Charlotte Church’s Work Experience nightmare

By Dufus.

Charlotte Church turned up at the offices she had been assigned to for work experience on Monday morning. She was non too pleased as she had wanted to do somthing fun! Charlotte was even less impressed when she was assigned to the cleaning team. Charlotte had dressed herself in a tight white top and knee-length black skirt, clearly thinking she was going to be working behind a desk.

Charlotte complained instantly but was told that a cleaner was the only position they had. Chalotte was told that her superior was to be Stu.

Stu walked in. He was a big lad, weighing around 18 stone. He was only 5’6ft tall
and looked pretty scruffy.

Instead of introducing himself to Charlotte he just leered at her, mentally undressing the young schoolgirl with his eyes. Charlotte felt uncomfortable until the boss whacked Stu and told him to buck up!

Stu then spoke quite politely and told Charlotte to follow him to the work area.

Before she went the boss told Charlotte that Stu was harmless, just a bit simple. He was 31 and this was the only job he had ever had.

Charlotte felt at ease and went to work.

Charlotte worked hard throughout the morning and was blissfully unaware that Stu was positioned out of sight just watching her. Charlotte dropped the polish and bent down to pick it up. Stu groaned at the sight of Charlotte’s arse causing the teenager to jump up startled. Stu, caught out, hurried off.

Some of the other workers had noticed this and went on to wind Stu up, telling him that Charlotte had been asking questions like, ‘does Stu have a girlfriend?’

They then told him that she would really like it if he went up and pinched her bum. Stu, believing them did just that! A shocked Charlotte jumped and slapped poor Stu in the face.

The other workers fell out laughing and laughed more when a clearly angry Charlotte said “Don’t touch me you freak!”

Stu hurried off feeling totally humiliated.

The workers stopped for lunch and asked Charlotte to join them in the pub. Charlotte didn’t go saying she did not drink and that she wanted to work through the lunch hour and leave early.

The gang left and Charlotte picked up the hoover to begin vaccuming.

Charlotte was busy in the main office when a finger switched the power off at the wall. Charlotte began to inspect the hoover when she saw Stu standing by the door. “Why d’you do that?” she said.

A silent Stu then shut the door and locked it.

A slightly worried Charlotte then asked “what are you doing?”

Grinning, Stu walked forward and said “I’m gunna teach you a lesson!”

Charlotte began to back off, not sure what to do. Stu waddled forward and said “Nobody, NOBODY humiliates me and gets away with it!”

Charlotte was really concerned now and said “Come any closer and I’ll scream!”

Stu laughed and promted Charlotte to go ahead and scream as there was nobody around to hear her.

Lots of thoughts spun around in Charlottes head but the main one was ‘What was he going to do to her?’

As Charlotte backed into a corner Stu lunged at her!

The youngster squealed but managed to dodge out of the way. Stu was not the fittest and as a scared Charlotte dodged around the room, he became more tired.

As he oggled her sexy legs he slurred “I’m gunna get you!”

Stu lunged again, this time grabbing Charlottes hand. The singer squealed sharply and instinctivly grabbed an ornament. She clubbed Stu hard and he released his grip.

Stu continued his persuit whilst Charlotte kept dodging him. Chalotte became more confident and started to mock her would-be attacker.

“Come on, come and get me!”

Stu got angry but so did Charlotte. She hit the fading man with an umbrella before ramming a chair into him. Stu fell to the ground. Charlotte taunted him saying “Come on fat-boy! – Get me!”

Stu picked himself up and made another grab for Charlotte. He missed again and this time the plucky teen pulled a bookcase over, burying Stu.

Stu was coughing and wheezing as Charlotte calmly walked upto him, bent down and reached into his pocket for the keys.

Down and out Stu could see right up Charlottes skirt as she fished for the keys. Charlotte found them and turned to go towards the door.

As she reached it Stu shouted “Charlotte!”

Charlotte turned to see Stu standing. Quick as a flash Stu prepared a lasso and flung it in Charlottes direction.

To her horror it went over her head and body.

A rejouvenated Stu yelled “HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”, as he pulled the rope tight, pinning Charlottes arms to her side.

Instantly the young girl began to struggle against the rope.

Stu grinned and said”The more you struggle, the tighter the rope gets…. the tighter the rope gets, the more helpless YOU become!”

Charlotte felt the rope tighten and began to panic. She could feel herself being pulled steadily forward too!

Charlotte gazed around. Nobody around. She looked forward and saw Stu’s evil eyes. Charlotte gulped and swung wildly to try and escape.

Stu held firm and sniggered.

Charlotte, sensing she was in trouble, let out a piercing scream!

This spurred Stu on and he gleefully edged his captive a little closer to him. Charlotte was really panicing now and hurting too as the ropes cut into her body. Charlotte could not move her arms and was beginning to tire. Stu could see this and mocked Charlotte by saying “Come on fat-boy, Get me!”

Chalotte yelled “NO!” as she was dragged closer to her fate.

Then, with one swift hard pull, Charlotte flew forward into the waiting arms of her captor. Stu wrapped his strong arms around Charlottes fit body and pulled her close. He put his mouth to her ear and whispered “GOTCHA!!”

Charlotte tried in vain to get free but it was futile. Stu wrapped some more rope around her and picked her up whilst spinning her round, cackling with laughter.

“NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” cried Charlotte as her captor put her down and dragged her into a large walk-in cupboard.

Charlotte had worn herself out and Stu knew it. He stopped and scooped his prey up to carry her the rest of the way. Once fully inside he put her down and pinned her against the wall.

A petrified Charlotte was still unaware what was in store for her.

“What are you going to do to me?” she said.

Stu grinned and moved his hand slowly down Charlottes body,over her tits and down her skirt.

Charlotte trembled and then her worst fears were realised. Stu slowly moved his hand under and up Charlottes skirt.

Charlotte tried to move but she was tired and caught fast. She flinched as Stu stroked her thigh and reached her nickers.

Stu grinned as he teased Charlotte by running his finger across the seam of her panties. Charlotte now knew that Stu intended to rape her! Charlotte tried so hard to fight him off but he kept telling her that ‘she was his!’ & ‘there was no escape!’

A tear formed in the teen star’s eye as Stu carfully eased his fingers inside his captives panties.

Stu stroked her pubic hair as Charlotte whimpered quietly “no!”

Stu ran his other fingers through Charlottes hair before entering two fingers into her pussy.

Charlotte closed her eyes as a run of tears tricked down her face.

She couldn’t quite believe that she had been captured and was now going to be raped!

Stu kissed the terrorised Charlotte as he ran his free hand over her ample tits. Stu tweaked her nipples and inserted a third finger as he felt his prey becoming wet.

Charlotte groaned as she began to feel funny. She was breathing heavier and sweating. As Stu fondled her tits and quickened up his rubbing of her clit, Charlotte felt sensations she hadn’t felt before.

Stu sensed Charlotte was on her way to a climax and teased her.

“will this be your first orgasm?, he he he, cum for me baby!”

Charlotte screwed her face up and closed her eyes. She knew she must stop herself climaxing.

The tears poured out continually as Stu worked hard to make Charlotte cum. Then the moment came. Charlotte broke and had her very first orgasm. Her young body shuddered as Stu gleefully continued to stroke her vunerable virgina. Miss Church burst into tears and slumped to the ground, trying to come to terms with her situation.

Stu didn’t give her long. He pulled his trousers off and got down on his knees. He began to stroke Charlottes sexy legs. Charlotte looked round and gasped as she saw her attacker with his cock out.

Charlotte cried “No,no,no,no,no, pleeese no! Oh God! No,no,no…”

Stu calmly put his finger to her whimpering mouth and went” SHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Charlotte choked back the tears as he slowly removed her t-shirt.

Stu groaned at the sight of the silky bra and wonderful tits, before molesting them. Stu told Charlotte that this was punishment for humiliating him and promptly began to hoist her skirt.

Charlotte begged and pleaded with Stu to let her go as he positioned himself.

“Please Stu! d-don’t rape me! Pleeese!…. I…I…I’m………………. still a virgin!”

Stu grinned with joy. “I was hoping you were!” he said.

Charlotte pleaded again before Stu lightly slapped her.

“Look sweetheart, I’ve got you! There’s no escape. You’re helpless.

I’ve forced you to orgasm and I AM GOING TO RAPE YOU! I’m going to take your cherry and cum inside you and with any luck, i’ll knock you up too!”

Suddenly the thought that she could get pregnant became apparent. Charlotte cried and cried in protest until finally she felt Stu’s cock enter her!

Stu gently pushed it in and reached the hymen wall. He chuckled and said “you really are a virgin! he he! kiss that goodbye!”

Stu withdrew and then with 18 stone behind him rammed his rock hard cock through Charlottes hymen wall.

Charlotte skrieked in utter pain as her rapist continued. Her head went back and her eyes rolled as she tried to cope with the rape.

Charlotte then felt sick as she felt the sensations running through her body again. She was being raped by a fat ugly man so how could he have made her cum and be on the way to doing it again?

Stu quickened up as Charlotte began to breath heavier.

The teenager cried ‘no’ repeatedly but could not stop herself from climaxing for the 2nd time. Stu was close to cumming so he lifted poor Charlottes legs up to get deeper penetration. Both of them moaned and groaned as Charlotte was forced to a double orgasm.

Charlotte then saw the look in Stu’s eyes and knew her nitmare was about to happen.


Stu thrust deep and hard then held his cock inside Charlottes pussy as his cum squirted deep inside her!

Charlotte squealed and cried like a baby but it was too late!

She had been RAPED! Her rapist had cum inside her and she had a horrid feeling that she could well be pregnant.

Stu got up and dressed as his victim lay sobbing on the floor. He then bent down, removed Charlottes silky bra and left.

Charlotte did not report the rape but did have a pregnacy test.

It was negative.

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