Cheering Up Jennifer

Title: Cheering Up Jennifer

Author: MovieBuff

Celebs: Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis

Codes: FF, cons, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Mila Kunis was working on a new movie. She was having fun like she normally did, but this time was very special, because her co-star was none other than the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence, who enjoyed working on the movie just as much as Mila. But one day, Mila noticed that Jennifer didn’t seem too happy. Full of concern for her co-star, Mila approached Jennifer. “You okay, Jen?” asked Mila. “I’m fine,” Jennifer said softly. As Jennifer walked away, Mila wondered what was bothering her.

After they filmed the next scene, Jennifer walked up to the director. “May I go to my dressing room?” Jennifer asked, her voice breaking slightly. “Sure thing,” the director replied. As Jennifer walked to her dressing room, Mila was puzzled. “Something’s definitely wrong,” Mila thought to herself. With the thought in mind, Mila walked down the hall and approached Jennifer’s dressing room, where she knocked on the door. “Jennifer?” said Mila. “Jennifer, it’s Mila.” Mila got no response. Without thinking, Mila opened the door and saw Jennifer, sitting on the dressing room bed, crying.

Even though she already sort of knew something was wrong, Mila was shocked to see Jennifer so upset. “Jennifer!” exclaimed Mila, her voice full of concern. “What’s wrong?” “It’s nothing,” Jennifer said through her tears. “You’re crying about nothing?” Mila said sarcastically. “Just go away,” sobbed Jennifer. Mila sat down next to Jennifer and put her arm around the young beautiful blonde Oscar winner. “Jennifer, I’m trying to help,” explained Mila. “But I can’t help if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.” Jennifer dried her eyes and took a deep breath. “Darren and I broke up,” said Jennifer.

“Darren Aronofsky?” asked Mila. “The guy who directed me in ‘Black Swan?” Jennifer nodded her head “yes” as a tear rolled down her cheek. “It all started when everyonce accused me of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’s split,” explained Jennifer. “That was bad enough, but then Darren accused me of loving Chris more than him.” “So he was jealous?” said Mila. “Yes he was,” replied Jennifer. “Then last night, we got into a fight, which ended when we said we hated each other.” When she finished, Jennifer started sobbing again. “Oh Jennifer, I’m so sorry,” Mila said sadly. “Is there anything I can do?” “I don’t think so,” replied Jennifer. Mila thought for a minute and then got an idea. “Meet me at my house after work tonight,” said Mila. “I’m going to cheer you up.” As Mila walked out of the room, Jennifer wondered what Mila had in mind.

That evening, Jennifer drove up to Mila’s house and walked up to the front door. “Don’t know what she’s planning, but I have to know,” Jennifer thought to herself. Jennifer rang the doorbell and Mila opened the door. “Jennifer!” exclaimed Mila. “I’m glad you could make it!” “You said you wanted to cheer me up,” said Jennifer. “That’s an offer I can’t refuse.” “Well come inside and follow me upstairs,” said Mila. “Ashton’s not home for the night.” As Jennifer walked inside, she wondered what Mila meant when she told her that. “What’s so important about Ashton?” Jennifer wondered. “Why does she want me upstairs?”

When Jennifer and Mila were upstairs, they went into Mila’s bedroom. “Excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable,” said Mila, who walked into the bathroom. “I’ve heard that line before,” thought Jennifer. Just then, something occurred to her. “Oh my God, she’s trying to…” Jennifer’s thought was interrupted when Mila walked out in a bathrobe. “How do I look?” asked Mila. “Mila, what are you planning?” asked Jennifer. “What exactly is your idea of cheering me up?” “Well, you seem to have bad luck with boys,” explained Mila. “So I thought, why not try something with a woman?” With that, Mila dropped her bathrobe, revealing her sexy naked body.

“Whoa,” said Jennifer. She knew Mila was pretty, but she had never seen her like this before. “You have an amazing body,” said Jennifer, awestruck. “Thank you,” replied Mila. “Does your body look as beautiful as I think it does?” “I hope so,” said Jennifer. “Why don’t you strip down and let me see?” suggested Mila. “Oh, I don’t know,” said Jennifer. “I’m not used to doing this with another female.” “C’mon,” said Mila. “You kissed Amy Adams once. What’s so different about me?” Jennifer sighed and gave a smile. “Oh alright,” said Jennifer, grabbing the end of her t-shirt. “I know Mila is beautiful and I did kiss Amy Adams,” Jennifer thought as she took her shirt off. “So why can’t I be excited about this?”

Jennifer then dropped her shorts and threw them in a corner. “Hey Mila?” said Jennifer. “Would you like to take my bra and underwear off?” Mila grinned the biggest grin ever. “You know I would,” said Mila. Jennifer stood up and turned her back to Mila, who approached her younger co-star. “Jennifer?” Mila said, unclipping Jennifer’s bra. “What’s up?” asked Jennifer. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” asked Mila. “I know how sad you are, so I just wanted to make sure…” “Relax, Mila,” said Jennifer. “I really want to know what sex with another woman is like.” “Okay, just checking,” replied Mila, who took off Jennifer’s bra and tossed it aside. Mila then hooked her fingers into Jennifer’s panties and pulled them down. “Oh my God,” Jennifer thought to herself, giggling. “I’m completely naked in front of Mila Kunis!”

Jennifer stepped out of her panties and Mila picked them up. Before doing anything else, Mila leaned forward and whispered something into Jennifer’s ear. “May I take a whiff?” asked Mila. “Go right ahead,” said Jennifer. Mila stuck her nose inside Jennifer’s panties and sniffed them thoroughly. The scent of Jennifer’s ass and pussy was so powerful that Mila’s pussy got wetter and wetter with each sniff. After she was done, she threw them behind her with the bra. “Turn around,” said Mila. Jennifer did as told and Mila got closer. “Are you ready?” asked Mila, staring into Jennifer’s eyes. “I am,” replied Jennifer. “Kiss me,” Mila whispered. Without saying a word, Jennifer leaned in and kissed Mila. She wanted it to be a quick peck, but she soon found their lips locked together in one of the most passionate kisses Jennifer had ever experienced. They kissed for about three minutes and then pulled apart.

“You’re a great kisser,” said Mila. “As are you,” replied Jennifer. The two then walked over to Mila’s bed, where Jennifer lay on her back. “That kiss was just the beginning,” said Mila. “Time for the next chapter.” Mila climbed on top of Jennifer and started her kissing her front, as Jennifer lay there and moaned in pleasure. “Your skin is so soft,” Mila said, kissing Jennifer’s belly. Jennifer smiled and then Mila stuck her tongue in Jennifer’s belly button and started twisting it. Jennifer let out a combination of moaning and giggling, because while it did feel good, it also tickled. Mila then stopped and continued kissing down Jennifer’s front, when she got to her pussy. “I’m gonna hault on the kisses for a while,” said Mila. “But may I get some more tongue action in?” Jennifer nodded her head “yes,” and with that, Mila stuck her tongue into Jennifer’s twat.

“AAAH!” Jennifer moaned as Mila’s tounge went in. As Mila’s tongue pushed further into her cunt, Jennifer began to squeeze her breasts and pull on her nipples. Jennifer was enjoying Mila eating her out, but after while, she stopped her. “Mila…stop, stop!” she cried. Mila pulled her tongue out and looked at Jennifer. “What is it?” asked Mila. “My turn,” said Jennifer. Mila smiled and lay on her back as Jennifer got on her knees and bent down to Mila’s pussy. Jennifer then stuck her tongue into Mila’s snatch and proceeded to eat her out. “Oh…uh…ah…eh…” Mila moaned as she felt herself up. Jennifer ate Mila’s pussy for several more minutes, then she came up.

“So Jennifer,” Mila began. “How was your first time eating out a woman?” “Incredible,” said Jennifer, dazed. “I’ve always wondered what it was like, but holy fuck.” “Speaking of fuck, are you ready for the final round?” asked Mila. “Oh yes I am!” exclaimed Jennifer. The two sat up and pushed their twats together. Jennifer was already shaking from knowing what was about to happen. “You alright?” asked Mila. “I’m fine,” said Jennifer. “And this time I mean it.” With that, Jennifer and Mila started rubbing their clits together and all they could do was moan in pleasure. Jennifer couldn’t say it, but she was having the time of her life. After letting so many guys inside, getting it on with another lady felt extraordinary. They rubbed together for ten minutes, until Mila moved a little and finally found Jennifer’s g-spot. When Jennifer felt her there, she felt like she was on top of the world. “OH MY GOD,” moaned Jennifer. “THANK YOU MILA,” she managed to say. Soon, the two came, shooting their juices into each other’s snatches.

Mila cuddled up to Jennifer and put her arm around her. “So did you enjoy it?” asked Mila. “Mila, that was the best thing I have ever experienced,” said Jennifer. “Thank you so much for letting feel that.” “You’re welcome,” said Mila. “Well, I’d better get out before Ashton comes home and sees us together,” said Jennifer. “That’s a good idea,” replied Mila. Jennifer cleaned herself up and then put her clothes back on. “Oh by the way, thanks for cheering me up,” said Jennifer, kissing Mila on her cheek. “Anytime,” replied Mila. “If you ever need it again, you know where to go.” Jennifer smiled and headed out the door.

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