Cheating With Angelina

Title:Cheating With Angelina



Celebs:Angelina Jolie

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Disclaimer: In no way is this a true story of any sort and is only fictional.

it was a normal L.A night around about 7 pm angelina had just finished
signing copies of her new film mr and mrs smith with her current boyfriend
brad pitt i left my house about 6.55 thinking that i could make it to the
signing in time i ran as fast i could to get to the signing but when i got
there i noticed she had allready left so unhappy as i was i walked
into the
shop hoping that she might still be there i walk in and see that the staff
are packing up all the tables and chairs and everything else i stand there
looking very disapointed that i couldnt get a signature and meet the sexy
angelina i start to walk out when i hear a voice “hey you there did you need
something you look kinda upset” i turn around and to my suprise angelina
jolie is standing there wearing a long split dress that split at the right
side showing her sexy leg.

i look right at her and say “yea i just wanted a signature but if you have
things to do then it doesnt matter” she looks at me with a kinda kinky smile
“sure its no problem honey its only a signing nothing big right” she then
starts to walk over to me slowly soon shes standing right infront me she
takes the dvd out of my hands and signs it with a black marker pen she then
kisses the front of the case leaving a red lip mark on it,”thanks alot it
really means alot to me i have been following you for about 3 years now and
i think your a great actress” she smiles at me and gives me a peck on the
cheek as she kisses me i feel her tits press against my chest my cock starts
to get a lil hard she notices the small bulge,at first she doesnt do
anything but then she bends down onto the table and writes something on a
piece of paper she stays there for about a minute as shes bending down her
nice juicy ass is showing.

she stands up right and hands me the note she then walks away without saying
anything when shes gone out of sight i open the note and read it in my head
“come outside to the back i have something for you” my eyes widened as all
these thoughts just ran through my head i looked through the whole shop
trying to see if she was still here i looked everywere but didnt find her
so i prepared my self and went outside to the back there was a black limo
parked right infront of me, i tryed to look inside to see who inside it but
i couldnt see anything because of the tinted windows but then one of the
windows winded down and there she was the sexiest woman alive angelina
jolie,she was sitting there in the backseat of the limo with the same red
lipstick on she looked me up and down and said “come on in baby” she then
opened the door for me to come so i went straight in and sat 2 seats away
from her.

i sat there just looking at her sexyness she had moved her dress so her
whole leg was showing she looked at me and smiled “so baby whats your name”
i look right into her lovely eyes and say “my names mark” she then looked at
me again and smiled she moved over and sat next to me and put her hand on my
chest rubbing her hand up and down “so do you think ime sexy” she says with
a wink i smile at her and say “you bet i do i think your the hottest woman
alive” she looks into my blue eyes and smile she then moves in for a kiss
she kisses me straight on the lips and slides her tongue in straight away
she continues to kiss me swirling her tongue with mine she pulls away and
starts to take off my top,”what if brad finds out wont he dump you” she
looks at me with a kinky smile “ohhh baby trust me he wont find out about
this how do you think i secure all my movie jobs” i just look at her and
smile i then take my top off for her she looks at me with a smile and rubs
her hands all over my body.

were both sitting there on the limo seat shes sitting next to me rubbing my
body with her hands i then move in for another kiss i go deep this time
sucking on her tongue as we kiss i move my hands all over her sexy body i
then reach her tits and rub them through her dress she looks at me and
pushes my hands away she then reaches behind her and unzips her dress, her
dress falls from the top of her body revealing her body and her red lacy
bra, she sits there rubbing her tits through her bra my cock starts to get
harder by the second about a minute passes by and my cock is full erect all
11 inches of it, she moves her hands to the back of her bra and unclips she
then lets it slide right of her fine body revealing her lovely tits.

i sit there with a rock hard cock feeling her nipples playin with them as
she stands up and slides her dress of the rest of her body down to her sexy
legs as she pulls it of shes now sittin next to me topless wearing nothing
but a red thong,after awhile of me playing with her nipples she kneels down
on the floor infront of me “lets see this huge monster then baby” as she
unzips my pants and pulls them down with my boxers showing my huge 11 inch
cock she takes one look at hit and has a giant smile on her face “oh this is
gonna be fun” she says as the takes it into her hands and wanks it of for
awhile sliding her hand up and down my huge cock startin slowly and going
faster every now and then,after awhile of stroking my cock she takes the
head into her mouth and swirls her tongue around it making me feel so good i
lay my head back against the window as she carrys on playing with my cock in
her mouth.

as she continues to play with the head of my cock i reach down and play with
her perfect tits rubing the nipples real hard making her more horny, she
then took half of my cock in her mouth and she gaged straight away she came
back and gave me a kinky smile she then went back to work sucking on my cock
moving her tongue up and down my shaft really slow teasing my cock she then
starts to suck a lil bit faster spitting on my cock and sucking it all up
making my cock all wet with her saliva she keeps on spitting then sucking it
back up making it feel real good,i just lay there moaning with pleasure as
she sucked my cock,then out of no were she took the whole thing into her
mouth and kept her head there for awhile gaging on my cock with her saliva
coming all out her mouth making my cock and balls really wet she finally
came back up gasping for air she gave me a devilish look and said “now its
time for you to give me something in return”.

she got up from kneeling and sat back on the chair i new what she wanted
straight away so i then knelt down infront of her and push her red thongs to
one side i then started to rub her clit abit before sliding my tongue into
her pussy goin slowly making her more wet each time, evertime i slide my
tongue in i get a great taste of her pussy as she grips ahold of my hair as
i carry on licking her pussy out going much faster now,then i move my tongue
up a bit and start to lick her clit making her her moans louder and louder
as i carry on licking and sucking her clit as her pussy is soaking wet now
she pulls my head up by my hair and looks at me then says “baby did i forget
to mention that ime a squirter” my face lights up with a smile “wow would
never of known i best get back to work to taste that great juice of yours” i
say as i smile at her and dive back into ther clit sucking on it as she
plays with her nipples making them hard.

i carry on sucking her clit as i slide 3 fingers into her wet tender pussy
making her moan with pleasure i move my fingers in and out real fast as her
moans get even louder i just look up at her and smile as i carry on sucking
that great clit of hers, my fingers carry on fucking her pussy i pull my
fingers out and see that there soaked in her pussy juices i look up at
angelina and smile “wanna taste them” she looks at them and takes my hand
and sucks all 3 fingers in her mouth sucking up all her juices “mmmmm honey
that tastes great but dont stop sucking my clit ime near to cumming” with
that i go straight back to work sucking her clit,i twirl her clit around
with my tongue as all of sudden she screams with pleasure as i see a lil
squirt i open my mouth ready for her cum.

she keeps screaming in pleasure and after awhile she squirts her cum all
over my face and into my mouth i close my mouth and swallow all of her cum
loving the taste as my face is dripping with her cum she leans down and
kisses me on the lips tasting her own cum “that tastes great you made me cum
in record time baby now its time for the fucking”she says as she gets up and
lays down on the limo floor i come down with her and say “man ime gonna
enjoy this angelina” as i insert my cock into her still wet pussy i only
enter in her about 6 inches just incase she isnt ready but she looks up at
me and says “i want i t all mark baby ok” with that i take a huge thrust
into her pussy she moaned as she didnt expect it to be so big i start to
slide it in and out real fast ramming my cock into her tender pussy going
really fast as she moans real loud with pleasure,i carry on fucking her real
hard and fast as my balls slap against her ass my cock going deep inside her
pussy then quickly out, i grab hold of her thighes so i can go faster as i
do that she wraps her legs around me “ohhhhhhh dam angelina your so fucking
great to fuck the best ive ever had” as i continue to fuck her going faster
with my grip on her thighes “yea you like ….. fucking …….me well
…….. i love… ……fucking me……to” she says as she starts to
get out of breath as sweat pours down her face and body as her sweaty hair
sticks to her face and back i continue to fuck her harder going as fast as i

after 15 minutes of fucking angelina i felt myself about to cum as i
continued to fuck her pussy i said to “baby ime about to cum were do you
want it she gives me another kinky smile “i want to swallow it all baby and
you best get it on target” so i continue fucking her for a lil while longer
i then pull out of her as she gets up on her knees as i sit back down on the
seat she takes my cock in her hands and wanks it off taking licks every now
and then to taste her pussy juices “ohhhh your near to cumming arnt you baby
i can feel it” she says as she continues to wank me of i smile at her “ohhh
yea her i cum” she opens her mouth as i shoot my massive load all down her
throat drops fall down her cheek she manages to get most of it in her mouth
and swallows it all up like a naughty slut she is.

i sit there on the sit smiling at her as she swallows it all up “wow that
was great baby” i say with a smile still on my face,she smiles back at me
“it sure was honey shame we can only do it once”as she says this she whipes
my cum of her cheek with a tissue and puts her bra back on.i get up and put
my shirt on then my boxers then my pants and shoes, she stands there and
whipes her thongs on her pussy making them soaking wet “her you go honey
just for you” i take the thongs and lick them “hmmmm they taste great” she
then puts her dress back on she asks me to zip her zip wich i do she then
turns around gives me a kiss on the lips “cya honey i gotta go get fucked by
brad now remember dont tell anyone its just our lil secret” she says with a
smile i then open the limo door and stand up outside she shouts to me “dont
forget your dvd” i take the dvd and walk of down the alley witha great big
smile on my face knowing that i had just fucked the hottest woman alive
angelina jolie.

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