Cheering Mel B up

Cheering Mel B up

By Thin White Duke

M/F Sex, oral

What a strange day for me. For me? For any man alive!!! Well, I guess
I’m not being very explicit. Let me explain to you.

Last year my life was turned upside down. I mean, I caught my
girlfriend in bed with another guy! I got home earlier and I was
dying to see her. I used to love her, to do all things she ask me.
Oh, I was so blind… And I go straight to the room, open the door
and she was fucking with someone else (he was fucking her ass hole
and the bitch never let me do it). Anyway, I was speachless. I try to
say something, to
scream something, but nothing came out. She just
said “I’m sorry but he fucks better than you. Can you just close the
door and let us finish this?”. I thought my life would end up right
there, the grave was my next step. I got out of the house (it was
her’s house anyway) and began searching for the best way to die.
But instead I found my way out. To die for a stupid whore is not a
very intelligent thing to do. So I decided to make a trip and try to
forget all about it so I chose Mallorca in Spain. I’ve been there
before and I thought it would help me to find my way. I wasn’t very
hopeful that I could forget her. She was the only women I ever loved
and I did never spent a day without her since I met her. But I
decided to make that trip anyway, I had nothing to lose and my life
couldn’t get any worst than that.

I made my reservation in a 4 stars hotel. I wasn’t necessarily rich
but I thought being cheap right now wouldn’t help me in any way. But
in dispite of that I was alone in a huge room, alone in a foreign
country, just trying not to be myself for a couple of weeks. My days
wasn’t very excitent either; I spent all the day in the beach trying
to reorganize my life, thinking what would I do when I come back. I
had to come back some day!!! And not even the natural beauties of the
island could make me smile. Now that I look back I realize I was
walking in Paradise and, at the same time, trying to deal with Hell
inside of me. If I wasn’t so blind maybe I could have enjoyed that
hollyday. But you know what a women can do to a passionate men.
Anyway, I was so down and sad that one day I let myself stay at the
beach until everybody was gone. I thought thats where I belong, a
lonely man in a lonely beach, far, far away from home. But when I was
preparing myself to go back to the hotel i realize I wasn’t alone in
that beautiful place. I look under my sunglasses and I saw a child, a
little cute black girl running after a big rubber ball. I wonder if
she was lost? I decided to call her and ask if she needed some help.
She came running to me bringing her big toy in her hands. I guess her
parents didn’t teach her not to talk to strangers…

When I was about to ask her where her mommy was I saw a beautiful
black women running in our direction with a big african hair. She was
so hot… The black bikini she was wearing was so mini I thought she
was totally naked. And her enormous boobs made me think she was still
feeding the child. When she came closer I finally recognize that
wonderful body, it was Mel B from the Spice Girls!!! Like any man I
had several fantasies envolving every members of the band and Scary
was in a few.

I thought she was going to be agressive with me since it was public
that the girls were under a big stress since the band broke up, and
in adiction to that her solo album wasn’t exeactly a sucess. But
instead she look at me and smiled, a wide smile showing those
beautiful white theets. “Hello!”, she said. “My name it’s Melanie.
What’s yours?”. I couldn’t believe I found a worldwide famous music
star right there in the middle of a desert beach, in the middle of
the Mediterranean. “…David”, I said still a little bit nervous. “I
think she likes you. Normally I would be afraid if she talk to
strangers but she seems to enjoy your company. Do you have that
effect in every women?” I couldn’t believe she actually said
that,”Well… I guess not. My love life is a real mess right
now…”. “Say… Do you want to visit us today? I came to these
island just to try to get away from all my problems but I feel I need
to talk with someone to let my worries flow. With an adult for a
change… Would you be interested? I can give you my hotel’s adress.
And Phoenix will be there to.” Suddenly I forget all my worries and
torments. A beautiful star inviting me to spend some time with her?
What’s my girlfriend name? ” I’ve got nothing planned for today. I
suppose I can.” “Great! Be there at 9:30. We can order some room

My shin was falling apart. I couldn’t believe what just happened
there. I even slap my face to check if I was actually awake. And
surprisely I was! I run to my hotel and spend time, so nervous, just
watching the paints in the corridors. I’m an art fan but just after
that unexpected situation back on the beach I noticed there was some
beautiful C├ęzanne imitations in those walls. I awake in the moment
she talked to me. Where the hell have I been???

I arrived in the adress at 9:30 sharp. I couldn’t be late for a such
important date. It was a date? She said she just wanted to talk with
an adult. Whatever… I did not have any trouble about getting in
since she rented all the floors in the hotel and her gorillas already
knew she was expecting a tall blond guy for that night. “All of that
just for a single women and a child?”, I said to myself. But in a
second thought she wasn’t just any women, she was a pop music star
(and a fine body who deserves all those cares…). “Last floor”, said
one of the bodyguards who were watching the main entrance of the
hotel. “I hope the elevator is not broken”, I said trying to be funny
but he didn’t abandoned that stupid jerk face who seems to be alergic
to smiles (the typical gorilla face…). Anyway, I thought I was just
pushing my luck and I did what he said. Fortunately the elevator was
working and I was getting more and more nervous when the last floor
was more and more closer.

Finally I reached the 40 and last floor and I noticed it was a giant
place however it wasn’t an ordinary floor. When I came out the
elevator I saw a double two meters door in front of me. Although I
was a little impressed by that I knocked and I heard a women’s voice
saying “It’s open”. I push one of the doors and I found myself in a
beautiful place. A huge apartment, decorated with lots of taste,
colors between black and white, a red carpet, an enormous black
couch, pop art paints and some plants and african statues
everywhere. “I hope my bodyguards were nice to you. They can be very
rude once in a while.” Mel B showed up and she was wearing a
beautiful black dress, so tight I could even see the form of her
panties and a wide cut at the front who could only barely contain her
huge boobs. “No, actually they were very nice, but they don’t talk
much, do they?” “I guess not”, she said laughing and ask me to sit in
the couch. “That’s why I need to talk to someone. I’ve been very
lonely in the last couple of months. I just found out my ex-husband
was cheating on me”. I couldn’t believe whar I was hearing. “That’s
terrible! My ex-girlfriend also cheat on me. I thougth I would
die”. “Then you know what I’m feeling! It’s awful isn’t it? I mean,
you give so much to a person and he just… just…” That sounds so
familiar to me… It was hard to believe that a world star could have
the same kind of troubles that a regular mortal. “And the worst thing
it’s that I know the person he was fucking with. My ex-friend Geri”
Now I know why the band decided to end. “I was so mad I said I could
only continue to be a Spice Girl if Geri was expeled from the band.
You undestand, don’t you? I couldn’t concentrate in the concerts if I
had to see her face everyday.” “I understand”, I said and she smiled
a little.

“You know… I haven’t slep with a man for such a long time… And
you have such a body…” I thought she was just joking and I smiled.
When she came closer to me and tryed to kiss me I realized she was
serious. “What are you doing?…”, she didn’t let me finish the
phrase and gave me a long wet kiss. I fell I was walking on clouds.
Her lips were so smooth and soft and she really knew how to kiss a
guy! She started french kissing me and we played for awhile with your
tongues. Then I came back to me “I’m gonna be very honest with you.
You’re gorgeous, you have a beautiful body and I would love to have
sex with you. But you’re daughter might hear us.” “She’s in the 35th
floor sleeping. Her babysitter is with her and I asked my gorillas to
guard them. There’s nothing to worry about” and she started to rub my
cock through my pants. I realized there was no way I could argue
those arguments and I just let myself go. When I noticed she was
already on her knees putting out my cock and she started to lick and
suck it. “OH, MY GOD”, she was very, VERY good. It was obvious that
she was no debutant in sucking cocks. Then she put herself up and
turned her backs to me. She pulled her dress up her head and gave me
a wide view of her nice but. And how it was well shaped and tasty.
She pulled off her panties and I could see her pussy through her
legs. Oh, and what a great cunt she have! Not shaved, that’s a fact,
but not too hairy.

Then, without looking to me, she sat down right in my dick, like if
she always knew where to sit. I touched Heaven in that moment. She
began to ride my cock harder and harder, even jumping like a wild
horse and I felt my wood pumping inside those juicy black pussy
walls. Mel B was enjoying it all, she couldn’t stop screaming and
moving her hips faster and faster. “OH YEAH! Fuck me, fuck me! Oh I
need it so badly! She was moving so fast I thought she was gonna
break my dick.

Suddenly, she jump out and lay herself down on the floor with her
legs open wide, smiling to me and saying “Come on! What are you
waiting for? Give me what you got! I need to be fucked by your giant
cock! Put it all inside my whore pussy!!! I need to feel it! Come
on!” I was fascinated by that wonderful view of a sexy afro american
women layed on the floor with her legs open and her pussy wet just
waiting for me to fuck her as hard as I could. So I put myself on my
knees and I layed my body on top of her and I just let my cock slid
inside her juicy cunt. It was my turn to be rough and move myself
fast so I moved my hips faster and faster putting all my wood inside
her entrance. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! It’s the best fuck I ever had! Oh
yeah! Fuck me harder! Don’t stop! Fuck my pussy!” She was screaming
so loud! I tought her bodyguards were gonna hear her screams and
think that I was raping her!! She was moving her hips against me to
help me getting inside of her more and more. She grabed my hair,
scratched my backs… “OOOOHHH that feels so good!!! Don’t stop!!!
Don’t stop!!! Cum inside me !!! I wanna feel your cum sliding inside
my whore pussy!!! Come on !!! Do it!!!” I was so surprised with that,
but I wasn’t gonna stop. “OOOOHHHH I’m cuming” “Yeah baby, I’m
feeling it inside!! It tastes so nice… HUUUMMMM…”

I was exausted! But very pleased with the experience. I never thought
that fucking a black women could so much better than a white
girl. “That was wonderful… It was one of the best fucks I ever had.
You know, I guess I’m gonna talk about you to Emma, Mel and Vicky.
They’re gonna be so jealousy.” We spent the night together in her
bed. None of us had energy for another go but once in a while we gave
each other some oral sex. Man, her fleshy lips really knows how to
suck a cock!

In the morning we said goodbye with a big frech kiss. “I’ll call you
sometime. If you want to my private jat can go pick you in any part
of the world and bring you to me so that we can have more grea wild
sex. What do you say?” “Is there any way I can say no ?” “Not a
chance! You’re mine now”, she said with a wide smile on her face.
What’s my ex-girlfriend’s name, anyway? 

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