Cheryl’s Solo Gig

Cheryl entered her dressing room, she was feeling really horny after that gig.

The sight of her female band mate, Sarah always got her worked up!

She fancied her like fuck and didn’t care if she knew it!

She slipped her top off, exposing her lovely 34 C breasts. She unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor

Completely naked, she walked over to the draw and got her 10″dildo out.

She sat on the chair and ran it across her breasts. She felt her nipples harden as the soft jelly like toy caressed her breasts.

Her free hand roam her wet pussy. She raked her fingers over her clit and shuddered
at the touch. She closed her eyes and imagined it was Sarah doing this to her, giving her pleasure.

She stroked her pussy lips with her fingers, exploring every crease and crevice

She fingered the folds of skin around her rosebud. Her bald pussy soft and pink.

The dildo glided over the soft silky skin of her breasts, her nipples tingled as the soft toy fondled them.

She moved it down to her waiting pussy, letting it run over her slit, before sliding it inside her dripping love hole.

She thrust 4 inches in, groaning in pleasure as her walls surrounded the large instrument, her juices coating it.

She pushed another couple of inches in, her cunt swallowing the tool, sucking it in even further

She groaned loudy as she pushed it in.

Her free hand worked on her clit, flicking furiously over the swollen bud

The sensation was almost unbearable as she worked faster and faster until the twinge of orgasm approached.

She stopped and let it subside before sticking the come soaked dildo into her arse . She worked it slowly and then a little faster. She continued to tease her clit at the same time.

She felt orgasm the approaching again, and stopped.She was going to make this one last!

She took the dildo out and ran it across her nipples, covering them with juices. She took it to her mouth and licked the sweet love nectar off herself.

She rammed the dildo back into her cunt, faster and faster until she felt the twinges of orgasm approaching again

This time, she let it wash over her, the height of ecstacy overcame her and she let out a loud groan.

Her body rocked to the rhythm of her climax


She heard a voice and opened her eyes. She was surprised to see her friend Sarah standing there. The same one she fantasised about a few moments ago!

She sat there, unable to speak.

Before she could think of anything to say, Sarah spoke for her:

‘So, you gonna let me have a go?’


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