Charlotte’s Boat Ride

Charlotte’s Boat Ride

By Adam Bede

Author’s Note: The personalities featured in the story belong to themselves. No profit is made in writing and distributing this story.


Starring: Charlotte Church

Codes: M+/F, Anal, Oral

It was supposed to be just one of those ordinary vacations with my fiancĂ©e, we’d go to the beach at day and fuck, we’d go to the clubs at night and fuck. But a few days before we were supposed to leave for Ibiza, she broke it off with me on account that she found
out that I had slept with her best friend. It was just one night, we were drunk, she was away and her best friend was a great piece of ass.

I was crushed, but my best friends Stevie and Joey talked me out of it and convinced me to change the accommodations, all first-class for two, for three. They said that we were going to have the best fucking time of our lives. And we did.

We rented a yacht when we got to Ibiza and we had us some great college coeds over for some fucking. But on our third day, Stevie, who went out to get groceries came back with Charlotte Church in tow.

“Charlotte, who?” I asked as she looked around the boat. She was smoking hot; she had huge knockers and a cute chubby face. She was definitely fuck-able, quoting Joey.

“Church, dude. She’s a young opera singer,” he smiled. Stevie was always a bit gay with his interest in opera and musicals, but he knew a great snatch when he saw one. “Fuck-able, heh?”

Joey was talking to Charlotte animatedly about how he used to be a choir member when he was a kid. I could see his shorts were already bulging with an erection, and that Charlotte was looking at it the way he was looking at her breast. I came up to them and introduced myself to her. Her face was angelic and her smile was so sweet that I thought of cotton candy when I saw it.

“So you guys, ever go out to sea? Or is this just a ploy to get girls to wear bikinis?” she asked smiling.

“Both,” Stevie said grinning. A few minutes later we were out on the water.

Charlotte looked at us and smiled wickedly. “So where do I change?”

Joey grinned. “In the cabin, but its filthy. If you want you can change here. We’ll look away.” Joey was always the bold one.

“Why don’t we cut to the chase and you take your cock out so I can suck it,” her British accent made what she said sexier than it was. Her hands groped his crotch and he smiled. Joey slipped down his swimming trunks and his throbbing cock was out. “How bout you guys?” she asked turning to us, she was running her hands up and down his cock.

Stevie and I approached her and slipped down our shorts, we were both rock hard and as huge as Joey. I couldn’t believe that were on the deck to the sight of anyone who would come by and we were gonna have a taste of some British celeb pussy.

She got down on her knees and took Joey’s cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on his meat shaft. Stevie and I approached from either side of her and she wrapped her hands on each one of our cocks and began jerking us off. Then we switched places when Joey blasted his thick cum down her throat. “Hmm, it’s good for my voice,” she joked, cum dripping from her the side of her mouth.

Now Stevie was getting the oral treatment. He held her young face between his hands to still her head and he fucked her in the mouth. Charlotte was gagging at the size of him while she jacked me off. Joey was just standing there watching, waiting to recover. Stevie pulled out his cock quickly and Charlotte knew that Stevie wanted to see her open mouth receiving his gooey juice. He released several large spurts and some landed across her nose. The rest she swallowed with great aplomb.

She wiped the cum rolling down her face and licked her fingers. Now it was my turn, she looked at my cock; it was the biggest among the three of us and grinned. She took me in and she was a natural cocksucker. She worked me long and hard and I came violently in her mouth.

We were spent but the day was just beginning. Charlotte stood up and took off her clothes and stood in front of us naked. Her pussy was covered lightly by red pubes and her nipples were a gorgeous pink. Stevie pulled her to him, and almost kissed her in the mouth, when he realized that she had just swallowed almost a glassful of cum. Instead, he put his hand between her legs and started sucking on her mighty big knockers.

Joey joined in on the fun, and soon Charlotte was on her back, two guys sucking on her tits, and pushing their fingers in and out of her wet snatch. I watched them from afar, waiting for my cock to stiffen up again; I was drained.

Soon, Joey was on his back, with Charlotte riding him like he was a horse, while Stevie was behind her, fucking her up her ass. Charlotte loved it; I could tell by the way she was screaming out old, that she’d never done a double-penetration before, and that she’ll always want it from now on.

I felt myself getting bigger again and I decided it was high time to join in on the fun. I stepped in front of Charlotte, and she immediately grabbed my cock and pulled me closer. She began licking and sucking my balls, just as Joey moaned loudly. He had come inside her pussy, but she didn’t seem to care.

Stevie pulled her off Joey and settled on his back, now she was top of him. I positioned myself on top of her and plunged my throbbing cock in her swollen pussy. She was slick, but still tight. I could only imagine what fucking her up the butt was like.

I got my answer soon enough as Stevie said that he had come. I stopped fucking her and she got off him and got on all fours on the deck. Her asshole was red from the fucking but she motioned me to fuck her there, so I did.

She screamed for me to go on and on and I did. After I came in her, we were just all beat. We sprawled on the boat deck naked and all fell asleep. When we got back to shore, Charlotte thanked us for what she said, “Was the best sex of her life.”

Unknown to the guys, she asked for my number before she left. I gave it to her and she said that she’d call me. She hasn’t yet. But in the mean time, there are a lot of women out there.

The End.

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