Cheryl Gets MTV’ed

This story contains scenes of a sexual nature, do not read if offended.

It does not depict the sexuality of the singer featured in it

Lou took her seat at the MTV studio. In just a few minutes, she would come face to face with the woman she had fantasised over countless times. The woman of her dreams

That woman was Cheryl Tweedy, a 21 year old former cocktail waitress from Newcastle, who had won a place in the band Girls Aloud, formed from TV show Popstars: The Rivals

Her heart skipped a beat when the very woman entered the studio. Her aura seemed to fill the room immediately

She had on
a red tube top that barely covered those voluptuous breasts that had recently increased in size, and she wore a pair of three quarter length trousers that showed off the most stunning pair of legs Lou had ever seen.

She topped it off with a pair of red stilettos that added a few inches to her small height

Her hair was tied back, some of it falling on her shoulders and Lou thought she was gonna cream her pants

Cheryl took her place on set and adjusted her mike. As she did, she caught sight of Lou and smiled

Lou felt herself melt as those beautiful dark chocolate eyes met hers.

She smiled back, the moistness growing between her legs as memories of her erotic dreams came flooding back.

Cheryl looked away, but the brief eye contact was etched in Lou’s mind forever

The girls performed their hits, Cheryl never took her eyes off Lou during the whole performance.

She seemed to be singing directly to her, as if every word was meant for her, and her alone

Lou was eager for the performance to finish as she wanted to speak to Cheryl, maybe something else too, if Cheryl was willing

After another 10 minutes, the girls wrapped up. The Director shouted some orders and then the girls were free to go

Lou quickly made her way over to the set, soon hot on the heels of Cheryl

‘Hey’ she tapped her on the shoulder

Cheryl turned round, her face lit up as she recognised Lou

‘Come to my Dressing Room’ she whispered, before disappearing into the darkness of the backstage area, leaving Lou confused, but intrigued

She quickly followed, losing herself in the maze of corridors and alleyways

She saw Cheryl’s thin frame enter the Dressing Room and quickly pursued

The room was fairly small, a couch filled one corner, surrounded by tall plants. A mirror covered one wall with a small chair in front of it. The room seemed almost bare

‘Take a seat’ Cheryl pointed to the couch

Lou did so. She was starting to feel a little nervous now, but was eager to find out what was going to happen next.

Cheryl sat on the chair opposite her, her legs wide open, almost as a hint of invitation

Lou’s groin ached as she imagined sucking on that delicious pussy, tasting the sweet nectar of this beautiful woman.

Cheryl sat back, opening her legs wider.

Lou caught her breath, never talking her eyes off her crotch.

‘What did u want?’ Cheryl’s voice was low and husky and Lou found it endearing.

‘An autograph I guess’ Lou tried to sound more confident than she was

Cheryl laughed and Lou shifted uncomfortably

‘Come on, I know what you want……..I see it in your eyes’ she moved forward so she was inches away from Lou ‘you want me, don’t you?’ her voice was deep and Lou was getting more aroused, her pussy moistened, leaving a damp spot on her panties

She nodded silently

Cheryl moved over to where Lou was sat, circling the couch. Her fingers lightly touched Lou’s shoulder and she shuddered

She walked round to the front, stopping in front of Lou.

Her eyes were level with Cheryl’s chest and she resisted the urge to grab those gorgeous breasts

Cheryl thrust her chest into Lou’s face purposely, her ample bosom warm and inviting

Lou reached up and touched the left breast, searching for her tiny bud

She found it, squeezing it lightly till it was hard. She heard Cheryl groan softly and moved to the other one, doing the same.

Cheryl lifted her top up, exposing her lovely mountains. Lou gasped at the sight before her

Her large breasts were perfectly rounded, the tiny pink nipples were stiff with arousal

Lou took one in her mouth, rolling her tongue over the hard bud. Cheryl moaned softly and Lou flicked

her tongue over it again

She bit down gently on the nip, sending shivers down Cheryl’s spine

Moving to the other one, she repeated the movement, every touch emanating a thrill through her

She kissed around the valley of her breasts, trailing along her soft skin

Cheryl placed a hand on her head, pulling her in

Lou took one in her mouth again, suckling on it like a baby nursing on it’s mother

She flitted between the two, enjoying the taste of her new lover

Cheryl slipped her hand under Lou’s top feeling for her own breasts

Lou jumped as Cheryl found her nipple, pinching it between her thumb and forefinger

Lou kissed down to her naval, sliding a tongue inside her bellybutton

Cheryl moaned softly, her movements on Lou’s breasts increased

Cheryl slid her hand out and gently pushed Lou back on the sofa.

Sliding her body over hers, she gently kissed her neck and chest, trailing them down over her covered breasts

Pulling the top up, she fondled the heavenly mountains of Lou’s bosom, kneading the soft mounds between her fingers

Lou did the same to Cheryl’s, massaging them gently with both hands

Cheryl kissed the soft tit flesh, flicking a tongue over the hard buds, making Lou shudder with delight

She moved slowly down Lou’s body, making sure she didn’t miss an inch

‘Mmmmm’ Lou softly sighed as Cheryl’s mouth worked on her body, leaving her tingling with excitement

She reached her groin, deliberately taking her time, avoiding Lou’s pleasure centre.

She unzipped her fly, sliding a finger inside

‘Am I making you wet?’ she asked as she ran a finger along Lou’s damp panties

Lou smiled, giving her a nod

Cheryl grinned and continued to slowly undress Lou. She pulled the trousers over her thighs, exposing her silk thong, which was completely soaked in girl come

She kissed her way around her thighs and stomach, still avoiding the centre of her haven

Lou grabbed her hair, pushing her into her muff, forcing her to smell the sweet aroma of her womanhood

Cheryl pulled the thong aside, taking in the scent of her sex. It made her hungry for more and she quickly dived it, her tongue working frantically between the folds of her delicate pleasure zone

Lou shuddered as Cheryl’s tongue came into contact with her clit, each lick sending ripples of pleasure through her body

She opened her legs, allowing Cheryl to delve in further

Cheryl’s tongue found her love hole. Sliding it in, she lapped up the sweet nectar that emanated from her, the taste of her filling her mouth and trickling easily down her throat.

A thumb went to her clit, rubbing it furiously, making Lou shudder with each stroke

Her body started to convulse as waves of ecstasy enveloped her, the thrill was too much to bear and she pleaded with Cheryl to stop

But Cheryl was having none of it, her thumb moving faster over the little button

Lou thought she was going to explode as Cheryl’s digit continued to tease her

‘Oh God’ she cried as orgasm engulfed her ‘Ooooohhhhh……..don’t stop……….please stop’ she begged.

Another wave of orgasm hit her and she yelled , her cries falling on deaf ears as Cheryl continued her movements

‘Oh fuck’ she screamed, her body succumbing to yet another wave of pleasure. She was unable to control it

Cheryl’s digits worked faster on her clit, sending her into a frenzy

Finally, the orgasm subsided, and Lou began to relax.

She fell back on the couch, completely exhausted, her whole body ached from the immense pleasure she had been given and she felt a little queasy

Cheryl licked the juices that flowed from Lou’s throbbing pussy, not missing a drop

Lou’s breathing slowly returned to normal and she giggled

‘That…….was amazing!’

Cheryl fixed her with a grin, ‘There’s more where that came from, Honey’ she winked

Cheryl moved back up Lou’s body, trailing soft kisses along her skin

She reached the top, planting a kiss on Lou’s lips.

She slid a tongue in, parting those cherry lips. Lou opened her mouth to welcome it, tasting herself on Cheryl’s tongue

They embraced passionately, their tongues dancing in a whirlwind of passion

Cheryl broke the kiss off, standing up.

She pulled her top off completely, exposing a beautifully shaped body that any woman would kill to have

Lou licked her lips, unable to control her urges as she watched the sight before her

She felt the pangs of arousal well up inside her again, and put a hand to her clit.

She rubbed herself gently as Cheryl continued to strip in front of her

Cheryl stood there, nude, every inch of her perfect body was tanned . Small tattoos covered parts of her soft skin

The hairs on her pussy were trimmed, cut into a neat triangle above her pleasure zone

Lou swallowed hard, eager for the taste of that beautiful pussy

Her fingers were almost a blur as she frigged herself to near orgasm. She stopped just before she reached it, sliding a finger into her wet hole

Cheryl stood and watched her, her own pussy ached for attention

The sounds of Lou’s moaning filled the room, and Cheryl felt the desire welling up inside her

She touched herself, sending a thrill though her body

Her clit ached and she reached for it, shuddering as she hit the sensitive bud.

Lou was close to orgasm and she stopped, letting it subside before continuing again

She did this several times, before allowing the whims of ecstasy to take hold of her once again

She yelled out as it enveloped her, her body shook as she reached the point of no return.

The orgasm was powerful, although nowhere near enough as before

She succumbed to the pleasure, her body writhing in ecstasy

It gradually ebbed away and she slowed down her movements, her fingers slowly stroking her treasure trove

Cheryl was near too, her fingers working furiously on her own clit, her body rocked in pleasure as she also succumbed to orgasm

She let out a moan as it engulfed her, sending her into total bliss

‘Oh Jesus’ she cried, blissfully unaware of the outside world as she lost herself in ecstasy

Lou watched silently as Cheryl brought herself off, her own body still recovering from the sexual overdrive it had received

Cheryl relaxed, her fingers rubbing at the tender bulb of her clit, nursing it’s ache

Her eyes fell on Lou, who was watching her intently .

She smiled, two dimples appearing on her cute little face

Lou motioned for her to come over. Cheryl silently did so, the grin never leaving her beautiful face

She lay on top of Lou, their bodies colliding as they united as one

‘Make love to me’ Lou whispered in Cheryl’s ear

Cheryl answered her with a sigh, moving slowly on top of her.

Their bodily fluids combined, the strong scent of womanly sex filled the room

‘Uh…….’ the sounds of lovemaking echoed around them as they gently rocked to a steady rhythm

‘Oh Cheryl’ Lou sighed, basking in the pure pleasure of this woman

Cheryl kissed her softly on the lips, sealing the bond between them

‘I want you’ Cheryl replied, moving a little faster on top of her

Lou grabbed her buttocks, pulling her into her, grinding her hips in time to her movements

Their pussies collided, streams of come flowed from both of them, mixing together as they made womanly love

Within minutes they reached a crescendo, their bodies writhing as the world came crashing around them.

They lay back, their exhausted bodies well spent.

They kissed once more, a fiery passion burned inside them both, a passion that could only be extinguished by each woman

‘Be with me’ Lou asked her in between kisses

Cheryl nodded, her mind reeling, her body aching and her soul tired

And that was how it began, the meeting of two strangers who turned into lovers

Two lovers who, had they not met, would never have known the true meaning of happiness……….


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