Cheryl’s Payback

Cheryls Payback

By: Toxic

Celeb: Cheryl Cole

Codes: MF | cons | oral | anal | rom |

Disclaimer: This story is obviously 100% fake and never nor will it ever happen in real life, if you can’t tell the difference then your a dumb dumb so don’t bother reading, oh and don’t read if your under 18 either! you have been warned!

No actual celebs were hurt in the making of this story either! got it? good!

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I slam the small shot glass down on the bar once again as i finish my third shot of whiskey in no less then 10 minutes, it was one of those shit days where you think things can’t get any worse, but then of course, they do.

When i woke this morning i had no idea that the two main things in my life would come crashing down in front of me, one of them being my girlfriend of the past 4 years, the other being my well paid job.

My girlfriend had apparently gotten ‘bored’ of being in a dead end relationship with me and my boss had decided that the dick below me was better qualified at my job then me, this really was the worst day of my life so far, so i decided to try and fix it the only way i knew how, by getting hammered with whiskey, it was working well so far.

Signalling the barmen i order yet another shot, hoping that this one will make me feel less shite then i already do, grabbing another £5 note out of my wallet i pass it to the barmen as he brings over my shot and places it on the bar in front of me, I slam it back right away.

I grab my phone from my pocket and check it, just to see if my girlfriend had texted me to say she wanted me back, but it was just wishful thinking as there wasn’t a message or even a missed call, sighing, i order yet another drink, slamming it back right away like all the others.

As i go to order yet another shot i hear a strong Geordie voice behind me, making me jump a bit i look round to see who it is.

“Ordering yet another? bad day i take it?” the woman says, sitting down on the stool next to me, i knew who she was right away and i was not expecting to see Cheryl Cole in the bar i was in.

“Ummm, yeah, something like that” i say kind of softly, still not believing that its actually her.

“Aye, i know how you feel pet” Cheryl says as she orders a white wine from the barman, “Another?” she asks pointing towards my empty shot glass.

“Sure” i say nodding, still in a state of shock at the sight of the stunning Cheryl Cole.

“So what brings you here?” i ask, genuinely wanting to know why she was in such a deadbeat bar.

She smiles at me softly and turns around on her stool, looking around quickly she turns back to me and points behind her, “Do you see anyone here?”.

I turn around and take a look at the near empty bar, there was no one other then 5 people in the bar, including me and Cheryl, i guess i found the reason why, “Fair enough” i say smirking at her as i can’t help myself and quickly check out the stunning brunette.

Cheryl was wearing a lovely short black dress that came just to the top of her knees, showing of her delightful legs and her very hot feet that where inside some very nice black high heels, but to top it all off, she had the most luscious lips that were coated in glossy red lip gloss, i just wanted to pounce on her there and then, but somehow, i managed to control myself and act relatively normal.

“So pet, whats with all the shot slamming?” she says, turning to face me and crossing her legs slowly, i had no idea if she was doing it on purpose or if she generally was just crossing them but just that was making my mind forget all about the shit day i had, struggling to remember my own name i managed to dribble out some words to answer her.

“Um…. you know, the usual, getting dumped and fired on the same day, yay for life” i say as sarcastically as i can, smiling while i do so.

“Awww pet, that’s not right at all” she says softly looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes of hers as she places a hand on my leg, rubbing softly before pulling it away and taking a sip of her white wine.

“Nah, its alright really, I’ve got my friend Jack to help me through it” i say pointing to the shot glass full of whiskey.

Cheryl laughs slightly as she looks into my eyes again, “I honestly cannot see why she would dump someone as cute as you” she says smiling softly, keeping her gaze on mine.

“Well apparently she was ‘bored’ of being in a dead end relationship with me and wanted to ‘move on’ ” i say, using the hand signals and everything as Cheryl just softly laughs, “Oh, I’m glad you find my misery funny”.

She smiles at me, rubbing my leg again, “I wasn’t laughing at that pet, i was laughing at the weird bunny signs” she says, still smiling at me with her puppy dog eyes.

“Well that’s one good thing at least” i say smiling back at her as i quickly down my shot of whiskey, “So, hows life on The X Factor?” i ask, taking an interest in her life for once in this conversation.

“Awww you know, same old same old pet, smug Simon Cowell always winding me up” she says laughing at her own words, i laugh along with her, not really knowing what she’s talking about as i rarely watch The X Factor my self, “But other then that pet its pretty good fun” she says smiling at me as she takes another small sip from her glass of white wine.

“Ah right, yeah, Simon Cowell can be a bit of a knob sometimes” i say, agreeing with her as i order another shot, “Do you want another?” i ask Cheryl pointing towards her glass.

She shakes her head, “I think I’ll have what your having” she says with a smirk on her face as i order us 3 shots each.

The bar man brings the 6 shots over and lines them up on the bar, i turn to Cheryl and smile, “Wanna take on the challenge?” i say as i pay the barmen.

Cheryl just nods her head as she takes her 3 and lines them up in front of her, “Tell ya what pet, if you beat me, I’ll give you a kiss, but if i beat you, you have to pay for my drinks for the rest of the night and finally tell me your name” she says making the bet interesting.

I smirk at her and lick my lips as i just nod my head in agreement, taking the first shot in my hand as i wait for her to say go.

“Ready? 3……….2……….1……..GO!” she shouts as we both start slamming the shots down one by one, i slam my last shot on the bar as i just see Cheryl finish.

“YES!” i shout loudly making the whole bar jump as i get out of my bar stool in pure joy at the prospect of kissing the beautiful Cheryl Cole.

Cheryl just laughs as i jump out of my stool as she finishes her shot finally, “Well i guess you won that pretty easily” she says still laughing a bit, “And i guess i have to stick to my bet” she says with a sexy smirk on her face.

I sit right back down on my stool as soon as i hear her saying that she wants to actually follow up on her bet, “Wow really?” i say, kind of in shock that she wants to actually voluntarily kiss me.

“Absolutely pet” she says as she slightly leans forward of her stool and places her hands on my cheeks, pouting she moves her lips towards mine and kisses me softly on the lips, slightly sliding her tongue along my lips, and as quickly as it happened it was all over.

I just sit there on my stool, my lips still pouting as Cheryl pulls away and smiles at me, i finally put my lips back to normal as i just stare at her, “Wow” are the only words that dribble out of my mouth as she finishes the kiss.

Cheryl Cole laughs at me as i still can’t get over the fact that she kissed me, “Your not a bad kisser pet” she says softly and sexily as she looks at me with her big brown eyes once again.

“We…..well your not to bad either” i stammer as i can taste her sweet lips on my tongue and lips still, “Oh and my names Darren, just for the record” i say managing a smile.

“Awww, your very sweet” she says as she takes another sip from her white wine, “You know Darren, your the first person I’ve kissed properly, apart from Ashley obviously, since i got married”.

“Really? you mean to tell me you didn’t get him back for cheating on you?” i ask her, amazing my self as i manage to spit out a whole sentence after the amazing kiss from Cheryl.

Cheryl nods her head, “Really, I didn’t, i really should have and kind of regret not now, but, never say never i guess” she says as she gives me the sexiest and the most seductive wink i have ever seen.

“Ummmm…………….yeah I guess so” i say as she places her hand on my thigh once more, running it up and down softly as she does.

Cheryl smirks at me as her hand gradually gets higher and higher, “Well, I guess since your suddenly single” she says winking at me again, “And you do seem rather glum, how about we try and make you and I feel a little bit better?” she asks still looking at me with those sexy eyes of hers.

I cough slightly as i shift in the stool, feeling my self getting excited at just the thought of what Cheryl was suggesting, or what i thought she was suggesting anyways, “Ummm, that sounds bloody amazing to me, but just to make sure were on the same page here, you do mean the same thing i do right? cause I’ve been wrong about things like this before” i say smiling slightly.

Cheryl laughs softly as her hand nears my crotch, “Oh yes pet, I think that we are on the exact same page” she says smirking and winking at me, her hand finally reaching my crotch as she rubs it softly, making a small moan escape from my lips.

“Wow” i say as her hand rubs against my hardening crotch, i look into her beautiful eyes and lean towards her, kissing her on her lips, this time i take charge and slide my tongue into her mouth right away and start kissing her at the bar as she continues to rub away at my crotch.

Cheryl Cole pushes my tongue back with hers with some force as she pulls away from the kiss looking at me with a naughty smile on her face, “You live near by?” she asks me as i look back at her almost lovingly.

I nod quickly at her question and stand up from the stool my erection pretty clear through my jeans, “You wanna go right now?” i ask her as i still can’t believe my luck.

Cheryl turns away from me and quickly finishes her wine, then stands up from the stool and grabs my hand, looking into my eyes once again, “Lead the way pet”.

I smirk at her as i almost run out of the bar, just wanting to get home and get Cheryl into my flat where i could have my way with her, i get outside the bar and see the cabs lined up on the other side of the street, i whistle for one and it pulls around outside of the bar, i open the door for Cheryl and we both get inside of it, I tell the cabbie where to go and we’re on our way back to mine in seconds.

No sooner then 10 minutes later and me and the stunning Cheryl Cole pull up outside of my flat, i quickly pay the cabbie and jump out of the cab with Cheryl following quickly behind me, i hold onto her hand as i lead her to the front door of the block of flats where i live, “Nothing grand i know, but its home” i say as i open the door to the lobby of the flats.

“Its fine pet” is all Cheryl says as we make our way to the elevator and get in right away, i hit the button for the 10th floor and the elevator rises slowly.

In the elevator i can’t help myself and i suddenly pounce on the stunning Cheryl and kiss her deeply and passionately as our tongues clash in her mouth, I push her against the elevator wall and spread her legs slightly with my knee, moaning all the way as i do, i pull away from the kiss and look deep into Cheryl’s eyes as i slide my hand down her sexy slim body and under her dress, softly rubbing the fabric of her panties.

Cheryl moans deeply as i rub her damp pussy through her, what seem to be, thongs, but as soon as i start the elevator reaches the 10th floor, “Son of a bitch, normally this takes like an hour to reach this level, but no, not this time” i say laughing slightly as i pull away from Cheryl and exit the lift, holding onto her hand as i lead the way down the hallway to my flat.

Sliding the key into the lock i open the door to my flat, walking inside i open the door for Cheryl to enter in after me, slamming the door shut behind her, “I told you it was nothing special” i say as i see Cheryl look over my 1 bedroom flat.

Cheryl turns around to face me and smiles, “I’m not here for the view pet” she says as she walks over to me and kisses me deeply once again, I can’t help but moan from the expert kissing of Cheryl Cole.

This time i pull away and smile as i take off my jacket, throwing it over to the beaten couch i lead Cheryl into the bedroom, opening the door i lead her into the bedroom and let her take a look around, “Wow, this is certainly, cosy” she says sarcastically.

I laugh at her comment as i sit down on the bed and pat the spot next to me, “Care to join me? or want to look at the view all night?” i say to her smirking as i repeat her words from moments ago.

Cheryl giggles cutely as she sits her fine behind down on the end of my bed next to me, “At least its a double” she says commenting on the bed, i just smile as i lean in once again and kiss her full red lips, loving the taste of Cheryl Cole, my hands drifting all over her sexy body and hers all over my crotch.

I moan deeply as our tongues collide one more time before i pull away from the kiss, “How about we make you alot more comfortable?” i say looking over her sexy body that is still inside her black dress.

Cheryl smiles at me as she stands up and puts her hands behind her back, slowly unzipping her dress, as soon as she is done she slowly and sexily slides it down her lusciously gorgeous body, revealing her black bra and matching thongs, she steps out of her dress and goes to step out of her high heels.

“Can you leave those on?” i ask Cheryl as she stops in the motion of taking them off.

“Ahhh, bit of a foot fetish have we?” she says raising her head and then looking down at me as she moves towards me and places her high heeled foot in front of my crotch.

“Oh yeah, but your feet are the last thing I’m looking at” i say as i look over her stunning body clad in just some bra and thongs.

Cheryl just laughs as she moves her foot away from the bed and sits down next to me once again, i look over body as its closer to me, loving every single feature as i slowly push her back on the bed and lay her down, i soon follow her up as i get right in between her legs and look up at her smiling, “May i?”.

Cheryl looks down at me smiling, “Please be my guest” she says as i rub my finger softly and slowly up her inner thigh before eventually stopping at her thongs, i grip the top of them and slowly start to peel them off of the Geordie beauty in front of me.

I slide them all the way down and off of Cheryl as i throw them into the corner of my room, loving the sight that’s greeting me, i softly kiss around Cheryl’s wet pussy, teasing her and getting her as excited as i can before eventually kissing her clit making her moan right away.

I pull away from Cheryl’s pussy after the kiss and blow softly over her pussy, making Cheryl moan even louder as i continue to tease the stunning Geordie.

“Mmmm, you naughty tease” are the only words that escape from Cheryl’s mouth as she continues to moan in pure pleasure from my teasing and light kissing, as i move my hand to her clit and begin to rub it softly, trying to get her even more excited and even more hornier than she already is.

I keep on blowing and softly kissing her clit for a few more minutes, making Cheryl writhe and wiggle under my very touch, her pussy the most sensitive it ever has been as i continue to have fun with her, making her clit as red as can be from just pure teasing before eventually giving in and getting down to work.

I move in to kiss her clit once again but instead of kissing her softly and moving away again i keep my lips there and suck softly and smoothly on her clit making her almost moan the flat down as all the teasing has done its job in making her extremely sensitive.

I keep sucking on her overly sensitive clit, making her wiggle some more under my touch as i move my hand back to her pussy and slowly enter a finger into her surprisingly tight pussy, slowly pushing it in and then slowly pulling it back out again as her moans become much more deeper then they were before.

“Damn your tight babe” i say to her as i pull away for a brief second from her delicious clit, my finger still thrusting slowly in and out of her tight and wet pussy.

“Mmmm you bet pet, but don’t stop what ever you do” she says between breaths as i get straight back to work at her command, sucking at her clit and slowly fingering her tight pussy as i slowly add another finger into her pussy, doubling her pleasure as i bat my tongue a little faster on her clit, making her moans increase in frequency.

I moan along with her as i love the way I’m making her squirm and wiggle from my tongue and fingers, controlling her every moan with my touch.

“Mmmm fucking hell pet, that feels amazing!” Cheryl says, almost shouting as i continue to pleasure her, thrusting a little harder with 2 fingers into her tight and now very wet cunt, feeling her pussy tighten around my fingers i figure that she’s pretty close to orgasm.

“Mmm fuck, I’m close babe” Cheryl says as my suspicions were right that she was near orgasm from my tongue and fingers, working away still at Cheryl Cole’s amazingly hot body, my fingers start thrusting faster and faster as i feel Cheryl tighten right up and start breathing heavier and heavier as her orgasm begins to hit.

Chery Cole’s legs wrap tightly around my head as her orgasm rocks her entire body, from head to toe as she wiggles and squirms even more, her moans as loud as they have been so far as her orgasm ripples through every vein in her sexy little body.

I keep my tongue locked onto her clit and my fingers slowly push in and out of her tightened and strained pussy as i feel a force push against my fingers.

“Ahhh fuck!!!” Cheryl screams suddenly at the top of her voice as i pull my fingers out of her pussy and she suddenly squirts all over the place, spraying me and my bed sheets.

I open my mouth as wide and as quickly as i can as i try my best to catch every last drop of her sweet sweet nectar, loving every second of her orgasm probably more then she does as she bucks and jerks her entire body as her orgasm subsides and she returns back to earth from her trip in ecstasy.

I look up at Cheryl with a big grin on my face as she loosens her legs and lets my head go from her vice like grip, “I hope you enjoyed that as much as i enjoyed that nice little surprise at the end” i say to her as she looks down at me panting heavily.

“Oh fuck yeah pet, that was blooming amazing” she says as her head flops back down on the bed as i crawl up her sexy body and lay next to her, kissing her lips softly so she can taste her own juices, i kiss her deeply and send my tongue into her mouth as she moans from the taste of her own nectar.

I pull away from the kiss and she looks deeply into my eyes, “How will i ever repay that?” she says sarcastically as she moves her hand to my crotch once again.

I smile at her as i unzip my jeans and pull them down, my boxers following closely behind as i throw them in the pile with Cheryl’s clothes as i just lay there waiting for Cheryl to make her move.

Cheryl smirks at me sexily as she leans her self up and props herself in front of my semi hard cock, she smiles up at me as she softly takes it in her hand and begins to stroke it, “You ready pet?” she says with a wink as i just nod back at her as she begins to jerk me of a little quicker.

She manages to get me fully hard as quick as anything as her hot little hands work magic on my cock, opening her mouth and leaning down Cheryl suddenly takes my cock into her goddess like mouth and sucks lightly on the tip of my cock, swirling her tongue all around the tip making me moan nearly as load as her as her tongue begins to work wonders with my cock.

“God damn that’s good” i say through gritted teeth as i start moaning more and more from the amazing blow job Cheryl is giving me, I try my hardest not to moan as loud as i want to as she swirls her tongue magically around my cock, making me want to cum right away after just seconds into the blowjob.

She pulls away from my cock and begins to slowly wank me off again as she spits onto my cock to add to the lubrication for her hand as she leans back down and this time takes my 7 Inch cock back into her mouth, locking her luscious red lips around my cock and sucking as best she can as i almost cum right then and there, not expecting her to go right in with the full on sucking.

“Ahhhh fucking hell Cheryl, your amazing” i say as i grip onto the bed sheets as she starts to bob her head up and down on my cock, making me moan louder and louder with every suck of my cock.

Cheryl pulls away once more and looks up at me, “Your pretty swollen down here” she says teasing me as i look down and see my massively swollen head, almost a ruby red from the amazing mouth of Cheryl Cole.

“See what you do to me, I’m close to cumming already” i say as she laughs and moves her head back down to my cock, but instead of sucking she pouts and blows softly over my inflated cock head making me moan and buck my hips as she sends amazing waves of pleasure through out my entire body, “Ahhh fuck, so close babe!!!” i shout as i feel my self about to cum.

Cheryl quickly stops blowing on my cock and takes it back into her mouth as she sucks on my cock quickly and very skillfully making me cum within seconds of having my cock back in her mouth.

My hips buck more and more as i moan as loud as i can, feeling my balls tighten and my cum shoot straight through my shaft and right into the waiting mouth of Cheryl Cole, as she continues to suck me off, moaning as i unload load after load into her pretty little mouth.

Cheryl keeps her lips locked over my cock as i eventually stop cumming and look down at the beautiful woman who pulls away from my cock with cum still inside her mouth, she smirks up at me as she opens her mouth and gurgles the cum, i smirk at her as she continues to gurgle and play with my hot sticky load.

Eventually Cheryl Cole swallows my load, every last drop as she proves to me by showing me her empty mouth, she then moves up the bed and lays next to me, looking into my eyes as i look into hers as we lay together, both sweaty, and both exhausted from our sexual adventures so far.

After about 5 minutes of laying together Cheryl gets up of the bed and looks down at me, “Wanna take a shower babe?” she asks me, with out even thinking about it i jump of the bed, “Hell yeah, follow me” i say as i lead her into my en-suite bathroom.

“En-suite aye? not to bad” she says as she looks around the medium sized bathroom, i smile at her as she finally compliments my little flat, “Pretty shabby aint it?” i say as i walk over to the shower and turn it on, i jump backwards rather quickly as the freezing cold water hits my body from the freshly turned on shower, “Damn thats cold” i say as i twist the temperature on the shower so that its nice and warm.

I turn around to face Cheryl and see that she has taken her heels and bra off and is standing in my bathroom absolutely naked, the hottest woman on the planet, in my bathroom, naked, i know, amazing.

“Ladies first” I say to Cheryl as she checks the water before stepping into the shower with me closely behind her, the water cascades off both of our body’s splashing all over the place as we begin to kiss once again, not been able to keep our hands off of each other as the water runs all down our bodies.

Cheryl pulls away from the kiss and smiles up at me as she grabs some soap and lathers us both up so we’re both nice and lathery, “So, do you think you could get that hard again?” she says, pointing down to my cock.

“Not a problem with you here, naked, in my shower.” i say as i drag my hands all over her sexy body, rubbing her nipples and playfully pinching them as the water continues to drip off of us.

As soon as i begin to play with Cheryl’s hot little nipples my cock springs right back into life, I look into her eyes and then down at my cock, “See what you do to me” i say smiling as she brings her hand down to my cock and begins to stroke it softly, i moan as her hand just brushes over my cock.

“So, are you just gonna stand there and let me jerk you off or do you want to fuck me?” she asks as she notices that I’m starting to enjoy her skillfull touch over my cock again.

I snap out of it fast and look over her sexy body, “I so wanna fuck you babe” i say as i push her agaisnt the shower wall and spread her legs, i softly rub my hand over her lathery pussy, making her moan right away as i prepare to fuck Cheryl Cole.

I move my hands round to her arse and lift her up so her legs are wrapped around my waist as I’m easily able to hold her up as she is as light as a feather as i begin to slide my cock into her pussy right away, the water still cascading off of our body’s.

My erect cock pushes its way into Cheryls ever so tight pussy as i begin to slowly fuck the hottest woman on the planet, i push a little harder and send my cock in deeper making us both moan in pure pleasure as i slowly start to fuck her, going a little faster with every thrust inwards.

“Damn, your even tighter now” i say looking at her sexy face as i begin to fuck her at my normal pace agaisnt my shower wall, still not believing my luck.

Cheryl begins to moan more and more as i quicken my pace and she starts to grind herself agaisnt me, loving my cock inside of her, “You like that babe?” i ask her as i start fucking her a bit harder as her moans increase, like there spurring me on to go a bit faster each time.

“Fuck yes i do pet, fuck me harder” she says as she sprays out her dirty words in her sexy geordie accent, as i grip her tightly around the waist and begin to drill her as hard as i can in the position I’m in.

I suddenly let her go and stop fucking her as i help her down off of my cock and back onto the shower floor as i step out of the shower and beckon her over to me, she quickly responds and is right infront of me in seconds as i slowly bend her over the bathroom sink, getting a fantastic view of her amazing arse.

I spread her cheeks and push my cock back into her tight pussy once again as i start thrusting hard right away, managing to go alot deeper in this postion than i could in the other as i start giving her a proper good fucking over my bathroom sink, every thrust making us both moan loudly and deeply as she pushes back agaisnt me, adding to both of our pleasure.

“Fucking hell babe, keep going!!” Cheryl says as she looks back behind to me as i continue to fuck her soaking wet pussy as our hips start slapping together making a loud slapping noise made even more noiser by the fact that we’re both still soaking wet from the shower.

Our moans get a bit louder as our wet body’s soon start turning to sweat as the heat from the shower starts steaming up the room, just adding to our sexual pleasure as i drill Cheryl’s sweet and tight pussy as hard as my body will allow me.

“Ahhh fuck babe, you close? cause i fucking am” i say to Cheryl as i feel my balls tighten once again as my cock slides in and out of the very hot geordies pussy, going slower as i don’t wanna blow my load with out pleasing Cheryl first.

Cheryl looks back to me and nods her head furiously, “Yes, fucking fuck me you bastard!!” she screams at me as she gets frustrated from my slowing pace, i soon pick right back up again and then some as Cheryl shouts at me from the top of her voice.

“Ahhh shit here i cum baby” i say to her as i fuck her pussy as hard as i can as i feel yet another load of my cum shoot up my shaft and straight into Cheryls pussy which quickly tightens around my cock as yet another orgasm hits her.

She grips onto the sink taps as she almost screams the entire flat block down as her orgasm grips a hold of her once again, making her eyes roll into the back of her head and her whole body jerk from pure pleasure as we both orgasm at the same time, just adding to our climax.

“Awwww fucking hell pet!!!” Cheryl screams at the top of her lungs as her orgasm starts to subside once again, her hands still gripped round the taps as i slowly pull out of her tight and now cum filled pussy.

“Wow, just fucking wow” is all i say as i step back into the shower, exhausted from the amazing sex from the luscious Cheryl Cole, “Your fucking amazing Cheryl” i say to her as she steps into the shower aswel, a mixture of sweat and water dripping from our bodys.

“I know pet, that was bloody amazing, best sex I’ve ever had” she says as i smile back at her, loving that she says I’m better then her husband Ashley Cole.

“So you staying the night?” i ask her as we start to actually shower our bodys in the warm water, Cheryl just winks at me as she washes her hot body.

“Of course i am pet, then at least we have all morning to have some more fun, maybe try the one thing you didn’t tonight” she says as she shakes her arse teasingly at me, i just smirk down at her as we finish of showering.

The next morning i wake up in a slight daze as i feel slight waves of pleasure all over my body, i look to my right and don’t see Cheryl laying next to me where she was all night, it doesn’t take me long to realise where she is though as i look down under the bed sheets and see her looking up at me with the kinkiest look on her face as she’s got my cock deep inside her sexy mouth.

She pulls away but keeps wanking me as she looks up at me, “Morning” she says as i look down at her.

“Morning to you to, enjoying yourself down there?” i say smiling down at her as she softly jerks my hard cock.

“Oh definitely, i thought that i would prepare you for your treat” she says as she pushes the duvet off of us revealing her naked body over my cock, still jerking me slowly.

“Wow, i thought you was just joking about that, are you serious?” i ask her, still not believing that she wants anal.

Cheryl just nods as she licks the tip of my cock, making me buck my hips a few times from pleasure, “But if you don’t want we don’t have to” she says smirking at me knowing that i won’t say no.

“Hell no! lets do it” i say as i lean over to my nightstand and open the top drawer, pulling a small bottle of lube, “This is all i got, is it enough?” i ask her showing her the tube of lube.

“More than enough pet” she says as she stops jerking my cock and kneels up on the bed, crawling up to where i am she turns around and bends over, showing off her fantastic arse to me, just begging to be fucked.

I get up on my knees and open the tube of lube, squeezing some of its contents onto my hand and some more onto Cheryl’s hot arsehole, i rub my hands all over my cock, lubing it up nice and proper, also rubbing the lube onto Cheryl’s arse and into her extremely tight arsehole.

“You ever done this before?” I ask her as i prepare to enter Cheryl Cole’s hot arse.

She nods her head, “Of course babe, but I’m real tight, so go gentle with me” she says laughing a bit as i prop my cock right in front of her inviting arse.

I gently push against her arsehole, opening it up and sending the tip of my cock inside making Cheryl moan deeply, i squeeze some more lube onto my cock and her arse as i push just a little bit further.

Cheryl’s arse slightly pushes back against the foreign object inside of her as i enter a little bit more, going as slow as i can, entering my cock inch by inch, being careful not to hurt the sweet Geordie in front of me.

“Let me know if it hurts to much” i say to her as i push in the final few inches, Cheryl moans deeply as she feels me fill up her arsehole.

“Ahhh fuck that feels good” she says as she looks back behind me, I smile back as i pull back out of her tight arse, as i pull out i add the final bit of lube left in the bottle, making sure that I’m ready to slide back into her, and as i do, i hear Cheryl moan loudly in pure pleasure as i start to slowly thrust in and out of the tightest hole I’ve ever fucked.

“Damn your so fucking tight babe” i say as i continue to have trouble pushing back into Cheryl’s tight arsehole, but once i do i slide my cock right back out again as the waves of pleasure shoot through my entire body, my balls becoming tight almost instantly.

“Damn, I’m close already, see what you do to me” i say as my thrusts start to go just a little bit faster as i begin to fuck her pretty normally now.

She looks back behind her to me and smiles, “I want that cum deep inside my tight arsehole, got it pet?” she says as i start to thrust a little bit harder with every deep push inside the wall of her arsehole, loving every single second of it.

I nod back at her as i feel my balls tighten even more, knowing that I’m close i slow the pace right down again, wanting to savour every last second of fucking this beautiful woman’s arse, and it was bloody heaven, every thrust feeling absolutely amazing as i pushed deep inside of her arsehole, and then i felt my self about to explode.

“You sure your ready for this?” i ask her as i feel myself about to cum, Cheryl just looks at me and smiles, “Of course i am babe, gimme all you got” she says as i start to pick up the pace.

I thrust into her arse as hard as i can, getting loud moans from both of us, mine from pleasure, and Cheryl’s from pain and pleasure as i start to fuck her arse as hard as i can, hoping that i can last just a little bit longer, but to avail as i feel my cock explode deep inside of Cheryl Cole’s hot arse, my hot sticky seed spurting deep inside of the Geordie stunner.

“Oh my fucking god!” i shout as i cum deep inside of Cheryl’s arse, making sure every last drop is out before pulling out of her arse, leaving a small gape as i do, i collapse back down on the bed as Cheryl smirks at me, she turns around and squats over my now floppy cock, she then starts to squirt out my warm cum that seconds ago was shooting deep inside of her bowls, she looks up at me with a nasty smile as she leans down and licks up every last drop of the cum that has seeped out of her fine behind.

“Wow, your one dirty Geordie” i say to her as she flops down on the bed next to me, licking her lips as she smirks at me.

“Ain’t we all pet?” she says as she kisses me on the lips softly before cuddling up to me as we both fall back to sleep after the amazing past few hours we have just had.

The End.

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