Chely Wright: The Concert

Somewhere in Canada, a new promoter is attempting to put together a concert of all times. It will have nine of his favorite country singers involved and he hopes that it will also include a week of fucking these hot honeys. Joseph Webb, fairly new to promoting concerts, but never has landed the biggest show of all times and he will try to reach these stars. Included in this show will be: Chely Wright, Shania Twain, Lisa Brokop, Jessica Andrews, Lee Ann Womack, Martina McBride, Sara Evans and LeAnn Rimes.

Quickly he drafted a letter directly to
those he wants to have and an extra letter to Sherrie Austin. The letter went as follows:

To whom it may concern

I am new to promoting huge concert and with this letter I am asking each of you to arrive for a meeting at my home during the week of June 27th. During that week I will outline the order of performance and will also hope you will remain for dinner. Please come alone as I wish to discuss this one on one. As far as your managers and such, I have informed them and they have approved everything, it’s just a matter of your signing of the appropriate papers.

Thanks kindly

Joseph Webb

Once the letters were mailed out, he also left a copy on each private e-mail address to allow them to see it if they were on the road. About one day before the appointed meetings Joseph received the letters of intent and waited for the arrival of the first day.

June 27th, the doorbell rings and on the other side is one of the possible singers for his show. He ushers her in and helps Shania Twain off with her raincoat, since it has been raining for a few days off and on. Like clockwork, the maid left the food ready on the dining room table. On the way to the living room Joe tells her of the plans and asks her to be a part of it, Shania sashays over to the couch and removes her long woolen sweater; Joseph is shocked to see that the married lady is naked underneath it. She sits on his lap and asks in a sexy horny voice “How do I look? Joe”. I answer that she is the hottest woman he has held in a long time. Shania stands up to help Joe undress; afterward she sits him down again and grabs his cock.

Smiling, I know what is about to occur and since he is in the mood to totally devour this horny slut of music, he is going to have his way with her. Miss Twain licks his cock to his balls, sucks on them slowly, looks up and then deep throats the throbbing cock of her lover for twenty seconds each time she moves her lips down the length of it. I am nearly cumming as she gives a blowjob that not even Mutt has endured. Still lying on the couch, I watch as she squats over my face and begs me to eat her shaven hole. Since she is already dripping with cum, I have no problem drinking the juices that she is letting out. She moves from his face and lowers herself onto his cock, riding it until he has unloaded in her pussy. Looking at the wall clock Shania decides to leave, but not before signing the contract that puts her in the big concert in Winnipeg during the month of August.

Next day, again the doorbell chimes and Joe who is still smiling from the last days events wonder who will be on the other side of the door. To my surprise the smiling faces of Lee Ann Womack and Sara Evans greet him. I am wondering to myself how I will conquer these to vixens. Like the day before he ushers the two ladies into the house and describes the show on the way to his luxurious living room. They pass the closet, where he takes their coats and boots to dry while they have dinner or whatever. Just like Shania they have no clothes under in this case their coats. I smile at the fact that these two have totally covered pussies, Lee Ann with red hair and Sara with jet-black hair. I begin to run my fingers through the pussies and am not stopped as both ladies grab his thick dick.

Once inside the living room Sara and Lee Ann begin to suck his cock. I have never been blown by two women before and am enjoying this fully. Watching from above as the two of them lick my balls and then kiss one another while I wait for them to make me cum. For a few seconds I turn away and to hear some hard swallows, knowing that they have shared my load, I tell them to sit on the couch with their thighs as wide as they can get them. Before eating the pussies of a pair of hot women, I will fully undress, then I will lower myself to the floor, and I will plunge my tongue into one or the other.

After I have drained them of love juice, I ask them to kneel on all fours as I will decide to ass fuck them. Sara is so thrilled by this she squeals in delight, but has to wait as I am inside the ass of Lee Ann first. Now Lee Ann has never experienced this before and squirms at first, but is calm down from a kiss from Sara. Pulling out of her ass, I squeeze my load on her cheeks and rub my dick around her pussy. Then I will focus my attention on the ass of Sara Evans, who is dripping wet after viewing the ass fucking that Lee Ann took. Instead of fucking them, I will insist that they eat each other in front of me. This shocks the ladies, but obeying the command Sara takes charge and begins to eat her friend’s cunt. Lee Ann grabs Sara’s legs, places one over each shoulder, and devours Sara’s gaping pussy. For one hour or so the ladies have regular orgasms and finally realize that it is time to leave.

The evening of the 29th arrives, there is a knock on the door this time around, followed by the question being sung out, and is anyone home? Joe heads to the door opens it to see that Lisa Brokop and Martina McBride has arrived for their briefing. Joe shows them in the house, again helps them out of their jackets, and finds that these two ladies are wearing string bikinis. While walking up the stairs to the bedroom (which Joe believes is where he wants them to enjoy his company) he informs them of the proposed concert and the date he wants it to happen. The ladies are open to the idea, wonder why they are heading in the area of his bedroom and figure out it is part of the welcoming process.

In his large bedroom Lisa and Martina concede to the whims of their new friend. Joe ties them to a large leather chair in a bent over position, grabs a leather belt, and uses it as a whip. Lisa is the first to be stricken with the belt and screams out in complete horror. Martina calms her down by saying that Shania warned her that sex is one thing to be ready for at this house. Joe walks over to the side that Martina is on, strikes her ass, and lowers back while jerking off in hopes of shooting a load on one or both of them. I will cum on Martina’s back and save a little for Lisa then shooting it all over her face. My next move is one that I hope will leave the ladies wanting to repeat this soon, as I will take a dildo to fuck them while they remain in a bent over position. Both of them moan after an hour of this treatment and he then fucks their extremely hot pussies. Untying the ladies, I allow them to do as they please. Tying me to the bed, they find that my cock is strong and ask me to ass fuck the two of them. It eventually grosses Lisa out and she decides to leave them alone. Martina drives my cock in her pussy as she sits on the stiff rod, Lisa meanwhile returns and squats over his mouth as I will eat her pussy and lick her ass. Later that night they leave for a late flight to the city that they are to perform in.

June 30th, the morning will hold an early surprise as the remaining ladies of song converge on Joe at the same time. The maid let them in and tells them to head upstairs, as Joe is still asleep. Sherrie is the first in the bedroom as she strokes the cock of there soon to be lover; Leann joins her in that she will lick his balls Jessica has a different view as she sits on his face. Joe gurgles and smiles at the fact some very sexy angels are manhandling him. Chely masturbates on the chair and waits to have him alone.

Sherrie and Leann give him a double fisted blowjob as Jessica has cum twice while he eats her pussy. She gets off his face and goes to Chely, who has cum a couple of times herself. Jessica spreads Miss Wright’s pussy to eat the hot hairy passion center. The room is totally filled with the smell of new and old sex; Sherrie is riding her first lover wildly as Leann has him lick her ass. Both ladies slap his body as they are having some hot sex with him. Leann and Sherrie leave the room and tell Jessica that they are heading to the hotel.

Jessica decides to go there as well as she isn’t fully ready to have such a huge cock in her cunt. Chely watches the three leave, walks to Joe, begins to give him a blowjob while he finger fucks her ass. Chely is pleased that she and Joe are left alone to fuck freely, she doesn’t sit on his face, but allows him to eat her while she sucks his cock. Again she has many orgasms before the day is done and he fucks her at least three times without the use of a condom. One last time the two kiss, as they remember the last time they were in such a heated situation. Next morning Chely leaves me to recuperate from the amount of sex had over the last few days.

On August 30th the concert goes off with out a hitch, Jessica is the first to perform and walks backstage after her performance, I help her remove her stage clothes to see her relax, but with out warning I drive my hardened cock in her pussy while she is bent over. Jessica is moaning quietly as I fuck her hard and then slide it into her ass. A scream fills the room, as Leann returns from her short performance, I watch as Leann eats the pussy of her younger friend. Once the show is over a huge party entails with the nine singers and myself leading into an orgy. One by one they head for the hotel as Chely and I make plans to head for Hawaii to continue where we left off. Before this occurs each of the singers give a final blowjob and kiss farewell. As for Miss Wright and I, we fly to Hawaii in a chartered private jet and join the mile high club.

The End

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