Charlotte Church Lures Britney Spears To Her nightmare

Charlotte Church Lures Britney Spears To Her Nightmare

By Dufus

A few weeks had gone by since fourteen year old schoolboy Mark, half
brother of Stu and impregnator of Charlotte Church came up with the
idea of kidnapping and raping virgins as his next ‘thing to do’.
Mark was getting anxious so he phoned Charlotte and asked her when
his would-be victim was arriving. Charlotte very timidly explained
that everything was in place and the reason that Britney Spears
couldn’t come over any earlier was that she had just celebrated her
twenty first birthday! Britney was flying in the next day and
told Mark that she expected her to arrive at her house at
around 3p.m.

An overjoyed Mark had been waiting for this moment for weeks. He
thanked Charlotte, who was not in a position to refuse to help him
because of the hold he had on her, and told her he would see her

Poor, pregnant Charlotte felt awful that she could be enticing
Britney to an ordeal beyond her worst nitemare but at the back of
her head she thought that Mark would leave her alone once and for all if
she cooperated. Charlotte tossed and turned and had an awful nights
sleep. She felt really guilty but also had vivid flashbacks as well.
Finally the morning came and Charlotte got up, showered and put on a
long flowing dress.

At about 12.30p.m. Mark turned up and promtly let himself into
Charlotte’s house. He scouted around, no parents!, good! he thought.
Charlotte was sitting on her bed and was shocked to see Mark.
Crossing her legs she asked “What are you doing here, it’s only

Mark laughed and said “Oh Charlotte, how naive! In around three
hours time I will be raping the sexiest girl in America. Did you
really think I was not going to rape you in preparation?”

Charlotte was stunned. Mark moved over to her and said “Remember the

He ran his hands up Charlotte’s dress and said “I own you girly,
remember the plan, non-compliance means your ordeal on the

As Mark reached Charlotte’s knickers she gulped. She then caught
sight of Rob, now sixteen. He winked at Charlotte and showed her the
video camera he had brought with him.

Charlotte gently protested as Mark slowly removed her knickers.
She knew she was in a no win situation. She was about to be raped
again and soon her friend may well have the same done to her.

The rape commenced. Mark slid his cock into Charlottes pussy. Again
Charlotte protested weakly and closed her eyes as Mark began to
build up a little speed.

The blubbering Miss Church was soon on her way to her first orgasm
of the rape. Mark still enjoyed it but really was itching for

Mark tried a variety of positions, forcing Charlotte to have four
more orgasms. Finally Charlotte felt Mark get quicker and utter
words of pleasure. She tried to blank it out but as he came she
screwed up her face in disgust. Charlotte felt the cock pop out of
her hole and knew her latest ordeal was over…. for now…

Charlotte washed and put on some clean underware as the two boys
plotted. Rob was on site for the time Mark raped Charlotte for the
first time. He was the man with the camera.

Charlotte’s phone rang. “Hi, it’s me! I will be with you in five
minutes, if I don’t crash this here car that is” said Britney.

An evil grin appeared on Marks face. The boys took up there hiding
places and waited.

The bell rang and a weary Charlotte went to answer it. Britney stood
there dressed in a long coat. They greated each other with a ‘hi’
and a peck on the cheek but then Britney said “Jesus Charlotte, are
you putting on weight or are you just pregnant!?”

Charlotte said “Ha,ha, thanks mate!!”

Charlotte took Britney’s coat and said “oh, you’re wearing a skirt!”
Britney’s blond hair flowed down past her shoulders. Her complexion
was great. She must have been on holiday beacause she was tanned to
perfection. She had on a little white t-shirt, showing mid-riff and
a knee length denim skirt. Her long legs looked fantastic and her
bust was ready to burst.

A puzzled Britney replied “yeah, so?”

As they made their way upstairs Charlotte asked “where’s your
football team of minders today” Britney explained that she wanted
some time on her own with her friend, so they booked into a hotel
across town.

“I WILL have to check in later though” she laughed.

The pair chatted for a while whilst a watching Mark thought he had
died and gone to heaven when he saw Britney. She did look really,
really hot.

After a while, Britney said, “Seriously, Charlotte, hun, what’s with
the weight?”

Charlotte sighed and looked down. As she looked up she had a tear in
her eye. Britney said “Oh my!, what is it??”

Charlotte then began her story.

“I….I…..I’m pregnant!”

Britney said “SHIT!, Is it…….”

Charlotte finished off the sentance and said “No, it’s not his!”
“I was raped!!” wailed Charlotte.

Britney sat back. Unable to speak, she just sat there with her mouth

Charlotte nearly broke down but went into great detail about how she
was first raped by Stu as a fifteen year old when on work
experience. Charlotte told how the thirtyone year old caught her
before making her have her first orgasm also cruelly took away her

Britney listened, shocked as Charlotte went on to say of her second
ordeal after returning from school.

Crying, Charlotte said “He performed oral sex on me, raped my
behind, forced me to perform orally on him then fianally raped me
and…….. got me pregnant!!”

A stunned Britney went to talk….

“I’m not done yet” cried Charlotte.

She explained about how after the abortion, Stu tricked her and
trapped her in his aunt’s house. He kept her prisoner for four days
as he continuosly raped her and impregnated her again before being

Charlotte finished with the heart wrenching story of how thirteen
year old half brother of Stu caught her and after forcing her to
wear a school uniform, filmed the rape and impregnation.

“I can’t abort this one or the whole world will see me being raped!”
Charlotte concluded.

Britney, who had a tear in her eye hugged Charlotte for a while
before saying “That has brought back memories for me you know!”
Charlotte gasped “Were you raped too?”

Mark frowned.

Britney replied “No, but…..
I was seventeen and I had just finished a gig. It went well and
after my road manager came in with a bottle of wine. We drank it and
then he tried to kiss me….
I turned away and told him it wasn’t appropriate. His mood changed.
He looked at me and called me a cock-teaser. I went to leave but he
grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. Before I could do anything he
was on top of me. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth. He was
so strong. He ripped my blouse open and then he ran his hand up my
He pulled my panties off and my heart sank. He was going to rape
As he struggled to get his dick out he let his grip go. I shouted
He slapped me hard and covered my mouth again. He hoisted my skirt
and aimed his cock towards my vagina. As the tip reached me my
guards burst in and pulled him away…..”

Both girls hugged again.

Britney added “I have not been able to bring myself to trust another
man since. Justin said he could handle it but…… that’s why he
dumped me!”

Charlotte said “You mean you’re……

Britney smiled and said “YES!, I’m still a virgin!”

Mark smiled from ear to ear at this wonderfull news.

Charlotte then said “I’M SORRY BRITNEY!!”

Britney was confused and explained that it was o.k.

Charlotte then said “NO, NO, I REALLY AM VERY, VERY SORRY!”

“Why?” exclaimed Britney…

With that Mark and Rob stepped out. Charlotte closed her eyes and
whipered the word ‘sorry’ as a tear ran down her face.

Britney enquired “who are you guys?”

Mark stepped forward and said “Hi Britney, I’M

Britneys eyes opened wide with surprise! She backed off cautiously
and said “This is a joke, right!”

Rob showed her his cam-corder and Britney realized it was no joke.
She searched her pockets.

“Phone in your coat eh? Shame!”

Britney just couldn’t believe it. She was in a foreign land with no
minders nearby. She was wide open and unprotected.

A mystified Britney backed away again as Mark homed in on her.
Disbelievingly, Britney blurted “Come any closer and I’ll scream!”

A gloating Mark said “Go ahead, but there’s no guards to save you
this time!”

Panic stricken, Britney realized he was right. She cried “OOOOWWWW!

Then the sexy singer let out a piercing scream!

She ran for the door only to squeal and stop in her tracks. Rob was
blocking the way. Britney back peddled and found herself sandwiched
between the two boys. Realising she was trapped, Britney shook her
head and screeched “NO! NO! NO! NO!”

Britneys heart was beating wildly, she just couldn’t believe the
situation she was in.

As the boys moved in, Britney tried to evade capture. She darted to
the left but to her horror Mark, as quick as a flash, flung an arm
out. Britney ran into it and squealed as Mark dragged her in. Mark
threw two arms around Britneys body, pinning her arms neatly to her
side. Britney screamed again and again as she kicked and struggled
to get free.

Mark could not hide his joy, he had his arms around Britney Spears’
body, his hands were touching her tits and it was great.
He turned to Rob and said childishly “I’VE GOT ‘ER, I’VE GOT’ER!!!”
Mark wasn’t concentrating and Britney managed to get one hand free.
She flapped about and really tried hard to pull away.

“GGGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGHHHHHHHHH!!!” came the effort from Britney.

Mark was too stong though, he closed his grip up and held her fast.
Britney wriggled and swayed about in a desperate attempt to free

She groaned “UUUGGHH! UUGH,
Mark was wearing Britney down and snickered in her ear as she let
out a half hearted scream.

Britney knew she was in trouble and began to pout. This was the
first sign that she was getting worn down. Mark noticed this and
when Britney went to scream again he clasped a hand over her mouth.
“MMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” squarked Britney.
Mark had her where he wanted her now and with his other hand groped
Britney’s right breast.

Memories flooded back for Britney. She had been captured by a
fourteen year old boy this time though and having him molest her
breast was very degrading.

Suddenly Charlotte jumped up and charged. She ran at Mark and jumped
on his back. She bashed him over the head repeatedly in what was
obviously a change of heart. Mark swung aroung trying to throw
Charlotte off. The three of them struggled about all over the place
until finally Britney was sent crashing into the wall. She hit it
with a thud and fell down.

Mark finally got Charloote off him as they wriggled out of the room
onto the landing.

Mark turned and scoured at Charlotte. Breathing heavily, Charlotte
backed away. As Mark neared Charlotte took one step too far and
screamed as she fell down the stairs.

Mark gasped. He saw Charlotte in pain and holding her tummy. He
wanted to go to her but then swung around to spot Britney trying to
get to her feet. Britney got up. She was sweating and out of breath.
Mark again wrapped his arms around poor Britney “UUUUUGHHH!” she

Mark shouted at Rob. He ordered him to take Charlotte to the
hospital. He feared she would lose the baby.

Rob obeyed. Mark said “Keep with her. Let me know yeah!………”
Then his tone changed. He ran his hand up Britney’s top to her utter
dismay and said “I’ve got a job to do!”

Britney protested weakly but when Mark shut the door and pinned her
to the wall her heart sank. Britney was defenseless as Mark ran both
hands over her soft silky bra. Britney was lost. She could not
comprehend that she was in this terrifying position. Then her worst
fear came true. Mark slid his hand down to her knee and reached up
Britney’s skirt.

Her thighs were so smooth and as he reached her silk panties he
could see she was in total agony.

Britney by now had guessed that Mark was definately going to rape
her. Her lip quivered as Mark teased her by brushing over her pussy
as he continued to degeade her. Mark taunted “YOU’RE MINE SUPERSTAR!
Where are all your big black minders now eh, when you need them?
Their precious little princess is my captive and they dont even
know. You’re nothing Britney, nothing but a helpless little girl
who’s about to get what coming to her!!”

Britney welled up. It was true! She was utterly defenseless!
Helpless! All she could do now was pray someone would save her!
A highly confident Mark then fell to his knees and reached up each
side of Britney’s legs. He grabbed her panties and pulled then down
slowly. They slid agonizingly down Britney’s silky smooth legs. As
they hit the floor Britney burst into tears.

She was beaten. She was totally resigned to the fact that she would
be raped.

She said it over and over in her mind… ‘raped! raped!! RAPED!!!
She was about to be the victim of sexual abuse. This only happened
to normal people, not famous popstars.

Mark reached up Britney’s skirt again and as Britney twitched he
gently stroked her pussy. Britney whimpered and cried as Mark
ensured Britney’s pussy was moist.

Mark then dragged Britney over to the bed. This was it! Britney’s
fantasy of losing her virginity to the perfect man in the perfect
way was fading fast. She was going to be raped by a teenager!!
Mark placed Britney on the bed and slowly took his tousers off. Next
he slipped his boxers off. Britney saw his huge cock and then it
really hit home.

Britney was thinking to herself that this wasn’t fair! She had gone
through alot to preserve her virginity. Justin wanted to take it but
she stood strong. Now all her hard work will have been for nothing.
Her virginity was about to be snatched away by an evil boy who had
PLANNED for months to capture and rape her! WHY ME? she thought.
Britney was brought back to her ordeal as Mark slowly eased her
skirt up to reveal her trim virgin pussy.

Mark licked his lips and groaned at the sight of Britney’s vagina, he
had a bit of pre-cum on his helmet but he didn’t care. Mark
positioned himself above Britney who squirmed and moaned as he
teased her by rubbing his helmet on her tight pussy.

“UUUHHH!! OOOOWWWW!! NOOOOOOO!!!” came the protests.
Mark leaned in and spoke the words that Britney was hoping she would
Mark carefully manoeuvred his cock to Britneys vunerable pussy and
pushed it slowly inside. Britney cringed as she felt it slip in
every inch of the way. Mark was smiling as he could see Britney’s
pained look.

Mark pulled out to the tip and then continued Britney’s torture by
re-entering her at the same speed. Britney’s violation had begun. SHE

Mark then pulled out to the tip again but this time he thrust his
cock into Britney’s pussy with a vengance, smashing her hymen wall!!
Britney screamed hysterically, partly due to the pain but most of
all because now, without any doubt, her virginity was gone! Forever!
Mark was moaning as he continued to rape Britney Spears.
Britneys humbling was not complete though. As the rape carried on
she saw blood dripping from her pussy.

Britney cried “NOOOOOOO!!”

Mark smirked and said Mmm! Virgin juice!”

Mark worked his cock in and out and at last he heard an almost
satisfying moan from Britney’s mouth. Britney was shocked. She
coundn’t deal with this trauma. She was being raped yet her body was
reacting. Britney knew what orgasms were but she had never had one.
She was determined to not have her first today but as the rape
contiuned she got hotter and hotter.

Mark could make Charlotte cum just like that and he was determind to
break Britney Spears too!

Britney gritted her teeth as Mark mocked her by saying “Oh baby,
baby, how was you supposed to know, that I would catch and rape
you!, Oh baby, baby, I should have let you know, that I was gunna
take your cherry! Show me, that your gunna orgasm, show me baby,
while I’m inside (you)!”

Humiliated, Britney continued to moan and finally became
disheartened. Mark’s cock hit her G-spot and Britney Spears was
finally broken. At last a contented Mark had forced Britney to
climax. Her head rocked about and she screamed as the orgasm raced
through her body.

Britney’s resistance was shattered! She now felt like a cheap slut,
getting cheaper with each thrust.

It was bad enough that Britney had been kidnapped so easily, but to
have her virginity taken and to be forced to orgasm was just too
much. This would ruin Britney’s life forever!

Mark was really getting into it and in his lust ripped off Britney’s top.

He stopped for a while to admire the silky bra.

Then he ripped that off and groaned at Britney’s perfect tits! Mark
molested Britney’s bare breasts and got too excited. Britney saw the
look in his eyes and realized he was about to cum.

Britney suddenly screamed and said “NO!!! PLEASE!!…….. YOU CAN’T

Mark lifted Britney’s legs to get deeper penetration.

Britney grimmaced at she felt Mark’s cock enter deeper and deeper. As
he continued to push he reached her womb.

An overwrought Britney screamed again. She had completly forgotten
that she could get pregnant.


Mark came and shot a fountain of hot cum straight to Britney’s womb.
Britney sobbed uncontrollably as she felt the cum flood into her
battered womb.

This was the final act! Britney was now totally broken. As the hot
gooey mess kept flooding into her distressed pussy she was now under
no illusion that she was in fact pregnant.

She had succumbed to the same fate as Charlotte Church. Raped and
impregnated by a teenager!

Mark then said to Britney that he trusted her to keep the baby. He
knew she was a religious lass but added… “if you abort, I WILL
come and GET you!! Your life as a superstar is over, now you’re just
a cheap whore!

Pleased with his work, Mark packed a sobbing Britney off and went
home. News reached him that Charlotte DID miscarry. She was
surrounded by family but lived in fear of Mark.

Meanwhile back in America……………

Britney Spears could not come to terms with what had happened. The
bottom line was…. that she WAS pregnant!!!!

The beaten little girl had become pregnant after her first sexual
encounter. Poor Britney had no choice. She was going to give birth
in eight months time to her fourteen year old rapists child!

Mark was home choosing his next victim….

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