Charlotte Gets It One Last time!

By dufus.

Several weeks had flown by since Charlotte Church had her abortion.

It was a long and hard decision for the young religious teenager to make.

Telling only her doctor, Charlotte decided against giving birth and going through adoption procedures. Largely due to the fact that it may get out that she was raped and that could well ruin her career.

Charlotte was withdrawn after the operation. Her studies suffered big time and she hardly spoke to anyone. The ordeal was still fresh in her mind.

She was raped and impregnated in her own home!!

Charlotte would often wake up and think it was all a dream,
then recall all the horrific details that ruined her life.

A few months on, Charlottes doctor had a visitor. It was Stu.

He asked questions about Charlottes visits and in the end nearly killed the doctor whilst getting the information he wanted……

Charlotte Church HAD aborted his baby.

Charlotte and a group of friends headed for the bus at about 4p.m. one cold friday evening. They all got on, chatting as they went. Charlotte sat slummped at the front, away from the others.

The bus pulled away and made its usual stops.

A man got on and sat opposite Charlotte. He looked her up and down, starting at her feet, up past her black tights, navy skirt, past her jumper and to her bowed head.

The man looked around and saw lots of sexy young schoolgirls. Some had really short skirts, some longer. some wore tan coloured tights but others wore socks or nothing. It was a pleasing site but he soon turned his concentration back to Charlotte.

The man was Stu. Charlotte had not seen him and it was only when all her friends got off that she noticed him out of the corner of her eye.

Petrified, Charlotte franticaly rang the bell.

Stu, seeing the fear in her young eyes just smiled.

Charlotte became very aware that not many people were left on the bus.

There were enough though. There was no way she was going to be caught again.

The bus stopped and Charlotte went to get off. Stu stayed seated. A couple of women got off before the bus pulled away.

Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief. She was trembling though and was miles away from home. She was not allowed a mobile at school so walked to the public phone up the road.

A distressed Charlotte yelled “NOOO!”

The phone had been vandelised. A sniffling Charlotte then heard a sweet voice.

“Hello, dear” said a lady.

The lady was about seventy, quite whethered, but healthy looking.

She asked Charlotte if she was o.k. and told her she had been on the bus and was quite concerned about how down she looked.

Charlotte talked quite happily to the lady and asked if there was another phone nearby. The lady told Charlotte that she could use the one in her mobile home, which was 400 yards up the hill.

It had started to get dark now and Charlotte was relieved to reach the house.

It was a small but sweet looking place, just perfect for an old lady.

The old lady put the kettle on and invited Charlotte to use the phone.

“I cant get a line” said Charlotte.

The lady explained that the area was not good for signals. She sat Charlotte down and poured her a cup of tea. The chocolate biscuits came out and the pair munched away and drank their teas.

The wind was getting up and the noise was un-nerving for a jumpy Charlotte.

She jumped up and tried the phone again.

“Its normally o.k. by about 6 0’clock” said the lady.

Charlotte sat back down and smiled as the lady poured her another cup of tea.

The pair chatted for a while before Charlotte heard a knocking sound at the door.

“Are you expecting anyone?” said Charlotte, slightly anxious.

The lady replied no, and went to the door.

“Ooooh! It’s ok, it’s my nephew Stuart, he often visits me……”

Stuart walked in and kissed his Aunt.

Charlottes smiling face turned to a picture of sheer horror as she looked up to see Stu. Grinning he said “Nice one Aunty” as he locked the door.

A bewildered Charlotte looked at the old lady and then back at Stu.

They were both smiling.

Then the realisation set it. IT WAS A TRAP! Charlotte had been tricked and was now trapped in a house in the middle of nowhere with Stu.

The pair locked the windows and pulled the curtains as Charlotte just sat there in utter disbelief.

Stu walked past Charlotte into the other room. Charlotte got up to go and was greeted by Stu’s Aunts hand on her shoulder.

She pushed the teenager back into her seat and informed her that she wasn’t going anywhere.

Stu then came back and from behind wrapped his arms around Charlottes body.

Charlotte tried to struggle as he lifted her out of her seat but the overwhelming sense of helplessness just engulfed the poor girl.

As Stu dragged Charlotte slowly into the bedroom the first tears appeared in her eyes. Stu was rubbing his thumbs on Charlottes nipples and the star knew that she was once more going to be put through an ordeal in the clutches of this evil man.

Stu sat back on the bed with Charlotte on his knee. He ran his hand over her knee, feeling the nylon.

“What are these? – you know I prefere your bare legs!” said Stu.

Stu lifted Charlottes jumper over her head. As it popped off the younster made a dash for the door. Poor Charlotte ran straight into the old lady.

Not able to get past, Charlotte slowly back peddled into the waiting arms of Stu. Stu sniggered as the last of Charlottes ressistance ebbed away.

Charlotte cried. Her sobbing then became muffled as Stu clasped his hand over her mouth. Already totally defeated and deflated, Charlotte couldn’t have screamed even if she’d wanted to, for Stu it was just the final nail in the coffin.

Stu sat Charlotte on the bed and knelt down, running his hands all over her sexy legs. Stu was getting excited already and proceeded to slowly pull Charlottes tights down. It was shear agony for Charlotte as it was all happening so slowly. She knew she was ultimatly going to be raped again or even worse.

Charlottes fears were hightened when Stu suddenly asked “Why did you kill our baby?”

As the tights came off, Stu reached up Charlottes legs and fondled the front of her panties. Charlotte struggled for words. How did he know?

As stu teased Charlotte by running his finger across the seam of her panties the poor girl could feel herself getting moist.

“I….I…..Im….. too young f-for a baby” came the reply.

“WRONG!” said Stu.

Stu, without warning thrust four fingers into Charlottes pussy.

Charlotte whimpered in pain but was soon getting very wet as Stu worked his fingers around her vagina. Stu stood Charlotte up and pinned her against the wall. He began to kiss Charlottes lips whilst unbuttoning her blouse and continuing to work on her hot,wet pussy.

Charlottes blouse slipped to the ground and as Stu carresed Charlottes melons the poor girl shook to an orgasm.

Stu gleefully carried on and tantilisingly pulled Charlottes bra straps off her shoulders one by one. He then reached around and unhooked it.

Stu seemed to be doing it all in slow-motion, as he had all the time in the world. the bra hit the floor and Charlottes wonderful tits were exposed.

Stu began to lightly suck her nipples whilst still strumming.

Charlotte groaned as she came again. Stu slowed to a stop and moved to concentrate on Charlottes tits.

Poor Charlotte could only close her eyes and pretend this was a dream. She felt a patch of cum slivering slowly down her leg.

Charlotte was in agony as it dripped steadily down and ran through her toes.

Stu unzipped Charlottes skirt and then placed the fully naked Charlotte on the bed.

Charlotte knew it rape time and pleaded with Stu to let her go.

Stu undressed, ignoring his captives pleas. Stu got on and proceeded to give his victim a tit-fuck.

Charlottes tears were acting as lubricant and Stu was loving it. Charlotte sensed Stu was near cumming anf grabbed his cock with her hand.

She started to stroke him off and he was in heaven before realising why she was doing it.

Stu pulled away and parted Charlottes legs.

Charlotte whimpered the word ‘no’ five times before Stu entered her fertile vagina.

Stu worked it in and out slowly. Charlotte shouted “OH GOD! OH GOD!” before she opened her mouth wide. Nothing came out as she shuddered to yet another orgasm.

Stu giggled and raised his eyebrows as he worked his cock faster and faster.

Charlotte could see the look in his eyes and screamed “NO!, DONT CUM INSIDE ME! PLEEEEZE!……………….I BEG YOU!…………PLEEEEEZZZE………..DONT CUM IN….”

Charlotte was cut out in mid sentense as Stu exploded inside her. His cum flowed into her womb and Charlotte knew she pregnant again.

Stu carried on pumping until the last drop of cum had filtered its way through to Charlottes womb.

Stu knew too that his sixteen year old victim was once again pregnant.

He lay stroking her tearful face, telling her that it was ment to be!

Stu decided enough was enough for now. Charlotte thought she was going to be set free but instead was horrified when Stu took her own tights and tied her tightly. Charlotte was tied at knees and ankles. Her hands were tied behind her back and to finish she was gagged.

The poor girl was exhausted and slept like a baby.

When Charlotte woke she was still bound. She had a really funny feeling in her tummy. Charlotte knew more than ever that there was no doubt she was pregnant. She was a prisioner and couldn’t get a morning after pill.

Stu’s plan had worked. He had kidnapped Charlotte again and got her pregnant again. What was he going to do with her now?

Stu came in and untied Charlotte. He ordered her to slip into a silky nightie he had and marched her into the other room.

Stu’s Aunty was eating and offered some food to Charlotte. The teenager held her stomach and shook her head.

Stu grabbed Charlotte and sat her on his lap. He asked “SO, how does it feel, knowing you are going to be a Mummy?”

Charlotte fought back the tears. “You wanker!!, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you…………….”

Charlotte regained some composure and told Stu that she would abort it again. Stu laughed and ran his hand up her nightie.

“I’m not letting you go!” he smirked.

Stu began stroking Charlottes pussy and his Aunt turned the T.V.on.

“……..police say they are not too concerned about the whereabouts of Miss Church as her parents have informed them that she often disappears for days at a time……”

Charlotte was in trouble and she knew it. This madman was intent on her having his baby and right then could see no way of preventing it.

Charlotte was held captive for four days. The schoolgirl was raped constantly by Stu for the duration of her kidnap.

On the forth day Stu got carried away and began to fuck his teen prey really hard. Both moaned and yelled and each orgasmed too.

Stu didnt notice a squd of police at the door and when they burst in they caught him with his cock inside Charlotte.


Stu smiled and thrust his cock into Charlotte for the last time.


“AAAAAHHHHHHH!” moaned Stu as he came inside Charlotte once more.

The police pulled Stu off. Suddenly his Aunt appeared from nowhere with a big knife. She stabbed two coppers who both fell to the floor.

Charlotte screamed as Stu caught another off guard and floored him with a right. The last copper shot the old lady before Stu smashed him over the head with a bottle.

Stu checked his Aunt. She was dead.

He turned to Charlotte who was curled up in the corner crying.

Charlotte had thought she was safe. Stu calmly pushed her down and mounted the sobbing girl again.

As Stu neared climax a squealing Charlotte could see the injured officer steadying his gun.


Stu turned, went to throw a knife and was shot through the head.

Charlotte was reunited with her family and she told then everything.

They all sobbed as Charlotte detailed the rapes.

They found it difficult to grasp that their only daughter at only sixteen has already had an abortion.

Worse news came. Charlotte Church visited the clinic a few days after and had the devestating news confirmed….. SHE WAS PREGNANT AGAIN!

Charlotte was sick.

She had an evil mans baby growing inside her. He was now dead and her ordeal was finally over but the doctors words terrorised poor Charlotte.

“If you have another abortion, it could seriously affect your chances of having another baby.”

Charlotte felt a tear drop as she contemplated what she should do.

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