Cheerful Wash


Cheerful Wash


     Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A
little something that hit me

after seeing the DVD. Enjoy.

     Stu sighed as he ran the can of pop along his forehead, trying to
cool it. It was an

unseasonably warm day and Stu wasn’t in the mood for it. Work had been pretty lousy
lately, a

rarity but
it happened. Stu didn’t get a lot of business on a simple Sunday morning, so
little he

wondered why his boss even kept the service station open. Pretty much the only business he

was when a carful of beach goers stopped for directions, maybe fixing a blown tire but
that was

pretty much it.

     It was days like this Stu wished he had stayed in college a bit
longer. Sure, he got good

pay working on cars but a real career could never hurt. It got dull to just work on cars
all the

time, especially when he did it in the middle of the California heat. Maybe dropping out
of college

wasn’t a good idea, especially since the football thing didn’t work out. Well, he still
had the

mechanical skills. And every now and then, he found a different way to relieve himself.

     The sound of tires on the road nearby caught Stu’s attention and
he looked up to see a

fancy convertible drive up, tires bouncing a bit on the road. Stu saw one tire was a spare

immediately guessed the problem. Before he could moan about another stupid flat tire, he

sight of the car’s occupants and felt his breath leave him as he recognized them both, the

stepping out of the parked car to approach him.

     Both women appeared to be in their early twenties although they
could have stretched as

teenagers. The driver had long black hair framing a face that exuded sex appeal. She wore
a pair

of shorts that showed off ample leg and under her shirt was a very nice chest. Her

looked a bit younger, a protypical cheerleader. Long blonde hair, a pretty and perky face,

attitude, a great smile and a quite nice lithe body under a loose shirt and shorts.

     Stu knew immediately who they were, having just watched
"Bring It On," on video the

other night. Kirsten Dunst, who’d been looking more sexy than he would have ever guessed

all her arty stuff and Eliza Dushku, who had set his blood racing ever since she showed up
as the

wicked Slayer Faith on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Seeing the two of them as
cheerleaders had

given Stu more than one hot dream. And now his dreams were about to come true.

     "Hey, can you help?" Kirsten asked as she came up.

     "Sure thing," Stu said, hoping the two wouldn’t realize
he recognized them as he came up.


     "Yeah, we were driving back from the beach and blew
something," Eliza shrugged. "Guy

helped us put the spare on but we figured we should try and get it fixed right now. Can

help?" She pushed her chest up suggestively as Kirsten rolled her eyes.

     "Sure thing," Stu said, not helping but gazing at
Eliza’s ample chest. "Give me a minute."

He walked over to the trunk, opening it to get out the broken tire and couldn’t help but

the two talking.

     "I can’t believe that," Kirsten was complaining.
"You were flirting with him!"

     "Hey, I figured he might cut the price down a little,"
Eliza shrugged. "You’d be amazed

how far these puppies will get you with stuff."

     Stu hid a smile at that comment, his mind already racing to
figure out his move. He pulled

out the busted tire and rolled it to the side, moving to a pile nearby to pull out another
one. He

glanced up at the two actresses, still talking and slowly moved his hand to one of the
pockets of

his work overalls. "Say, ladies, can you take a look at something here?"

     Curious, the two moved around to where Stu stood, his hand moving
out of his pocket

and held up a pendant attached to a chain. It was a bizarre pattern, somewhat like a

but with sharp curves instead of straight lines, a bright gem at the center that seemed to
glow as

soon as the girls saw it, the glow reflected in their eyes.

     One thing Stu had found out was that people left some of the most
fascinating things in

between their car seats. Not just stuff like combs or pens but jewelry, loose change and

Since the auto shop worked on a "finders keepers" policy, Stu had no trouble
pocketing a few

items, sometimes selling some jewels for cash. He had come across the pendant cleaning out

car of this rich dude, one of several in fact and he figured the guy wouldn’t miss just
the one so he

pocketed it, figuring it’d be worth some cool bucks.

     He’d been fiddling around with it with a female customer when he
saw her staring at it

blankly and it didn’t take long for him to realize that the pendant basically hypnotized
her into

doing anything he wanted. He had made love to her right then and there and had done the

with a few others, using the pendant not just for the obvious but also to boost his
private bank

account a bit with some "donations." But in all that time, he had never taken a
celebrity. Until


     Kirsten and Eliza were staring at the pendant with blank and open
eyes, both of them

swaying slightly as the charm worked its strange magic on them, their eyes reflecting the

glow of the gem, making both women fall under its spell. Finally, the glow of the pendant

and died and both Kirsten and Eliza were left standing, staring blankly forward as Stu
lowered the


     Swiftly, Stu stole into the shop and got a few items before
coming back outside. "Eliza,

Kirsten, I want you both to take off your clothes, down to your swimsuits." He had
seen the

straps of suits underneath their shorts and shirts and correctly guessed that they had

swimming at the beach beforehand. Eliza was wearing a polka-dotted bikini, her heavy

pushed up, the thong cutting into her crotch nicely. Kirsten had a surprisingly full chest
with nice

toned legs. Stu took a moment to move around, happy to see Eliza’s suit showing some ample

cheek in contrast to Kirsten’s more conservative bottom.

     Moving back around, Stu faced the two mesmerized women.
"Eliza, Kirsten, listen

carefully. The car is dirty. You have to wash it. When I snap my fingers, you’ll start
washing the

car, you’ll both start washing the car. And as you wash the car, you’ll both begin to feel

hot, you’ll feel really, really hot and horny as you wash the car. Horny towards me and

towards each other and you’ll have to let those feelings go, girls. So get washing."

     Stu snapped his fingers and watched the two girls blink, clarity
returning to their features

even as a sexy look came over both of them. They moved forward, picking up a pair of

and dipping them into the bucket Stu had placed before them. They started to go to work,

sliding her sponge over the doors as Eliza bent over, moving her sponge back and forth
along the

hood, her ass moving from side to side as she swiped the sponge back and forth over the

     It didn’t take long for Stu’s commands to take hold as the two
women were soon showing

a very sexy side to their washing. Kirsten let the sponge slide over her chest, wettining
the bikini

top so it stuck to her breasts, her nipples peeking outward. Eliza pulled her sponge over
her head

and squeezed it, sending water cascading over her head and back, drips of it washing down


     Stu couldn’t take any more and stripped out of his uniform and
underwear, moving behind

Eliza. He pushed her against the car, causing her to gasp as he pushed her underwear aside

slid his hard cock into her from behind. Eliza moaned as she felt Stu go at her, driving
his cock in

and out of her behind as he cupped both of her cheeks in his hands, squeezing them hard as

drove himself further into her.

     A weight came upon the car as Kirsten slid herself onto the hood,
her bikini stripped away

to reveal her surprisingly full breasts and nicely shaved clit. She slid herself down,
moving on her

hands and knees to kiss Eliza passionately on the face, her arms reaching around to undo
the top

and free Eliza’s tits, squeezing them hard, pinching the tits as they continued to lip

     Kirsten moved onto her back, spreading her legs and helping Eliza
reach her pussy. Eliza

immediately began licking at it, drive on by Stu ramming his cock in and out of her ass
with hard

moves, driving further and further into her as Eliza licked Kirsten out with fury, her

driving into the blonde-haired lips. Stu kept right on ramming his cock in and out of
Eliza’s ass,

finally letting his wad shoot into her. Eliza kept right on licking even as the car shook
under her,

her tongue pushing further and further into Kirsten’s clit until the other actress came,
the car

shaking under her as she did.

     Stu pulled himself out of Eliza and pulled Kirsten down. He moved
onto the car, carefully

balancing himself on the edge as he slid his cock into her opening, spreading her legs to

passage. Kirsten closed her eyes and moaned, wet blond hair trailing behind her as Stu
started to

go to work, pushing his cock in and out of her with fury. He grabbed a sponge and moved it

about Kirsten’s tits, soaking them as he continued to go at her.

     Eliza moved up and onto Kirsten, sitting herself on top of the
blonde’s face, her thighs

circling her head as she lowered herself down. Kirsten immediately began licking, her

sliding along Eliza’s clit just as Eliza had licked hers. Eliza gripped the top of the
windshield of

the convertible for support as Kirsten licked her out, tongue lapping away at her pussy as

gripped Eliza’s full and wet breasts for support.

     Stu kept right on pushing his cock in and out of Kirsten’s tight
wet pussy, her thighs

bouncing against his body as he went at her, lowering his face to kiss her pert breasts,

them together around his mouth as he suckled on the nipples. The car bounced on its tires

Kirsten kept going at Eliza, pinching her breasts as she lapped away at her clit. Eliza
threw herself

back, wet hair straggling behind her as she came, breasts thrust forward as her juices
fell into

Kirsten’s mouth. Kirsten was so busy swallowing, she didn’t have the chance to cry out as
Stu let

loose in her, shaking her body with orgasm.

     Stu had both girls take turns riding him then sucking off his
cock before deciding business

was business. He quickly dressed and started to change the tire. As he put the car up on
the jack,

Stu glanced over at the two girls, who were in a 69, licking away at each other with fury
as Stu

fixed the tire on the car, lowering it down just as the two came passionately onto each

     Stu used a bit of the soap left to wash the two down, then
swiftly dried them off before

they put back on their suits, shorts and shirts. He held the pendant up and watched them
both fix

their gazes to it, staring blankly at the shiny gem as Stu spoke to them both. "When
I saw awake,

you’ll both wake up. You won’t remember what’s happened here between us. You’ll remember

me fixing the tire and paying me." Stu mentioned a price that was a bit more
expensive than a

simple tire change would have been. "Should you ever hear my voice say the words

pendant’ again, you’ll fall back into this trance and do what I say. But remember nothing

Lowering the pendant, Stu told them to wake up.

     "So, here you go," Kirsten said, handing Stu a wad of
cash. "Thanks a lot for the help."

     "My pleasure," Stu said, meaning it. He waved at the
two as they drove off, unaware of

how damp their hair was or how wet they were. Stu turned and walked back to his shop,

forward to getting off later. He had a couple of ladies to check up that he wanted to
cheer up.


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