Chelsea and Nicole: Disney Girls in Love

Chelsea and Nicole: Disney Girls in Love
by Evil and TRL

Content codes: MF, FF, cons, rom
Celebs: Chelsea Staub, Nicole Anderson

Disclaimer: This is one of the first stories I managed to complete in a good long while. So you know the drill by now, don’t read unless you are over 18. This story contains adult situations and mature content, viewer discretion is advised, we’ll be right back after these messages.

Sorry, wrong disclaimer, but yeah, the over 18 thing still applies.

Just want to drop the knowledge as well that I couldn’t have had the motivation to finish this without TRL’s help, he did help out a lot including punching up a bunch of scenes here and he even wrote a few entire scenes himself so that is why he is listed in the author credits as well.

Ok, here we go…


“I’ve been craving this all day,” Nicole Anderson said as she spread her legs wide, her white stockings still on her legs, though her bridal panties were now long gone. The rest of her bridal lingerie was also gone, but somehow the stockings had stayed on her legs as the newly married starlet gave in to her honeymoon sex.

Both girls were in heaven, the sheets were strewn about the bed as the gorgeous brunette freed herself from what remained of her bridal lingire. Nicole Anderson’s body, covered in a sheen of sweat, glistened in the candlelit darkness of their hotel room. The bride gently parted her legs as Chelsea Staub kissed the inside of Nicole’s thigh.

“Oh god, this feels incredible.” Nicole cooed.

Chelsea grinned as she worked her tongue across both thighs, then up to Nicole’s fit abdomen muscles. She tilted her head and kissed each soft breast. She straddled her lover / new bride and held her to the bed, kissing her neck, then her lips.

“Can you believe we actually did this?” Chelsea asked.

“You have no idea. I mean, I know it’s not legal, but I’m really happy we did this.” Nicole said as Chelsea licked the sweat from Nicole’s neck and began nibbling on her neck. Nicole’s words were silenced by Chelsea’s lips, she pushed her fingers inside Nicole who let out a moan of pleasure.

Chelsea pumped her fingers in and out of her lover and long time friend. ‘Who would have ever thought this would happen?’ Chelsea mused as she looked down at Nicole. Just two hours ago they stood in front of a small group of family and friends and got married.

Nicole’s moans brought Chelsea back to reality as she started pushing her fingers back in and out of her, Chelsea felt Nicole tightening around her fingers and that only meant one thing.

“Cum for me beautiful.” Chelsea said.

Nicole shuddered and exploded, writhing, gripping the sheets, moaning, trying to be silent. She gasped, biting her lips until they nearly bled, until she coasted to a stop. Chelsea hovered above Nicole as she came down from her orgasmic high, once Nicole sighed and opened her eyes she looked up into Chelsea’s loving eyes and smiled.

Chelsea took a breath and spoke.

“Do you love me?” Chelsea said gently.

“Yes, I do.” Nicole said breathlessly as she pulled Chelsea down for another passionate kiss.


One Year Earlier…

Chelsea and Nicole both sat on Chelsea’s bed giggling and laughing.

“So they were there, just sitting on the other side of the table and they were slapping and hitting each other like little kids.” Chelsea said laughing, referring to the Jonas brothers whose new Disney Channel show they had both auditioned for.

“Oh my god, those guys are like children.” Nicole said giggling.

Amid the chorus of laughs and giggles they almost missed Chelsea’s phone ringing. Silence fell over the room as Chelsea looked at the phone, she didn’t recognize the number and looked up at Nicole.

“Well, are you going to answer it?” Nicole prodded. Chelsea turned on her phone.

“Hello….yes this is she…..WHAT?….OH MY GOD, YOU’RE KIDDING…..THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU.” Chelsea hung up the phone and let out a scream as Nicole jumped to her feet.

“You got it?” Nicole asked. Chelsea only squealed in glee as they both hugged each other. As the screaming and cheering continued Nicole’s cell phone went off as well. Nicole nearly dove on the bed to grab her cell phone.

“Hello….yeah…OHMYGOD….THATS AWESOME…THANKYOU….” Nicole hung up the phone…”I’M ON JONAS TOO.” Both girls cheered and hugged each other some more. A familiar wetness began to stir between Chelsea’s legs that made her almost stop short – was she getting aroused? Her nipples were hardening just by being in close contact with her best friend. That couldn’t be right, could it?

The hug continued as the cheering and screaming slowed down and eventually stopped, the hug lingered though. Nicole was the first to break it off as she grabbed her purse and smiled.

“I gotta head home and tell my mom the good news…We’re Disney girls now.” Nicole said giving Chelsea another quick hug as she bolted out of the room.

Chelsea stood there stunned, she had finally gotten her big break but there was something else. The hug had lingered quite a while and several questions ran through Chelsea’s mind.

Why did it linger? Why was she sad that she wasn’t holding Nicole at this very second? and most importantly, Why was she so turned on by the thought of holding her best friend?



Shooting had already begun on the set and Chelsea and Nicole were giggling with each other between takes and their school uniforms were starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

“Well at least none of the boys have hit on you yet.” Nicole pointed out.

“Oh come on, they’re so repressed its sad.” Chelsea whispered, which caused Nicole to giggle. Nicole looked at her friend with admiration, they had gotten close over the last couple of years but now that Jonas had begun shooting they had gotten closer as friends and it made Nicole very happy to work with her best friend every day.

“So, have you met any of the other Disney girls yet?” Chelsea asked.

“Oh yeah, I met Jennifer Stone a couple days ago, she just said welcome to the club. She’s so sweet.” Nicole said as Chelsea removed the jacket that was a part of the uniform.

“OH, I also spotted Debby Ryan at the commisary, she’s the new girl from the Suite Life. She is soooo adorable, and super nice, you’d love her.” Nicole said patting Chelsea on the lap, which caused Chelsea to smile.

“And Jennifer introduced me to Selena who had Demi Lovato with her. You know what, I think something is going on between those two….little secret lesbian thing ya know.” Nicole said giggling.

“I get it believe me, I can spot a lesbian a mile away…” Chelsea said pointing to her eyes, which caused Nicole to giggle. Chelsea was always cracking a good joke every now and then.

It was at that moment that Nicole noticed Chelsea’s nipples straining through her top, it wasn’t that cold in here so why were Chelsea’s nipples so hard? She may have been a bit quirky but Chelsea wasn’t into girls. Was she?

“Actors to the set.” The director yelled as Chelsea put down the latte she was drinking and grabbed her jacket as Nicole followed behind her to the school set. Maybe Chelsea was just cold.

Yeah, that was it, just cold. Just like she was getting right now.



Chelsea Staub was pacing back and forth in the living room of her apartment, she kept looking at her watch and looking in the mirror adjusting her top, or her skirt, or just fussing with her hair. She wanted to look good for the person she was expecting.

At that moment her doorbell rang, Chelsea sighed as she went to the door. On the other side of it was a gorgeous, statuesque redhead. Chelsea looked her over and smiled, taking in the sight. Her long legs covered in black thigh highs, which went all the way down into a pair of black stilettos that made her tower more over Chelsea then she already did.

The red mini skirt clung tight to her ass making Chelsea’s mouth water at the sight, the white v-neck shirt hung loosely on her body and was see thru enough that Chelsea could tell that the girl wasn’t wearing a bra. Her red hair hung down and framed her nearly angelic face. Chelsea smiled.

“What took you so long Erin?” Chelsea asked as she stepped aside and let the woman in.

“You know how bad L.A. traffic is. Besides, you only call me when one of your hot friends gets you horny, anyway. So what are you complaining about?” Erin stated.

“Not a thing,” Chelsea said as she wrapped her arms around Erin’s neck and started planting gentle kisses on her lips.

Erin giggled and gently pushed Chelsea against the wall and removed her shirt exposing her nude breasts to Chelsea’s appreciative eyes. Erin moved in, putting her hands on both sides of Chelsea’s head. Leaning in for a kiss Erin forced her tongue into Chelsea’s mouth. Erin ran her dainty hand up Chelsea’s leg and gently rubbed it against her panties which caused a small moan from the smaller blonde.

“Are you ready for me?” Erin asked.

“I’m so fucking wet for you right now, I’m going to cum any second.” Chelsea said in a lustful tone.

Erin slid her finger into Chelsea’s wet pussy eliciting another moan from the girl. Erin smiled as she shoved the digit deeper into her friend. Chelsea took hold of Erin’s finger and began to hump it. Erin moved in and nibbled on Chelsea’s neck as her humping began to get more and more frantic. Chelsea’s moans got louder as her knees buckled.

Chelsea let out a long moan as she climaxed on Erin’s hand. She had to put her hand on Chelsea’s stomach to hold her up against the wall until she came down from her orgasm. Chelsea steadied herself and looked Erin in the eyes.

“Let’s move this to my bedroom.” Chelsea said as she began to take her clothes off. Erin followed suit as she followed behind Chelsea. Erin took off her skirt and kicked her heels off and slid out of her panties. Chelsea meanwhile tossed her bra off and slid out of her skirt and panties as well. She turned around and grabbed Erin by her hand and fell backward on to the bed and the two began kissing. Erin didn’t even have time to remove her stockings.

Erin ran her hands over Chelsea’s legs as the blonde moved her hands down to Erin’s ass. The kisses became more passionate and furious as the kissing became hotter and heavier. Erin straddled one of Chelsea’s legs so that their clits could rub against each other’s thighs. Passionately, Erin began to hump Chelsea’s leg, pinching and biting her nipples. Chelsea’s pussy got wetter and wetter.

Erin humped her friend, bringing her climax ever closer, starting with the breasts, licking and nibbling at the nipples, moving her way into the valley between her friend’s breasts, then licking her way down her torso, to the mound of her crotch. Passionately Erin began to lick Chelsea’s snatch. Chelsea’s body shuddered as she let out a scream in orgasm. Erin continued licking and eating long after Chelsea’s body had calmed down. Erin sat up and looked down at Chelsea’s body, leaning in and planting a kiss on her lips she giggled as she pulled Chelsea on top of her and planted another kiss on her lips.

Chelsea kissed her way down Erin’s body quickly as she went right for the redhead’s pussy. She shivered in passion as Erin felt herself shuddering as Chelsea rubbed her clit gently, and moaned when Chelsea started to lick. She was in a mindless ecstasy of her own when Chelsea started in on her pussy. Chelsea kept licking and licking as Erin neared climax, she wasn’t nearly as loud as Chelsea was but she moaned loudly as she climaxed. Chelsea collapsed on the bed next to her and sighed.

“Aren’t you glad I called you now?” Chelsea asked. Erin simply giggled as she laid back and ran her hands through her hair.

Chelsea turned toward the wall and sighed. Normally sex with Erin was mind blowingly good, but this time was different. Something was missing, Chelsea’s mind turned to her best friend and new co-star. Why couldn’t she get Nicole off her mind? And more importantly, why were thoughts of Nicole turning her on so much?


Chelsea began thinking about how her and Erin had met. Erin was an extra on the Bratz movie which Chelsea had starred in, during a break in filming a freak rainstorm hit drenching the set catching everyone off guard and sending everyone running for cover.

Chelsea sought cover under the balcony of a house’s second story, at that moment an adorable redhead came running up behind her and joined her under the balcony.

“Mind if I stay here?” The girl asked as she shook out the newspaper she was using to cover her head.

“Sure” Chelsea shouted as the girl took cover next to her.

Over the next few hours as the rain fell and the thunder crashed the two girls got to know each other and Chelsea felt her attraction grow to the tall redhead. As the rain came to a stop and Chelsea heard her name being called she pulled Erin for a long, passionate kiss.

As the director rounded the shrub, Chelsea broke the kiss.

“There you are, we’ve been looking everywhere for you.” The director said.

“Yeah, I had to hide out under here becasue of the rain.” Chelsea said as she helped Erin out of their hiding place.

“Let’s get you dried off.” The director said.

Over the next weeks and months, Chelsea and Erin became all about each other and soon their relation turned to sex and eventually that was all it became about. When one needed to get off they called the other.


Nicole looked at herself in the mirror and fixed her hair. Her long, brown hair bounced as she headed for the knock at the door. She looked at her front door as she heard a motorcycle revving up and coming to a halt on the street outside of her front door.

Nicole smiled and squealed like a giddy schoolgirl as she bolted for the door. Nicole flung open the door and smiled.

“Hi baby.” Nicole said as she jumped into her boyfriend’s arms, nearly knocking him over and making him drop his helmet. Nicole immidiately planted a deep, passionate kiss on him and pulled him inside.

“Whoa babe. Let me get inside.” He said laughing as he carried Nicole back indoors. Nicole giggled as he laid her down on the couch and began kissing her.

“Oh Brandon, its been so long.” Nicole moaned as Brandon began taking her shirt off. Now nude, he began to lay kisses on her nude chest. He cupped her perky breasts in his hands, kneading them as he continued to kiss her. He let his tongue drag along both nipples, loving the sweet taste of the sweat covering the skin.

“God I want you.” Brandon said

Brandon pushed his cock in and sighed as it entered her. He could hear Nicole moan in gratitude and knew he wasn’t the only one who had gone without sex for a while. He placed his hands on either side of Nicole and pushed himself up. With each movement, his cock slid in and out of Nicole’s pussy, the strokes pushing her passion to new heights.

“OH GOD FUCK ME.” Nicole moaned as Brandon continued to pump in and out of her.

He pushed down and erupted inside her, his cock blasting into Nicole with wild abandon, her entire body shuddering as she felt his orgasm go through her. Nicole soon joined him in orgasm, squeaking out a sigh.

“Oh god Jane, that was so good.” Brandon was babbling, but Nicole’s ears perked up at what he had just said.

“Jane? Who the hell is Jane?” Nicole shouted.

“What? Babe…” Brandon stammered, realizing what he just did. Nicole shoved him off of her.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT?” Nicole yelled as she started throwing his clothes at him.

“Babe, I just…” Brandon stammered as a shirt came flying at him.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU, YOU’VE BEEN CHEATING ON ME THIS WHOLE TIME YOU BASTARD. GET OUT.” Nicole yelled as she threw his pants at him, his wallet popping out of his pocket and hitting him in the face.

Brandon scrambled to his feet and headed for the door.

“I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN.” Nicole yelled as she threw his helmet at him and he fell into the yard, she slammed the door and slumped down and started to cry.


It was too early for the alarm clock, so it must have been her phone. Chelsea Staub was laying face-down on her bed, naked as the day she was born, her sheets tangled about her legs with a vengeance, leaving the rest of her body exposed to the room, except for the parts of her that Erin was cuddling up against. Erin’s naked flesh was warm enough so that Chelsea didn’t miss her sheets, but moving the other girl was a bit harder than moving fabric.

The ringing didn’t stop, so Chelsea blearily reached over to grab her cell. She was tempted to just throw it against the wall, smashing it into a billion pieces, but more out of habit than anything else, she opened it up and spoke into it before she really knew what she was doing.

“Hello?” she asked, though it came out more like “Mreeooogh?” between her half-asleep brain and the edge of the pillow half in her mouth.

“Chelsea?” a familiar voice said.

Chelsea was awake at once. It was Nicole, and it was pretty clear from the sound of her voice, she’d been crying. “Nicole? What is it? Are you alright?”

“I-it’s Brandon,” Nicole whimpered.

“Brandon? What happened?”

“Who the fuck is Brandon?” Erin asked as she rolled over, thankfully getting off Chelsea’s back and letting the other girl move a bit.

“Shut up,” Chelsea whispered at the redhead.

“You shut up,” Erin muttered, though she seemed to be going back to sleep as she spoke.

Nicole was having trouble speaking, as she was clearly fighting back tears. “H-he c-ca-called out another g-girl’s name while we were h-having… having SEX!” she managed to get out before breaking into another sobbing fit.

“I’ll be right there,” Chelsea said. “Hang in there, Nicole. It’ll be all right. I promise.”

“T-thank you, Chelsea,” Nicole said, hanging up.

Chelsea tried to leap off the bed, but the sheets were still wrapped around her legs, and she half fell off the bed, ending up smacking her head on the floor.

“Damn it!” She snarled, kicking the sheets free. When her feet finally came free, Chelsea rolled over and quickly got to her feet. She’d grabbed her keys and was halfway to the door when Erin called after her.

“If you’re going to run out somewhere, you might want to put some clothes on!”

“Damn it!” Chelsea swore, turning around and racing towards her closet. She couldn’t think straight. Nicole needed her!

Chelsea threw on a pair of denim shorts and a t shirt and grabbed her keys leaving a confused Erin still in her bed.

It wasn’t far from Chelsea’s house to Nicole’s but it seemed to go longer because she seemed to hit every stoplight on the way. Chelsea sat at one particular stoplight and felt her frustration grow, as that light turned green she was about to hit the gas but a police car pulled up behind her.

Chelsea slammed her fist on her sterring wheel as she headed toward Nicole’s house. Chelsea kept looking in her rear view mirror as the cop car turned a corner and headed off in a different direction. Once that happened Chelsea hit the gas and sped toward Nicole’s house.

Chelsea stopped at the door to compose herself, she took a breath and knocked. The door opened slightly for a moment, then the rest of the way as Nicole came into view. Chelsea’s heart nearly shattered as she saw the mascara running down Nicole’s face, Nicole stepped aside to let Chelsea in and gently closed the door.

As Nicole closed the door and turned back to Chelsea the tears began to flow again, Nicole hugged Chelsea as she was sobbing again. Chelsea gently wrpped her arms around her and held her close.

“It’s gonna be ok Nic.” Chelsea said, as they moved to Nicole’s couch. Chelsea’s thoughts drifted away as Nicole sobbed on her shoulder. Why did she come running so fast? And why did Chelsea’s heart hurt when she saw Nicole like this?

“I mean, I thought I loved him.” Nicole said still sobbing. Chelsea held Nicole tight.

“Shhhhhh, its gonna be ok Nicole. I’m here now, you can always count on me.” Chelsea said, unaware of how much of a lesbian she sounded like.

“That bastard…” Nicole tried to continue but the sobbing continued. Chelsea made a silent vow right then and there that if she saw him again she’d kick the living crap out of him.

“Come on, let’s get you to bed Nicole.” Chelsea said as she helped Nicole into her bedroom and into her bed.



Nicole’s eyes fluttered as the sunrise came beaming through the window, she turned over and came face to face with the still sleeping form of her best friend Chelsea Staub. Nicole smiled as she remembered the previous night, her friend came over to console her as she was getting over her breakup.

Nicole got out of bed and started gathering the clothes she was going to wear for the day as she opened a dresser drawer she heard Chelsea stirring behind her.

“Hey.” Nicole said fixing her bed hair.

“Um, hi.” Chelsea said as she started getting out of bed. Nicole went over to Chelsea and hugged her tightly. Chelsea wrapped her arms around Nicole as well.

“Thank you so much for being here Chels.” Nicole said as Chelsea rested her head on Nicole. Chelsea, in the spur of the moment, gently lifted up Nicole’s chin and planted a gentle kiss on her lips.

Nicole’s eyes opened wide is suprise as her best friend was kissing her.

‘My best friend is kissing me’ was the only thing that was going through Nicole’s mind. At that moment the kiss broke and Chelsea looked flustered.

“Oh my god Nic, I’m so sorry.” Chelsea said as she grabbed her coat and ran out of the house.


It’s another busy day on the set of JONAS, but the day was crawling by agonizingly slow for Chelsea Staub. She was forced to be in the shot while the Jonas brothers hogged the camera time for this scene.

It wasn’t the background work that was agonizing for Chelsea, it was who she was with – Nicole was cramed in with her, as if they were searching through a locker while the boys yukked it up for the viewers. Things had been awkward between them since the kiss they shared the previous morning, neither had said anything to the other since then.

Chelsea and Nicole had to look at each other from time to time during the scene and that was agony for Chelsea. Nicole was flat out ignoring her, except when they needed to be together – and even then, her eyes wouldn’t quite catch Chelsea’s. Because Chelsea was taller than Nicole, it was easy for the shorter girl to put her raven-haired head down into the fake locker and avoid so much as glancing at Chelsea hovering over her.

What made matters worse was the fact that they were practically pressed against each other to both look in the locker. While the three idiots prattled on about whatever crappy problem was the focus of this week’s mindless episode, Chelsea could only think of how Nicole’s side was slid up against her. Chelsea swore she could feel the heat of Nicole’s body burning through both of their school uniforms, searing Chelsea’s own flesh. She didn’t know if that heat came from her lust for Nicole, Nicole’s hatred of Chelsea, or Chelsea’s shame at what she’d done.

And when Nicole moved her arm? Agony – her shoulder brushed just right against one of Chelsea’s nipples. Try as hard as she could, she couldn’t prevent that nipple from getting hard, and that only made every move electric. Even the lightest scrape of Nicole’s fully-clothed shoulder, through Chelsea’s vest, shirt, and bra, managed to burn erotic energy all over Chelsea’s torso.

And the scene wouldn’t end! Each of the boys didn’t seem to have bothered learning their lines, and were trying to read cue-cards to get through the scene. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t going well. The morning just dragged on and on. All Chelsea wanted to do was get Nicole alone and tell her what she was thinking. Or maybe just beg forgiveness. Or even just fall at her feet and confess undying love, so long as Nicole would just say one more word to her. Anything!

And then, finally it happened. Nicole glanced up at Chelsea, and she broke. As quietly as possible, she started to speak, not even sure what she was saying until she was speaking.

“Will you please talk to me?” Chelsea asked.

“How could you do that to me Chelsea. How could you kiss me like that?” Nicole whispered.

“I just….I dont know why….I just…” Chelsea said turning to the locker to evade Nicole’s eyes.

“What? Tell me.” Nicole said, keeping an eye on the brothers to make sure she wasn’t disrupting the scene.

“I love spending time with you Nicole. I think you are so pretty Nic and my heart speeds up every time I’m around you. I would love the chance to kiss you, Nicole. I can totally see myself falling in love with you.” Chelsea said, lowering her voice while keeping an eye on the brothers.

As if on cue the director yelled “CUT, THAT’S LUNCH.”

Nicole, stunned by what she had just heard, races off back toward her trailer. Chelsea felt a tear falling down her face as she saw Nicole walking away. Each step Nicole took away from her, Chelsea could feel her heart break a little bit more.


Nicole sat in the studio commisary nursing a can of Coke. With her head in her hands she signed, she didn’t notice the bubbly teenager sitting down across the table from her.

“You feeling ok, Nicole?” asked Debby Ryan as she placed her plate of peach cobbler down and grabbed a fork. Nicole glanced up in time to catch Debby adjusting her long, brown locks. Worn straight, the tips of her hair flowed over her shoulders, and rested atop her firm breasts, which were impressively large for Debby’s 16-years. Debby’s top showed a lot of her cleavage, and hugged her taunt teenage stomach. It was a rather daring outfit for the Disney lot, so Nicole suspected it was part of Debby’s own wardrobe. As Nicole eyed the cute top, she surprised herself by letting her eyes linger on Debby’s chest a bit longer than she had intended.

“No, not really. It’s been a bad last few days.” Nicole said sighing.

“Awww, what’s wrong?” Debby asked with genuine concern as she took a bite.

“My boyfriend and I broke up.” Nicole bluntly said looking up at Debby.

“I’m so sorry to hear that.” Debby said, getting up and walking around the table to sit next to Nicole. Debby hugged Nicole as the older girl sighed and accepted the teen’s hug.

“Yeah, and it gets worse too. One of my best friends tried putting the moves on me.” Nicole said sounding very saddened by the current events.

“Oh my goodness, did he kiss you? What happened?” Debby asked, suddenly very interested in the conversation. Nicole silently debated weather or not to tell her. Nicole mused that Debby was so innocent and naive that the word ‘darn’ may have been too strong for her to use.

“Yeah, yeah, SHE kissed me. She also told me that she wants to be my girlfriend of all things, I mean I’m at my most vulnerable and she does this.” Nicole said dropping the bomb. Debby gasped and sat there looking at Nicole stunned, mouth agape. Nicole took another drink of her soda.

“Wow, your best…girl…friend…kissed you.” Debby finally said, still trying to process the news she had just been told. Nicole ran her hand through her hair and sighed.

“Yeah, and you want to know what the strangest part of it all is? I’m tempted to say to heck with it and give a relationship a chance with her.” Nicole admitted, shocking even herself at saying it. Debby looked at her stunned again.

“Uh, wow. That’s…..uh….wow…um…wow.” Debby stammered. Nicole giggled slightly for the first time in a few days it seemed. Nicole had clearly shocked the younger starlet. Debby finally gathered her thoughts and looked at Nicole.

“How are you going to handle this?” Debby asked.

“I have no idea, I mean too much has happened already. I just need time to relax and think about things.” Nicole said frustrated. Debby nodded and took another bite of her dessert.

“Well, if you want my advice. I think you really should take the time to figure this out for yourself, I mean you’re still pretty young. Your feelings for this girl could just be confusing you – making you think you’re a lesbian when you really aren’t. Just take some time for yourself and think clearly about all your options.” Debby said finishing her dessert and leaving Nicole to contemplate her thoughts.

She put her head down on the table and sighed. Debby, for all her friendly advice, had not helped Nicole one bit. She was now more confused about her sexuality then she ever was.


Chelsea finally made it back to her apartment, but she didn’t even make it halfway to the elevator before the tears started falling. The tears were blurring her vision so much that she had to hit the button for her floor a few times before the doors closed and started going up.

Chelsea slammed her fist against the elevator door. ‘How could I have been so stupid?’ Chelsea thought as she leaned back against the wall. The elevator dinged and came to a stop at Chelsea’s floor, she got out and rushed to her apartment door.

Quickly unlocking the door, Chelsea ran inside and tossed her purse and keys on the couch and went straight for her bedroom. Collapsing on her bed she began to cry harder. Chelsea’s mind began working overtime.

She was crying out of fear, fear that Nicole would expose her for what had happened. She was crying out of sorrow, sorrow that she had basically destroyed one of the best friendships she had since becoming an actress. And she was crying out of love, she knew without a doubt that she was in love with Nicole.

She needed someone, anyone to talk to. After Chelsea cried for about 20 minutes she went into the kitchen to fix a cup of coffee. Before Chelsea could get the coffee maker working she paused. What she needed wasn’t coffee, she needed someone to talk to.

Chelsea went over to the couch and grabbed her cell phone and dialed a familiar number.

“I need to talk to you.” was all she said to the person on the other end.


Nicole’s car pulled to a stop outside of the house. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was curled and fell past her shoulders, and the black skirt and tank top she had on knew would get the desired effect.

The neighborhood she was in however, might give some people the wrong idea about her. It was in the middle of Los Angeles, not quite a bad neighborhood but not the best one either. Nicole approached the house, looking around to see that no one bad was coming toward her.

She knocked on the locked screen door of the house, after a minute of waiting an older woman answered.

“Nicole, how are you sweetie?” the woman asked as she opened the door to let Nicole in.

“I’m fine Mrs. Denton. Is Brandon home?” Nicole asked.

“He sure is hon, he’s in his room.” Mrs. Denton asked as she pointed to the back of the house.

“Ma, whose at the door?” Brandon asked as he came out of his room and stopped in his tracks when he saw Nicole. Brandon brushed a strand of hair out of his face and rubbed his hands on his dirty jeans.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Brandon’s mom said as Nicole just stood there meekly. Brandon was momentarily speechless. He took Nicole by the hand and lead her to the back of the house and into his bedroom.

He opened the door to his room and saw that a couple of his friends were in there.

“Get out, NOW.” Brandon said as the guy and girl grabbed their leather jackets and quickly left the room. Brandon sat down on his bed, which Nicole mused could barely be called a bed. It was two matresses on the floor with two nightstands on each side of the bed and a TV on the opposite wall on top of the dresser.

Nicole put her purse down and sat on the bed next to Brandon and crossed her legs.

“I’m sorry about last time. I shouldn’t accused you of cheating on me.” Nicole said as she hugged Brandon. He said nothing as he put his arm around her.

“It’s alright babe. My mom did miss having you around though.” Brandon said, which got Nicole giggling. Brandon timidly put his arm around Nicole and she moved in to kiss him on the lips. Brandon pushed himself and Nicole back on the bed and Nicole straddled him. Brandon quickly undid his pants and pulled his cock out.

With no hesitation, she moved in and Brandon was soon privy to the sight of a famous actress wrapping her lips up and down his shaft, her raven hair falling around her face as she moved up and down his rod, her tongue sliding around it as she tried to take him down her throat. “Why isn’t this turning me on like it used to?” Nicole thought to herself as she kept pumping her head up and down on Brandon’s shaft. Brandon looked at her stunned, but with his cock down her throat he didn’t question what she was doing. Nicole has her eyes closed and was hard at work, pumping his shaft in and out of her mouth. She even moaned a bit to make his cock vibrate.

“There’s nothing straighter for a girl then having a cock in her mouth…” Nicole thought as she attempted a deep throat, something she had never done before. “…this doesn’t feel right. Why doesn’t this feel right?”

Nicole moaned again around Brandon’s cock and pumped faster and faster and she felt him tense up, knowing what is coming. Nicole pumped and slid her dainty hand along his hardness and he erupted into her mouth. Nicole moaned at the sensation and swallowed.

‘What’s straighter then a girl swallowing cum?” Nicole mused to herself as she wiped her mouth dry and smiled at Brandon. Nicole crawled up over him on the bed and began kissing him on the neck. Brandon nervously laughed and held her off.

“Whoa Nic, give me a second babe.” Brandon said trying to get his pants off.

“No, I need you inside me. NOW.” Nicole said, yanking off his pants and tossing them across the room.

“Damn, girl – I knew make-up sex was great, but that’s insane. I love it when you get aggressive.” Brandon said chuckling. Nicole smiled at him, the shoved him back down on the bed.

“I’m not done with you yet.” Nicole said pushing the hair out of her face. Nicole straddled Brandon and slid her pussy around Brandon’s hard cock, grunting as she felt him enter her. She began to push against him, her young body grinding against his. Nicole gripped the sheets for support as Brandon let go of her body, his mouth and hands going for her chest. Nicole started really grinding on him, bouncing up and down as hard as she could.

“Why isn’t this working…” Nicole thought to herself. “…I used to like sex with him. I’m not a slut but I liked having sex with him. Why isn’t this working anymore?”

He grabbed her lovely breasts and pushed them together, his mouth beginning lay kisses onto her erect nipples and cleavage. Nicole continued to work against him, moving up and down as she took his cock inside of her. Brandon continued to squeeze her breasts in his hands as he pushed harder and harder inside of her, his efforts finally bearing fruit. Nicole let go of the sheets and fell down, held by Brandon’s grip on her tits as the orgasm hit them both.

Brandon sighed as Nicole fell on the bed next to him. He laid back on his bed and sighed as Nicole just sat up on the bed next to him. Nicole didn’t feel any better after seducing her old boyfriend, in fact she kinda felt dirty. At that moment a relization hit Nicole. It wasn’t working because she was no longer in love with Brandon, it hit her like a ton of bricks she knew who she was really in love with.

“This isn’t right.” Nicole said out loud.

“What?” Brandon asked finally regaining his senses. Nicole got up and grabbed her panties.

“I-I have to go.” Nicole said rushing out of the room.

“Do you need a ride anywhere?” Brandon asked as she blew past his mother and out of the house not acknowledging what he had asked.

It all finally clicked in Nicole’s mind, she had someone to see and soon.



Nicole had been contemplating this move all weekend, she hadn’t seen Chelsea since she confessed her feelings to her. After the incident with Brandon, Nicole knew exactly what she had to do. She had to confess her feelings for Chelsea.

Nicole’s car pulled to a stop outside of Chelsea’s apartment building and she looked in the mirror as she adjusted the makeup she was wearing and sighed. Nicole timidly stepped out of her car and headed toward the front door and rang the buzzer.

“Hello” came Chelsea’s voice from the intercom.

“Uh, Chels….its….its Nicole.” she said back.

The door buzzed and Nicole was let in, she knew the way to Chelsea’s apartment by heart now. She stepped into the elevator and pushed “4” and the doors closed.

The elevator ride was only about a minute but it seemed to be the longest minute of Nicole’s life, she smothed out her knee-length black skirt, then started pacing back and forth in the elevator car. She then stopped again and adjusted her white blouse, doing up the top two buttons.

Glancing into the mirrored backing of the elevator car, she quickly undid the top button before starting to pace again. She didn’t want to show too much while talking to Chelsea, but she didn’t want to be uncomfortable at the same time.

Finally the elevator rang at the fourth floor and Nicole got out and made her way to Chelsea’s apartment knocking on the door. The door opened and Nicole was briefly taken aback by what she saw. Chelsea stood before her wearing only a t shirt, it barely made it past her privates.

As if Nicole wasn’t nervous enough, she was practically dry mouthed now.

“Uh, hey Nicole – what’s up?” Chelsea asked, using one hand to stretch her t-shirt down enough to keep her modesty covered. Nicole had to pry her eyes up towards Chelsea’s face again, and try to ignore the fact that her friend was apparently stark naked under that shirt.

“I, ah, I don’t know how to say this,” Nicole said slowly. “But I need to say this. I’d love to be able to ignore it, but I can’t. I’ve tried – oh, I’ve tried. But the more I tried, the more I realized I couldn’t do anything else until I talked to you. I just wish I hadn’t gone and fucked Brandon again before I realized this-”

“You got back with Brandon?” Chelsea asked, but Nicole ignored her and kept right on talking.

“When you kissed me, I – well, I never expected it. I mean, you’re my best friend, right? And I love you as my best friend. I can’t imagine you not in my life. I can’t imagine not seeing your smile every couple of days. But, honestly, I don’t know if I’m gay. I mean, I’ve never even kissed another girl before you kissed me. And I’ve always had boyfriends. And I’ve only ever had sex with guys. And I’ve only sucked cock, you know? And I’ve always liked sucking cock, right? The way they’re all hot, and they pulse in your mouth.”

“I’ve never sucked a cock before-” Chelsea started to say, but Nicole barged past her to walk into her apartment, and kept right on talking. Now that she’d started, there was no stopping her.

“And I’ve always been happy being straight. I’ve never needed to question if I was gay – or, you know, a lesbian, I guess. I always thought that being gay was just for guys, and girls were lesbians, but I guess you’re still gay if you’re a lesbian. Or am I wrong? Oh, there’s so much about this I don’t know. And I’m scared – I’m so scared, Chelsea.”

“It’s okay?” Chelsea asked, confused as Nicole sat down on the couch, wringing her hands. Chelsea moved to sit down next to her, but as soon as she did, Nicole bounced right up, and began pacing the room.

“And, well, I have feelings for you. You’re my best friend, and when you said you thought you could fall in love with me, the only thing going through my head was that it was wrong – that girls shouldn’t fall in love with each other. That’s just now how things are. Well, that’s what I thought about me, anyway. But I’m your friend, and you’re mine – at least, I hope you still are. And as scared as I was that you were kissing me, and wanting to fall in love with me, and making me feel the same way about you, I was just as scared about losing you as a friend, and never having you around anymore, smiling at me in that wonderful way you do.

“And it’s been killing me, not being able to talk to you about this, Chelsea,” Nicole continued, plopping down on the couch next to Chelsea. “You’re my best friend, my confidant, the person I want to tell all my secrets to, and the one I want to help hold up when you have a bad day, and all that stuff. And yet, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do for the person you love? And how many people go on and on about falling in love with their best friend? Shouldn’t we all fall in love with our best friends? They’re our best friends, right? That only makes sense!”

“Uh, yeah,” Chelsea said, thoroughly lost.

“Exactly. EXACTLY!” Nicole said, standing up and starting to pace again. “So is it so wrong that I’ve fallen for you, even though I’ve never, ever had a gay thought in my life? But, then, maybe I have had gay thoughts. Maybe I never knew I was having gay thoughts? What are gay thoughts? I never thought about kissing you, but I’ve wanted to spend all my time with you? That’s just friendship, though, right? Or is it love? Is it love?”

“Uh-” Chelsea didn’t even get another word in before Nicole spun around and dropped to her knees before Chelsea.

“I don’t know! I don’t know if I’m gay, or straight, or maybe even bi – god, is anyone actually bisexual anymore? You never hear about it. Maybe I’m the rare bisexual girl out there. Who knows?” She shook her head, as if to dismiss the thought, then grabbed Chelsea’s hands and held them in her own.

“The important thing, Chelsea, is that I don’t love Brandon. I haven’t for a while now, I think. But maybe, just maybe, I’ve been in love with you this whole time. And I just didn’t know it.”

Nicole jumped to her feet again, spinning away from Chelsea and letting her head dangle back and raised her arms towards the ceiling. “Oh! How could I be so stupid?! How could I not know that I was falling in love with my best friend? Love’s supposed to blow you over, knock your socks off, turn you into jelly, and rock your world.” She turned back to look at Chelsea, one arm wrapped around her stomach, the other pressing her fist to her lips for a second.

“But I had all that with you, didn’t I? I really have. You’ve blown me over, knocked my socks off, turned me into jelly, and rocked my world – just by kissing me. Oh, my god, Chelsea! You made me fall in love with you, and it only took one kiss!”

“Y-you love me?” Chelsea managed to eek out, her eyes wide like saucers, one hand clutched to her chest.

“Yes!” Nicole shouted, a smile crossing over her face. “I love you! I love you, Chelsea Kane Staub! I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!” Nicole shouted, spinning around as she shouted to the heavens. “I love you, and I don’t care if you’re a girl!” Nicole looked right into Chelsea’s eyes. “Do you still love me, too?”

“Wow, that was the best shower ever, Chels-” a voice said before Chelsea could answer. Nicole felt her heart stop, and turned around to look towards Chelsea’s bedroom. Standing there, buck naked save for a towel she was using to dry her red hair, was Erin, looking just as surprised to see Nicole there as Nicole was to see her. “Oh, you’ve got company – I’m just going to go find my pants – can I borrow a shirt, since you ripped mine last night?”

Nicole spun towards Chelsea, who was staring down at her feet with her hand on her forehead.

And Nicole’s heart broke so hard, she thought for sure everyone in the building had heart it shatter. She turned towards the door, took two steps, then started to run as fast as she could, tears streaming down her face as she escaped.

Chelsea looked up at a stunned Erin who was still towelling herself off.

“WHAT THE HELL ERIN?” Chelsea yelled as in the distance she heard a car driving off.

“What?” Erin asked, not completely aware of what was going on.

“I know you heard me in there dammit. That was Nicole. You came out at that time on purpose.” Chelsea shouted as Erin dropped her towel and grabbed her pants.

“So what if I did Chelsea? You can be mad all you want, Chels – but I love you, and Nicole doesn’t. And I know, deep down, you love me too. You’ve never said it, but every time we have sex, it’s right there on your face.” Erin said as she pointed toward the door supposedly at Nicole.

Chelsea’s eyes seemed to go white with rage.

“GET OUT.” Chelsea shouted as she grabbed Erin by the arm and dragged her toward the door. Erin resisted, which was easy considering she was much taller then Chelsea.

“Look, whatever Chelsea, You’re gonna come back to me when you realize that Nicole now wants nothing to do with you….” Erin said putting her t shirt on and heading for the door “…I’ll see you in a couple of days when you figure that out.”

“Yeah, don’t bet on it.” Chelsea spat as she slammed the door after Erin walked out. Chelsea leaned up against the door as the reality of what just happened finally set in.

“What have I done?” Chelsea thought to herself as she slid down to the floor and sobbed silently to herself.



Nicole sat by herself in the studio commisary with her head in her hands. She sat with a look of sorrow on her face with her head in her hands. Nicole fought in vain to keep the tears back but it didn’t help.

As Nicole began weeping to herself, out of the corner of her eye she saw Debby Ryan’s sweet face sit down next to her.

“You ok Nicole?” Debby asked as she looked at Nicole. Nicole han her hands through her hair and looked at Debby with a sad smile.

“No, I’m not. It’s been a horrible few days.” Nicole admitted as Debby hugged her.

“So I take it you told this female friend of yours that you weren’t interested?” Debby asked taking a bite of the spaghetti she had with her. Nicole sighed.

“It’s a long story Debs, I’m not sure I should tell it to you. I mean you’re only 16.” Nicole said as she took a deep breath, readying herself to talk about it.

“I may be 16 but I am a good listener and right now that sounds like something you need.” Debby said putting her fork down and gently wiping her mouth. Debby smiled at Nicole, who smiled back and sat back.

“You know about my ex boyfriend right?” Nicole asked.

“The guy on the motorcycle?” Debby asked. Nicole nodded.

“We got together again this weekend and I just felt that it wasn’t right. I mean we made love and…” Debby interrupted.

“…whoa. I don’t think I should be hearing this. Getting a little graphic here.” Debby giggled as did Nicole.

“But anyway, I just realized that I wasn’t in love with him anymore and I just ran out.” Nicole confessed. Debby took a sip of her latte.

“So what about this girl friend of yours, what happened with her?” Debby asked.

“It’s Chelsea, it was her the whole time.” Nicole confessed. Debby’s jaw dropped.

“Chelsea Staub is a lesbian?” Debby asked, looking around and lowering her voice as she spoke in shock. Nicole nodded and Debby let out a gasp of shock.

“You know what really hurts the most? She told me she was in love with me, and when I finally figure out how I feel about her I find another naked girl coming out of her bathroom. Now I just….now everything is so complicated.” Nicole said putting her head in her hands again. Debby patted Nicole’s shoulder gently, unaware of what else to do.

“H-how do you feel about her?” Debby asked, still trying to take in the news that one of her fellow Disney stars and friends was a lesbian.

“I-I….I love her Debby. I really do.” Nicole admitted to herself looking up at Debby.

“Then why don’t you go to her and tell her that?” Debby said. Nicole sighed and stood up.

“Because I don’t know if I can trust her again.” Nicole said walking off.



It may have been 80 degrees outside of the studio but inside of it the tensions between the two girls in the room made it feel considerably colder.

At least that’s how it felt to Chelsea Staub, this was the first time she had even laid eyes on Nicole since she had confessed her love to her only to find Erin coming out of her shower. The mere thought of Nicole running from Chelsea’s apartment in tears still saddened Chelsea.

Both girls had reutrned to the Disney lot to run lines, and it appeared that the lines for the show were all Nicole was going to say to Chelsea. She had been ignoring Chelsea since they had arrived.

“Ok, let’s take it from the top.” The director said making the motion for the girls to start their lines.

“Macy.” Chelsea said, not putting very much emotion in her voice.

“Stella.” Nicole said, her voice ice cold.

“Actually, I’m using my let’s make up voice.” Chelsea said, showing even less emotion then before.

“So.” Nicole spat back at her.

“So, I was thinking that any girl…”Chelsea began, but the director interrupted.

“Chelsea, we need you to show some kind of emotion, you are trying to make up with her.” The director said, completely unaware of just how right he was.

“I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling well today.” Chelsea lied looking at Nicole who was purposely avoiding looking at Chelsea.

“Take a break girls.” the director said.

He didn’t even finish the sentence before Nicole started making her way toward the exit, determined to get as far way from Chelsea as possible.

Chelsea gave chase as soon as she saw Nicole heading for the door, once they made it outside Chelsea finally spoke up.

“Nicole will you talk to me, please.” Chelsea shouted.

“Why? Why should I?” Nicole said folding her arms and glaring at Chelsea. Chelsea looked around and saw a few people within earshot and pulled Nicole toward her trailer.

“Why won’t you talk to me?” Chelsea asked once the door to her trailer was closed.

“Why should I? First you kiss me, you tell me you love me, and once I finally figure out how I feel about you. I find you naked with another girl. How am i supposed to feel about that?” Nicole said, her voice getting louder as she spoke.

“Give me a chance, Nicole. I thought you hated me – it’s the only reason I was with Erin.” Chelsea pleaded.

“How can I trust you, Chelsea? I – I really like you. I want to try to be more than friends, but I just got out of a relationship where I was cheated on – I can’t go through that again.” Nicole said turning away.

“You won’t, Nicole. I promise. If you give me a chance, I promise you that you’ll be my whole life. My heart, my soul, my everything. We’ll move as slow or as fast as you want, so long as you’re in my life. I – I really think I could love you Nicole – more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life.” Chelsea said, her voice cracking as she choked back the urge to cry, putting her arms around Nicole’s waist.

“That’s NOT fair Chelsea. You can’t just expect me to love you out of nothing like that. That’s not fair.” Nicole said as she embraced Chelsea’s and Chelsea also began to shed a few tears. Chelsea lifted up Nicole’s teary face and rested her forehead on Nicole’s.

“I love you Nicole Anderson. I always will.” Chelsea said as she gently kissed Nicole on the lips. Nicole moaned and melted into Chelsea’s arms. Chelsea ran her hands down Nicole’s back and rested on her waist as Chelsea’s tongue wrestled for control in Nicole’s mouth. Chelsea decided to get a little more bold and moved her hand down to grab Nicole’s ass.

In the instant Nicole broke the kiss and backed away. “Whoa…wow…um…I’m sorry Chels. I’m…um….I’m just not ready for that yet.” Nicole blushed.

“I’m sorry Nic. I don’t want to push you too far. Um…how about this?…” Chelsea said thinking deeply. Chelsea’s eyes lit up as she pulled Nicole back into a hug.

“…Let’s you and me go out. Like on a real date. A real, romantic date.” Chelsea said wrapping her arms around Nicole’s neck. Nicole’s eyes widened.

“C-can we risk it?” Nicole asked. “A real date?”

“No one has to know it’s a date – except for you and me,” Chelsea replied, tenderly kissing Nicole’s supple lips

“And what would we do?” Nicole asked, still not sure about it.

“You just leave that to me, sweetheart,” Chelsea said. “I’m going to give you the date of your life.”

Nicole just smiled and hugged Chelsea. She couldn’t wait.


Chelsea didn’t waste any time in setting up a date for herself and Nicole. She chose a romantic place for the two of them and a place that she knew Nicole would love. The Santa Monica Pier.

The pier was Nicole’s most favorite place in all of Los Angeles, ever since coming to town she loved the pier. Bubba Gump’s Shimp Company was one of her favorite places to eat, they could walk on the beach and watch the sunset. It was perfect for Chelsea to prove her love to Nicole.

The day on the pier went perfectly, Chelsea got Nicole to laugh at her jokes and finish off the shrimp platter when she couldn’t do it. To anyone who was looking at them it looked like just two close friends hanging out, thankfully no one suspected what they were really doing.

As the romantic day at the beach progressed, they rode on the famous Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel, while sharing a car Chelsea’s hand found Nicole’s. Nicole leaned in to Chelsea as the wheel went up and pulled away as it came down. Chelsea couldn’t remove the smile from her face if she tried.

As they got off the ferris wheel a couple of fans approached them for autographs and pictures. Both girls obliged as they posed for pictures. As Chelsea’s eyes met Nicole’s they both smiled, both girls thought that nothing else could beat this night.

“So, are you having fun?” Chelsea asked as both girls walked along the beach a short time later.

“Absolutely, I’m loving today so much.” Nicole said as the ocean splashed at their feet. Chelsea looked behind them to see if they were being followed. They weren’t, so she wrapped her arm around Nicole’s shoulders. Nicole smiled and leaned in to Chelsea’s embrace.

The two girls rounded a rock formation to a private beach a couple miles from the pier and sat down. As the wind blew Nicole’s hair around Chelsea smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Nicole offered no resistance and melted into Chelsea. Chelsea laid Nicole back on the soft sand and ran her hands all over Nicole’s lovely body.

“We can’t.” Nicole said as they broke the kiss. Chelsea looked up and saw a couple of people coming around the rock formation and immidiately broke contact with Nicole smiling. Nicole smiled as Chelsea tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and grinned.

As if on cue, fireworks started going off in the night sky. Both girls stood up and looked up as the fireworks exploded over the Pacific Ocean and Chelsea wrapped her arms around Nicole. Nicole leaned back into Chelsea’s embrace and smiled. Tonight was perfect.

Once the fireworks ended Chelsea and Nicole got into Chelsea’s car and left. During the ride Nicole rested her head on the headrest and looked at Chelsea smiling the whole time.

“What?” Chelsea said smiling as she was paying attention to the road.

“Nothing. It’s just….tonight was so perfect…I mean…” Nicole’s chatter was quickly silenced by a daring Chelsea who planted a kiss on her as she made her way successfully through an intersection. Nicole sighed as she sat back looking at her lover.

Chelsea walked Nicole up to the front door of her apartment as they arrived. Both girls stand there for a moment, Nicole’s smile is as wide as the apartment itself. Without a word Chelsea leans in and kisses her goodnight. Nicole’s mind exploded in suprise, she hadn’t expected the kiss in the car or the quick grope session on the beach, but this was much different. In an instand Nicole knew what it was, it was love At that moment Nicole realized that it’s real – she really wants this from Chelsea, to be more than friends, to be in love – and to be lovers.

Chelsea breaks the kiss, smiles sweetly at Nicole, and starts to back away. “I’ll see you at work tomorrow, Nicole. I – I love you.”

Nicole let’s chelsea get two steps away before she finds her voice.

“Chelsea – wait.”

Chelsea turns back to look at her. “Everything all right?”

“Everything’s perfect,” Nicole says. “Chelsea, I love you, too.”

Chelsea’s smile is bright enough to light up Hollywood.

“D-do you want to come in?” Nicole asks, looking down at her feet.

“Only if you want me to,” Chelsea replies, taking a careful step towards the woman who stole her heart.

“I-I want you to, but – I, ah – God, why is this so hard? It’s not like I’m a virgin on anything!” Nicole said, not really feeling sure of herself.

“But you are, Nicole,” Chelsea offers sweetly. “You’ve never been with a girl before.”

Nicole looks up into Chelsea’s face – the face she loves. “Will – will you be my first?” she asks, her voice a whisper.

“I will,” Chelsea says, taking Nicole’s hand in hers, and leading her into the apartment.

They entered Nicole’s apartment, holding hands. Chelsea found herself surprisingly nervous for some reason. It wasn’t like this was her first time with a girl – nor was it her first time being another girl’s first time. But somehow, the fact that this was Nicole – Her Nicole, her best friend, the light of her life – made this so much more important. Chelsea knew that no matter what, Nicole Anderson was her soul mate, and she hoped that Nicole felt the same way about her.

They approached Nicole’s kitchen/living area, all one room in her modest apartment, and stood next to the couch, still holding hands. Nicole’s eyes darted about nervously, and Chelsea could feel both of their hands getting warm. Part of her wanted to shove little Nicole back onto the couch, rip her skirt off, and go to town on the girl until she screamed for more. But part of her was worried if she so much as gave Nicole a lusty look, the tiny brunette would change her mind and send Chelsea packing.

Finally, Nicole broke the tension. “C-can I get you a drink?”

“Absolutely,” Chelsea said, releasing a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. “What do you have?”

Nicole hurried to the kitchen and tore open the fridge. “Uh, water, milk, and some Diet Pepsi.” Chelsea was about to ask for water when Nicole spoke again. “Oh, yeah – there’s this, too.”

“What?” Chelsea asked.

“Some wine,” Nicole said, holding up the unopened bottle. “It’s – ah, white, I guess.”

“Why Nicole Gale Anderson,” Chelsea said, her tone suddenly mock scolding. “Where did a 19-year-old like you get wine?”

“Blame our co-stars,” Nicole said, with a bit of a giggle. “They had a ton of it in their dressing room after one of their shows, and it was just going to go to waste, so Kevin said I should take some. It’s been in the back of my fridge since then…” she trailed off.

Chelsea smiled at her. “Well, I’m willing to try it if you are. In fact, you should probably give it to me, anyway – I am the only one of us who’s legal right now,” she added, mischievously

“Are you saying I’m too young to have wine?” Nicole asked, clearly struggling somewhere between mock outrage and laughter.

“It’s your home, and your wine,” Chelsea said, approaching Nicole and taking the bottle from her hands. “But to do this right, we really should have some wine glasses.” She was standing right in front of Nicole now, looking down into the other girl’s lovely eyes, which seemed to be sparkling up at her. Oh, yes, Chelsea was totally falling in love with those eyes.

“I, uh, I don’t have any wine glasses,” Nicole admitted sheepishly.

“Then I know what to get you for Christmas. At this point, any glass will do.”

“Right,” Nicole said. “They’re right up in that cupboard next to your head.”

Chelsea glanced towards the cupboard, but turned back to Nicole. Suddenly, she didn’t want to look away. “Maybe you should get them out,” she offered, raising an eyebrow as she spoke.

Nicole tittered a bit, but was clearly game. She reached up, opened the cupboard door, and then reached in for two glasses, standing on her tip-toes to get some nice ones. And just as she was stretched out the most, Chelsea leaned in and kissed her on her neck.

“oooh,” Nicole moaned as Chelsea’s lips hit one of her favorite spots. She’d kissed Chelsea – kissed her a lot in the last two days or so – but it had all been on the lips. Now Chelsea’s lips were on her neck, and it was like half the stress in Nicole’s body began to melt away. “How did you know?” she asked when Chelsea pulled back.

“Know what?”

“That I love it when my neck is kissed?”

“I’m a good guesser,” Chelsea said.

“You’re a good kisser,” Nicole replied, putting the glasses on the counter. “Ah, have you ever opened a wine bottle before?”

“Once or twice,” Chelsea said, still staring at Nicole, though now her eyes were wandering down towards Nicole’s cleavage. “Do you have a corkscrew?”

“Yes!” Nicole said, spinning around and racing to a drawer a few feet away. “Mom gave me one of her old ones when I moved out, and-”

“Just bring me the corkscrew, chatterbox,” Chelsea giggled. Nicole handed her the tool, and within a minute, Chelsea was carefully popping the cork out of the bottle.

“My hero,” Nicole said, beaming playfully at Chelsea as she poured the wine.

“Oh, yeah, I’m great at opening things. Bottles, cans, lockers – you should see me with bra clasps-” She stopped short as she said that last, surprised at how it had just slipped out.

“I bet,” Nicole said with a nervous flutter in her voice. “S-shall we sit down on the couch to drink?”

“Why not?” Chelsea said, letting the smaller girl lead her across the way to the couch. They sat down, both sipping at the wine in silence for a long moment. After about her third sip, Nicole frowned a little. “Something wrong?”

“Guess I’m not much of a wine drinker,” she admitted. “It’s a little bitter for my taste.”

“I guess I’ve had enough of it to acquire a liking,” Chelsea said, taking another sip and resisting the urge to reach over and devour Nicole. Nicole’s blouse seemed a bit tighter around her breasts than Chelsea could recall from earlier in the day, but considering how short that mini-skirt was, she could’ve just missed that fact, distracted by Nicole’s short, sexy legs.

“Well, if we’re together long enough, maybe I can develop a taste for it, too,” Nicole said, taking another sip of the wine.

“Maybe,” Chelsea said, scooting a bit closer to her friend. If this had been Erin or some other girl, Chelsea would’ve taken the glass out of her hand and started making out with her right then and there. But this was Nicole, and Chelsea would wait forever if Nicole asked her to.

There was another long moment of silence, every second of which drove Chelsea insane. And then, finally, Nicole spoke.

“I, ah, I’d like to kiss you,” she said, her voice a bit meek, but her eyes filled with hope – and maybe even desire, Chelsea wasn’t sure.

“All you have to do is ask,” Chelsea said, putting her glass down and sliding over to sit directly next to Nicole. She saw her shorter friend take a deep breath, close her eyes, and lean towards Chelsea. Trying to contain her own excitement, Chelsea leaned in to meet the kiss.

Their lips met, and it was just as magical as their first real in-love kiss. Every kiss Chelsea had given Nicole had been magical, but some kisses just blow a person away. This was one of those. It was as if a magical current ran from inside Nicole’s body, and when her lips met Chelsea’s, that current vaulted into the blonde’s body, shocking her in the most wonderful of ways.

The kiss had other side effects – Chelsea’s nipples suddenly felt like they were hard enough to cut diamonds, and she was certain if she checked her thong, she’d find a wet spot in the front. But despite every nerve of her body screaming for sexual release, Chelsea didn’t so much as open her mouth – she just let that magical current sparkle across her body for the eternity that the kiss lasted.

Finally, her lungs screaming for air the rest of her body decided it didn’t need, the kiss broke, and Chelsea opened her eyes to find Nicole staring up at her.

“That was wonderful,” Nicole said.

“You’re wonderful,” Chelsea said, leaning in to kiss her again. And again. And again.

It was as if that first kiss had broken the damn, and suddenly both girls couldn’t get enough of each other’s lips. Nicole wrapped her hands around Chelsea’s back and pulled her closer, their lips mashed together as they let go into a wild make-out session. Chelsea resisted the urge to rip Nicole’s clothes off, but couldn’t help but let her tongue slip inside Nicole’s mouth for a French kiss. Nicole seemed not only up for it, but she rather forcibly shoved her own tongue into Chelsea’s mouth and started wrestling for dominance.

Chelsea couldn’t help herself. She slowly eased Nicole down until she was laying on her back on the couch, Chelsea practically laying atop her as they made out. If Nicole minded, she didn’t let on – she just kept frenching Chelsea into a blissful oblivion. Chelsea could do this forever, she was certain. Forever and ever, until the sun grew cold, the world exploded, and life itself just ended. And even then, she’d happily keep kissing Nicole. It was all she wanted.

And then, almost acting of it’s own accord, Chelsea’s hand reached up, and gently cupped Nicole’s breast through the fabric of her blouse.

She regretted it at once – Nicole went a bit stiff, and Chelsea broke the kiss, a thousand apologies flooding out of her mouth as she pulled her hand away as if she’d just put it on a hot stove.

“I’m so sorry – I got carried away and-”

“No, it’s okay,” Nicole said sincerely. “I, ah, I just wasn’t ready for it. I was enjoying what we were doing.”

“Nicole, really, I’m sorry-”

“Chelsea, it’s okay,” the two were quiet for a moment before Nicole spoke again. “You, ah, you can lay back on me, if you’d like.”

“Really?” Chelsea asked, surprised.

“I liked the kissing,” Nicole admitted. “And, uh, I was wondering…” she trailed off.


“Well, I, ah, I was wondering if you’d, you know… kiss my neck some more.”

Chelsea’s smile was wide enough to swallow a bus. She didn’t say another word, just leaned in to give Nicole a quick kiss on the lips, then proceeded to move her lips right to Nicole’s neck, kissing and sucking on it like a woman possessed.

“Oooh, Chelsea!” Nicole swooned as they fell back on the couch.


Nicole lost track of time as Chelsea feasted on her neck. It felt wonderful, and Nicole did NOT want it to end. It felt so wonderful to have someone pay this kind of attention to her body without trying to penetrate her. Nicole had always loved making out – and somehow, making out with Chelsea was even better than making out with ANY of the boys she’d ever been with. Chelsea’s lips were softer, sweeter, yet somehow more intense. It was as if Chelsea knew how much Nicole needed to be kissed – and needed it just as much.

And now that Chelsea had found the sweet spot on Nicole’s neck…

Nicole knew the second Chelsea’s lips met the side of her neck while they were on the couch that she would be having sex with Chelsea. She knew it, even though the thought of it still scared her to death. Nicole had thought having sex with a guy for the first time was scary, but with another woman? And Chelsea, of all women? Part of Nicole wanted to die before it ever got that far.

But another part couldn’t wait for it to happen. She loved Chelsea – she knew that now, and she knew that she’d always loved Chelsea, since they’d first met. And what more, she WANTED to have sex with Chelsea.

But she wasn’t in a rush. It felt SO good to have Chelsea sucking on her neck. Still, with Chelsea laying atop her body, her mouth working it’s wonders, Nicole found herself thinking about that half-second feel Chelsea had copped.

THAT had felt pretty good, too.

Now Nicole was torn. She could have laid there forever, making out with Chelsea and loving the sensations. But she wanted more. And she didn’t know how to ask for it.

Chelsea’s hands came up and ran through Nicole’s hair, adding another sensation into the mix. Nicole loved it, but knew that Chelsea was clearly trying to avoid making the mistake of touching Nicole somewhere more erotic again. If she had, Nicole would’ve happily let her this time – she wanted it now – but she couldn’t bring herself to say that aloud.

Finally, Nicole realized if she was going to get Chelsea to touch her again, she was going to have to make the first move.

But how? She could put her hand on one of Chelsea’s breasts, but Nicole wasn’t ready to try that just yet – plus, the way Chelsea’s hands were up going through Nicole’s hair, her shoulders were blocking the easiest pass at Chelsea’s chest.

Nicole wouldn’t even THINK about going for Chelsea’s crotch yet. That was too far too fast.

That left Nicole’s butt. Tentatively, Nicole reached around Chelsea and cupped Chelsea’s ass through her skirt. She was soft at first – so soft, she wasn’t sure Chelsea even felt her. But as Nicole felt the rear end, she realized it wasn’t anything special – it didn’t feel that much different than any of the guy butts she’d fondled through pants before – the skirt just added a softer fabric. So, with that in mind, Nicole gripped a bit harder.

“Mmmm,” Chelsea moaned before pulling off Nicole’s neck, looking up into her friend’s eyes.

“Getting friskier are we?” Chelsea asked.

Nicole felt the color drain from her face. “Oh, no, I just-!”

“Oh, sweetie,” Chelsea said, holding Nicole’s head in her hands. “You can feel my ass anytime you want, I promise.” A mischievous look came over the blonde. “Have you ever felt a girl’s rear end before?”

“Only my own,” Nicole admitted.

“Okay, hands off a second,” Chelsea said. Nicole lifted her hands off Chelsea’s rear for a moment, scared she’d done something wrong. Chelsea let go of Nicole’s head, and reach down her own body for a moment, doing her best to work at whatever she was doing without falling flat atop Nicole. Nicole felt some movement around her legs, and heard Chelsea move some fabric, then smiled at Nicole again. “Okay,” she said. “Go ahead and touch my butt.”

Nicole felt her heart skip a beat, but she lowered her hands back down to Chelsea’s rear –

-and almost immediately yanked them right back off as she felt bare skin on her fingers. “Oh my!”

“I’ve still got my thong on,” Chelsea said. “But you feel free to squeeze my cheeks all you want.”

Tentatively, that was exactly what Nicole did, gripping the taunt, smooth skin of Chelsea’s rear, testing it with her fingers. Nicole had felt a couple of butts before in her life, but they’d all been boy butts. Chelsea’s was both similar, and completely different at the same time. On the one hand, it was two butt cheeks – though Chelsea’s seemed to fit Nicole’s hands perfectly, the flesh giving just enough to seep up between Nicole’s fingers. At the same time, Chelsea’s butt was smooth – no hair, no pimples, no flaws she could find at all.

“Oh, yeah,” Chelsea sighed as Nicole squeezed her flesh. “I like that.”

“You like it when someone plays with your butt?” Nicole asked, still handling Chelsea’s rear.

“I like it when YOU play with my butt,” Chelsea said.

“Good,” Nicole said, feeling herself blush a bit. It was amazing how Chelsea could make her feel all sorts of strange feelings she’d never felt before. She hadn’t been this nervous when she lost her virginity to a boy a couple years ago.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Chelsea asked.

“You, ah, you could…” Nicole trailed off, feeling foolish again. Why was it so hard to ask for what she wanted?

“Just say it,” Chelsea told her patiently. “I promise you, I’ll only do what you want me to do.”

“Touch me, Chelsea,” Nicole said, her voice a bare whisper. “Touch my breast again and kiss me.”

Chelsea didn’t have to be told twice. Her hand immediately returned to Nicole’s still-covered chest, and her lips found Nicole’s hungry mouth an instant later. They lay back down on the couch, and began making out again.

Nicole was in heaven. Chelsea sweet lips were on hers, her tongue twisting about inside Nicole’s mouth. At the same time, Chelsea’s hand was cupping Nicole’s tit through her blouse, while Nicole’s own hands stroked and groped at Chelsea’s rear end, only occasionally coming in contact with the thin fabric of Chelsea’s thong as Nicole explored.

It was the best make-out session of Nicole’s life. Even her hottest make-out and sex sessions with Brandon or any of her other boyfriends paled in comparison to this. And every kiss, every grope drove Nicole more and more wild. She had been sure all along that she was going to have sex with Chelsea this night, but now not only was she certain, she was READY for it.

Breaking the kiss, Nicole looked into Chelsea’s eyes. “I want to feel more of your skin,” Nicole said, gasping for breath from the kiss.

Chelsea didn’t even ask. She sat up, straddling Nicole and yanked off her top, exposing the strapless white bra she’d worn underneath before falling back onto Nicole and returned to her efforts – though she switched hands and started to fondle Nicole’s other breast this time.

Nicole wanted to swoon again. Chelsea’s skin was hot and smooth and she couldn’t help herself – she let go of one of Chelsea’s butt cheeks and ran a hand up the tall blonde’s back. Chelsea’s back was almost as smooth as her ass was, and every inch of skin that Nicole felt made her want to feel more and more of it. Breaking the kiss again, Nicole brought her lips down to Chelsea’s shoulder – she had to taste that skin, to see if it tasted as wonderful as it felt.

“Oooh!” Chelsea moaned as Nicole’s lips made contact. “Oh, Nicole!”

Nicole didn’t answer, but kept kissing, eventually making her way over to Chelsea’s neck. Here Nicole knew what to do – she simply did exactly what she liked to have done to her. She kissed and sucked on Chelsea’s neck.

“Oh, no wonder you like that!” Chelsea gasped as Nicole’s efforts made headway. Nicole was enjoying herself, too. It felt nice to contribute more than just gripping Chelsea’s ass, or kissing her lips. This was supposed to be sex, and Nicole always liked to participate in sex, even if all her boyfriends had merely wanted her to just lay there while they shot their loads into her.

“More,” Nicole said inbetween kissing Chelsea’s neck. “More skin!” Didn’t even get off Nicole this time – she just reached behind herself and undid the clasp of her bra. She lifted her chest off Nicole’s body for a moment, just long enough to slip the bra out from between them and then got right back to letting Nicole maul her neck.

But Nicole was no longer interested in Chelsea’s neck. No, now her mind was automatically somewhere else. It didn’t occur to Nicole until later that for the first time in her life, she could sympathize with boys and how they liked to stare at women’s breasts. Chelsea was far from busty – she was about as modest a chest as you’ll find without being purely flat, but as far as Nicole was concerned, her tits might as well be mountains.

“Can I feel your breasts?” Nicole asked.

“Of course!” Chelsea said, getting up onto her knees and letting Nicole get her first real look at her breasts.

Nicole had seen breasts before – she’d showered with other girls in gym class, changed with other girls during quick costume changes for theater roles, and she’d even looked at some porn over the years. But somehow, seeing Chelsea’s naked breasts for the first time, Nicole marveled at the tiny mounds of womanly flesh.

Tentatively, she reached up and took each of Chelsea’s breasts in a hand, feeling them for the first time. Chelsea closed her eyes and mewed a bit, her lips parted in obvious pleasure. Her nipples were so hard, Nicole had the funny image shoot through her mind of juicing an orange on Chelsea’s breasts, and licking the juices off her skin as it trailed down her body.

And that thought made Nicole’s mouth water – though not for orange juice. Slowly, she eased herself up, stuck out her tongue, and licked one of Chelsea’s nipples.

“Ooooooohhhh!” Chelsea groaned. “Oh, Nicole!” She gasped as Nicole’s tongue made another lap.

Nicole wasn’t sure quite what she was doing, but if it made Chelsea moan her name like that, she was going to keep doing it. Nicole had always liked it when boys licked her nipples, and generally they were happy to do so, though never quite as well as Nicole would’ve liked. So she started to lavish attention on Chelsea’s engorged nipple, flicking her tongue over it again and again. She wrapped one hand around Chelsea’s back and used the other one to hold on to Chelsea’s other breast. But she concentrated all her efforts on the breast in her mouth.

“Nicoooole!” Chelsea continued to cry out, her head falling back on her neck, her face towards the ceiling as Nicole continued to work her tongue and lips over her love’s breast. Chelsea’s arms came up to grip Nicole’s shoulders, keeping her in place to keep up her oral efforts.

When Nicole finally came up for air – almost literally – Chelsea took her head in her hands again and kissed her as passionately as Nicole had ever been kissed. She was swooning when Chelsea finally let go of her lips, so out-of-breath that she would have collapsed to the couch if Chelsea hadn’t been holding her.

“I need to feel YOUR skin,” Chelsea told Nicole, still holding her head. “Please, may I feel you skin?”

“God, YES!” Nicole said, almost laughing. Suddenly, every stitch of clothing on her body seemed like it was on fire, burning her flesh if she didn’t get it off her body at once. Moving as fast as she could, Chelsea got off of Nicole, her hands fiddling with the zipper on her skirt as she stood up. Nicole had only managed to undo a single button on her blouse before Chelsea’s skirt parted and fell to the floor, leaving Chelsea clad only in her tiny black thong.

“Oh my god,” Nicole said, drinking in Chelsea’s nearly-naked body. “You are so amazingly beautiful.”

Chelsea’s smile was infectious. “I love you so much,” Chelsea said, her eyes watering just a bit. “I can hardly believe you’re here and we’re doing this.”

“Well, if you don’t get over here and help me out of these clothes right away, I won’t be,” Nicole said, trying to keep from crying herself. She had never felt this amazed by a person like she currently was about Chelsea.

“Right,” Chelsea said, laughing a bit as she dropped to her knees next to the couch. Nicole was reaching for her blouse again, but Chelsea covered her hands with one of her own. “I want to undress you, please,” Chelsea said.

“O-okay,” Nicole said, surprised. Chelsea didn’t say another word as she reached down and lifted up one of Nicole’s legs. Nicole was still wearing her calve-high black boots, and Chelsea held up her leg with one hand, while undoing the side zipper on the boot with the other. Nicole gasped with a sigh of relief as Chelsea freed her foot from the boot – the cool air on her overheating skin felt positively blissful. Chelsea repeated the process with Nicole’s other leg before climbing on top of the couch – and Nicole – again.

“YOU are so beautiful,” Chelsea said, reaching down to undo a single button on Nicole’s shirt. She parted the fabric to show a hint of Nicole’s collarbone, which Chelsea quickly kissed gently. “So beautiful,” she repeated, undoing the next button, revealing some of Nicole’s cleavage. This time Chelsea kissed Nicole’s skin right at the top of her cleavage, between the top of her breasts. “Beautiful,” Chelsea said again, her voice more of a mumble than anything else. The next button revealed most of Nicole’s pink bra, complete with the tiny little bow where the cups met in the front.

“Oh, that’s cute!” Chelsea said. “Where’d you get it?”

“Ordered it online,” Nicole said. “It’s from France.”

“Oh, so you went on your first date with me wearing fancy French lingerie, did you? What’d you think, that I’d put out on the first date?”

“Well, I WAS hoping I’d get lucky tonight.” Chelsea laughed aloud at that, and leaned down to kiss Nicole’s lips again.

“You are so getting lucky tonight. SO lucky,” Chelsea whispered in Nicole’s ear. “I’m going to make you feel better than You’ve ever felt before.”

“Oh, Chelsea, I want you to!” Nicole pleaded. “Make me feel that good! I love you so much, and want to feel you all over my body.”

That was all Chelsea needed to hear. Sitting back up, she reached down with her hands and yanked open Nicole’s blouse, sending a button skittering across the floor somewhere.

“Sorry,” Chelsea said. “Got a bit excited.”

“Forget the button!” Nicole said, sitting up a bit. “Help me out of this shirt!”

It took the two girls a full minute to get the shirt down over Nicole’s shoulders and off her arms – they were hampered by the fact that neither girl wanted Chelsea to get off Nicole, and any time their mouths got anywhere near the other girl’s head, they ended up kissing. For one brief moment, Nicole fell back with her arms tangled in the shirt above her head, pinning her arms there while Chelsea swapped spit with her for a few long, wonderful seconds. Finally, the shirt joined Chelsea’s clothes on the floor, and Chelsea’s mouth began to move about Nicole’s chest, tasting the skin and sending more shivers across Nicole’s body.

Earlier, both girls would’ve happily laid there like that, making out for hours with Chelsea’s bare chest atop Nicole’s still bra-covered breasts. But now they were both too hot, and too in need. By unspoken agreement, when Chelsea came down to kiss Nicole again, she lifted the shorter girl up off the couch long enough to work her magic fingers over the clasp of the bra between them. It took less than a second to free Nicole’s perky tits from their fabric prison.

“Wow, you really CAN open a bra clasp fast,” Nicole said with a giggle as Chelsea delicately pulled the pink fabric away from her lover’s chest.

Chelsea’s jaw dropped a little as Nicole’s breasts met her eyes. Larger than Chelsea’s, though not giant by any stretch of the imagination, Chelsea seemed mesmerized by Nicole’s shapely boobs and tiny, sharp little nipples. As if in a bit of a trance, Chelsea reached out and took one of Nicole’s breasts within her hand, cupping it softly, manipulating the skin with tiny, soft movements of her fingers for a long moment.

“These have to be the most perfect breasts ever,” Chelsea said, a touch of awe in her voice.

“They aren’t THAT special – half the girls on the Disney lot have bigger boobs than me.”

“Hey, you’re talking to the founding member of the local chapter of the Itty Bitty Tittie Comittie here, babe,” Chelsea said. “And trust me, if I say your breasts are perfect, they’re perfect.”

Nicole felt her heart swell at Chelsea’s words. Somehow, that was the most wonderful thing she’d ever heard anyone say about her breasts. Guys had gushed – and drooled – over them for years, but somehow, Chelsea’s admiration of Nicole’s chest felt more wonderful than the approval of a thousand men.

Chelsea leaned in and kissed each of Nicole’s nipples, making the brunette close her eyes and coo in pleasure. Just as her kisses were softer and more sensual, the way Chelsea’s mouth played over Nicole’s breasts was so much softer – and so much better – over the way any boy had ever kissed her tits. Even when Chelsea used her tongue to trace circles around Nicole’s nipples, it was somehow more wonderfully done, driving Nicole that much more crazy.

And she was going crazy. The sensations pulsing out of her breasts were powerful enough to make Nicole melt. Even her most exciting sex with a boy had never felt this good. Chelsea knew how to make Nicole feel sexy, and attractive, and desirable, and even loved, and she hadn’t even gotten her skirt off yet.

“Chelsea,” Nicole said, though it came out more as a moan as the blonde’s tongue made a particularly pleasing strike against a nipple. “Chelsea!” Nicole tried to speak again, this time getting Chelsea’s attention?

“What’s the matter?” Chelsea asked, her head popping up.

“My skirt! Take it off! Now!” Nicole said, panting to catch her breath.

Chelsea slid off Nicole once more, and started pawing around to find the zipper to Nicole’s black mini-skirt. It was on the side facing the back of the couch, forcing Chelsea to role Nicole onto her side for a moment before loosening the zipper enough to slide the silky fabric off the brunette’s legs.

Nicole lifted her ass off the couch and let Chelsea yank the skirt off her as fast as she could move. This left Nicole only in her underwear, but that was more than enough to get Chelsea to pause.

“Oh, how cute, they match your bra!” Chelsea said, looking at the pink panties covering Nicole’s crotch.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Nicole said with a smile. Feeling about as sexually adventurous as she ever had, she rolled over onto her stomach, showing her ass to Chelsea for the first time.

“OHMYGOD!” Chelsea said. Nicole’s pink panties looked rather plain in the front, but the cut in the back left about half of Nicole’s butt cheeks peeking out of the bottom – thus, earning them the name “Cheekies.”

“They came with the bra,” Nicole said as Chelsea leaned in to paw and pat Nicole’s rear end.

“They’re adorable,” Chelsea squealed. “You’ve GOT to show me the website you ordered these from.”

“Awww,” Nicole said, loving the way Chelsea was feeling her ass cheeks. “And here I was, hoping you’d find my ass more of a draw than the panties.”

“Oh, honey, I LOVE your ass,” Chelsea said, dropping to both knees and gently kissing each butt cheek right under the bottom of the cheekies.

“I don’t know, Chels – I think you’re just admiring my cheekies more than you admire my bottom. Maybe I should just roll over, so you aren’t distracted anymore.”

“Oh, I think I can come up with a better way to make sure that’s not an issue.” Chelsea reached down and looped her fingers into Chelsea’s panties, and with one smooth move, pulled them down to Nicole’s knees. Nicole cried out in surprise and then laughed as Chelsea returned her lips to Nicole’s now bare ass, kissing each cheek once more.

“You naughty little…” Nicole trailed off as Chelsea’s tongue started to dart around Nicole’s ass some more before Chelsea reached down to turn Nicole over. “What – what are you…”

“Shush, love,” Chelsea said, “If you trust me, I’m about to make your world explode.”

“What-” Nicole didn’t get the chance to finish before Chelsea placed her head between Nicole’s legs, and gave Nicole’s engorged little clit a single, potent lick.

And sure enough, Nicole’s world exploded.


Chelsea Staub had gone down on more than one girl in her time. She knew every girl tasted different, and every girl’s body reacted differently to different tricks. Erin, for instance, liked hard, solid licks to her slit, while another girl Chelsea had slept with had enjoyed delicate little jabs at her clit. A third girl who Chelsea had performed oral on hadn’t wanted her clit licked at all, but gushed when Chelsea’s tongue had fucked her slit like a stubby little cock.

Nicole Anderson had never had a girl go down on her before, obviously, and Chelsea would later learn that not many of her boyfriends had performed oral on her either, and then never for very long – usually just enough to tease the poor girl before demanding to slide their cocks into her.

So when Chelsea started to lavish oral attention on Nicole’s inflamed clit, it might as well have been Nicole’s first experience with oral sex ever. Chelsea literally made five licks to Nicole’s clit before the poor girl climaxed right there in the couch, her eyes screwed tight, her body shaking with the pleasure. So surprised was Chelsea that she pulled back and watched as Nicole thrashed about for a few seconds, before collapsing in a heap.

“Did you just-?” Chelsea started to ask, but Nicole’s cry cut her off.

“Oh. My. GOD!” Nicole exclaimed. “Chelsea, that was amazing! I- I didn’t know it could BE like that!” Nicole looked up at the ceiling for a second before letting out a single, surprised laugh. “I’m a lesbian!” She exclaimed. “Oh my goodness, if sex with girls is always like that, I’m a lesbian!”

Chelsea laughed. “Sweetheart, that was just the tip of the iceberg.” Chelsea leaned in to kiss Nicole, letting the other girl taste just a hint of her own juices on Chelsea’s lips, while she slid a single finger into Nicole’s soaked snatch.

“Mrphh!” Nicole tried to speak through Chelsea’s kiss as the taller blonde slowly began to finger fuck the tiny brunette. “Chelse- Oh my god, what are you DOING?!” Nicole cried out as her body began to react to what Chelsea was doing.

Now it was Chelsea’s turn to laugh. “Nicole, haven’t you ever had multiple orgasms?”

Nicole’s eyes bugged out of her head. “Multipile – I thought that was an urban legend!”

“Not for girls,” Chelsea said, stroking Nicole’s clit with her thumb while still fucking Nicole with her finger. “And certainly not for the girl I love,” Chelsea said, kissing Nicole on the lips again.

Nicole’s eyes were still wide, but now it was because of the pleasure Chelsea was giving her. As the blonde dragged her lips down Nicole’s chin to her neck, her fingers continued to pump away at Nicole’s pussy, clearly driving the little brunette wild.

Part of Chelsea was surprised that Nicole had never had multiple orgasms before – Chelsea had known she was capable back from her earliest masturbational efforts as a young teenager – but people learn and live at different rates, as her parents had always said. But another, bigger part of Chelsea found Nicole naiveté refreshing. How could Chelsea not love a girl who didn’t know she could feel such pleasure, but was more than willing to let Chelsea show her how to?

Chelsea was determined to make Nicole climax again. And again, and again. Chelsea hoped for a lifetime of multiple orgasms with Nicole, but for right now, Chelsea just wanted to see Nicole climax for a second time.

Chelsea slid a second finger into Nicole’s pussy and heard her love moan in delight. She quickly slid a third in and saw Nicole start to shudder again. Chelsea slowed down a bit at that. She knew she could make Nicole cream herself again any second, but wanted to draw this out. She wanted Nicole to last for hours and hours as they made love thought the night.

Chelsea climbed onto the couch again and laid across Nicole again, pressing her own nearly-naked body against Nicoles again. She couldn’t quite stroke Nicole as deeply from this angle, but she could kiss and make out with her love all the more, and right now, Chelsea needed that almost as much as Nicole clearly did.

For the next several minutes the two girls kissed and fondled each other, Chelsea still slowly fucking Nicole with her hand, Nicole groping Chelsea tits with hers, their tongues wrestling for dominance between them. Chelsea was thrilled to have Nicole respond to her as she was. Not two days ago, Chelsea would never have dared imagine she’d have Nicole naked on a couch, making love to her in a fit of passion. Now, she couldn’t imagine NOT fucking Nicole. They were meant for each other, both in love, and in sex.

Nicole broke their kiss and started panting for breath. “Oh, Chelsea,” she gasped. “I- I think you’re right! I think I’m going to cum again!”

“Do it, Nicole,” Chelsea said, as she increased her finger work. “Cum for me again, you gorgeous little slut. Do you like that I’ve made you into a multiple orgasm slut?” Chelsea said, saying words she’d never used with Nicole before.

“Oh, god YES! Oh, Chelsea, I’m your slut! Your lesbian slut!” Nicole hollered, her head rolling on the couch as Chelsea worked her into a new frenzy.

“Yeah, you’re my dirty little lesbian slut. You can’t get enough of this, can you?” Chelsea asked, placing her thumb on Nicole’s clit.


Part of Chelsea wanted to laugh aloud – she’d never heard Nicole use any of those words before, and never would’ve imagined she would have during sex. It was turning Chelsea on as much as Nicole was clearly getting off – Chelsea could feel the wetness between her own legs leaking out and soaking the front of her thong. Just hearing Nicole say such dirty words made Chelsea squirm in vicarious pleasure.

“Yeah, that’s it babe – you’re my dirty little lesbian slut who need to cum,” Chelsea said with a husky voice. “Can you cum for me? Are you ready to cum for me?”

“YES!” Nicole hollered. “Oh, fuck me, YES!”

“Then cum!” Chelsea said, slamming her fingers as hard and fast into Nicole as she could at this angle. “Cum for me, my dirty little lesbian cum slut!”

“OooooOOOOOHHHHHHFUUUUUUUUCCKKKMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Nicole squealed loud enough to make Chelsea wince in pain, but she’d done it. Nicole’s second climax of the night put the first one to so much shame that days later, Nicole wasn’t even certain if she’d HAD an orgasm before this one. But Chelsea knew she had, and she loved it.

Almost as much as Chelsea loved Nicole.


Nicole came to a few moments later when Chelsea gave her the sweetest, softest kiss on the lips.

“Hey, you still in there, or did I fuck your brains out?” Chelsea said with a devious little smirk on her face.

“Oh, I think you DID,” Nicole said. “At least, I feel like you did,” Nicole admitted. That last orgasm had been the most powerful thing Nicole had ever felt. Her whole world had shook harder than any earthquake and was far more devastating. She looked up at Chelsea and saw the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen looking back at her. Somehow, Chelsea just got more stunning every time Nicole saw her, even just from closing her eyes for a few moments. “I love you Chelsea,” Nicole said with a contented sigh.

“I know,” Chelsea replied, giving Nicole a little kiss on the nose. “And I love you, too.” Suddenly, Chelsea stretched her arms above her head and got up off the couch. “I need something to drink other than wine – you want anything.”

“Wait, where are you going?” Nicole asked, confused.

“Drink,” Chelsea said, pointing across the room towards the kitchen area of Nicole’s apartment. “Did I fuck you deaf or something?”

“But what about you?” Nicole asked. “You haven’t, you know…” she trailed off, gesturing towards her own crotch.

“Awww, aren’t you so sweet?” Chelsea said. “Sweetie, this was your first time with a girl. I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to just because you think you have to-”

“I want to, Chelsea. I really want to,” Nicole said, sitting up. It was the truth – Nicole wanted to try and make Chelsea feel as good as she herself had just felt, and she wasn’t going to give up trying just because Chelsea thought they shouldn’t because it was Nicole’s first time. Nicole didn’t care – she loved Chelsea, and if she could make Chelsea feel even a fraction of how good she’d made Nicole feel, then Nicole wasn’t going to stop until she had.

Chelsea seemed to sense this, and smiled again. “Tell you what, my love,” Chelsea said. “Let’s catch our breath, get some water, and move this party to your bedroom. We can have some more fun there, can’t we?”

“Yeah,” Nicole said, jumping off the couch, her perky little tits bouncing as she moved. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

It took only a moment or two for both girls to down some water – something Nicole hadn’t realized she desperately needed until she started to sip. Apparently having multiple orgasms dehydrated you a bit. Chelsea laughed aloud when Nicole remarked about it, and promised to drain every drop of water from Nicole before the night was out. Nicole didn’t doubt it.

When they were both refreshed, Chelsea wrapped an arm around Nicole’s bare shoulders and led her into Nicole’s bedroom. Nicole didn’t mind – Chelsea could’ve led her into a pit of snakes or a burning house or off a cliff at that moment. Nicole loved her so much, she would’ve happily gone along.

They entered Nicole’s bedroom, and Chelsea had Nicole sit on the bed before peeling off her soaked thong and discarding it on the floor. Nicole had only a moment to marvel at Chelsea’s bald pussy before the taller girl climbed onto the bed and once again climbed atop Nicole, kissing her until Nicole was flat on her back.

“Wait, wait,” Nicole said when she got the chance to break the kiss. “I’m supposed to do you.”

“You don’t have to,” Chelsea said. “I’m happy just doing you.”

“No, Chelsea, honest – I want to at least try. Can you let me try?”

* * *

Chelsea stopped and looked Nicole in the eyes. “You’re so amazing. Okay, my love. I’m all yours.” With that, Chelsea rolled over onto her back and theatrically spread her arms and legs. “My body is completely at your disposal – use me however you want.”

“However I want?” Nicole said, giggling at Chelsea’s playful attitude. “What if I want you to do my laundry.”

Chelsea sat up, pretending to be deep in thought. “Well, I’m probably responsible for getting at least some of those clothes dirty…” she trailed off as Nicole slapped her with a pillow.

“Lay back down, love,” Nicole said, straddling Chelsea for the first time. When Chelsea’s blonde hair was pressed firmly against the bedspread, Nicole leaned down and kissed her, fiercely. Chelsea returned the kiss with just as much passion, and for a long couple of minutes, they simply kissed like that, once again each of them marveling in how much the loved and cared for each other. Then, finally, Nicole sat up, pushed her hair out of her face, and looked down at Chelsea.

“Okay, so where does a good lesbian start to get her amazingly sexy girlfriend off?”

“Well, calling her amazingly sexy works,” Chelsea said with a grin. It was wonderful to see Nicole capable of having fun with this, even if she was clearly unsure about what to do.

“And after that?” Nicole giggled.

“Well, I do like kissing, but we’ve done a LOT of that.”

Nicole pouted. “You don’t like my kissing?”

“Sweetie, I’d kiss you until the day I died – even if you died first.”

“Okay, that’s kinda gross, Chels,” Nicole laughed before leaning in and kissing Chelsea again. “Sweet, she said as their lips parted, “but gross.”

“Then why don’t we move on,” Chelsea suggested. “Would you like to kiss my breasts?”

“Mmmm, yes,” Nicole said, shuffling down a bit atop Nicole before leaning down and kissing each of Chelsea’s erect nipples once. Chelsea felt little sparks of renewed lust start to burn inside her as Nicole’s lips made contact, and part of her wanted to reach up and pull Nicole down, making her suck Chelsea nipples.

“Mmmm,” Chelsea said instead. “More, please.” Nicole responded by kissing each nipple again, before this time settling on one and really working her mouth and tongue over it. Chelsea felt her heart flip – if Nicole could do this to nipples…

“Mmm, boys have nipples, too, but they aren’t as fun as yours. Nor are they as yummy.”

“Shut up and keep kissing,” Chelsea said between deep breaths. She hated to admit it, but her body was on fire again, and a lot faster than she’d expected. It wasn’t because Nicole was some miracle nipple kisser – though she was pleasantly better than Chelsea had expected. No, it was all the fun, sexy things she’d done to Nicole earlier. She hadn’t gotten up to get water just because she was thirsty. Chelsea had needed to get off Nicole before she pushed her beloved too far, trying to get off herself. The few moments it had taken to get a drink and go to the bedroom had bought her time to cool down, but now her own lusts were back, even stronger.

Chelsea couldn’t take much more without some relief, and it was becoming evident to even Nicole, who looked up at Chelsea’s face and stopped kissing her breasts.

“What next?” Nicole asked.

“This is good,” Chelsea lied. Nicole seemed so earnest, so wonderful, so innocent. Chelsea almost didn’t want to make her go any further. It seemed wrong somehow.

At least, it seemed wrong until Chelsea imagined Nicole’s gorgeous little face coated in girl cum. The thought alone almost brought Chelsea to climax.

“What next?” Nicole insisted.

“Fingers,” Chelsea gasped. “C-can you please stroke me?”

“Like this?” Nicole asked, putting a hand on Chelsea’s steaming hot crotch. “Oh, wow – you are WET!” Nicole said in surprise.

“You made me wet,” Chelsea said, practically humping Nicole’s hand. “Please, Nicole. If you’re really going to do this…” she trailed off as Nicole started to gently pet and stroke Chelsea’s pussy, sending staccato shockwaves up Chelsea’s spine. Oh, she needed it bad now, she could tell. She was so turned on, a feather could get her off.

But she fought against her own needs. This was Nicole’s first time, and Chelsea wanted it to be special. She had to hold out, if just so Nicole could feel like she was more responsible than just being the solid object Chelsea used to trigger her release.

“Should – should I lick you?” Nicole asked, breaking into Chelsea’s thoughts.

“W-what?” Chelsea asked, trying hard to keep from exploding from just the thought of Nicole going down on her.

“You know, perform oral – should I lick you down there?”

“O-only if… only if you w-want to,” Chelsea stammered. She knew what she wanted, and she knew that if Nicole put her tongue on Chelsea’s steaming hot snatch, Chelsea would exploded in orgasmic bliss unlike anything ever before.

“Yeah, I kinda do,” Nicole admitted. “It just seems so, you know, lesbian.”

“Nicole, sweetie,” Chelsea said, unable to take much more talk. “I’m so close right now that if you do much more than breathe on my pussy, I’m going to cum all over you. So, I don’t care if you lick me or not, but please just don’t sit there and talk about it right now.”

Nicole got a worried look on her face. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry. What should I do?”

“FUCK ME!” Chelsea bellowed. “For the love of god, just FUCK ME!”

Maybe it was the tone in Chelsea’s needy voice, or just fear of being yelled at, but Nicole didn’t even think about – she lowered her face to Chelsea’s crotch, stuck her tongue out, and gave Chelsea’s throbbing little clit one solid lick.

Chelsea exploded – almost literally. A small flood of girl juice flooded out of her as her climax finally shattered all resistance. Chelsea gasped for air, and opened her mouth, though no sound escaped as her body seemed to shut down for a long moment, the desperately needed pleasure that had been building inside her finally overcoming the blonde and blotting out her world.

Chelsea came to a few moments later to see a worried looking Nicole looking down at her.

“How was that?” Nicole asked cautiously.

Chelsea smiled, reached up to pull Nicole in for a kiss, and answered with her lips.

For a while, they just lay there, trading little kisses as they entwined their bodies together. Chelsea lost track of time as she whispered sweet nothings in Nicole’s ear, holding her beloved’s naked body tight to her own. There was a lot of kissing, and a bit of fondling of each other’s breasts – neither girl seemed to want to let go of the other.

“I want to learn more,” Nicole said at one point as she lay curled up in Chelsea’s arm, the blonde absent-mindedly playing with the brunette’s hair.

“We have time. So much time,” Chelsea promised. “I want to spend forever with you, Nicole.”

“Me, too,” Nicole answered. “But is there anything else I can learn now? Maybe…” she trailed off, clearly unwilling to voice what she wanted.

“Maybe what?” Chelsea asked. She felt rejuvenated enough to let Nicole try again – though if Nicole let Chelsea lay back against these pillows much longer, the taller girl was going to fall asleep no matter what Nicole was doing to her.

“Is there some way we could both, you know, orgasm at the same time.”

Chelsea laughed. “Nicole Anderson, how is it I can get you to say some pretty filthy things when you’re seconds away from orgasm, but you revert back to this little school girl when you’re done?”

“Just one more thing about me to love, I guess.”

“Mmmm, and I do love you,” Chelsea said, kissing Nicole on the forehead. A sudden thought occurred to Chelsea. “Okay, you want to try one more thing – we’ll try it, but if it doesn’t work, sweetie, I’m going to need some sleep.”

Nicole yawned. “Yeah, I hear that. But I want to try. What do we do?”

Chelsea moved them about until they were both laying on their sides, facing each other. “Okay, now put one of your legs between mine.” Nicole did as she was told, and Chelsea wrapped her legs around Nicole’s leg. “Okay, put your other one on top of all three,” Chelsea instructed. Nicole did so, and Chelsea reached down and pulled Nicole’s ass in closer until the two girl’s crotches were practically touching. Both girl’s now had one of the other girl’s legs pressed against their pussies.

“Okay, start humping like this,” Chelsea said, rubbing her crotch against Nicole’s leg. This sent a blast of sensation up to Chelsea’s brain, and judging from the way Nicole gasped for breath, it did the same for her, too.

“Oh, wow,” Nicole said, trying it herself. Chelsea groaned in pleasure as Nicole’s leg brushed against her clit. This time Nicole laughed aloud. “It’s like we’re actually, you know, doing it-”

“Just say fucking, Sweetie,” Chelsea said, kissing Nicole on the lips while humping her at the same time. When the kiss broke, Nicole’s face was a look of pure ecstasy, and the shorter girl laughed aloud, humping Chelsea right back.

“Oh, this is FUN!” Nicole said, rapidly humping Chelsea’s leg.

“Whoa, okay, slow down – let’s get our rhythm, shall we?” Chelsea offered.

It took a few tries, but soon Chelsea and Nicole were going at it like pro’s, each one humping the other at just the right time so that their pussies were always receiving sensation. Once they had that down, Chelsea started to make out with Nicole, their feverish kissing matched only by their passionate fucking.

“Oh, god, Chelsea! I’m so close!” Nicole cried out after a few minutes.

“Me, too, babe! Don’t stop!”

“I want to cum together! Can we please cum together?”

“I want that too, Nicole!” Chelsea called out. “Don’t stop, but don’t cum!”

“God, I’m so close!” Nicole hollered.

“Me, too Nic! Me too!” Chelsea gasped. “Are you ready?”

“Oh, fuck, YES!” Nicole gasped. Each grinding thrust sent horrid pulses of delight crisscrossing through Chelsea’s nerves, and the fact that she could see the same sensations on Nicole’s face at the same time was a wonderful aphrodisiac. The hotter Nicole got, the hotter Chelsea became. And she could tell from the way Nicole was acting that the hotter Chelsea got, the hotter Nicole got, too.”

“God, I’m going to explode!” Chelsea hollered.

“Fuck, me too! Fuck me, Chelsea! Fuck you little lesbian slut! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME! FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME!” Nicole started to rant and as Chelsea watched, Nicole’s third climax of the night overtook her. Thankfully, she didn’t stop humping Chelsea, for she was only a step behind Nicole, her brain exploding in orgasmic carnality once more.

The two girls collapsed once more, still entwined in each other’s arms and legs, and neither one of them wanted to move. This time they were truly spent, exhausted, and content as only two lovers could be. Chelsea leaned down to kiss Nicole one last time before sleep took her.

“I love you, Nicole,” Chelsea whispered.

“I love you, too, Chelsea,” whispered back. And then both girls drifted off to sleep, happier than they had ever been in their lives.


Both girls were wrapped in white cloth robes as they sat in the lounge chairs ready to get their pedicures. Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson sat next to each other as they felt the cool Caribbean breeze come across the ship.

Both girls were aboard the Disney Cruise line promoting the Disney brand, but to the two of them it was a honeymoon. Something neither one would publicly admit.

Nicole looked over at Chelsea and smiled. They were finally together, after everything they had been through. Nicole grabbed Chelsea’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Chelsea looked into the eyes of her new ‘wife’ and smiled.

“Remind me to send a thank you gift to Debby, given how she helped us out.” Chelsea whispered. Nicole just nodded. Debby had, in a small way, helped them get together with her advice to Nicole and even served as an honorary maid of honor for Nicole.

“Hey, whatever happened to Erin?” Nicole asked. Chelsea sighed and looked over at her lover.

“I don’t know. I haven’t talked to her since that night….” Chelsea squeezed Nicole’s hand tightly “…are we gonna be ok?”

Nicole smiled at Chelsea.

“Yeah, we’re gonna be ok.”

Chelsea leaned in and whispered “I love you Nicole.”

Nicole smiled, she knew that things were gonna be ok from now on.

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