Charlotte Has Another Nightmare

by Dufus

Disclaimer: This story is solely a work of fiction. It’s not meant to suggest any knowledge of the sexual practices or preferences of anyone depicted in it! Please don’t sue. If you’re too young in your city, county, state, region, or country to read such material, please turn away now.

Charlotte Church was taking the short walk home from school. It was not dark but she walked quickly and kept looking around, jumping if she caught sight of anything or anyone suddenly. It had been six months since she had been viciously raped whilst on work experience. Charlotte had told nobody but the
images were there it had affected her in many ways.

Her studies and social life suffered but she was determined to put it behind her.

The schoolgirl reached her home and let herself in. Charlotte shouted for her parents but there was no reply. Charlotte threw her bag down and hung her cardigan up. She then kicked off her shoes and poured a drink of orange for herself.

Charlotte then made her way upstairs and entered her room. Dressed in a white blouse, navy skirt and white socks, Charlotte looked for somthing to wear, blissfully unaware that someone was behind her.

“HELLO CHARLOTTE!” boomed the voice.

Stunned, Charlotte spun around and to her horror saw a familiar face.

Charlotte was speechless as she begun to back away from Stu.

Stu, the man who had robbed her of her innocence and virginity.

“I’ve come for round two!” said Stu.

With that, Charlotte let out three high pitched screams in quick succession. Stu smiled and calmly walked forward. Charlotte was no longer the cock-sure girl who gave him problems when they first met, and Stu caught her instanly, wrapping his arms around her body and pinning her arms to her side.

“GOTCHA!!” he said.

Charlotte squealed as she feebly tried to move. The next sound she made was “MMMMPPPPHHHHHHHH!!”

A chuckling Stu clasped his hand over Charlottes pretty mouth and silenced her. Dressed in her school uniform, Stu thought she looked even better than last time and laughed in her ear. Chalotte soon struggled less and less as she realised that Stu was not going to let her go.

Stu felt the ressitance drain from Charlottes fit body and released his grip on her mouth. She was now his but to make sure Stu said “If you are wondering where your parents are…… well, lets just say….. do as you’re told…… and they wont be harmed”.

Charlottes heart sank. She whimpered the word ‘NO’ as tears began to form in her eyes. She was completly helpless. Stu had her where he wanted her and they both knew it. Stu released his prey and ordered “GET ON YOUR KNEES!”

A tearful Charlotte slowly knelt down as Stu eased forward. “NOW! Get my cock out!”

Trembling, Charlotte unzipped his trousers and pulled his rock-hard cock out.

Charlotte looked up with fear in her eyes. Smiling down on her Stu ordered her to lick it like it was a lolly-pop.

Charlotte had no choice and began to lick Stu’s helmet. Stu groaned as the saliva from the teens mouth coated his cock.

Stu grabbed Charlottes hair and ordered her to then start sucking.

Whimpering, Charlotte took his cock and held it before putting it in her mouth. Stu loved it and let her suck for a while before grabbing her hand.

“Time for deep-throat!” he said.

With that he grabbed Charlotte by the shoulders and forced his cock deep into her mouth. Charlotte struggled to cope and began to gag as Stu worked up a rhythm. Stu moaned as he eventually released his load down Charlottes throat. The poor girl swallowed most of Stu’s cum. When he withdrew, what was left seeped out the side of the crying girls mouth.

Stu scooped Charlotte up and put her on the bed. Stu started at her socks and began to stroke her lovely legs. Charlotte trembled as Stu reached up and down her calfs and came to the hem of her skirt.

Stu raised his eyebrows as he reached under Charlottes skirt and reached up her thighs. Stu teased his victim by feeling around her pussy and caressing her tits. Each time he felt her panties Charlotte would twitch, knowing what was coming.

Stu went back to Charlottes socks and ran both his hands right up to her panties. He took each side and eased them off.

Stu then lay beside her and entered two fingers into her pussy.

“OOOHH! You’re WET already!” said Stu, suprised.

Stu laughed as poor Charlotte tried desperatly tried to blank her mind.

Stu was good though, and found Charlottes G-spot.

“AAAAGGHHH!” moaned Charlotte.

Stu moved quickly and fondled Chalottes tits as he quickened up the strumming.

Charlotte kicked her legs and waved her arms in protest but could do nothing as Stu forced her to have her first orgasm of her latest ordeal.

Stu then threw a Blubbing Charlotte to the floor and bent her over. He grabbed some cream from the side and yanked Charlottes skirt up.

As he applied it he said. “Now to rape this ‘REAR OF THE YEAR!”

Charlotte yelled “WHAT!!! NOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!”

Too late. A quite brutal Stu rammed his cock into Charlottes greased up ring.

Charlotte screamed in agony as Stu worked his cock in and out of her arse.

Stu, near climax compimented Charlotte on her ‘rear’ and began to slap it before ramming and holding his cock inside her as his seamen squirted into her asshole.

Stu lay on the floor, looking up and as Charlotte pulled herself off the floor, ordered her to stand over him.

Charlotte obeyed, not knowing quite was Stu’s plan was.

Stu looked up Charlottes skirt with glee.

“NOW, SQUAT!” he said.

A trembling Charlotte lowered herself down slowly until she was squatting directly over Stu’s face.

Stu then grabbed her hips and lowered the helpless schoolgirl down.

Poor Charlotte was subjected to a twenty minuete ordeal. Stu licked her pussy and Charlotte came about twelve times. Each orgasm caused the ‘voice of an angel’ to moan louder. Each orgasm made Charlotte feel like a cheap whore – she was totally shamed and humiliated.

A tired and worn out Miss Church was finally scooped up like a rag-doll and placed on the bed for a final time.

As Charlotte lay silently quivering Stu said ” RIGHT!, I’ve taken your virginity, you’ve orgasmed dozens of times, I’ve raped your mouth and I’ve raped your ‘rear of the year’. Lets see if we cant get you pregnant!”

With her last drop of energy Charlotte curled up and moved to the top of the bed. Stu sniggered as he grabbed Charlotte by her pretty little ankle socks and dragged her back down.

Stu parted Charlottes legs and slid his hard cock inside her distressed pussy.

Charlotte could only close her eyes and prey. She was praying that the rape would be quick and that Stu would not get his wish.

Stu came inside Charlotte and to her horror she felt that his cock was still hard. “Lets go!” came the cry, as Stu continued to rape his victim.

As the rapes continued long into the nite, Stu worked hard to ensure they both orgasmed.

Charlotte came a few times but she had counted that Stu had shot his load into her sixteen times!! That was one spluttering of cum for each of her young years. Charlotte was a dejected figure. The tears kept falling as she realised that there was a bloody good chance she was now pregnant.

As the rapes came to a close Charlotte just could not come to terms with the fact that she had been violated in such a way. She was famous!! How could this happen?

O.K. maybe it was possible to be raped once, but CAPTURED AGAIN!! at SIXTEEN years of age!!

Stu removed his now sagging,cum-dripped cock from Charlottes pussy. He kissed his victim before slowly peeling off her ankle socks.

This was his pressie from this rape. He told Charlotte that he would more than likley see her before her seventeeth!

Charlotte rolled over and cried herself to sleep.

Charlotte went out the next day to get a morning after pill. She took it but still could not bring herself to tell anyone of her sickening ordeal.

Some weeks later she went to the doctors.

The doctor sat Charlotte down and told her that she was pregnant!!!!

Charlotte slummped back in her chair and fainted.

The doctor waved salts to revive her and poor Charlotte Church burst into tears. She told the doctor the story of how she was raped, knowing that it was confidetial. It made her feel better but as she walked out, a pregnant girl of sixteen, she wondered what on earth she should do.

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