Cheryl Cole’s Downfall

Story Title – “Cheryl Cole’s Downfall”
Author Name – Dark Cloud
Contents Code – nc, drugs, pedo, viol, MF, FFF, anal, oral, beast, w/s, snuff?
Celebs – Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue, Lily Allen, Charlotte Church, Ulrika Jonsson, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding

Disclaimer: This is a very adult themed piece of erotic fiction and should not be read by anyone under the age of eighteen or by anyone who does not like hardcore descriptions of sex and violence. The people written about here would never act like this in the real world

Cheryl Cole heard
the thump, thump, thump dimly as if she was hearing underwater. She groggily shook her head to try and clear the fog that seemed to envelope her but immediately regretted that as her head throbbed in pain from the movement. She struggled to recall where she was and even what day it was and…oh god! Her head hurt. She managed to lift her arm and touch the body on her right and spoke.

“Ashley, answer the door.”

He grunted and before anything else could happen a key was fitted into the door and it slammed open and three people burst in creating a noisy confusion.

Cheryl sat up even though it hurt her head badly and used the sheet to preserve her modesty as she was confronted by a very angry middle aged man and wom an shouting about their “boys” while someone, the hotel manager she guessed, tried to placate them as they shouted and pointed at her.

It was all so surreal for Cheryl (singer in UK girl band Girls Aloud and a paparazzi favourite) , as if she was viewing things from outwith her body, as the sexy brunette started to take in her surroundings. They were all in a dimly lit hotel room that all of a sudden lightened up when the man ripped the curtains open to let in the sunlight. Cheryl was blinded and blinked away and it was only then that she noticed the sleeping body on her left. Which was strange because – shit! It wasn’t Ashley (how could it be he was at home wasn’t he?) – then who? Then the guy on her right stirred and sat up dragging the duvet cover with him revealing all – a naked blonde between two teenage boys who could only be…..

“They’re only fifteen you slut screamed their apparent mother and slapped Cheryl hard across her stunned face, her husband and the hotel manager desperately trying to hold her back. Which was when the manager noticed the lines of white powder and straws on the dressing table. Cocaine! Cheryl was quickly realising she was in a world of trouble here.
Cheryl Cole’s ( nee Tweedy ) story was one of real rags to riches, with three brothers and two sisters she had a tough upbringing in Newcastle and had to fight to get anything in life. Her big break came while she was working as a wa itress as she managed to get onto reality show Popstars and ended up being chose for girl group Girls Aloud. And once she made it into the papers she was never out of them , her fame growing every day seemingly and willing to show plenty of skin and court plenty of controversy to get on in life.

It was a way of life that not only increased her stardom but made her plenty of enemies as well….


The Hotel Manager ushered Cheryl into his office and she sat there wrapped in just a towel while listening to him try to placate the parents in the next room. Cheryl wanted to cry but couldn’t and she had the hangover from hell, she could barely remember the night before. She had started out with the other girls from the band but as the night had gone on one by one they had hooked up with other people and the last Cheryl could remember was getting in a taxi and then it all was a blank. God she must have been hammered. It hadn’t quite dawned on her the implications of being found apparently after having an underage, drug fuelled threesome but she was already fearing the worst.

The older man came back into the room and sat in his leather chair across the desk from Cheryl and interlinked his fingers and smirked mockingly at the famous singer. As her senses were fast returning and with his demeanour a give-away she quickly sussed this was all far too convenient.

“This is a fucking set up! You fucking bastard I’ll..”

The fiery Geordie was already on her feet and halfway across the desk when his hand snaked out and slapped her hard across the cheek. God, it felt good striking the bitch like that. It what she deserved and more was to come. Cheryl reeled her brain addled by the hangover and the hard slap.

“Sit down Miss Cole or I will knock you on your fucking ass.”

He smirked as she sat sullenly on her chair glowering at him but also feeling her cheek.

“Good. Now don’t get up again or interrupt me or it will be the tip of my shoe that connects with your face next.”

There was a cold certainty to his words that made Cheryl quite believe he was entirely serious in his threat.

“You are, of course, quite correct. This is a set up. You are being set up. And quite nicely I might add.”

He lifted a remote control and the large screen of the TV in the office came to light with footage of a naked Cheryl Cole with one of the teenagers fucking her from behind while she sucked the other one off into her mouth.

“As you can see quite the film, and it goes on for quite some time – those youngsters stamina was quite something. Don’t think it’s too much of a set up though, those boys really are only 15 and that is real cocaine and that film really is quite graphic in its content, believe me. I’m sure the papers would have a field day with it, it might be quite ruinous to your career, don’t you think?”he smirked as Cheryl, still holding her pounding head looked up, for once actual fear in her eyes and almost whispered a reply.
“But why? Why me?”

“Well let me make it clear to you that it’s nothing personal from me. I’ being well paid to do this to you Cheryl. To me it’s just a job.”

“But who?”

“I’m not at liberty to tell you who has employed me but I think you can assume that they have an axe to grind, particularly when you see what they want from you to keep this film hidden.”

“What? What do you mean what they want me to do?”

Cheryl’s voice was slow regaining her normal truculence but still held a degree of fear towards this very professional man.

“What I mean is that they have instructed me to do certain things to and with you and that if you do these things to my satisfaction then they will give you the film back and the evidence will be expertly suppressed. They boys mother is being well paid for her role and will do what I instruct her to. If you don’t these tapes and the mothers complaint will be with not only the press by tomorrow morning but also with the police. You will be in a lot of trouble young lady.”

Cheryl wailed and gnashed her teeth, this blackmail was horrible but the consequences of fighting it was even worse for her, she had fought too hard and too long to throw her career away by having this tape and accusations come out. After much soul searching she realised she had no other option but to bow to whatever demands were to made of her. Crying and sniffling now, her tough girl image apparently a fraud under real pressure she begged not to have to do this.

“Please! Please! I’ll pay you! I’ll double whatever you are on. Please let me go!”

The man smiled a cruel smile and pushed his chair back and smartly moved around the desk and stuck his hand in Cheryl’s tousled long brown hair and pulled it viciously so the singer was forced to look up at him, her lips trembling.
“Yes no doubt you could pay me more than I’m getting but I’m also doing it for the satisfaction of seeing a nasty little slut like you get what’s been coming to you for a long time, and you can’t put a price on something like that!”

He finished that message with another harsh slap to Cheryl face that made her squeal and cry again.

“Shut up cunt you need to be able to hear what I’m about to say next or that evidence will be getting forwarded, Ok?”

Self preservation was always a trait Cheryl Cole had displayed in abundance and she realised she better pay attention if she was going to get out of this somehow. She nodded dumbly at the tall man, desperately wishing she was anywhere else on earth right then.

“Good. You will be taken to a series of rooms in this hotel where you will have to do something, if you do that and do it well then that film will be handed over to you and you can decide what you want to do with it. Understand?”
Another dumb nod.
“Good. You can start in this room then, get that towel off, get on your fucking knees and suck my cock!”

Cheryl did not move. How could this be happening to her. The man gave her a few more seconds to move of her own accord and when she still didn’t move he took things into his own hands. Still with his hand in her hair he jerked her roughly off the chair and literally threw her to her knees at his feet. The towel went from her body in the throw and her sexy, tanned body was naked. Before she knew what was happening, and with a sharp pain in her scalp where some hair had been torn out, the man had his hard dick out and was shoving it in her mouth roughly.

“Better suck it good bitch, pretend you are sucking to get in the band like you did on that reality show ‘cos there’ s no way you got in on talent, that’s for fucking sure!”

Cheryl Cole had no time to respond because she was rather quickly gagging on his hard dick as it was shoved as deep down her throat as the man could get it. Her eyes teared up and she tried to back her head away but he had his strong hands around her head and neck and was holding her onto his cock, choking her on it. Any remnants of the tough Newcastle exterior that Cheryl liked to project were long gone as the man brutally face fucked her at a tremendous speed and force. She made humorous glugging, gagging noises and saliva spilled from the stretched corners of her mouth as his dick pumped in again and again, his hairy balls slapping against her chin every time.

Her tears were making her mascara run black, her face was a mess and the guy was loving it, this was one job he would have set up for free (not that he did though, he was getting a mighty payoff by the end of this night). With his dick still between her lips he took to slapping her cheeks alternately as she gagged on his cock. He wanted her to feel like a worthless cock sucker and it was working. He plunged on harder and harder, his cock soaking in juices and saliva and then he reached down and deliberately pinched Cheryl’s nose between his strong fingers, cutting off all air through them.

Her eyes went wide as she realised she could barely breath now and she20panicked immediately, thrashing her arms and torso to try and get free of him for all the good it did her, he was too strong and had too good leverage to work from. She didn’t have to put up with that treatment too long though as very quickly she felt his hard dick pulse and throb in her throat and begin to spray it’s thick load down her. When he was spent he plucked his dick from Cheryl’s mouth and wiped it contemptuously in her messed up hair. Before she could object through her coughing and gagging fit he had grabbed her once more by the hair, turned his body around and shoved her face right between his arse cheeks.

“You can lick my arse and then we’ll call your first task done, bitch!”

Cheryl hadn’t even realised that he had undone his trousers before she found her nose and lips thrust into his sweaty, hairy bum cleavage.

“Come on you stupid cunt, get licking and we can move you onto your next task!”

He was just so domineering and in control that Cheryl found herself doing what he said even though it was the last thing she actually wanted to do. Before she even realised what she was doing her tongue was out and she was licking his asshole. He laughed at her humiliating position and started to rub his ass up and down on her face using it as if it were toilet paper. Finally he had had his fun and released his hold momentarily on her long, brown hair and let her fall to the floor gasping and sobbing at her predicament. Her normal cover girl looks were a mess but that was the intention. He only gave her a few seconds to recover before reaching down for her hair again and dragging her from his room by it and along a corridor, squealing and yelping all the way.

He stopped at a hotel room door, knocked then entered, dragging Cheryl behind him. Still holding on tightly to her hair he dragged her to her feet.

“First stop bitch. I’ll be back for you when you are finished. Have fun.”

And with that he left the room.

For a moment everything is calm and Cheryl Cole is left to wonder if this is all some awful nightmare and she will soon wake up or some terrible mistake. She sobs and moans and facing the hotel door uses it’s handle to pull herself to her feet. The false hotel manager has locked the door so she can’t open it. Her hand moved to her scalp and tender felt at it, it was real sore and she knew she had seen strands come off in that bastards hand. Getting her bearings she spat the foul taste from her mouth and turned around…. And was punched hard right on her nose, breaking it!
Cheryl screamed out in a mixture of shock and pain and dropped to her rump again, holding her nose. A large figure loomed over her that it took Cheryl some seconds to recognise.20Standing over Cheryl rubbing her hand from the impact of the punch was a large, ugly, black woman called Sophie Amogbokpa who Cheryl had been involved in an incident back in January of 2003. Amogbokpa had been a toilet attendant in a night-club who Cole was accused of assaulting and racially abusing, Cheryl was found guilty of the assault and had to pay her victim £500. Since then Sophie life had been ruined and she certainly blamed Mrs Cole for that fact.

“Fuckin’ bitch, who’s a Jigaboo now? Fucking show you!”

With that Sophie brought her boot down right on Cheryl’s gut, slamming the wind from her. Even forgetting the pain from the physical assault Cheryl’s mind was spinning. What the hell was she doing here? Who was orchestrating all this? That dumb nigger? It couldn’t be. Her thoughts were interrupted as the fat woman stomped down on Cheryl’s again, this time the flat of her boot connecting with Cheryl’s pussy and causing a new wave of nausea to pass through her. She had to move, she was a sitting duck here so she forced herself to try and crawl away from Sophie. It was pointless though and another swing of that boot caught Cheryl in the ribs and spun her over, gasping on her back. Sophie leaned over to see Cheryl’s once perfect nose messed up and smiled and before straightening up she very deliberately spat in the singer face.

“Gonna get what’s comin=E 2 to ya bitch” was all she said as she knocked on the door and once it was unlocked left.
Cheryl was in turmoil. What the hell was going on here? The sinister apparent Hotel Manager re-entered the room and sneered down at her as she wiped the blood and saliva from her face.

“Oh dear, you really do seem to have made a lot of enemies in your time Miss Cole, haven’t you? Well no use lying down there better get up and visit the next room see what’s in store for you there, eh?”

Cheryl made to complain, to resist, to say that she wanted no further part in this, that he could release the film if he wanted but she couldn’t find the courage or the words. Typically the bully was not so brave when faced with anything difficult to handle. He hauled her roughly to her feet and dragged her from that room, along the hotel corridor and pushed her into the next room, right into the waiting arms of Dannii Minogue, Cheryl’s fellow judge on TV show “The X Factor”.

For a moment Cheryl was stunned and then she broke down sobbing in the older, Australian’s arms. Dannii let the naked English girl sob into hr heaving chest for a moment and murmured reassurances that everything would be Ok now and Cheryl cried out the whole sorry tale. It was a shame that Cheryl couldn’t see the evil, satisfied grin that slowly spread across Dannii’s face as she listened to=2 0Cheryl’s woes unfold.

“There, there Cheryl, don’t you worry, we’ll take good care of you.”

Cheryl looked up questioningly at her colleagues face, surprised to see the harshness of the stare she received back.


At that Dannii casually stepped aside, distancing her body from Cheryl’s and letting Cheryl see the rest of the room. It was not a sight she was happy to see. Standing there beside the double bed further into the room were Lily Allen and Charlotte Church – two British singers who Cheryl had conducted nasty verbal feuds with in the British tabloid newspapers. However, it wasn’t just their presence there that was disconcerting, it was how they were dressed. Both Lily and Charlotte were in nothing more than bikini’s and had huge, thick strap on dildo’s harnessed around their crotches!

Before Cheryl could make any comment or move, Dannii gave her a hard shove in the back propelling her right into Lily’s arms and she just tripped Cheryl onto her face on the bed. Charlotte grabbed Cheryl’s wrists at the other side and held them tight. Immediately she felt Lilly leaning over her from behind, her large fake cock pressing against Cheryl’s backside.

“Call me a ‘Chick With A Dick’ bitch and this is what you get. You get to see a real chick with a dick, see how you lik e that!”

Without further ado Lily’s hands reached down and pulled Cheryl Cole’s ass cheeks apart and pressed the tip of her thick vibrator against Cheryl’s puckered little anus.

“Go on Lily! Tear that slut’s asshole apart!” encouraged Charlotte as she held a now struggling Cheryl down.
Not that Lily needed any encouragement. She pulled her hips right back before thrusting forward with all the power she could muster and although Cheryl Cole’s asshole had little or no lubrication and was dry as fuck the big dildo still rammed it’s way roughly into her ass.


Cheryl screamed like a wounded animal at the anal intrusion and squirmed as she felt her ass slowly fill with the length of that vicious looking dildo then empty before it was rammed even further back into her. Lily ass fucked hr like that for a full five minutes before finally stopping, albeit with the dildo still buried in Cheryl’s asshole. Through tear blurred eyes Cheryl looked up to see Dannii Minogue standing beside the bed, handing champagne glasses to both Charlotte and Lily before sipping from her own one. Lily and Charlotte’s vendetta against her Cheryl knew about but Dannii puzzled her.

“Why Dannii?” she pitifully whined from the bed.

The dark haired Australian sneered down at her as if she was the=2 0lowest form of life imaginable.

“Because I wanted to Cheryl and I don’t need any other reason than that to deal with a cocky slut like you. Come on Lily hurry up and finish I think Big Bertha wants her shot too!”

And with that Dannii downed her champagne and stroked the length of her own huge strap on dildo.

Cheryl Cole endured an hour of absolute hell in that room with her hate filled (and increasingly booze filled) enemies. Lily, Dannii and Charlotte each took turns fucking her asshole with each seemingly intent on making their ass fuck harder than the others. And making Cheryl scream louder and louder.

After Lily was done they were also able to demonstrate to Cheryl the second part of their horrible revenge. Almost as soon as Cheryl had pulled her dick out of Cheryl’s ass it was replaced by Dannii’s phallic monster, Lily then made her way to the other end of the bed, climbed on to it and forced her shit stinking dildo into Cheryl’s mouth. Cheryl tried to prevent it going in but was too weak and was in too poor a position and Lily soon had her cock straight from Cheryl’s asshole into her mouth and as Dannii started her ass fucking, Lily started fucking Cheryl’s face as well.

Cheryl gagged quickly on the hard, stinking plastic and was soon drooling and coughing on it as both Lily and Dannii continued to roughly pump h er from both ends. Charlotte Church was calmly waiting her turn, she was determined to make the bitch remember her especially.

Once both Lily and Dannii had had their turns on both of Cheryl’s holes, Charlotte stepped up explaining her inaction thus far in her lilting Welsh accent.

“I want to be able to hear the bitch scream while I’m fucking her ass, don’t want anything muffling my enjoyment, you know?”

She said this while finishing up gluing the last strip of sandpaper to the length of her strap on dildo.

“Now let’s be having this skank’s ass, see how high I can make her squeal!”

Lily and Dannii giggled and had a drink, interested in seeing Cheryl’s reaction to this new anal torture. And what a reaction they got! As soon as Charlotte took up position behind a by now limp and unfighting Cheryl she took a tight hold of her rival’s long hair, jerked back on it and forced her sandpaper covered plastic cock right up inside Cheryl’s poor, stretched asshole.

Cheryl suddenly found new reserves of life and bucked and struggled like a wild animal as Charlotte held on and continued to brutally fuck her ass. But it was a struggle Cheryl could not win and within a minute or so her struggles died and she lay on the bed crying as her rival completely destroyed her ass. By the time Charlotte was sati sfied Cheryl just lay whimpering on the bed, her mind a mess and her body not far behind.

Still she was relieved enough when the manager came and led her out of that room, surely her woes must be near over now?

Alas for Mrs Cole what had gone before was nothing more than a warm up (and her asshole was extremely warm as she exited that particular room). Her descent into madness and terror was only about to gain pace.

She was given a moment in the corridor of the hotel to try and regain some composure but it was a losing battle and the manager did not intend to give her long. Still desperately wanting to soothe her damaged asshole, Cheryl was past the point of resistance and allowed the man to lead her to the next room.

Cheryl had had a very public spat (something of a pattern emerging there, eh?) with Ulrika Jonsson in the British tabloids. Ulrika wrote a column in a Sunday paper and after Cheryl’s brawl in the toilets of the club and her general loutish, boorish behaviour had written a very critical piece on her. Cheryl had responded in customary fashion slagging off Ulrika and calling her names. It had led to a simmering hatred between them and yet another enemy for Cheryl. So when she entered the next room of the hotel and came face to face with Ulrika, Cheryl’s heart sunk even further.

The blonde Swede was a good bit older than C heryl but still quite fit. She pointed to a chair and the managed pushed Cheryl into it before leaving them alone. Cheryl’s will was almost broken by now and she looked up into Ulrika’s blue eyes hoping for some miracle, there was not to be one.

“Well Cheryl, having fun today?”

The younger woman sniffed and couldn’t bring herself to look into Ulrika’s eyes.

“Learning a lesson perhaps? A harsh one no doubt, I saw what the girls did to you next door and it looked particularly painful. I bet you wouldn’t want to cross them again, would you?”
Cheryl dumbly shook her head.

“No. And no doubt you are still clinging to the hope that you can resume your pathetic celebrity lifestyle, aren’t you? Not if that film of you with those boys comes out, will you?”

Again a sniff, a choked sob and a shake of her head.

“You called me a spiteful old dog, do you remember? So to get through this room your going to have to do what I ask you? Are you willing to do that Cheryl?”

Cheryl nodded, she just wanted this over.


This last command was not directed at Cheryl but at the room door and seconds later a man in a brown trench coat entered leading a large, panting Alsation dog behind him. Cheryl looked at it20in puzzlement but her jaw fell open with every second that passed as Ulrika explained what she required her enemy to do.

“I didn’t like being called a dog Cheryl. Not in public. Not in private. And certainly not by a cheap little gutterslut like you. So to make it up to me, seeing as you like comparing people to dogs I thought it would be appropriate to see you in action with a ‘special’ dog. This is Killer, he’s a lovely dog and you are going to get down there and suck his doggy cock, and then he is going to mount you – all for my own amusement.”

That got a reaction from Cheryl, she suddenly forgot about her sore ass and stared wide –eyed and incredulous at Ulrika.

“No! No fucking way! No chance! I am not doing that!”

Ulrika just smiled at her enemy and continued in her cool, ex-weathergirl voice.

“Oh really Cheryl? Have you really thought of the consequences of that tape being handed to the authorities? Oh yes, sure your pathetic little celebrity lifestyle will be destroyed and you sham of a marriage too no doubt. Bang goes any and all money you can earn except maybe porn, you’d suit that wouldn’t you. But also what you’ve done is against the law. If it can be proved that you have seduced those boys, those MINORS, before shooting up coke and getting them to take it then you are looking a20jail time. And I can just imagine how well a pretty girl like you would go down with some of those bruisers of prisoner in Britain’s jails. Eh? You’d either be one of their bitches within seconds or someone might look to get famous off you, take a blade to you, re-arrange your face a bit. So think about it a bit harder, suck a little doggy cock or spend some really hard time in prison.”

Of course there were holes in Ulrika’s blackmail but Cheryl was well past the point of thinking rationally, each new room brought a bigger disaster but all Cheryl did know was that she could not stand to lose the life she had fought so hard to achieve for herself. Her eyes dropped to the shag pile carpet and she nodded feebly and whispered.

“Ok, I’ll do it.”

“Good! Well what are you waiting for get down there and start by sucking Killer off, it’s not as if you aren’t used to giving head to get what you want, is it?”

Ulrika enjoyed her caustic putdown plenty but enjoyed it even more when Cheryl wearily, with a resigned and disgusted look on her usually pretty face slumped to the carpet beside the large animal. The dog’s handler leered at the pop star on her hands an knees and reached down to rub under the dogs belly, it got an immediate reaction as his dogs penis stiffened visibly (the animal knew what was coming, it was a veteran of the biza rre films on the continent). Cheryl looked up at Ulrika one last time, her eyes wide in appeal not to do this but Ulrika’s glance told her there was no mercy to be found there.

“Get on with it bitch, you better have that dogs cock in your mouth in the next minute or else…”

Ulrika leaned back in her comfy armchair and enjoyed the spectacle of Cheryl Cole completely debasing and humiliating herself. Cheryl was understandably tentative and reluctant to get her head right down there under Killer but there was no other way around it and eventually she just had to shove her head and hands under the dog. Her hand recoiled when it first made contact with the stiff, bright red penis but she forced herself to holding and shutting her eyes and swallowing deeply she slid her head alongside it and nervously extended her tongue and licked it!

“You can lick it for a few moments then you’d better get it all in your mouth bitch!” commanded Ulrika with a wide smile on her face at Cheryl’s predicament.

Cheryl’s mind tried to persuade her to open her lips and swallow the beast’s length, she just wanted this living nightmare to be finished and to go back to her life. She opened her mouth and allowed the animal to thrust his cock into her mouth. Killer knew what he was doing but lost a little of his canine composure when the slut’s lips closed around his co ck and he started to hump Cheryl’s face against the carpet!

This was as humiliating and debasing an experience as Cheryl Cole could imagine, her brain was literally struggling to cope with what she was doing, she had a dogs cock in her mouth and she was voluntarily sucking it. She wanted to be sick but nothing came and her dry heaves just seemed to arouse the beast even more. Ulrika was loving it, watching the cocky, brash singer reduced to such a level before her, all the money she had spent investing in today was worth it just for this. But, of course, there was so much more to come.

“Right, that’s enough, as much fun as it is to see you blowing a dog Cheryl I want you on your hands and knees now, I want to see what proper ‘doggy style’ is like!”

There were tears in the singers eyes as she pushed herself up once the handler had pulled Killer back and the slim Newcastle native turned over and knelt there defeated. Ulrika and came over to them, slapping Cheryl’s ass hard when she reached it. She reached down to pull Cheryl’s ass cheeks apart and indicated to the handler where Killers dick should go next.

“In her pussy and make sure he cums in there, I want to see the bitch’s face when her cunt is full of dog sperm!”

Cheryl cringed and shuddered and whimpered as Killer’s front legs went on her low er back and the handler adjusted him so that his bright red cock rested on the celebrity’s pussy lips. Ulrika got up from her seat and squatted down so she was level with her hated rival and was looking into Cheryl’s eyes as the handler tapped the dog and Killer thrust forward and penetrated Cheryl. The look of shock and disgust on the singer’s face was worth every penny that Ulrika had paid for this. Her eyes went wide, her body shuddered and she dropped her head in shame as the dog began humping her in ernest.

It made quite the ten minutes of video footage for everyone that ever saw it (and rather a lot of people in the hotel saw it extensively) would never forget. Cheryl Cole on all fours being roughly fucked by an eager Alsatian. Cheryl groaned and moaned her way through the ordeal and finally cried out as she felt the beast pump his load of dog cum into her womb. She felt like such a worthless piece of shit and just sobbed her heart out as the dog was led away with Ulrika Jonsson cackling in the background. With dog cum trailing down her thighs Cheryl was led from the room to her next ordeal.

The next room as an extra large suite in the hotel, but for today all the furniture had been moved back against the walls and in the centre of the room, on the plush burgundy carpet was a piece of solid clear plastic. The man led Cheryl over to it and pushed her to her knees on it, she was long passed the point of complaint.

“Know what a Bukakke is bitch? Course not because you are a dumb cunt, aren’t you? Well you are about to find out first hand. It’s easy for you. All you have to do is kneel there and look like a cum dump. Should be easy for you, eh? A group of men are going to enter this room and they are going to all cum over your face, don’t move, don’t do anything stupid just kneel there and take it and then you’ll just have one more room to visit before you are finished. Just kneel there, OK?”

Cheryl did not rebel she just knelt there in a stunned daze, still comprehending all the violations she had endured thus far as a long line of men walked into the room. They were naked but were all wearing masks that hid their faces. They trooped into the room and began to crowd around Cheryl, too close for her liking and crowding the space around her head. Everywhere she looked were thick, muscular thighs of all colours and a variety of hard and stiffening cocks.
She kept on expecting that she would be forced to open her mouth and take a dick in it but little did she know that the guys knew the last thing in there wasn’t human and they weren’t keen to follow it. They were happy just to cover Cheryl’s pretty face with cum.

Cheryl was surrounded by cocks, she didn’t know where to look as one by one hands dr opped to them and began to wank them. The room was filled with silent concentration and the distinct noise of foreskins being worked and wettened by pre-cum. She could not take her eyes off the bizarre sight around her and rather unfortunately had her eyes wide open when the first load of cum hit her face. It stung her eye immediately it hit though it also splattered on her injured nose and forehead. Cheryl did not have time to contemplate it however, as another load crossed her face from the left and covered her cheek, then another and another. Soon she lost count as from all sides her pretty face was coated in sperm. The guys got right up to her and squeezed the remnants of their loads into her usually beautiful hair until it was a mess too. It seemed to Cheryl to just keep on coming until her whole vision was totally blurred and she could only imagine the obliterated mess her face would be in.

The bukkake continued for some minutes longer but the guys had pretty much all shot their load and as Cheryl knelt there obediently as a target for all that cum a familiar voice came to her through the gunk.

“Well boys, what did I tell you? My wife’s nothing but a thick, Geordie cunt that’s only good for taking your cum, eh?”

That elicited a burst of laughter from the crowd. Slowly Cheryl realised that the voice belonged to her adulterous husband and England footballer, Ashley Cole and those guys20that had just covered in semen were all his team-mates. The odious little bastard then gathered a heap of saliva in his mouth and spat on his wife’s face and spoke to the ‘manager’.

“Better get the bitch cleaned up before taking her to the last room, the girls would want her looking her best for what they’ve got planned!”

Before Cheryl could properly ponder this comment she was whisked from that room and pushing into a shower cubicle in the adjoining bathroom. Hot water hit her in a blast and she was finally relieved to get all the disgusting fluids off her face and body. She took advantage of this break to ponder all that had happened and pray her ordeal was nearing its end. It was an all too brief respite. Within minutes of her entering the ‘manager’ told her to get dried and out, the final room’s occupants were getting impatient.

Cheryl Cole got the biggest surprise of her life when that door was opened and she was pushed in, still wet from her shower as in a line facing her were Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh, Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding- Cheryl’’ band mates from Girls Aloud. And as they took sweet pleasure in informing her it was them that had set this whole thing up, them that had caused her to be beaten up, raped by vengeful enemies, them that had made it possible for her to experience bestiality and them that had conspired to give her a bukk ake. She stood, her hand over her mouth in shock at their glee, how could they do all this to her?

They did not let her ponder this for long. Nicola, long held as the ugliest of the girl band, stepped forward and stood in front of Cheryl and pushed her down to her knees before her. She brutally grabbed a bunch of Cheryl’s long, brown hair in her hand and jerked it so that she had to look up to her. Without a word she turned around and flipped up the back of her dress revealing what was actually a pretty fucking sexy rear end. While she held onto Cheryl’s head with one hand with the other she prised one ass cheek apart and shoved Cheryl’s face deep in the crack.

“Lick it you bitch, lick my fucking dirty ass!”

She wasn’t joking about the dirty part of that statement either, she had been certain not to clean after the big shit she had had just after watching the tape of Cheryl being face fucked by the dog. Cheryl’s tiny little mind was frazzled now and she just did what she was told, praying that this living nightmare could soon be over. She licked her ugly band mates arsehole clean.

That task done and she had some more licking to do as Kimberley Walsh took over from Nicola and forced Cheryl down to her hands and knees again. Kimberley was wearing a pair of sexy thigh high leather stiletto heeled boots and she put one right on Cheryl s head and forced it level with the floor.

“Good to see you where you belong you filthy Geordie cunt!” spat the vile Yorkshire lass, “Now lick my shoes, starting with the soles. I made sure I stepped in the mess your canine lover left outside before this!”

The other girls cackled with laughter as Cheryl burst into tears and stooped her head lower to get at Kimberley’s stinking, dog shit splattered soles. The girls were genuinely loving Cheryl’s downfall, she had become such a big headed slut since she got on “The X Factor” and treated the band like they were just her minions. Kimberley relished watching her lick her way submissively up her legs and relished even more when she got to the top and Kimberley held her face, took a marker pen from a table and wrote the word “CUNT” in thick lettering on Cheryl Cole’s forehead.
“She’s all yours Nadine!” called Kimberley as she pushed Cheryl over towards her Irish colleague.

The leggy beauty that was Nadine Coyle strutted forward, wearing one of her unfeasible short mini dresses and treated Cheryl to one of her cutest, sweetest smiles as she bent forward to look at her.

“You know you could really do with a bit of a wash Cheryl sweetie, here, let me help you!”

And with that Nadine hooked up her skirt, parted her legs and unleashed a heavy spray of piss from between her legs a ll over Cheryl Cole’s shocked face. And, of course, Cheryl’s mouth had been agape when the flow had started so a big mouthful was in and down her throat before she even reacted.

Being the youngest member of the band, Nadine was viewed publicly, at least, as the quietest, shiest most innocent one. Nothing could be further from the truth. While she was nowhere near as debauched as Sarah, Nadine was quite the dirty little minx and this was not her first dalliance with watersports, either giving or receiving! Nadine had been bursting for a piss literally all day, but she had kept it in for exactly this moment, she wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible. To take the maximum pleasure from urinating over her friend she had not only refrained from pissing that day but had even swigged back a couple of beers so it was pretty pungent thick piss that was streaming all over Cheryl’s face right at that moment.. When the stream finally dried up she was lie a drowned rat, her hair once again splattered to her face. But as Nadine gave way for Sarah that was soon to prove not to be a problem.

Now Sarah Harding you could believe all this of ( and with good reason because she was the mastermind behind it all, bringing all these individuals who despised Cheryl Cole together for this devious set up). The blonde model / singer was a notorious drunken slut and she would have done half of what had been done to the prudish Chery l for fun (and had done!). Still she despised Cheryl, without her Sarah would be seen as the sexiest girl in the sexiest girl band in the country and Sarah knew that without Cheryl the world would be so much better for her. Still as sexy as Sarah is she was hardly looking too hot in her current outfit (well maybe to some fetishists) of long pink marigold gloves and a long black apron – she didn’t want to touch piss after all.

“Well look at you Chezza ( a nickname Cheryl hated). Quite the sight, and smell, aren’t you? Not such a fucking big shot now are you? Nothing but a nasty, dirty, dog fucking, shit licking, piss drinking bitch are you? And just look at your hair! What a state it’s in!”

Cheryl’s hair was quite the issue with Sarah, as the blonde always felt in the shadow compared to Cheryl’s beautiful, natural brown luscious locks. She tentatively picked up a clump of wet hair from Cheryl’s head and held it in her fingers.

“Really we’ll have to do something about that. Nicola have you got the scissors there?”

Cheryl whimpered and tried to say no but she was too far gone and could not stop the deranged blonde as she began to randomly hack Cheryl’s hair off with a pair of Barber’s scissors, dropping the piss saturated strands in front of a sobbing Cheryl. When she had hacked it nice and short she passed the sciss ors back to Nicola and spoke to Kimberley.

“Kim darling, you got the shaver?”

Kimberley held up an electric shaver and revved it’s motor. The girls all found that particularly amusing. Kimberley handed it to Sarah and she took great delight in applying it to Cheryl Cole’s scalp and dragging it across it, shaving a bald line right down the centre of her head. She then did one in the other direction and in a few minutes had shaved Cheryl completely bald. Nadine dodged in and got some snapshots with a camera of Cheryl, bald and looking dazed and lost. At that point all the others, the ;manager’, Sophie, Dannii Minogue, Lily Allen, Charlotte Church, Ulrika Jonsson, Ashley Cole et all filed into the room and started partying with the girls.

Sarah still had one last room to show Cheryl into. Still in her apron and gloves she gently lifted Cheryl to her feet and led her into a small room that led off the large room the party was ongoing in. The room was nearly bare, all except for a wooden chair. Sarah led Cheryl to it and indicated she should stand on it. Only when she got up there did Cheryl see that there was a rope tied in a noose tied to a hook in the ceiling waiting for her.
Sarah looked up at her and spoke harshly.

“You’re no longer wanted or needed here Cheryl. Do the right thing.”

And with that Sarah turned20around and left Cheryl on the chair and alone in the room to rejoin the party. She cranked up the music and no one even hears the sound of a chair falling and a rope tightening in the small room next door.


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