"Just a second!"

Shannen Doherty was late.Alyssa Milano was angry.Why is Shannen
always late? Shannen pulled on her sexiest thong, a black miniskirt.
Turning around to check in the mirror how it looked in the back she
was pleased to see how sexy she looked.She smiled at her self in the
mirror, and hurried down to her best friend Alyssa.

They mounted their bicycles and drove as fast as they could to the
studio which were located just a
few miles away.They arriwed at the
studio under whistles and cheers from the staff in the studo.
They both smiled at them.That sexy smile they used when they were

"Shannen and Alyssa, Mr Spelling want`s you in his office!",a man
shouted to the two girls.

Outside Mr Spelling`s office Alyssa turned to Shannen and said with a
wicked smile.

"I dare you to take of your panties."

"No problem."

Shannen looked around and quickly lifted up her skirt and pulled her
panties down and stuffed them into her bag.Alyssa opened the door and
there he was.The King of television.Mr Spelling.

"Good morning.", he said as he looked up from the paper in his hand.

"Good morning Sir.", they said to the man with the power to destroy
their careers.In front of Mr Speling were some banana´s.
Alyssa grabbed one and put it in her hand when Mr Spelling talked to

Suddenly Alyssa pulled up her skirt and pushed the banana in to her
cunt.Mr Spelling looked at her, so did Shannen.The poor man could not
get his thoughts together to continue the conversation with Shanen.
He just stared at Alyssa.She took the banana out of her cunt and gave
it Shannen who licked the banana.

Alyssa smiled to mr Spelling and went down on her knees in front of
him, pulled down the zipper in his pants and pulled out his cock.
She had done this before.Her tounge came out from between her lips
and licked the cock up and down,she touched the underside of his huge
cock.She started a deetermined licking as the cock grew larger and
larger.Soon the cock were almost 8,5 inches long.She tried to push
her tounge in to the peehole.She licked around the big swollen head.

Mr Spelling grabbed a handful of Alyssa`s hair in his hands and
pushed his cock between her parted lips.The huge cock stretched
Alyssa`s lips wide and it seemed to fill her whole mouth.Her eyes
looked up in to his eyes and she saw lust and determination.
She knewed what he was going to do before he pushed his cock down her
throat.She hated when he did that to her.He fucked her face with a
steady pace for almost five long minutes before he turned his
attention to Shannen.He pulled his cock out and started to wank his
tool.Shannen did as instructed.Shen knelt before the man with so much
power, closed her eyes and waited for what was to come.It hit her
face with so much power that she did the misstake to open her
eyes.The second spurt hit straight in to Shannen`s left eye.
She closed it.The pain struck her immediately.Shot after shot landed
in her pretty face.She felt the cockhead against her lips and opened
up and let him in.She sucked the last drop from the cock.She tried to
open her right eye.

She saw Alyssa in front of her, pushing out her tounge in her
direction against the cock.She licked at the sperm, swallowing
everything she could.

"Well done girls.You two are still my favourite girls.But remember,
if you don`t do your best you will loose your jobs."

The girls looked at each other.They both hated this.Every morning
they had to suck Mr Spelling of and let him shoot his semen in their

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