Charming Sex Lives Episode I: Phoebe’s Power Spell

Disclaimer: This is the first of many episodes to come to this fictional story. This story does not represent the truth of these characters in anyway…This is just for people’s enjoyment, not to be taken seriously and truthfully. Thank you and enjoy.

Title: Charming Sex Lives Episode I Phoebe’s Power Spell.

By: Anomonyous

Story Codes: (FF+, FF, cons, oral )

Starring: Shannon Doherty as (Prue Halliwell), Holly Marie Combs as (Piper Halliwell), and Alyssa Milano as (Phoebe Halliwell.)

Charming Sex Lives Episode I: Phoebe’s Power Spell

It is the year 1999, and it has been almost a year since the Charmed ones became witches. So far, all has been going well for the powerful Trio. It is the middle of season 1, and this episode takes place where Phoebe has been possessed by the Woogie. Although the Charmed one’s have dealt with evil before, today, they will discover the type of Sex lives they are about to lead, Thanks to Phoebe…

The month is February 24th, and the year is 1999. The powerful Charmed ones have just helped a young boy get together with his father, or Prue has anyway. It has been a week, and the trio is ready for anything, or so they think.

Phoebe, the youngest sister of the Halliwells, has decided to go down to the basement to store some old family photos, to put away for safe keeping. For about twenty minutes, she has gone through almost every box down in the basement, until something catch’s her eye, a black dust of smoke, rising from a crack in the floor.

Ever since Phoebe was a kid, she had terrible dreams about one day being possessed by a terrible demon being that lives in the basement. This demon was called the “Woogie.” Prue and Piper never believed a word of what Phoebe said about the “Woogie”, in fact, they both made fun of her and teased her about it. Phoebe, however, some how knew it was all true, and now she was about to experience it in true details.

The cloud of dust began rising towards Phoebe, and surrounding her around her body. Phoebe tried to escape. She even tried to scream upstairs to Prue and Piper yelling, “Help me! The Woogie has got me! Help! Help!.” Prue and Piper ignored her of course, laughing at each other. Soon enough…the Woogie went into Phoebe’s body and started to take control of her.

Two minutes later, Phoebe was totally controlled by the Woogie, and was forced to become evil. Phoebe started to smile all sexy and evil and said, “Thank you so much baby, now I have the courage to finally embrace Prue and Piper the way I always hoped.” The Woogie responded, “Go to it Phoebe…now!” Phoebe obeyed and finally made her way upstairs to the kitchen, walking very sexy and evil.

Prue and Piper were both in the kitchen cooking up spells, and saw phoebe come up the stairs. “Is the Woogie gone?” mocked Prue. Piper laughed and cackled out loud. Hearing Piper laugh like that gave Phoebe some impure lesbian thoughts about her. Phoebe said nothing, but walked by the sisters, and smacked Piper on the ass while walking by. Piper jumped in surprise and embarrassment. She looked back towards phoebe and asked, “What’s wrong with her?” “Don’t even bother.” Said Prue. Phoebe then made her way upstairs and into her bedroom and began to undress herself.

In a matter of seconds, Phoebe was totally naked in front of her mirror, smiling into the mirror saying, “It’s time for hot fun.” At that point, Piper walked into the bedroom saying, “You’ll need me for that baby.” Piper smiled directly at Phoebe, staring at her perfect naked body. Then Piper said, “Thanks for slapping me on the ass and possessing me.” Piper winked at Phoebe and then Phoebe took Piper’s hand and led her to the bed.

Apparently, when Phoebe slapped Piper on the ass, it set off an evil spark, possessing Piper and now making them both horny lesbians towards each other. Phoebe was totally naked and Piper still had her clothes on, but not for long. Phoebe moved her hand onto Piper’s cheeks saying “It’s time we really bond as sisters.” Piper laughed nodding her head in agreement, then took Phoebe’s hand and started to lick her hand softly and sexy. Phoebe let out a little moan, and started to lay flat on the bed on her back. Piper loved this, and began to place her body on top of her sister’s, kissing her directly on the lips, tongue and all. For about two minutes, Phoebe and Piper kissed like crazy, then Piper began to make her way down towards Phoebe’s breasts. She put her mouth on one nipple and started to suck on it softly. “MMMMM….you have tasty titties baby.” Piper said, and they both laughed out loud. Piper then made her way towards the other breast and started to suck like crazy. “UHH…Sweetie, OOH, keep going, BITCH.” Phoebe said. Piper then responded to her sister’s command.

Piper then started to move her tongue down towards Phoebe’s flat belly, licking her belly button. She looked up at Phoebe to see the expression on her face, which was a dreamy look. Phoebe’s eyes were closed focused on the sex. Soon, Piper finally placed her tongue on top of Phoebe’s clit and started flicking like a bad bad girl. The look on Piper’s face was nothing but pure evil and enjoyment of eating Phoebe.

“OOH, FUCK! DO IT BABY! KEEP GOING….FLICK THAT TONGUE….EAT ME UP….B—ITC-H!” Phoebe said. Piper started to flick her tongue vigorously on Phoebe, and placed her whole mouth on Phoebe’s clit, sucking and licking.

“OH YEAH! OH FUCK!! THIS FEELS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!” Phoebe started moving her hips up and down, following the flow of the sex. Piper then stopped and said “Come on BITCH! Show me what you got!! I want to see some CUMMING!!!! NOW!!!!” Piper resumed her clit eating. Phoebe then said, “This is for you…my LESBIAN BITCH!!” In a matter of seconds, Piper stuck her head completely between Phoebe’s thighs, sucking and licking, and Phoebe finally started to cum.

“OH YEAH!!!! OH FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!” Piper started to drink up her cum and was smiling with pleasure giving. “YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! OOOOOOOOH——-ARRRRRRRGH!!!! THAT’S MY FUCKING BITCH!!!!” Said Phoebe. Seconds later, Phoebe was smiling with enjoyment and told Piper to climb up here next to her.

Moments later, Prue wondered what all of the noise was and walked in on Piper and Phoebe in bed together. She was disgusted. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Phoebe and Piper smiled at Prue and had an idea. “She gives great tongue.” Said Phoebe. “PHOEBE! WHAT?!” Prue was in major shock. “It’s ok Prue. I enjoyed it. She was really good.” Piper said laughing and licking Phoebe’s fingers. “THIS IS SICK!” Prue said.

Then, Piper struck out her hand and zapped Prue with the same shock that Phoebe did when she slapped Piper on the ass. Seconds later, Prue looked at Piper and Phoebe with an evil grin on her face saying, “Let’s get busy,” while shaking her ass. Piper then finally started to strip down to her naked body, and Prue did the same. Now, all three evil sisters were naked, and hungry for lesbian loving.

“This is really going to be fun.” Said Phoebe, smiling at Piper and Prue. They all had the same idea. They ended up on the bed, in a circle, eating each other’s clits out. They all got into position and made their way towards becoming lesbian bitches.

Phoebe placed her mouth on Piper’s clit, Prue placed her mouth on Phoebe’s clit, and Piper placed her mouth Prue’s clit, which was actually something she really wanted to do for a long time Before she was even possessed by the Woogie. As a matter of fact, all three sisters actually knew they had a little bit of lesbian vibe in them, they just never had the courage to embrace it, until now.

Moans and Groans started to come out of the sister’s mouth’s while each sexy evil witch were eating each other out. “MMMM….YUMMY. HMMMM….MMM.” Said Piper while eating Prue. Phoebe’s eyes were totally closed while eating out Piper. “MMMM OOOOH HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!!” Screamed Phoebe. Prue started vigorously to eat out Phoebe and actually made her cum in a matter of minutes.

In about three minutes, all three evil women, were moaning loudly, making each other cum, and talking dirty. “OOOOH! AWWWW!!! AWWWW!! ARRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!! OH!! FUCK!!!! HELL YEAH!!!! OH FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! ERRRRRRRR!!!! FUCK!!!!” all three women screamed. Soon after, it was all over and the three women lay in bed together playing with each other’s tits.

The sisters knew that the Woogie was responsible for making them embrace their lesbian side. Seeing as how the cat was finally out of the bag, they all decided to stay evil voluntarily, and wanted to vanquish the Woogie.

They all made their way downstairs in the basement, all naked and sticky with cum. The Woogie made his way towards the sisters saying, “YOU NEED ME!” The sisters all laughed and held each other’s hands, but Piper’s hand was on Prue’s ass. Seconds later, all three sisters said the spell to finally vanquish the Woogie and the Woogie yelled. “NOOOO!” Phoebe then said, “We don’t need you, we’ll be great lesbo lovers on our own, but thanks for helping baby.” Phoebe then blew the Woogie a kiss as the Woogie was finally gone.

The spell was broken, but that did not change the sister’s mind about how they felt about each other. Thirty minutes later they were all upstairs, in the shower, fucking the hell out of each other, and they were looking forward to doing this activity as the years rolled by.


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