Cheryl Tweedy Story

Disclaimer: This is a lesbian story about Cheryl Tweedy from Girls Aloud. It is purely fiction and does not depict the singer’s sexuality:

I hope you enjoy!


She moaned loudly as I thrust my finger deep inside her dripping wet snatch.

‘Oh god, Mel i’m gonna come’

And that’s exactly what she did. All over my dainty fingers.

Once the orgasm had subsided, I pulled them out and put them to her mouth.

She instantly opened her lips and stuck her tongue out.

She loved to taste herself………


‘Wake up sweetheart’ I whispered to Cheryl. ‘You gotta go to work’

She moaned softly and turned over.

I brushed strands of hair from her face and kissed her soft cheek.

I smiled inwards. She wasn’t the easiest person to wake, especially after a long night of passion!


Cheryl and I met at an after party that i’d won tickets to.

The attraction was instant. We met eyes and clicked.

Of course, I knew she secretly liked women, even if no-one else did. You can tell your own kind, right?

We’d chatted and hit it off sraight away.

I knew there and then that I wanted her. I just wondered if she felt the same. I was about to find out!

Once the party had died down, she came over to me.

‘I….ummm…..i’m staying at this hotel’ she handed me a card. ‘Room 464 – if u wanna….umm…….come over’

She looked nervous and I kind of felt sorry for her.

It must be hard for her.

Of course, I was very comfortable with my sexuality.

I wondered how comfortable she was with hers.

She gave me a wink and then turned away.

I could see the other band members waiting for her.

I heard the fiesty blonde one saying ‘what was all that about?’

Cheryl mumbled something about an autograph and looked back at me.

I smiled weakly. This was certainly gonna be a night to remember…….


In the bedroom:

I turned over in bed and lay there looking at the ceiling.

I could hear Cheryl softly breathing beside me. Her eyes were closed.

I felt the fluttery feeling of my bladder telling me I needed to empty it. I got up and made my way to the bathroom.

Once finished, I went back to the bedroom.

I found Cheryl sitting up in bed. She smiled when she saw me.

‘Ur awake then?’ I smiled.

She grinned and patted the bed covers. ‘I was hoping for a quickie before I go to work’

‘Charming’ I replied.

I crawled on to the bed and kissed her arm, making my way up to her shoulder, then her neck.

She chuckled. I knew this was where she liked to be kissed.

I coninued nibbling on her neck, moving my tongue in circles on her soft skin.

‘Mmmmmm……..’ she moaned ‘I love you……..’

I moved up to her face. Kissing her cheek and chin.

She turned her head and her soft lips met mine.

I felt her tongue touch my lip and it sent a shiver down my spine.

She gently nibbled my lower lip before opening my mouth with her tongue.

I responded by sticking my tongue out to meet hers.

This was the slow sensual kissing that I loved, by the woman that I loved

A few seconds later we were in full embrace. Our tongues darting in and out of eachother’s mouths.

I put my hand up to her naked breast and gently cupped it. My fingers found their way to her nipples and gently squeezed them.

I felt her sigh in my mouth and pinched a little harder.

Her hand cupped mine and she broke off the kiss.

She then put her hand on my chin and motioned for me to suck her breasts.

I obediently did so, taking one hard nipple in my mouth then the other.

I swirled my tongue around the nipple and pink aereola

She groaned loudly and pushed my head further into her breast……….


I looked at the card Cheryl gave me as I stood outside the White’s Hotel.

I stepped through the large revolving doors.

The hotel lobby was huge, there were huge paintings everywhere.

I made my way over to the lift, trying to look inconspicuous (sp?)

My heart was beating a thousand times a minute and my stomach was doing somersaults.

The lift doors opened and I was relieved to find I was the only one in it.

I pressed the button and the lift slowly started to move.

The sudden motion of the lift added to the anxiety I already had in my stomach. I hated enclosed spaces.

The lift finally stopped on the fourth floor and the doors opened.

I stepped out and started looking for door numbers.

To my annoyance, the numbers started low!

I had to go to the other end of the corridor!

I slowly walked along the corridors – my stomach churning even more and the voice inside my head was screaming.

Eventually, I found the room.

I took a deep breath as I lifted my hand to knock on the door.

I was going to do it – I was finally going to make love to the woman i’d fancied for over a year!


In the bedroom:

As I sucked on her breasts, my hands roamed the rest of her delicate, thin body.

I wanted to touch every part of her – not wanting to miss an inch.

My fingers found her wet snatch, the pubic hairs were soft and I ran my fingers through it.

Then I moved down to her clitoris, which was protruding slightly from the folds of skin on her perfect pussy.

I slid the folds apart with my fingers and found the pink rosebud that was her heavenly centre.

I rubbed gently and heard her groan loudly.


My fingers worked faster, rubbing her clit, which by now, was as hard as a bullet.

She moaned in ecstasy and I thought she was going to scream the place down!

‘Oh god Mel, make me cum’ she yelled

Suddenly, she let out an even louder groan.

Her body shook violently as the orgasm engulfed her.

The more she shook, the faster I worked on her clit.

Her orgasm lasted a few minutes, but felt like a lifetime.

I kissed her neck, her shoulders, her breasts.

‘Oh God Cheryl, I want you’ I whispered in her ear.

She kissed my lips passionately. Her tongue explored my mouth, our salivas mixed.

She got up and straddled me, her legs wrapped around my waist.

She rocked back and forth and I could feel her love juices cover my body.

‘So u want me, huh?’ she sed seductively in her geordie accent.

‘Uh huh’ was about all I could manage.

She smiled and continued to rock back and forth.

She clambered off me, saw my stomach was wet where she’d cover me with her juices and proceeded to lick it off.

The thought of her lapping up her own juices sent me into a frenzy and I begged her to move further down.

‘Not yet, my love’ she whispered.

Her tongue moved further up my body to my large breasts.

She licked them, being careful not to touch my nipples

She was driving me crazy!

‘Suck my nipples’ I pleaded with her.

She gave me a wild grin and obeyed my command.

The touch of her tongue on my nipple sent a bolt through my body. I jolted.

‘U like that, huh?!’

I could only reply with a groan.

She sucked on my breasts for a few minutes more before moving down to my stomach, my naval and my pubic bone.

She kissed and licked all around my crotch, leaving out my dripping wet pussy, which was just begging to be sucked.

‘You’re driving me crazy’ I told her

She smiled and moved so her face was directly over my pussy.

I could feel her warm breath on me, tickling my hairs.

She reached down and flicked her tongue over my clit, which was hard and pink.

‘Ooooohhhhhh…………oh yessssssssssssss’ I groaned

She flicked it again, this time, taking longer.

I wriggled my hips, signalling to her that I liked what she was doing.

She took the sign and sucked my rosebud long and hard, I could hear her slurping and sucking and it turned me on even more.

‘Oooooh………….oooooooh……..don’t stop’ I was in total ecstacy.

She was doing everything right. Everything i’d taught her over the past year.

She moved her tongue down my slit to my love hole.

Her tongue darted in and out, fast and hard.


She slid a finger into my hole, then two, and wiggled it in and out.

The sound of my juices slurping around her fingers made me wild.

She took her fingers out and sucked them, making sure I was watching her every move.

‘Mmmm…………… taste so good’ she whispered in between sucking.

Then she slid her fingers back in, moving them slowly at first, then faster.

Her tongue found it’s way to my clit again and she flicked it slowly.

This was it – I knew I was about to come any second.


My body convulsed as the orgasm took over me.

She worked faster on my clit


Finally, after quite a few seconds, the orgasm subsided.

My body went still.

Cheryl slipped her fingers out, which was literally dripping with my juices.

‘You want a taste?’ she asked me

‘Uh huh’ I nodded

She moved up my body and lay on top of me.

Her warm body felt so good.

Our hearts raced, almost in unison.

She rubbed her fingers over my bottom lip.

Upon insinct, I opened my mouth and licked it off.

Then she slid her fingers on my mouth and I proceeded to lick every single drop of my cum from her fingers.

She replaced her fingers with her tongue and we explored eachothers mouths.

I could taste a mixture of saliva, her juices and mine.

We lay there for a few minutes, spent, not saying a word. We didn’t need to.


The Hotel Room

I knocked loudly on the door and winced as the pain shot thru my knuckles.

I waited a few seconds, which seemed like forever, for the door to open.

The door opened and there she stood, in all her wonderous glory.

She had gotten changed and was now in a complimentary dressing gown supplied by the hotel.

I had to resist the urge to rip it off her!

‘Hi’ she smiled sweetly.

‘H….i….’ I managed to stumble back.

She opened the door enough for me to enter.

I walked past her and made my way over to the bed.

I perched cautiously on the edge, my hands on my knees.

I watched as she closed the door and walked over to where I was on the bed.

She took her robe strings and slowly undid them.

I was not prepared for what was coming next……


The Bedroom:

She leaned over and kissed my cheek.

‘I’m having a shower, u wanna join me?’

‘Yeah, in a sec’ I answered.

She jumped off the bed and went in to the adjoining bathroom.

A few seconds later I heard the water running.

She was humming a tune as she prepared herself for the shower.

I got up and went to the window. I pushed the curtain aside a little. It was sunny outside and I could feel the warmth of the sun in the room.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have a nice cool shower.

I stepped into the bathroom.

I could just about make out my lover’s beautiful figure on the glass door of our shower unit which was covered with condensation.

I walked up to the door and poked my head round.

Cheryl didn’t see me at first, and she jumped!

‘God, don’t do that!’ she yelled

With that, she grabbed my arm and pulled me in.

‘You’re gonna regret doing that, ya know’ she winked

‘Oh yeah’ I answered ‘Make me!’

She put her arms tightly around my neck and pulled me to her.

We kissed passionately for a few seconds before I pulled away

‘Is that the best you can do?’ I asked, grinning like a cheshire cat

‘I’m gonna make you eat me!’ she growled, pretending to be furious

It was a side of her i’d never seen, and it turned me on!

‘I deserve to be punished’ I answered back.

‘Oh, you’ll be sorry………’

She thrust my head down to her crotch so that my face was directly opposite her wet pussy. I could smell her womanly scent. One i’d smelled not long ago.

‘Eat me Bitch’ she growled again, and shoved my face into her cunt.

I instantly stuck my tongue out and licked the folds of skin before moving up to her little cherry.

‘Uhhhhhhh…………’ she yelled

Cheryl was always vocal when we made love and I loved it! The sounds of her enjoying herself turned me on immensly!

‘Oooohhh……….lick my cunt………you bitch……….you’re gonna pay!’

I lapped at her pussy as fast as I could.

She bucked her hips in time with my sucking

She thrust my head deeper into her and I almost choked.

I continued to eat at her; sucking, nibbling and licking every inch of her delicate pussy.

I didn’t want to miss a single part of her.

Her body tensed up and I knew she was about to come.

As if to warn me, she yelled ‘Ohhh…..fuck…..i’m gonna come’

Her body convulsed and I felt the familiar taste in my mouth – the taste of her love juices – my nectar.

I lapped up as much as I could before pulling away slowly.

She let go of the back of my head and let out a big sigh.

I looked up at her and smiled.

She smiled back ‘I’m not done with you yet………’


The hotel room:

Her dressing gown slid slowly off her body and there she stood – in all her glory – completely naked!

Her body was perfect – or so I thought.

From her gorgeous face, right down to her perfect little toes.

I wanted to grab her and touch her all over, to feel her soft skin under my fingertips.

I resisted the urge.

Instead, i just stood there and stared, my mouth dropped open.

I realised this and quickly shut it.

‘Whaddaya think?’ she asked in her soft geordie accent.

‘I…..I………you’re beautiful’ I stumbled

‘What’s your name? she asked


‘Well, Melanie………I noticed you staring at me all night with those hungry eyes of yours, I wondered if you’d like a little one on one’

With that, she proceeded to do a little dance.

A little while back, there was an article in the papers about her giving two footballers a lap dance, and wondered if I was going to be this lucky.

Her hips swayed to the music inside her head.

I gaped in awe as her perfect little body twisted and twirled in front of me.

I wanted to pinch myself, to tell myself this wasn’t a dream

She hummed softly, I didn’t recognise the tune.

Her eyes were closed and a small smile played on the corners of her mouth.

I could tell she was enjoying this!


In the shower:

I kissed Cheryl’s soft lips. ‘I love you’ I mumbled in between embraces.

‘I love you too’ she replied

We’d say this to eachother every day, no matter where we were, what we were doing.

Although, no one knew about us yet. I didn’t want to jeopardise Cheryl’s career.

The press would have a field day is they found out she liked women.

For now, this was going to have to be our secret.

I ran my hands over her small soft buttocks.

She leaned in closer towards me and our breasts touched.

I felt her hard nipples on mine.

She let har hand glide down to my pussy and she slid my folds apart in search of my clit.

She found it and starting making slow circular motions.

She hit a sensitive spot and I gasped. My legs almost gave way.

She smiled and continued.

Her small fingers slid down even further till she found my ass hole.

She slid a finger in and I gasped again.

She worked her fingers in and out my hole, while her thumb worked on my clit

I reached out and held on to the shower wall

She hit that spot on my clit again and I jumped.

My legs buckled from beneath me and she had to hold me up.

She stopped for a moment and took the shower head off the holder on the wall.

She placed it directly over my pussy so the water was running down over it

The water felt amazing against my aching clit and I longed for her to continue.

As if reading my thoughts, she rubbed her fingers over my clit again.

First slow, circular motions, then rapid ones.

The sensation of the water on my clit and her fingers doing their work was magic, and I found myself in the familiar world of ecstacy

I yelled as my body shook with orgasm.

This was bigger and better than anything I had ever felt!

I orgasmed again, sending a river of juices running down my thigh.

The orgasm subsided and I realised I had been holding my breath

I let out a big sigh

Cheryl looked up and me – she didn’t have to speak – the look on her face sed it all

I just wanna make you happy


The hotel room:

She stopped dancing and stood there in front of me.

I looked her body up and down.

Finally my eyes fell on her perfect little snatch.

Her pussy was shaven, she had a little line of hair down the middle, the rest was rosy pink skin.

I longed to kiss that pussy, to taste it, to run my tongue all the way down to her love hole.

I had to restrain myself.

She walked up to me and I froze

What’s she going to do? I thought to myself

She unbuttoned my blouse and my breasts popped out.

My nipples were so hard they hurt.

I badly wanted to her suckle on them

She ran her fingers around my aereola, then lightly scratched my nipples with her fingertips.

I sighed at the touch.

She knelt down so she was facing my large breasts

Her tongue lashed out and it sent a bolt thru me

God i’d been waiting for this!

She sucked on a nipple. It felt good!

I plucked up the courage to touch one of her breasts.

She moved to accommodate me.

I squeezed the small soft tissue and felt her nipple harden at my touch.

She continued to suck on my breasts

I was as nervous as hell………but I was enjoying every moment of it!

She stopped sucking and held up one of her breasts for me to suck.

I gladly obliged and hungrily took it in my mouth.

Her soft breast and hard nipple felt good in my mouth

I suckled on it for ages – savouring every moment.

I moved to the other one and did the same. She sighed softly.

I suddenly felt her enter me. She slid a finger, then two in to my wet cunt.

It surprised me so much I nearly bit down on her nipple!

Her fingers moved inside me, a little clumsy at first, but she gradually got into the rhythm.

I bucked my hips to meet her moves. I was trying to hold off an orgasm – but I knew it was imminent.

I let go off her breast, not wanting to bite it as my body convulsed.

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes, I was lost in total bliss.

I couldn’t help yelling as the orgasm took over my body.

I shook as the orgasm faded

She slid her come soaked fingers out of my spent snatch and lifted it to my mouth.

I opened my lips and took in her delicate fingers

She seemed a little surprised, and a little turned on, to see me tasting myself.

Once done, I lifted her onto the bed and motioned for her to lay down.

I lay on top of her so my cunt and hers were touching.

I rocked back and forth gently and she moved her body to the rhythm of mine.

It’s like we were dancing to a song – [i]our song[/i]

She grabbed my buttocks and pushed me further into her.

I quickened my pace, the music was getting faster and faster until it ended in a crescendo of harmonic ecstacy.

We both groaned as we came together

I kissed her beautiful soft lips, explored her mouth with my tongue.

We made love several times that night – each was more fulfilling than the last.

In the morning I didn’t want her to leave.

We exchanged numbers and she promised she’d call me.

That was nearly a year ago – and I still feel the same about her now as I did then.

She’s my angel, my saviour, my life.

I’ll love her till death do us part…………


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