Charlotte Church – A Good Spanking

its a good job being a security gard at a airport you get to serch anyone you want take them to the little room lock the door get them to slowly strip in front of you well its part of the job .any way weave all seen charlott a lot in the pappers this week those pictures of her in her swim wear weave all had plenty of wanks over them i bet .she was due to arrive back from her holliday today flying into this airport we couldnt wait the plan

was to plant somthing into her bag so we could blackmail her to do anythig whith her their was 5 of us in onit chalotte chuch came walking torwards us dressed in a pink top low neck her
beutifal suntaned skin and apair of tracksuit bottoms she looked a lot smaller than i imagind she looked so cute her face was like a schoolgirl the one that needs a good spanking 2 of us dressed in are secuirity uniforms grabed charlotte by the arms follow us miss church she put on that inocent look we enterd the small room where all 5 of us 3 security gards sat behind a desk and one by the door and me whith charlotte ok wats going on she shouted out fuckin being treated like this miss chuch can you exslain this her suitcase was opend up on the table her underwear was laid on top the smell of her dirty knickers hit the air amazing to smell charlotte churches pants people pay a fortune the gard picked up a small pakage drugs this was the plant you basterds you must of put that there she shouted im fucking getting out of hear itle be a good story for te pappers and your mum will kill you when she finds out wont she charl okay wot do you want please dont tell charlotte new shed been had you will do as we say first bend over the table charlotte looked shocked but did as she was told i guss your gonna serch me well your not taking my pants down im not having that no charlotte wer gonna give you somthing youve needed for a long time a good spanking she started to strugle 2 of us held her down her arms streched across the table i spanked her whith my hand right across that gorgeous ass charlotte started to wimper right i think its time to see that but of yours i pulled her tracksuit bottoms down wot a gorgeose sight charlotte church bair legs hershoes socks still ther whith her trousers down by her ankles and those white knickers i felt like shooting my load already i spanked charlotte again this time much harder she started to cry out at every slap which was a great turn on just to see her face was heaven she started swearing so we got a pair of her dirty smelliast pair of knickers we could find from her suitcase and stuffed them in her mouth we took turns spanking her right pull her pants down charlotte lett out ascream as thay wear pulled down the spanking cotinued feeling her nacked ass and seeing charlotte church bent down across that table pants down around her ankles her bum cheeks beeing groped some times pulled open showing her cunt and bum hole was to much all hands grabbed the bottom of charlottes top and pulled it over her head them her bra was ripped off leaving charlotte church compleatly naked she was pulled to the floor held dowwn her shoes and socks came off then turned on to her face her bum crack opend and we took turns putting are cocks in and out of it then we turned her over facing us you could see she couldnt believe wot was happening we pulled her knikers out of charlottes mouth now wet whith her dribble and snogged that gorgeouse mouth of hers people started to wank off in front of her face then one at atime a jet of spunk hitting that beatifull face runing down her cheeks in her hair up her nose in that mouth i grabbed charllots head and forced my cock in her mouth the sight of those red lips around my cock made me spurt heaps of spunk down charlotte chuch throut

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