Charlotte Likes It Rough


Charlotte likes it rough

“Oh god, please don’t… you can take anything you

want.” Charlotte

Church pleaded as the knife wielding masked man who

had just broke

into her boyfriends council house forced her at knife

point into the

shabby sitting room. She was alone, as usual, waiting

for her

boyfriend Steve to return from one of his djing gigs

and prayed he

would be back earlier than usual. She stared anxiously

at the masked

man as his piercing brown eyes glared back through the

holes in his


“This place is a shithole, I haven’t come here to

thieve….” he

trailed off and walked over to Charlotte grabbing her

by her long

brown hair and moving behind her before putting the

knife to her

throat. “I’ve come here to rape the shit out of you.”

Charlotte flinched but fought back tears as he groped

her big, firm

breasts then slipped a hand between her legs and

squeezed her crotch.

She began to murmur in response to her attackers

stimulation despite

her best efforts not to become aroused.

“Yeah that’s it, y’know ye like it like this really or

why would ye

be seeing a scumbag like Steve Johnson eh?” the masked

man taunted.

He slashed Charlotte’s thin, cleavage hugging top with

his knife then

yanked at the strap of her bra and exposed her ample

breasts, the

long nipples standing erect to Charlotte’s horror. Her


was compounded as the short, denim skirt she was

wearing and thong

beneath were yanked off. Naked and terrified she

stared pleadingly at

her attacker who put the knife back to her throat.

“Please be gentle.” she said, now resigned to her


The masked man chortled then moved away from her for a


Charlotte looked bemused as he picked up a cactus

plant and

screwdriver that were layed around the shabby lounge

on to a table

beside her.

“Ye need to get warmed up before the main event.” he

growled “Stick

these up yourself!”

Charlotte, now on the verge of tears, shook her head


“I can’t, it’ll be agony…” she said.

“Fucking do it or I’ll gut you like a fish.” the man


Charlotte relented, she knew he was serious and

reasoned that a bit

of blood from her cunt was infinitely preferable to

being slashed to

pieces by this maniac. She reluctantly lifted the

plant up and slid

it between her legs, squealing in agony as she forced

it between her

pussy lips.

“Fuck ye self with it!” the man ordered.

Charlotte began to slide the plant in and out of her

pussy, crying

out as the needles pricked the walls of her vagina and

she struggled

to accomodate it.

“Now stick the screwdriver up ye arse.” the man


Charlotte, wincing with agony and arousal from the

cactus plant,

grabbed the screwdriver and started to slide the

plastic handle

between her plump but shapely, award winning buttocks.

She was

startled as the man grabbed her hand and shook his


“The other way!” he snapped.

Charlotte miserabley turned the tool around and braced

herself before

pushing the long, sharp metal edge up her anus. She

gasped as it

pierced her arse sphincter and blood started to gush

from her pussy

thanks to the cactus plant. She glanced at the clock

praying her

boyfriend would be home soon but knowing it was

unlikely, He rarely

came back when he said he would.

“You bastard!” she snapped, her firey welsh

temperament making her

momentarily forget her terror. “When Steve finds out

about this

you’re fucking dead!”

The man, clearly infuriated by Charlotte’s defiant

words, suddenly

advanced on her slapping her hard across the face and

sending a

startled Charlotte to the floor. Too shocked to cry,

she put her

finger to her bottom lip as blood dripped from it then


anxiously as the man hovered over her menacingly.

“Your boyfriend don’t give a fuck about you!” he

growled. “He

probably won’t even care that I’ve raped you, he

probably feel the

same as everyone else…that you deserve taking down a

peg or two!”

Charlotte bit her bloody lip, knowing any further

outbursts would be

a potentially fatal error. She was shocked as the

masked man unzipped

his faded jeans and took out his bulging cock, a

monster of an organ

that she knew would do her only recently deflowered

cunt all kinds of

damage, then began to masturbate furiously. The young


grimaced as semen started

to drip down on to her head and body then most

sickeningly of all

into her mouth.

“Swallow!” he snapped.

Charlotte obediently slid the come down her throat

then cried out

with revulsion as it was quickly washed down by a

long, salty golden

shower which she had no choice but to swallow down.

“Please no more.” Charlotte pleaded but it quickly

became clear that

her ordeal was far from over as she was yanked to her

knees by her

long, brown hair. She was now face to face with her

attackers fully,

erect cock and knew what was coming next.

“Suck it.” he snapped, still holding her hair and

using it to pull

her closer towards the organ. Charlotte grudgingly

took it between

her lips and slid it slightly down her throat, gagging

as she was

forced to deepthroat her attacker by his violent yanks

of her head.

“Oh yeah I can see you’ve done this before ye slut.”

he taunted as

Charlotte, despite her resentment at being forced,

began to relax

into sucking him off. She’d decided to try and satisfy

him as quickly

as possible in the hope it would shorten her ordeal

and used all the

skills she’d developed in pleasuring Steve to quickly

bring her

attacker to climax. He groaned with satisfaction as

Charlotte took

more of his cock down her throat and skillfully used

her tounge to

heighten his pleasure. Finally he could hold back no

more and shot a

warm, thick load of come down Charlotte’s throat. She

gagged as it

trickled down her throat but gulped it down greedily,

hoping it would

be enough to satisfy the rapist. Her hope quickly

faded as he

followed up the blowjob by pulling her even closer and

cushioned his

come covered cock between her ample breasts.

“Gimme a titwank, then we can really start to have

some fun.” he said


Charlotte glared at him for a moment then began to

stimulate the

organ with her big, firm puppies. The moment she was

dreading quickly

arrived as he shot yet another load that dribbled all

over her

breasts and shot up on to her face and even into her

hair. She was

now covered in come and it was forming a sticky

solution as it was

mixed in with the sweat covering her naked body.

Feeling thoroughly

degraded, she hardly batted an eyelid when she was

ordered to turn

around and put her celebrated arse into the air. She

knew what was

coming but that didn’t detract from the agony as her

already bruised

anus was occupied by his huge cock, her discomfort

worsened by him

violently jabbing it in and out while yanking her come

covered hair

and long, brown nipples. She tried to fight the

impending orgasm but

it was hopeless and she couldn’t help but scream out

as he shot load

after load inside of her bringing her to a series of

ever louder and

more intense orgasms. Her humiliation worsened by his

taunts as he

fucked her.

“Do ye let Steve do ye up the arse?” he growled “I bet

ye do, ye

dirty slut only it probably don’t hurt as much with

his pencil dick!”

The taunts and agony continued as he pushed her on to

her back then

spread her legs and forced himself inside her.

Charlotte tried to

resist by tightening her pussy lips around his

invading cock but

eventually she had to submit to his superior force and

accept her

fate, squealing in agony and reluctant delight as the

man took her to

climax after climax.

She prayed her ordeal would be over when he shot a

final load into

her unprotected pussy then rolled off her but she was


dissapointed as he ordered her to “ride him like a

horse until he

couldn’t come anymore!”

Inspite of her fury at the man she had to admire his

stamina as she

climbed on top of him and lowered herself on to his

still fully erect

cock, she didn’t know how long they’d been going now

but it seemed a

eternity and still he showed no signs of flagging.

She began to moan and yelp as she rode him, his biting

of her long,

erect nipples and squeezing of her arse further

intensifying the

experience. The man’s steady stream of semen continued

unabated as he

shot load after load up her and she threw her head

back in orgasmic

delight. Her eye’s shut she didn’t notice his hands

creep up to her

neck but she soon realised what was happening as he

wrapped his big

hands around her neck and pressed down on her throat

while continuing

to fuck her furiously. Charlotte gasped for breath,

terrified and

exhilirated all at the same time as she headed towards

unconcsiousness. Terror suddenly overcame her and she

banged her hand

down on the ground frantically, a signal for her

“attacker” to end

her “ordeal.”

She collapsed beside the man, gasping for breath then

broke into a

wide smile and pulled off his mask before kissing him

passionately on

the lips, kisses returned with gentle bites by her


“Oh Steve, that were fucking great!” Charlotte

enthused to her

boyfriend who lay beside her.

“Yeah this rape role play idea of yours really livened

things up.”

Steve agreed “Ye a dirty bitch though you, I can’t

believe ye stuck a

fucking cactus up ye cunt!”

Charlotte grinned

“I bet you enjoyed watching it though didn’t ye?” she


Steve nodded emphatically.

“I loved the whole thing, part of me’s always wanted

to force ye.”

Charlotte smiled again.

“Mmm, I told ye I like it rough.” she said.

“So what have ye got in mind for tomorrow night?” he


Charlotte considered then smiled excitedly.

“How about some of ye mates, the roughest ye can find,

come back and

gangbang me?”

Steve nodded and grinned

“Nice one.” he said.

“Good, I’ll make ye so proud of me.” she replied.

Charlotte kissed him again then slid down his body and

took his cock

back into her mouth. Steve groaned as she began to

deepthroat him and

they both looked forward to another night of debauched

sex to satisfy Charlotte’s dark desires.

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