Chat Room Diaries: Trish/Stacey/Torrie/Lita – Part 3

“Chat Room Diaries”: Trish/Stacey/Torrie/Lita

This is an original piece written by The Ultimate Heel and I have no knowledge of anyone doing anythingsimilar.

I would appreciate if everyone read and gave some feedbackof some sort, even if you despise it. ENJOY!!!



Trish and Stacey met in a chat room while in the Bahamas fora photo shoot, but neither of the 2 knew the real identity of their chattingpartner. They met in Stacey’s room, while the other divas were out venturingthe islands; Trish and Stacey pleasured each other in Stacey’s hotel room, inthe hallways,
in the elevator, and all the way to Trish’s room. But here theywere surprised by a couple of divas that arrived a little early…

Part 3:

Trish and Stacey, bare naked under those expensivesilk sheets that they used to cover themselves to hide from Lita and Torriemuch like Adam and Eve did in the book of Genesis.

Trish and her leggy partner in sex,felt as small as Chyna’s God-given breasts, as Torrie and Lita stared at themwith a smirk on their faces, which really only lasted a few moments, but to the2 new-found lovers it seemed like forever.

Torrie finally broke the silencewhen she said, ” So this is the reason you 2 wanted to stay here at theresort.” Lita smiled as she concluded the same thing, but Trish to her defenseargued, ” We didn’t exactly know that we were going to… do it.” Torrie actinglike a prosecutor replied, ” So both of you just decided not to go with therest of us, and then for some reason wound up in bed together?”

Trish didn’t know how to explain,and looked at Stacey, as to say Give Me Some Help! Stacey whether she got thepoint or not said, ” This is what happened, last night both of us were in thesame chat room, and coincidently, we found each other and chatted privately. Wedecided to meet in our room (referring to hers and Lita’s room), the nextnight, and since it was the 2 of us chatting that’s the reason we didn’t go.

“Really”, said Torrie, ” you expectus to believe that you met in some chat room, and Coincidently fucked each other.”

“Well that’s what happened”, said Stacey. Lita during thistime couldn’t help but remember that when last night when she made it back toher room, she saw Stacey hurrying up to try and hide something, but she didn’tsay anything then, but this time she wasn’t going to let it pass over. Litalooked at Stacey and said with confidence in her tone, ” Was that the reasonyou closed your lap-top, so quickly when I walked in last night?” Then Stacey,with a look of new hope, replied, “Yes, I didn’t want you to see what I wasdoing on there. That’s exactly why.

Torrie put 2and 2 together and realized they were probably telling the truth and said, “Sowhen you found out that you were chatting with each other, who decided to dothe Wild Thing?”

Feeling more comfortable now, Trish answered, “I don’t knowit just kinda… happened, ya know.” Stacey,feeling this was a good time to turn the tables, suddenly asked, “Why are youguys here, so early. We weren’t expecting you for another couple of hours?”Lita and Torrie looked at each other, Lita nodded her head and lifted hershoulders as to say, There’s No Reason To Hold Back. Torrie turned her headtowards the others and said, “We set up the other girls, so we could be aloneand fuck!”

This brought alook of shock in Trish and Stacey’s eyes. Stacey in a confused voice replied,”Excuse me?” Torrie went on explaining, “We had everything planned out, fromyesterday morning when, they said that we weren’t shooting in 2 days. So wecame up with a full-proof plan to gather all the girls, go on an adventure, andthen disappear from the group, leaving us tons of time while they looked forus, and that’s what we did.

“Are you serious” replied Trish, “They might be still looking for you.” “They probablyare, but even if they gave up, at least me and Torrie had our chance to unravelsome hidden treasures, like I see you guys have as well,” said Lita. They allgiggled, as they have just released their secrets. Stacey asked them where the2 of them went when they fled from the group. Torrie asked, “Did you want tosee it. It’s great.” Trish and Stacey, without hesitation said hell yeah!

Without words, Trish and Stacey got out from under thesheets that were wet from cum and the sweat of the nervous divas. As they weregetting together, Lita and Torrie caught glimpses of Trish and Stacey’sundeniable hard-bodies, as both their lips filled with moisture along withtheir “already tampered with” pussies. Finally both of them were ready to go. Trish,grabbed her briefcase with her “Tools” inside, and caught up with the other’swho were making their way to the hall.

They all werechatting and sharing small talk, down the hall, as Torrie hears a familiarvoice. She told the other’s to shhh for a second. She listened closely andheard the voice of Mighty Molly getting really close. Torrie figured she wascoming from her room to keep looking for the “Lost” divas. So Torrie said, “Oh,we gotta go now. Let’s take the stairs.” They all sprinted as fast as theycould, much to the pleasure of anybody who caught a glimpse of the beautifulladies, and their gigantic, bouncing tits. When they got down the stairs theyran through the back door, so they wouldn’t be seen by the divas. Lita pointedout that their car was in the front of the resort, and that it was toodangerous. But then Trish saw a cab, and called out, “Taxi”. They all swiftlywent over to the taxi van, which comfortably fit a party of 4.

Torrie, asked the driver if he knew where Concrete Road was. He replied yes, and drove off.Stacey asked Torrie how did they discover this place. Torrie answered, “When Iwas a fitness model, one of the executives of the “Fitness Magazine” asked meover to his place to discuss contracts, (Torrie now whispering) but we did alittle more than talk. After that he was hooked on me, and said if I ever wasin the Bahamas, I could use his place. So I told Lita about it, and we went upthere. He’s not there though, but he showed me his spare key, that’s how we gotin.”

“Man, that’s crazy. It’s almost like a movie, or some “Internet Celebrity Sex Story”. They laughed at the joke, as they were gettingclose to the place. Torrie continued to guide the driver to the house as Trishand Stacey admired the scenery.

They paid thedriver, and went towards the huge mansion of the executive. The land wasnothing but green and flower gardens with a beautiful fountain in the front.Torrie headed for the fountain, and told the others to go wait by the door.Torrie reached her arm in the water, pushed over a brick and grabbed the key,that was hidden. She proceeded to the door, and with the first look, Trish andStacey’s mouth dropped like they were about to suck a huge cock. Torrie couldsee their amazement, so she gave them a tour like she had for Lita before.After walking up and down the stairs and seeing some very expensive things,they all went to the apartment size kitchen. Trish put her “Tools” down on thecabinet, and they all decided to go in the Jacuzzi.

They made their way through theclear glass doors of the kitchen that led outside. To the humongous pool and aJacuzzi that, massages your body with the Hott water feeling out every inch oftheir celebrity figures. They all slipped out of their clothes into theirbathing suits which they wore under. Torrie and Lita were used to the Hottemperatures as they had already tested the waters. But it took Trish andStacey a while to get totally comfy in the bubbly tub. Trish sat opposite ofTorrie, and Stacey opposite to Lita. The 4 women just relaxed in the Jacuzzi,with their heads leaned back, on the convenient head rest. Until Torrie tookher beautiful shaven legs, and started to rub her feet between Trish’spartially crossed legs. Trish in a little amazement, didn’t want to cause anoise, and just waited as Torrie smoothly rubbed her silky legs and feetfurther up and in between both Trish’s legs. As Torrie got close to Trish’s”Stratus-Faction”, she moaned a little.

Lita and Stacey both looked to see what was going on, but Torrie,acted quickly and said slyly, “You thirsty Trish. It sounds like your throat isdry.” Trish, stared into Torrie’s eyes, and knew what she was doing and playedalong. “Yeah my throat is a little dry. I’ll go get some drinks.” Torrie said,”I’ll go help you.” The 2 fixed their suits as the water glistened, and addedextra sexiness to them as the water slowly fell off. They both walked out ofsite and into the kitchen. Stacey looked at Lita saying, “That was a moan if Iever heard one.” Lita laughed, as Stacey turned her head to see if they werestill in site. Lita then came over to Stacey, and asked how long her legs were,while Lita was standing in between them. Stacey, not answering the questionsaid, “How big are your tits?”

Lita smiled, and then dove in forthe kill. The moist lips of the 2 met with passion as their wet tongues floppedaround as they swapped saliva. Lita sat down right beside her, as theycontinued kissing, but now sideways. Stacey’s left hand found it’s way downLita’s fit stomach and further down and to the side until she squeezed the lifeout of her ass. Lita’s right hand went to Stacey’s back, and Lita fiddled withStacey’s bra until she got it off. Stacey, took her hand away from her ass, andtook the rest of her bra off, showing her small but nice and natural beauties.Stacey began to climb onto Lita’s lap, with her knees on the comfortable, builtin seat in the Jacuzzi. Lita took a mouthful of Stacey’s right tit. Staceyscreamed as Lita sucked harder. Stacey said, “Suck it hard… Ohhhhh… c’monLita.. ooooh like that!”

In the kitchen Trish and Torrieheard as Torrie said, “Well that didn’t take long.” Trish was filling the 4glasses up with expensive champagne, while Torrie saw Trish’s briefcase thatshe brought. Torrie opened it because it was unlocked. She was amazed at thevariety, but went for the 6 inch dildo made for ass-fucking. Torrie snuck upbehind Trish, pulled her thong to the side and jamming it right into asurprised Trish. Trish dropped the bottle and 2 of the drinks, screaming at thetop of her lungs, “Fuu..ckk…. ooh my… God! Tears almost coming to her eyes, asTorrie, kept on stroking the life-like dildo in to the crack of Trish’s perfectass. Torrie then slipped the dildo out of Trish’s ass, and told her to meet herwith the other 2 in the tent by the pool. Torrie dropped the dildo into thecase, and picked it up on her way outside. Trish was overtaken by what justhappened to her and she had to catch her breath. Torrie introduced the tent toboth Lita and Stacey, telling them that this is where “Jack” the executivefucked her when she was here. Trish finally gathered herself, and walked out tofind the tent. She saw a path behind the pool and followed it. The path led herto a 25 ft. high and 30 ft. wide tent that was creatively put up. As Trishwalked in she noticed a green lighting that made the inside glow like it wasthe year 2000 all over again. Trish noticed that inside the floor was made upof lots of pillow cushions to provide comfort. But the main event to Trish asshe steadily looked forward, was Torrie’s firm, juicy, good enough to eatsculpture, and the matching pair of balloons, topped with nipples that Trishcouldn’t wait to taste. But as Trish sexually walked towards Torrie, Stacey andLita came from out the dark, and grabbed her.

Once Trish knew who they were shestopped struggling to get loose. Torrie stood up, slipped off her white bra,and threw it towards the crowd. Torrie moved towards Trish as if she was thequeen of the world. She never took her eyes off of Trish, as she now stooddirectly in front of her. Torrie, with a seductive and almost pure evil voicesaid, “I see the way you gawk at my breasts in the locker rooms, out in thering, at the photo shoots, and just now when you waltzed in here. I know youwant my titties in your mouth Trish, so I’m gonna give you everything that yourheart desires.”

With that, Torrie nodded her headtowards Lita and Stacey. They proceeded to bring Trish forward, stuffingTrish’s face in between Torrie’s tits like Rock stuffed Vince’s face intoRikishi’s.. ya know. Stacey and Lita let go of the tight grip only holding hera little allowing Trish to pleasure Torrie. Trish didn’t disappoint as shelicked Torrie’s oversized tits. She looked up at Torrie and said with a hornyvoice, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of the pop?” BeforeTorrie could answer, Trish wanted to find out as she would have sucked the milkout of Torrie’s nipples if it was there. Stacey and Lita saw this and decidedthey wanted to go back at it again. So they let Trish go, Stacey walked aroundand over to Lita who was laying down with her thong completely off to be taken.Stacey wasted no time, went down to her knees, bent over, and ate Lita out likea 3-course meal. Stacey tasted Lita’s running juices, as you hear Stacey say”umm” inside Lita’s pussy. Lita massaged her big breasts as she moaned andgroaned, feeling what she felt earlier with Torrie.

Trish was still sucking on Torrie’sfully erect nipples, while at the same time pulling Torrie’s thong downunveiling her nude and partially shaven pussy. Torrie grabbed Trish by thearms, and threw her on to the ground. Trish, turned on by the force, slippedoff her thong and her bra being the last diva to be nude. Torrie went over andgrabbed Trish’s “Tools”, and brought them over. She got out the 2-headed dildo,and shoved into Trish’s pussy, as Trish was laying down on her back. Torriejumped on to the dildo herself while holding Trish’s legs in the air. TheTorrie bounced up and down, and every time she came down pleasure filled thepussy of both of them together as they screamed louder and louder, harder andharder, and Torrie bouncing higher and higher, they both came. Torrie’s juicesslipped down the pipe and into Trish’s pussy, Torrie let Trish’s legs down, andwent to the side of Trish where they both pounded the dildo, while kissing andcaressing each other’s tits.

Stacey, still eating Lita out, tookher index finger and stuck in Lita’s pussy at the same time. Lita almost readyto let it go said, “Ooooooh Stacey, Ffffuu…ccckkkk me. Harder Stac’, Fuck meharder Stac’.” Lita’s cum ran down Stacey’s finger, and into her mouth, asStacey pulled her finger and tongue out and told Lita to turn over. Lita obeyedand Stacey spread the ass cheeks of Lita and went deep sea diving, in Lita’sass. Lita loved the feeling of a wet, soft, and juicy tongue moving up and downher ass. Stacey feeling herself about to cum, stuck her fingers up her pussyand felt her juices fall on her own hands.

Lita, although she loved thelicking, stopped Stacey and turned around to tell her something. She whisperedin Stacey’s ear, “I think we should…

And after she told Stacey her naughty little plan, Litalicked Stacey’s ear-lobe as Stacey moaned upon touch. Lita and Stacey crawledover to Trish and Torrie, and Lita said, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I think Ihave something that we can all enjoy at once.” Lita didn’t say another word asshe waited patiently for Trish and Torrie to come back to earth and let Litaguide them through her sexual scheme. Trish and Torrie crawled towards Staceyand Lita. Stacey was lying on her back and Lita explained what she had in hermind saying, “Torrie, lay on your back right beside Stacey,” and she did. Litathen told Trish to go around by Stacey’s head, and lay on her face, and eat outTorrie who’s parallel to Stacey. Lita called this the “Geometrical Position”,because Stacey and Torrie were parallel while Trish cut through them like atransversal. Trish got into position, as Stacey started to taste the pussy thatshe had eaten earlier that night. Trish did like wise as she returned Torrie’sfavor and locked in on Torrie’s insides. Lita was between Stacey long legs, andstarted to suck on Stacey’s toes, as Stacey moaned. Lita worked her way upStacey’s feet, and then up her ankles, pressing her wet mouth on Stacey’s legas she moved up the long gorgeous leg of Stacey. Lita gave Stacey some pussypleasure while venturing her legs, by taking her two fingers and rubbing it inStacey’s vagina. Lita finally made her way up to Stacey’s pussy and tastedStacey, something that she always wanted to do. They stayed in this orgyposition, for about 10 minutes, changing position 1 time. They came multipletimes, as they screamed, moaned, and groaned as their pussy’s were met withlesbian like passion.

They rested for a while, talking about how thisis the greatest night they have ever had. Then they thought about the otherdivas, and decided they should probably go before the police start to panic. Sothey all gathered their under clothes and went into the kitchen to put on theiroutside clothes. Torrie heard some walking and went to investigate, and “Jack”the executive, turned her around, not knowing it was her. He was surprised, butwas welcoming of her presence, and then the other 3 walked in the living roomwhere they were, and this startled Jack. But Torrie let him know that thesewere her friends and co-workers in the WWF. Jack noticed Trish as they had metonce before, he also recognized the other’s because he watches wrestling. Heknew exactly what was going on, and wasted no time begging them to stay overfor the night. But Torrie told him no, we have to get back to the resort reallyquick. She then promised him if he gave them a ride, then not only will shecome back, but that they would all come back, and show him the time of hislife. He agreed as Torrie gave him some influence by grabbing on to his “8 inchhard-on. He couldn’t help but agree as they all went outside and headed for the resort!!!

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