Chasing Amy

It was only a small job, but I felt that this might be my chance to work my way into a acting career, and if one good job on my CV could open one more door, than I could use THAT to open another door, and so on. So although I did feel like playing a slime demon on hit Teen show “Angel” was kind of intellectually demeaning, no way was I going to turn down this chance! I wont bore you all with the details of the shoot that day, I will just get straight to the real shit, the shit I am now sitting down to write out for you.

After the days shooting a few of the guys went for a few beers at a local bar, and somehow I
tagged along, had a few beers myself, and we were all good buddies, despite the obvious differences between us, by the time we got turned out of the bar at 2 AM. In particular, Amy Acker, “Fred” in Angel, seemed to have taken a shine to me. I guess she felt some connection to me because it turned out we were both big New York Jets fans. Anyway, we had a good laugh together, and I guess somehow the connection was made there that changed the history of the world next winter…

So, I am now writing to you about the shit that went down yesterday, given you a first hand version of the events that may, to my mind at least, have made history happen. The Jets were in the Superbowl, against an awesome Rams team, determined to get the win they felt they deserved against the Pats in 2002… I had paid through the nose for these tickets, patriotically staged at Giants Stadium, NYC, but I felt it was worth it to support my Jets in their biggest game in 30 years. Of course, Amy had, unbeknownst to me at this time, been able to get tickets too because of her celebrity status. For me, my acting career was not going as I planned. I had been in a couple of good independents that no one had seen, and was pretty close to quitting. Depressed I was normally, imagine how I felt when the Jets were 28-0 down at HT!

Feeling pretty pissed, I went up to get a beer as the half time hooter sounded, and imagine my surprise to bump into Amy Acker, AND for her to recognise me! We were chatting away when suddenly, the half time show kicked off, with Britney Spears singing “St Louis rock, New York sucks!” to the tune of Hit Me Baby, One More Time! This shit was fucked up! Obviously Britney was betraying her job to sing the half time show because of her prejudice as a southerner!

“We have to do something!” Amy cried, already pulling me down the stairs and towards the pitch! All sorts of idea’s were racing through my mind! Amy got passed the first few stages of security because she was a celebrity, but the 4 guys guarding the door I had to fight passed! I hit two with diamond cutters, one with a spear when he wasn’t watching, and the last dude almost beat me before Amy hit him with a Lita-Rama! Off the top of the stair case! We rushed out to the pitch and pushed the dancers out of the way! The crowd went silent as Amy whispered a plan in me ear. Police were rushing us from every side and I didn’t have time to think, I just did what she said!

Right there on the half way line I threw Amy down, stripped her naked, stripped me naked, and started to fuck her! The crowd went wild with appreciation! And even the police froze, not daring interrupt this magic moment! With difficulty, Amy took out a marker pen and began to write on me! On my left ass cheek she scrawled “J” “E” and on my right ass cheek she wrote “T” “S”! The crowd went wild as Amy grabbed the mike and started to scream in pleasure as I rammed my huge dick into her pussy with a brutally powerful twisted motion. Amy was basically in multiple orgasm from the first thrust, so turned on was she by doing this in front of a crowd. Every time my ass bounced in and out of her pussy, the crowd chanted:







For the whole 30 minutes I was fucking her, the NYPD didn’t make a move because they realised my demonstration of awesome sexual power was sending the crowd crazy! The dumb rednecks who filled half of the Giant Stadium were silent and speechless as the whole of NYC went nuts admiring my beautiful ass and the power of my sexual technique, the whole time the lovely Amy Acker had the mike dripped in her hand and was hollering like a stuck pig! After 30 minutes I had cum with the force of a machine gun up in Amy’s pussy. Making her howl in pleasure like a Banshee and the crowd go even crazier. I led the tearful Amy of the grass and sat on the touchline where the stadium police guided us.

It was a totally different Jets that came out for the second half! Spurred on by the crowds constant and deafening support, they put play after play together and with 20 seconds remaining, the Jets pulled it back to 27-28! Amy was still naked, and sitting on my lap as I absently finger fucked her while watching the play! The Jets went for it, the 2 pointer that would win the Superbowl! But attempting a QB sneak, Pennington was wiped out by London Fletcher, and it seemed as if it was over, the Jets had one play left at best and surely no chance of making that! Amy cried on my shoulder and I held her close. The Jets went for an onside kick and Mo Lewis made it! Although taking a brutal hit in the process and putting himself out of the game, this true NY hero had put his body on the line to give his beloved Jets one last shot!

10 seconds remaining. The third string QB lined up and took the hike, looking for the bomb… (Testeverde had played so badly he had been pulled and cut at HT, banished from New York as a punishment for being so immobile and temperamental!), the

eager Rams D blitzed the 3rd string QB and sacked him in the zone! Safety! Game over!

I started to weep, as Amy dissolved into tears on my lap. But wait… No! The officials called unnecessary roughness on the Rams! The clock has already run down though, this was an unprecedented situation! The officials and NFL met for like 30 minutes while the crowd and TV audience waited… hoping… Finally, they made a decision! The Jets would get possession on the one yard line, one second on the clock, one play to win the superbowl!

Immediately, Coach Edwards made a protest, that due to the Rams foul they had no QB left! After another meeting, the umpire grabbed the Mike and announced “Any man in this stadium with the guts… you may step up and be a Jets player for this one down, this one play!” No one in the stadium moved… slowly, I stood up, walked onto the pitch, as the crowd roared their approval! But another guy stepped forward to! Vinny Testeverde also presented himself to coach Edwards! The Coach looked at us one in turn, one a proven NFL standard QB and starter for years, the other, an unknown kid, who he didn’t even know could play football! After a hesitation, Coach Edwards tossed me the football!!! Vinny shook my hand and I shook it back firmly, man to man, we both knew the score! I ran out to take my position, when the Rams called a Time Out (their last) and complained! “He can’t line up because he doesn’t have a jersey of his own!” cried the Rams coach. To my horror I realised that I was wearing a replica Curtis Martin jersey, not a jersey of my own! The officials ruled that I could not play unless I had my own jersey!!!! As the Time Out clock started to run down, the NY crowd started to weep, then suddenly… …. ….!!!!

Joe Namath appeared, and tossed me a jersey! The only Jersey in the crowd which another player did not have because his number was retired! “Take this kid, and do it!” shouted Joe as I gratefully pulled on his Jersey! The Officials ruled this was ok, and clarified the position. One second on the game clock, one play, on the Jets one yard line!

The snap came back and I was so nervous I only just held it! I rocked back into the pocket, the Rams ran a safety blitz on me but my offensive line picked it up! My wide out Chavert was going long, and I knew I only had 2 or 3 seconds to pick him out before the Rams got to me! I launched the bomb approximately 0.1 seconds before a huge tackle took me down with a big hit! On the floor, badly winded, I could only watch my play unfold! Chavert was double manned and there was about a 6 square inch spot that was his… somehow my pass found it, and Chavert took the catch one handed and pulled it into him! He swerved passed the covering man and it was straight foot race! 45, 50, 45, 40… 30…. 20…. 10… THE CROWD WERE GOING NUTS!!!! TOUCHDOWN JETS!!!! TOUCHDOWN JETS!!!!! TOUCHDOWN JETS!!!!!! I started to cry as I realised what I had just done! The Jets were champions of the world!!!!!!!!

Amy Acker charged on the pitch again, wearing nothing but a skimpy Jets Jersey, and the crowd roared in approval as I took her right there in the opposite endzone! I ripped her top of and sucked and kissed her nipples, kissed her mouth passionately, and then started to fuck her! I drove my dick inside of her, sliding her around the NYC mud, her tight pussy hugging my cock as the crowd went nuts, weeping in adoration! I let Vinny take my superbowl ring, after all, he deserved it for having the humility to let the better man take the ball when it was all on the line… I took MY reward my brutally fucking the gorgeous Amy Acker one more in front of an audience of billions! The crowd roared in time with my every thrust “J”, “E”, “T”, “S”, “JETS!!!”, the hottie was in constant orgasm, squirming under me as I fucked her, grabbing at her ass, kissing her face, pushing myself further and further into her as she begged me for more… As I hit my final orgasm, I pulled my pants back up, pulled on the famous jersey of Joe, and ran a solitary lap of honor around the field as all the crowd (even the Rednecks) stood to applaud me! The naked Amy Acker stood on the sideline applauding me too as I jogged, to her, and to all of them, the perfect specimen of masculinity!

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