Charlotte Church – A Final nightmare

By dufus.

“Do you REALLY think working 24/7 is the answer darling?” said Mrs Church.

Charlotte was getting ready to do a question and answers morning at a local school. Since her last ordeal in which she was raped and impregnated by Stu who was then shot dead, Charlotte had been keeping really, really busy.

Against doctors orders Charlotte, with semi-backing from her parents had an abortion, although she didn’t tell her Mum and Dad that this was her second!!

This way she was at least free of Stu, though the memories would last forever.

“YES!” said a grumpy Charlotte

Dressed in baggy jeans and a jumper
she got into her fathers car and they drove to the school.

Charlotte began with the lowest year and finished with a class of thirteen to fourteen year olds. Charlotte felt, as she was only 16 herself, the older kids might feel a little patronised.

By the bell a cheery Charlotte was amazed that some hands were still up.

The teacher said that enough was enough but Charlotte said that she didn’t mind flowing over. The teacher, in need of a coffee went asking the kids to direct Charlotte to the staff room after.

The class filtered down until just three lads were left, fourteen year old Rob, and Jon & Mark, both thirteen.

The foursome left and made their way to the staffroom.

The boys walked and chatted until they reached a secluded part of the school garden.

Charlotte quizzed “Is this the way to the staffroom?”

Mark grinned and said “Of course, trust me!”

Charlotte stopped as they rounded another corner and said “We seem to going away!, I’m going back this w….”

Charlotte turned into the path of Rob.

He was a big lad and grinned menacingly at Charlotte.

“Get her boys!” ordered Mark.

Rob grabbed Charlotte around the waist. Stunned, Charlotte struggled and spun around. To her horror she saw Jon charging in on her.

Held fairly tight Charlotte instictivly held out her leg and kicked the oncoming boy. Jon was caught in the balls and went down.

Charlotte, still trying to understand what was going on wrestled with Rob.

All sorts of thoughts were going through the young girls head as she backed into the wall, winding Rob, who released his grip.

As Charlotte leant forward for air, Jon jumped up and punched poor Charlotte right in the gut.

For a thirteen year old he had a good punch and Charlotte backed up, winded and holding her tummy.

Charlotte backed into the waiting arms of Rob and now she began to get scared. Charlotte couldn’t help it and let out a squeal!

Jon rushed in and clasped his hand over Charlottes mouth.

The two boys grappled with Charlotte as she desperatly tried to get away.

As the two lads laughed Charlotte bit down on Jon’s hand.

Jon yelled and let go. Charlotte then with a burst of energy struggled, wiggled and evetually fell to the floor with Rob on top of her.

The two rolled around for a bit until Charlotte picked up a large stone and hit Rob with it. Rob rolled off and a wheezing Charlotte started to get up.

Mark, who had been watching, calmly walked up and wrapped his arms around worn out Charlottes body.

Charlotte gasped in dispair as the strong arms held her fast. Mark then dragged poor Charlotte around the corner and pinned her against the wall.

Not able to comprehend, Charlotte asked breathlessly “what are you doing?”

Marked smirked as he ran his hand through Charlottes hair.

“Don’t you see the family resemblance?…… I bet you thought your nightmares were over eh?….. he he he”

Charlotte froze. Lost for words and totally drained Charlotte opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t.

“That’s right, I’m Stu’s half-brother!!” said Mark.

Charlottes chin dropped and her eyes opened wide in disbelief. The singing star felt the first tears build up in her eyes as Mark explained that he was going to get revenge for the death of Stu.

Charlotte knew there was only one thing on the young lads mind. She couldn’t let it happen again, but could not fight him off! Charlotte was helpless!

Mark felt the strength fade from Charlotte and released his grip.

He dipped into his school bag and said “I’ve got a treat for you!”

Charlotte pouted as she saw Mark take out a short blue plaid skirt, a white blouse and, of course, white ankle socks.

“I understand you look great in school uniform” Said Mark as took hold of Charlotte and began to kiss her lips.

The helpless girl began to blub as Mark slowly one-by-one popped open her jeans buttons.

Charlotte knew there was no use fighting. This thirteen year old was strong and wasn’t about to let her go.

Charlotte, sobbing quietly, removed her own jeans and jumper and began to dress herself in the school uniform.

The power Mark felt over his captive was huge. Seeing her matching silk bra and panties was quite a turn on too.

Charlotte looked fantastic in the uniform. Mark walked forward and licked his lips “Do you know what I’m going to do to you?”

Charlotte sniffled and looked at the ground befor saying “You’re going to rape me!”

Mark nodded and he pushed Charlotte onto the grass. Mark laid her back and ran his hand through her long brown hair as he kissed her neck.

Charlotte closed her eyes as she felt his hand on her knee, slowly work its way up her short skirt.

Charlottes protesting soon turned to moans and groans as Mark peeled back her panties and began to finger her.

After just five minutes of strumming and neck kissing a defenceless Charlotte had an orgasm. She had tried to fight it but it was hopeless. A humiliated Charlotte has now had a thirteen year old force her to orgasm.

Whilst this was happening, Charlotte had failed to notice Jon standing to one side. The lad had a cam-corder and was filming every bit of Charlottes latest ordeal.

Mark pulled his trousers down and climbed on top of Charlotte.

This was it, her last chance.

“Please…. Sir….. I-I-I know you are going to rape me…. but…. but would you please wear a condom?”

Mark roared with laughter. “Do you think I dont know what a fertile little slag you are? Get ready bitch!”

Charlotte had degraded herself to calling a boy three years younger than her ‘sir’ in order to stop him raping her unprotected.

She was resigned to being raped by the teenager and her self esteem was at an all time low.

Mark mounted poor Charlotte and slowly slipped his cock into her already wet pussy.

All the memories came back as Mark work his cock in and out at a snails pace.

His intention was to make this last and humiliate the sexy singer.

Charlotte was soon moaning again. Charlotte was forced to cum again against her will and began to fear the worst.

Stu had obviously told Mark that he had raped her but more horrifying, that he had impregnated her!!

Charlotte closed her eyes and prayed. She knew it was only a matter of time before Mark came inside her.

Charlotte shook and shuddered to another orgasm as Mark man handled her perfect breasts. Then, the moment she feared. Mark lifted the helpless girls legs in the air in order to get deeper penertration.

Charlotte squealed as he entered her fully. It was painfull but felf good as well although she hated feeling it.

Charlotte bagan to panic as Mark quickened up. She jittered and shouted ‘NO’ with each thrust of Marks cock.

“This is for you, Stu” said Mark with joy.



Charlotte once again orgasmed madly and threw her head back with a stuttered moan as Mark orgasmed and came deep,deep inside her.

Charlotte Screamed hysterically as she felt the seaman squirt into her vagina and swim on to her womb. Charlotte shook her head and continued to scream as Mark continued to pump his gooey mess into her. Charlotte knew it was futile screaming though. The damage had been done. Her rapist had cum inside her and she felt sure that once again, she was pregnant.

The pair lay there for a while, Mark grinning and Charlotte crying.

Mark got up and Charlotte whimpered”will you let me go now?”

Mark laughed and said “Yes, you can go! I’ve got what I wanted. You’re pregnant and we both know it!”

Charlotte got up and wiped her tears. “You bastard! – I WILL get this baby aborted as well you know!”

Marks smile changed to a frown. He grabbed Charlotte and spun her round, pointing to the cam-corder.

“D’you see that? If you abort this baby, the whole world is going to see you humiliated, raped and impregnated on the internet!!”

Charlotte opened her mouth in shock and stumbled over.

Mark had again started laughing.

Charlotte cried as she realised Mark wasn’t fibbing. He had a big bargaining tool and the star was left with no doubt what she had to do.

Charlotte knew that she had no other choice than to keep the baby.

She felt utterly sick.

After almost a year of kidnap, rape, humiliation, orgasms, pregnacies and abortions, Stu had won. He owned her!!! He had got his wish from beyond the grave. Charlotte Church was going to be a Mummy.

Mark knew she could not risk him showing the tape and was well happy that HE was the one to finally break Charlotte Church.

HE, a thirteen year old boy, had rendered a superstar helpless and raped her!

Now she was going bare his child.

Charlottes prayers had not been answered. Nobody had come to her rescue and now she faced a constant reminder of her ten months of rape hell.

As Charlotte made the slow walk home she began to cry again. All the effort, trying to rebuild her life, all the effort getting abortions, ALL FOR NOTHING. She was pregnant, for good this time.

Charlotte had a bath and told nobody of her latest rape.

A few weeks later Charlottes shocked doctor confirmed what she already knew, – She was pregnant!

What Charlotte wasn’t ready for was……….. TWINS!!!!!

Two months later, Charlotte and her Mum were taking a walk in the park in the middle of November. Her Mum was blissfully anaware but Charlotte was SHOWING!!!

As they got futher down the road Charlotte spotted a figure sitting on the bench.

On closer inspection it was Mark.

He looked Charlotte up and down and grinned.

Tears welled up in Charlottes eyes. She then put her hand on her dress where her bulge was. Mark could see that Charlotte was pregnant. He jumped up and walked off laughing, leaving the mother of his child holding her pregnant tummy.

After everything that has happened, Charlotte has been beaten. Stu’s plan to impregnate her had finally worked.

Now, Miss Charlotte Church had to come to terms with the fact that she, was giong to be a seventeen year old mummy.

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