Charlotte’s Big Night


A sexual fantasy involving teen opera singer Charlotte Church

15-year old singing sensation Charlotte Church was stood in front of the mirror — naked. What she saw was the body of a woman. She had really come of age physically in the last 12 months and looked — certainly could look with make-up she corrected herself — like 18 or 19 with no problem. She loved to get dressed up to kill nowadays for post-concert parties and movie premieres and the papers always printed her picture in low cut gowns and slit skirts.

She may have looked like a woman but to Charlotte
that was only a small part of the story because she did not feel like a woman. She was sure that everyone in the world must think that now she was moving in exotic circles she would be leading an exotic lifestyle to match and to a degree she was. The party or the premier always finished the same way however — with the junior Welsh diva getting in a limo or taxi and wending her way home to the large house she had bought for herself and her mother on the outskirts of Cardiff. What was occupying her mind at the moment, as it had for months now, was an immense feeling of sexual frustration. She was still a virgin and in fact had never even seen a man naked if you didn’t count her seven year old brother at home. She was an avid internet user and had even seen those net fantasy stories and knew she was featured in some of them. If only she had experienced even a tenth of what was written she thought to herself.

Now was the time. She was literally itching for it as she stood there admiring her own voluptuous curves that she knew could make any male happy. The question was which male. She wasn’t so overcome with potential passion that she didn’t know that anyone attracted by her celebrity would be only after her money. She had contemplated paying for the privilege of losing her virginity but the blackmail potential was too large.

What she had decided on, and what was to be acted out tonight, was the advancement of a personal friendship to vast new levels. She had known Paul Matthews since primary school when they were in the same class and had been great friends for many years. He was her safety valve whenever the pressures of stardom got too much and she loved nothing more than to go round to his parents house, disappear upstairs to his room, and play CDs and DVDs or maybe cards and to simply laugh and joke together as normal teenagers would do. Although Paul was a great friend Charlotte had been aware that he had become more than aware of her growing maturity and had seen him eyeing up whatever she was wearing and more to the point what it might reveal in the way of a little bit of naked back when she stretched and her T-shirt ran up or perhaps her legs when the summer brought out her shorts.

She was going to see him tonight and knew his parents were out for the night at, ironically, an amateur operatics night. Tonight was the night and she was determined to end it feeling like a woman as well as looking like one. She didn’t want to alarm him straight away by coming on like Christina Aguillera in the “Lady Marmalade” video so ditched ideas of exotic underwear and dresses in favour of a tight button-up blouse and jeans.

The time came and Paul and Charlotte waved goodbye to his parents and set off upstairs to his bedroom and den. Paul flopped onto the bed while Charlotte stood coyly beside the bed. “What’s on the menu for tonight then Charlie?” said Paul, “I’ve got Vanilla Sky on a DVD I’ve got from the States or we could play some music”. “How about cards?” said Charlotte. Paul was a little disappointed as cards could be a bit boring but he idolised Charlotte and always went with her wishes. “OK then – how about crib or whist?” “How about strip poker!” said Charlotte. Paul couldn’t believe his ears. “W-w-what ???” he stammered. “Strip Poker I said”, repeated Charlotte. “Come on – I know you’ve always fancied me, particularly now I’ve grown up and out so to speak so now is the time for your dreams to come true. Anyway, the same is true for me. I want to get naked with you and perhaps a very interesting night will come of it”.

Paul didn’t really need asking twice. He had indeed always fancied his friend and his greatest thrill was getting hold of her last holiday photos and wanking over her in a bikini on Waikiki Beach. She had filled out more than a little since then and he couldn’t believe he was about to see her inches away from him and hopefully naked.

The cards came out and amidst much giggling and laughter the first few hands brought the removal of trainers and socks. Charlotte lost the next hand and her fingers moved coquettishly towards her top shirt button. She stopped. “Come on Paul, I think it would be more fun if we undressed each other”. Paul lent over and carefully unbuttoned the shirt one button at a time, leaving the cuffs to last and then slowly easing it over her shoulders and discarding it on the floor. She was wearing a black bra that frankly seemed a size or two too small and her breasts were straining at the seams. He ran his hands up her arms and onto her shoulders and then slowly downwards into her cleavage. Charlotte felt a shiver come over her as she anticipated what was to come.

The next hand went her way and Charlotte removed his T-shirt. Charlotte had seen him in swimming trunks in photos so was not too surprised at anything at this stage. He was tall and thin and certainly no muscle man but he nonetheless looked good to her in such close quarters. On a run now Charlotte took the next game and moved to unbutton his jeans. She eased his zip down and the trousers over his hips to reveal simple white Y-fronts.

She was rather hoping to lose a bit herself now to keep things balanced up and sure enough the next hand belonged to Paul and he reciprocated by sliding off her skin tight jeans. She was now in black bra and pants and as the two hugged on the bed Charlotte couldn’t help noticing the effect it was having on Paul. Another loss and Paul reached round and unclasped Charlotte’s bra. It dropped to the floor and Paul was stunned by the magnificence of what he was seeing. Charlotte’s breasts were large and voluptuous but what caught his eye most were the large brown nipples. His hands cupped her breasts and his fingers moved up to circle the nipples causing them to become erect and swollen. Charlotte was now feeling aroused and damp and it was a good job the game was about to come to a natural close as she felt like abandoning it and simply going for her goal. The next hand was hers and she knelt before Paul. His Y-fronts were now barely containing the object of her intentions and she eased them up, over and down. Paul’s erect cock sprang into view and she had never seen anything so good. It was distended, rigid and so long. It must have been 8 inches from base to tip and was powering up from his groin ready for something – anything – to be done with it. She grasped it with both hands and felt the power within it. “What now then Charlie – looks like you’ve won”.

“We’re both winners tonight I think Paul”, said Charlotte. “It wouldn’t be fair for me to be covered up now. Come over here and make me naked too”. Paul moved over and eased Charlotte’s black pants down. She had a beautiful brown bush of thick hair and Paul ran his fingers through it causing more shivers to coarse through Charlotte’s body as his fingertips touched the edges of her vagina.

Charlotte had thought enough about the evening to take precautions and went to her bag and took out a packet of condoms. But first she wanted to see Paul’s cock cum in its full magnificence without being covered. She asked Paul to lay down on the bed and she lay beside him and began masturbating him just like she had seen it described on the internet. She moved her right hand rhythmically up and down and occasionally stopped to kiss his cock and even once, when she plucked up her courage, to take the head in her mouth. She had warned him to tell her when he was about to come and then to take over and make sure none of it went near to her mouth or vagina and true to his word Paul suddenly knelt up and over Charlotte and came in floods and torrents of cum all over her breasts and stomach. Charlotte was horrified for a second as she had meant him to cum in a tissue but the lovely warmth of the liquid changed her mind and she gingerly touched it and then massaged it all around her breasts and nipples.

“This feels good” said Charlotte. “Come on – let’s get cleaned up and then go for round two.” It sounded good to Paul as they tip-toed off to the bathroom and showered together.

They returned to the bedroom and Charlotte asked Paul to lie down on the bed again. With very little help is erection soon returned and Charlotte got out her condoms and asked Paul to put one on. She watched fascinated as her friend laid there with 7 or 8 inches of expectant cock waiving in the air.

Charlotte knelt over her friend and raised her hips and slowly lowered herself just over the straining cock. “Gently gently now my friend”, she whispered. “This is the first time for me and I want it to be memorable for the right reasons not for any pain”.

She then lowered herself further and Paul’s cock slid beautifully up the 15-year-old’s vagina. She felt some resistance and Paul hung back but Charlotte then gritted her teeth and put her full weight down. Paul’s cock entered fully and Charlotte had never felt as good. She felt fulfilled at last and knew that she wanted to spend as much time as possible in the future with her hole filled with throbbing cock. She started to move slowly up and down and gestured for Paul to match the movement. His hands were on her breasts and were in turn kneading them and teasing her nipples as he began to feel that he was about to cum. Charlotte’s eyes were rolling back in ecstasy as the moment came and Paul came long and hard and she had never experienced feelings like those that came over her now.

She rolled off her friend and onto the other side of the bed as Paul slipped off the condom and cleaned himself with a hankie. “A bit better than Doctors and Nurses then Paul”, said Charlotte. “I think I need to make another appointment as soon as possible!”

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