trunk clamped Charlotte around the waist and hauled her back to face the headboard. He emptied the sun tan oil over his resurgent erection and tossed the bottle away.

‘Ever been butt fucked, girl?’

She summoned the last of her strength to scramble frantically for the side of the bed but he hauled her back with contemptuous ease and planted a hand between her shoulder blades to hold her in place. Her head thrashed on the pillow, her eyes those of a trapped animal.

‘Cool it, bitch. S’gonna be a lot worse for ya if ya keep fightin’. Unnerstand?’

‘Don’t! Not my arse!’

He slapped her butt.

‘Quit the bitchin’ – or lover boy here starts bleedin’. You get me?’

She nodded, her lips quivering.

‘OK. Butt time. Get back up on ya hands and knees.’

Her lissom legs trembled like those of a newborn foal as she obeyed the command. Trunk knelt behind her and parted her creamy buttocks to expose her tiny arsehole.

‘P-please…please don’t…oh! Oh! Oh God!’

He forced his oil-slick crown into her arse. Her scream was choked off as she coughed up more of Easy’s spunk. Trunk gritted his teeth and felt the ring of muscle clamp around his shaft as he buried his helmet. He forced his dick into her virgin arsehole, slowly sinking it inch by inch, grunting with the effort of cramming his monstrous length and girth into Charlotte’s guts. More spunk sprayed from her soft lips as she tried to scream again. Trunk cackled.

‘Welcome to the Caribbean, girl.’

Charlotte gasped for breath as his thrust drove the air from her lungs.

‘I’m in your ass, girl. Gonna ream it good. Gonna empty my big black balls in your l’il white butt!’

‘S-s-stop it! I never – I’ve never – no! No! Aaaaagh!’

He was in up to the base now and he hauled back for the return journey. He was surprised he’d been able to get it all in. Well, it was going back in with a vengeance now. He paused, then drove forward. This time she screamed, a pure, piercing wail that almost made him come there and then. Prudence tempered pleasure and he forced her face into the pillow to cut her off mid-shriek.

‘Mmmgh – nngh – nnn – mmmfh!’

He started fucking her arse in earnest. She collapsed onto her front and writhed beneath him, her lovely body as slippery as a bar of wet soap. He pounded her arse mercilessly, sun tan oil squirting outwards each time his dick squelched home and his big black balls slapped her pouting pussy lips.

‘He’s fucking her butt! Look at it, white boy! Look at it!’

Easy grabbed Henson’s head and forced him to watch Charlotte’s anal rape. He whimpered as he saw Trunk ploughing his girlfriend’s beautiful arse.

The end came quicker than Trunk would have liked but the incredible heat and tightness of Charlotte’s arse made it inevitable that his foray inside it would be relatively short – although every thrust seemed to the butt-fucked babe to last an eternity. Trunk could feel his load boiling inside his balls, feel his sac tightening, feel his shaft swell in readiness for launch. He had to hear her scream. Just once. He pulled her face off the pillow and thrust; she obliged with another shriek, as despairing as he could have wished for. It was exactly what he needed; the final clove of spice to round off the dish. His cock erupted. Hot spurts of sperm jetted into Charlotte’s arse. He pumped himself dry, milking his sac of every last drop of boiling jizz.

‘Yeah! Fuck, yeah! Creaming ya butt!’

Trunk pulled up his shorts. Charlotte lay prone on the bed, weeping hysterically. Her rapist grinned.

‘Enjoy the rest of ya holiday, bitch…’


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