Cheating on Logan

Title: Cheating on Logan

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Chloe Bennet

Codes: MF, cons, oral

Summary: Chloe Bennet facetimes Logan Paul while cheating on him.

Disclaimer:The following is a consensual story featuring a real female celebrity and a fake male with a cameo from a real male… “celebrity”. Any similarity to reality is coincidental.

This is my 200th completed story


If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM. When it comes to requests, I am currently not taking them anymore. I’ve allowed too many to go unfulfilled so it’s not fair to say I’ll take them and then do nothing.


What should have been a peaceful late-morning nap was anything but. A late night before and an early workout time meant that Chloe Bennet needed a refueling before she went about her afternoon. She was hoping to get a solid nap in, but she was rocked awake by the sounds of a gathering outside the house.

Chloe lived on a gated property with her boyfriend Logan Paul, a famous and infamous YouTube celebrity. Chloe had never experienced being the less-popular one while in a relationship, something she hated. Not for the expected reason of jealousy but for the annoyances that a celebrity with a rabid young fanbase brings in. She avoided the pool as fans would climb on to roofs of adjacent houses and gawk at her. She dreaded having to leave and maneuver her car through the crowd of people, fearing an accident that would damage her reputation. She hated interacting with her neighbors, expecting them to only talk with her for access to Logan.

The ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ actress was starting to reach her wits end and had began seriously thinking of breaking it off with Logan but stopped herself, fearing a backlash of teenagers hounding her, making her life miserable for leaving their idol. If they could be this irritating when they liked her, how bad would it get when they did not?

Angry at her shortened nap, Chloe threw a tight t-shirt on and pulled a clean pair of black panties up her legs. She went downstairs to flop down on the couch, put her earbuds in and listen to some music. As the tunes slowly lulled her close to another slumber, she was rocked by a hard, rapid pounding on the door. After putting her dirty-blonde hair up, Chloe opened the door to find a wide-eyed, pimply-faced teenager standing in front of her.

“Is Logan here?” he asked.

“No,” Chloe said, slamming the door in his face.

Logan was away in London, promoting a YouTuber fight and was due home last night, but decided to stay an extra day to party with his British fans. Unfortunately for Chloe, the ultra-social Logan had not informed his throngs of cult-like followers of this, so she was left to deal with the riff-raff.

As soon as Chloe’s ass hit the couch cushion, another knock came to the door. She stormed over and opened it again, finding another teenager, one with a pimple-less face and a fauxhawk.

“When is Logan coming out?” the kid asked.

“He’s not here, go away,” she said in a louder tone.

“Oh, you’re alone? Needs some company, baby?” he asked, trying to look smooth.

“Sorry, I know Logan’s fanbase and you are either underage or mentally challenged,” she said with a smile. “I’d rather fuck barbed wire than one of you.”

Chloe tilted her head with a big smile before turning angry and slamming the door. She was able to get back on the couch and put her earbuds back in before another knock. She ran to the door and ripped it open.

“GO AWAY, BITCH!” she screamed in a ten-year-old girl’s face.

The angry woman grabbed her phone and stomped her way into the kitchen. She pulled up a text conversation with Logan and sent him a text:

“Tell your band of shithead fans that you aren’t here, they’re knocking at the door and pissing me off! I’m fucking tired of this and I’m fucking tired in general!!!”

In no time, she got a response:

“Calm down babe, they just miss their King. Just be a good Queen and address the people.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and quickly texted back:

“Why do I put up with you?”

Logan replied after a minute:

“You need me.”

Chloe stopped herself from laughing, trying to stay angry and not fall for his spell again. She texted him back:

“If your fans weren’t savages, I would’ve dumped you after the Japan thing.”

Logan replied, in all caps:


Chloe, after throwing her phone across the room and ignoring the knocks on the door, texted him back one last time:

“I’m going to go. I might be here when you get back home. Get your head on straight or you will regret it.”

Logan texted back within a minute:

“I could replace you with any Hollywood attention-whore in less than an hour. Every hottie on earth would take a ride on the Logan Trian in a heartbeat.”

She sent one last reply:


Chloe carried her phone up to the bedroom, ready to pack her bags and leave, slamming the door behind her. She could not believe the arrogance of a man that just a day earlier was sending text messages littered with heart emojis. She was too angry to cry despite tears forming in her beautiful brown eyes. The actress started slamming her clothes into a suitcase that she had stored under her bed. In the corner of her eyes, Chloe saw a framed picture of Logan, dressed as Prince Charming, on the table next to his side of the bed.

“Fucking narcissist,” she said as she spit on the picture and spiked it on the floor, shattering it.

As Chloe continued to pack, the knocking on the front door stopped and sounds of feet walking up the stairs froze her in place. She reached into a drawer on her table, palming a large knife that she had recently bought following a break in. The twenty-six-year-old pulled the knife out as she heard the footsteps rushing towards the closed door. The door swung open and there stood Chloe’s personal body guard, Jaxon. The forty-year-old stopped in his tracks seeing his client wielding a weapon.

“Jaxon, you scared the fuck out of me,” Chloe said through heavy breaths, holding the knife tightly against her chest.

“Sorry Chloe,” he apologized. “I knew there would be a crowd today with douchebag coming back. I pulled three little shits off the garage. They were trying to pull it open. Fucking idiots.”

“You are too good to me,” she said, putting the knife into her suitcase.

“Going somewhere?” the tall, bald, muscular man asked.

“I’m done with Logan, I can’t handle his ego anymore,” she said, slamming more clothes in her bag. “He is such an insecure little shit.”

“I tried telling you not to get in bed with him, figuratively and literally,” he said, helping her pack. “You deserve better than that asshat.”

“I was blinded by his looks,” she said. “I was stupid.”

“You aren’t stupid,” he said. “Everyone makes mistakes.”

“Logan being born was a big mistake,” Chloe said, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Several minutes of holding in tears was too much for the actress, who broke down crying, shoving her face in the suitcase. Jaxon placed a hand on her back, slowly moving it up and down. Chloe lifted her head up and buried it in Jaxon’s chest.

“I’m such an idiot,” she cried.

Jaxon pulled Chloe away from him and stared her in the eyes.

“You are not an idiot,” he said. “Stop putting yourself down, you are too good for that.”

Chloe stared up at Jaxon’s bright blue eyes, flashed a small smile and put her face back into his chest. The two embraced in a hug while her phone started going off. Jaxon reached out for the phone, picking it up and seeing Logan’s goofy smile on the caller ID.

“It’s Logan,” he said. “Should I answer it?”

Chloe took the phone out of Jaxon’s hand and answered it.

“Hey,” she said.

“Look, I’m sorry about earlier,” Logan said. “I shouldn’t have said what I said, and you shouldn’t have said what you said.”

“What kind of apology is that!?” Chloe yelled.

“Um, a good one,” Logan replied, a loud laugh following. “Now this is where you apologize to me.”

“FUCK OFF, CUNT!” Chloe screamed, hanging up and tossing the phone away.

The beautiful woman’s face was beat-red, tears welling up in her eyes once more. She slowly sat down on the edge of the bed, buried her face in her hands and loudly cried. Jaxon quickly sat down next to her and put an arm around her, holding her as she sobbed.

After a few minutes of crying, Chloe finally pulled her face away from her hands and looked up at her guard. Her eyes focused on his and she gave him another smile. Slowly, their faces drew closer towards each other.

“Chloe, if you aren’t comfortable with this-,” he started before being interrupted by a soft kiss.

Jaxon kissed Chloe back, the kiss getting harder with each passing section. He grabbed her head and started running his fingers through her soft hair, pulling the tie out and letting her locks flow free. The kiss broke and he stared at her smiling face. She brushed her hair behind one ear and presented fuck-me eyes to him.

“Chloe, I-“ he started, again being cut off, this time by a small hand rubbing against his crotch.

Chloe bit down on her lower lip as she felt Jaxon up through his black jeans. The man quickly rose to attention, his cock begging to be released. His eyes drifted down Chloe’s body, seeing her hardened nipples poking through her tight pink tee.

“I need a real man,” Chloe said. “I’m tired of fucking a little boy in a man’s body.”

“Oh, Chloe,” he said, licking his lips.

Chloe’s finger fiddled around with his belt and zipper. She wanted to set Jaxon’s cock free just as badly as he wanted it. He let out a groan as he felt his jeans being pulled down past his knees. The man started to rub Chloe’s back once again, this time sliding his hand under the shirt, feeling her hot skin on his palm. He grabbed onto her shirt and slowly lifted it up her body.

The young woman sat up straight and slowly pulled her shirt off, showing him her tanned, perky breasts. She wrapped her shirt around the back of his neck and pulled herself onto him. She sat down on his bulge, at eye level with him. She started to rock herself back and forth, feeling a twitch of his cock with each movement. A moan escaped her lips as his rough hands gripped her wait. He lifted her up a bit to allow his lips access to her rock-hard nipples.

“Oh god,” Chloe moaned, felling his tongue circle around her sensitive nub.

Jaxon rapidly switched between both nipples, giving them equal attention and equal saliva. Chloe’s moans increased, as did the movement of her panty-covered ass against his stiff dick. Her body began to bounce up and down on him without her control. It was telling her what she needed but she was too focused on enjoying his mouth on her.

“Thank you for not being sloppy,” Chloe whispered. “Logan slobbers on me like an idiot.”

“That’s because I’m a man, not a bitch,” Jaxon said.

“You’re a big man,” Chloe said, planting her ass own on his cock, slowly swirling her hips around as they engaged in another lip lock.

After breaking the kiss, Chloe grabbed Jaxon’s shirt and ripped it up over his head. She placed both hands on his muscular chest and slowly rans them down, feeling every ripple of his figure. When she reached the top of his underwear, she hooked all eight fingers in and pulled them down with thumb assistance, his cock popping out and smacking her in the face. The actress giggled cutely as she finished undressing the man.

Chloe grabbed onto his thick cock and gave it a squeeze. While not huge in length, short of six inches, it was thick around, something she had not been used to.

“Wow,” she said, slowly stroking him. “It’s so fucking thick.”

“Bigger than Logan?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Logan’s dick is like a roll of nickels,” Chloe laughed. “He’s as long as you but this is a real dick. Nice and thick, just what my mouth and puss need.”

Chloe ducked her head down and started to tickle the head of his cock with her tongue. She smiled and closed her eyes before lowering her mouth over it, tightly wrapping her hungry lips around it and feeling every vein brush against them. Jaxon could feel the head hit the back of her throat with only an inch left out. She grabbed his hand and placed it on the back of her head, wanting him to help her take the rest.

The happy woman let out a deep moan as her nose pressed tightly to Jaxon’s pubic area. Before she could really enjoy it, her phone began to ring again. She groaned and pulled her mouth off her new lover’s cock. She grabbed her phone and chuckled.

“He wants to Facetime,” she said. “This is going to be fun.”

Chloe answered the video call and saw Logan’s surprised reaction to seeing his girlfriend topless.

“That’s a way to say hello,” he said.

“Oh yeah baby, I felt bad about earlier, so I wanted to surprise you,” she said, making sure her hard nipples were in frame. “I’m so sorry for upsetting you.”

“I forgive you,” Logan said. “Can I see the rest of you?”

“I have something better,” she said as grabbed hold of Jaxon’s cock and put it in frame.

“Oh, a new toy! Sweet!” Logan exclaimed.

“A big new toy,” she said, giving the head a lick.

Chloe started to deepthroat Jaxon’s cock again while Logan goofily looked on. She kept glancing over at the screen as her mouth worked its magic. She pulled it out and started to smack her tongue with it, a long strand of saliva connecting them together. Chloe made loud, sloppy sounds as she held it down her throat, discreetly pulling Jaxon’s hand back atop her head, forcing it all in once more.

Jaxon stifled his moans, as hard as it was. With Chloe holding the camera close up on her mouth, she looked up at him and gave him a sexy wink.

“That thing has balls, suck on them,” Logan begged.

“If you say so, Lo-Lo” Chloe said, doing her best acting job to stop from bursting out laughing.

The horny beauty held the rigid cock up straight, jiggling the balls around. Suddenly, as soon as Chloe started licking at Jaxon’s balls, something clicked in Logan’s head.

“Wait, those are moving all real-like,” he said, realization washing over him. “That’s real balls! Stop! Stop sucking those!”

With her mouth tightly wrapped around Jaxon’s balls, her tongue juggling them around, Chloe looked over to the phone and held a stiff middle finger to her boyfriend.

“NO! Stop, BITCH!” Logan screamed.

Chloe spit Jaxon’s nuts out of her mouth and sighed.

“Fine, I’ll stop sucking his balls,” she said, standing up.

“Good,” he said, taking a deep breath.

“Yeah, my puss is jealous of my mouth anyway,” she said, walking over to the dresser, propping the phone up.

Chloe stood fully in frame, facing away from Jaxon, and bent over, pulling her panties down to her ankles.

“You will not fuck that guy. I’ll kick his ass!” Logan threatened.

The smirking woman stepped to the side, showing Logan who the man she was with was.

“I think Jaxon could kick your ass without trying,” she said, slowly and sexily walking towards her lover.

Logan was horrified as he watched his girlfriend stand over Jaxon’s wet, waiting cock. She looked over her shoulder at the phone. She winked, she blew a kiss and she lowered herself down, taking his thick cock into her tight, soaked pussy.

“NO!” Logan screamed.

“YES!” Chloe moaned as her ass hit Jaxon’s thigh, the entire cock lodged deep in her hot cunt. “Fuck me Jaxon. Fuck me like a real man, I need to know what that’s like!”

Jaxon grabbed Chloe’s waist tightly and guided Chloe up and down, going fast and hard from the start. She let out loud moans that ripped through the room, barely covering the loud sound of skin slapping on skin. Her hair violently whipped through the air as Jaxon used every ounce of speed in his arms to rock her around. She dug her fingernails into his shoulders, trying to hold on.

“OH! OH! OH! OH! FUCK!” she screamed. “SO! FUCK! ING! GOOD!”

Logan was speechless. He could not believe he was watching live video of the girl he lived with, the girl he loved, fucking a man in the bed he bought with his own money. His eyes began to water as Chloe wrapped her arms around Jaxon’s neck so he could stand up and lay her down. He could see another middle finger pointed at him.

Chloe relaxed and allowed the man to fold her legs over her body, her feet pinned down by her ears. He held her tightly in place while slamming every bit of cock as far into her horny pussy as possible. She went into ragdoll-mode, allowing her arms and head to rock around under Jaxon’s control, causing her moans to be quick and sounding like an engine attempting to start.

Jaxon let go of Chloe’s legs, which quickly rested on Jaxon’s ass. She turned her head to the phone and closed her eyes, letting her jaw drop and releasing a deep groan. When she opened them, she could not help but start laughing.

“Are you crying, Logan?” she called out, seeing him sobbing into his hands.

“Fuck you, bitch!” he said is a shaky voice.

“Aww, it’s okay honey,” she mocked. “There’s no shame in admitting that you are a weak little bitch.”

“You’ll regret this!” he threatened in a squeaky voice.

“You’re just jealous that Jaxon can last longer than a minute,” Chloe said, flipping him off again. staring up at her new fuck-friend. “You can keep fucking me now, Logan needs to study what a real man does in bed.”

Chloe nibbled on her finger as Jaxon resumed slamming his thick cock in and out of her red, soaked slit.

“Mmm, my body is used to a small dick, I can feel it stretching out so much!” she moaned, hearing a loud sob from Logan.

With a devious smile on her face, Chloe blew another kiss to the phone before peeling sweat-soaked hair off her forehead with her outstretched middle finger. She coated her fingers in sweat before twisting her own nipples with them. Jaxon soon took a hand and pinched one enough to release a sexy squeal. They continued pinching nipples until she could not handle it anymore.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum, baby,” she moaned, wrapping her legs tightly around Jaxon’s ass. “I haven’t had a man make me cum since high school.”

Chloe shut her eyes and bit down hard on her lower lips, a moan building as powerful as what was building in her cunt. She was fucking Jaxon back so hard that she worried she might hurt him, but it was past the point of no return. She arched her back hard as her eyes closed tight and her lips opened, releasing a deep, loud, orgasmic moan. Her body froze and began shaking as the most intense orgasm of her life washed her over from the tips of her toes to the top of her scalp.


“Fucking hell,” Jaxon moaned, feeling Chloe’s pussy vibrate violently around his sensitive cock.

“No,” Logan squeaked, tears soaking his entire face. “No, no, no, no, NO!”

“Oh my fucking god,” Chloe moaned, panting heavily. “Oh god.”

Jaxon pulled out of Chloe and walked over to the phone, picking it up. He went back to Chloe and gave Logan a POV look of his girlfriend getting fucked. The muscular man quickly put his cock back into the defeated pussy of Chloe Bennet, the woman who started the day simply wanting a nap. At this moment, Chloe wanted to taste a real man’s semen.

Logan stared at Chloe through tear-soaked eyes, watching a sex-face on her he was not used to. She looked happy, she looked tired, she was sweaty…she was experiencing pleasure, not obligation.

“You never loved me,” he said, defeated and sniffling.

“I loved you until you stopped loving me, fucker,” she said, the sounds of Jaxon’s balls slapping against her ass audible over the call. “When you come home, I won’t be here. I have a real man now. I have one last thing for you.”

Jaxon’s moans were getting louder, his pace was going faster, and nature had decided that it was time to finish this session of rough, loving sex with one of the hottest women in Hollywood. He kept the phone’s focus on Chloe’s face as he pulled his cock out and climbed over her body. He rested his balls on her breasts and violently shook his cock for a few seconds.

“Enjoy, bitch,” Chloe said to Logan, closing her eyes and holding up two middle fingers as shot after shot of thick, creamy cum painted her pretty smile.

Chloe stuck her tongue out and swirled it around in the air as more cum hit her face. Once she felt little spurts hit her chest, she opened her glistening brown eyes and winked at Logan’s crying, depressed face. The call was ended as Jaxon got off her. He helped her to a sitting position and they stayed in place, just staring at each other and smiling. She handed him the phone and flashed him a cute smile.

“Take a picture and text it to Logan,” she said. “And tell him I will sue him for everything he is worth if he posts it anywhere.”

“You trust him not to do it?” Jaxon asked as he snapped the picture of her kissing her middle finger at him.

“He is a pussy who is so worried about his image, he is too weak of a person to do it,” she said.

Chloe walked into the bathroom and wiped the cum off her face with one of Logan’s shirts. She came back into the bedroom and finished packing her stuff up with Jaxon’s help. After getting dressed in a loose-fitting red tank top and short denim shorts, and packing the last bag, she leaped into Jaxon’s arms and gave him a long, deep kiss. He held her up with one arm while carrying the bag with the other, leaving the house of Logan Paul for the final time, fittingly with a middle finger in the air towards the house.

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