Charlotte Church – The Interviewer

Charlotte Church – The Interviewer (Mf, teen, cons, oral, celeb)

by Gyarados

WARNING: this story contains explicit sexual material involving a
young girl and an older guy. if such material is illegal in your
area or you are offended by such material please, stop reading now.
by continuing to read you are stating that you are of at least 18
years of age and able to legally read adult literature in your area.

Well now, this was something different
for me. Apparently my
reputation as a top notch reporter was growing. Charlotte Church the
teenage opera star had asked for me to interview her. Least I
thought it was my reputation as a reporter was what got me the
attention. evidently I was mistaken. It was about 8pm when I got to
Charlotte’s hotel room. She had a large suite of rooms in a posh
Manhattan hotel. I had to show ID before they’d even let me on the
floor I was staying. When I got to her door it was slightly ajar and
when I knocked
on the door, it opened for me. I walked in and closed the door
behind me. I looked around the room for Charlotte and said, "Hello,
Ms Church? Are you here?" there was no answer. Then I noticed steam
coming from the bathroom. I walked over to the bathroom door and
knocked on it. From inside I heard a small English-accented voice
say, "Come in." I opened the door and stepped through. Charlotte was
submerged in the tub full of bubble bath. despite my curiosity I
turned my head away from looking directly at her.
"Brain Davidson, reporter for ‘Star Review’ Magazine," I said to
She smiled at me and said, "Oh I know who you are. And would you
please look at me. I wouldn’t have invited you in here if I was
modest." At this I looked directly at her. She was reclining in the
tub submerged up to her neck with her arms behind her head. All
right, I’ll admit it. I wanted to see what this sexy nymph, I wanted
to see all of her. I felt the age old burning in my loins for this
young teenage girl. I was a tad ashamed at myself, after all this
girl was not even sixteen years old. "Sit." she said motioning to
the stool in front of her dressing table which was right beside the
tub. I sat down and took out my pencil and paper.
Charlotte put her leg up on the side of the tub. Rivulets of
water and bubble of soap poured off of it. She ran her hand down
her thigh. God, I wanted those to be my hands running down her leg.
It was supple, long, and lightly tanned. "you like?" Charlotte
asked me. It was only then that I realized that I was starring very
intently at her leg. The pad of paper slipped out of my hand and
landed in her tub. "I do believe I have you flustered, Mr.
Davidson," she said chuckling. "It’s not everyday I interview a
woman in her bathtub," I said trying to regain my composure and
professionalism but, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her leg. She rose
up slightly in the water and her right breast broke through the
bubbles. I dropped my pencil on the floor as my cock instantly
became fully erect.
"But you never answered me," Charlotte said, "Do you like?" She was
looking at my crotch and licking her lips. All I could do is nod.
she put her hand on my wrist and pulled me towards the tub. I let
her pull me into the tub. with a splash, I landed on top of her. My
lips found her and I took her into a hot kiss. Her tongue forced
itself into my mouth as my hands ran down her side. Charlotte
rolled over and I got under her. She stood up letting the water and
suds run down her body. AS if to music only she could hear she
started to dance slowly and seductively running her hands up and
down her sides and over she small pert breasts as she slowly moved
her hips from side to side. Charlotte moaned, "Your dick, I want to
see it, pull it out." I unzipped my pants and pulled my 9 incher
free from it’s prison.
Charlotte turned around in the tub placing her tight bum in my
face. "Mmmmmm, Nice cock, Very Large." She bent over bringing her
ass into my reach. I grabbed her ass and pulled her down on my face
driving my tongue into Charlotte’s slit. She moaned in pleasure as I
slowly moved my tongue around inside her snatch. Then I felt her
young mouth envelope my cock. she could only fit about half my
member into her mouth. Her tongue flicked over my aroused cock as
she slowly sucked on me. she wrapped her tongue around the tip of my
cock as she moved her hand up and down on my base. My tongue filled
her young slit and ran up and over her flicked it over her clit
making her moan in pleasure. I ran my tongue back over her lower
lips and continued back until I got to her puckered asshole. I stuck
two fingers deeply inside her pussy while rubbing her clit with my
thumb. my tongue lightly darted over her asshole making it clench
tight. she seemed to get acoustomed to this quickly as she relaxed
and I stuck my tongue deep inside her dank asshole, all the while
continuing to explore her pussy with my fingers. She continued to
suck hard on my cock going up and down. When I
couldn’t bare it anymore I exploded in her mouth sending my cum down
her throat. It was only a couple of seconds later when she came
drenching my hand in her sweet teenage juices. She kept going down
on me till my prick leapt back to life. then she crawled off me and
turned around.
"I want you to pop my cherry," she rasped. I pulled her down on my
cock hard impaling her on it. She screamed and started bucking her
young hips against me. Charlotte put one leg on my shoulder then the
other until I was calving her. I rammed my rock hard cock into her
lovely virgin pussy again and again pulling it completely out and
sticking it fully back in. She kept screaming for me to fuck her
harder and harder as her hips met me on each thrust. I knew I
couldn’t last much longer. her tight pussy was practically pulling
the cum out of me already. My cock exploded sending cum deeply
inside Charlotte’s pussy for the first time. after a few minutes of
laying there panting after our mutual orgasm Charlotte said, "lets
get you out of those clothes before you catch cold."
I had almost forgotten I was in my clothes still. I stood as
Charlotte slowly and deliberately took my shirt then pants and
boxers off kissing me as she removed the clothing. then we dried
each other and hopped into her bed together naked. Charlotte curled
up in my arms. "I am glad Mandy told me about you," She said.
"What? this was a set up?" I said chuckling.
She smiles, "I hope you don’t mind.
"Of course not." Later that night I finally got my interview with
her. though she was laying in my arms naked as we did the
interview. shortly before dawn I got up and left after giving her a
goodbye kiss. My life has certainly gotten interesting over the last

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