Cheryl’s Solo Gig – Part 2

Cheryl was stunned. She didn’t know what to say

Obediently, she passed the dildo over to Sarah

Sarah immediately got to work. Running the toy over Cheryl’s slit

Cheryl lifted one leg over the arm of the chair so Sarah would have better access.

Sarah shoved the plastic toy up her friends’ cunt, thrusting it in hard and fast, making Cheryl moan with delight

Her fingers traced the outline of Cheryl’s pussy, stroking the smooth skin.

The dildo worked faster now, driving in to her sopping cunt, forcing it’s way into her

‘Oooohhhhhhhhhh……………Saz……..don’t stop’ she moaned, never believeing
that she would utter those words.

Only in her fantasies had she ever said them.

Sarah’s fingers moved up to her clit, rubbing frantically at her little button

‘Ooooooooooohhhhhh……….’ she moaned again

‘Ohh………..fuck, i’m gonna come’

Moving faster now, Sarah built her friend up to orgasm

Streams of come flowed down Cheryl’s pussy and dripped on to her thighs.

Sarah continued working at her pussy until her orgasm finished.

Only then did she pull the plastic toy out.

Then she did something that shocked even Cheryl.

She put the dildo in her mouth and sucked it’s length, savouring her juices

She smiled at her friend’s disbelief.

‘I’ve always wondered what you tasted like! Looks like i’m about to find out!’

With that she stripped off and thrust herself on top Cheryl.

Sarah glided her body gently over Cheryl’s

Their naked bodies touching, caressing, embracing eachother as they slowly as they moved in time.

A sigh left Cheryl’s lips and her friend covered her mouth with hers

Their tongues slipped in and out of eachother’s mouths, lapping frantically at the other

Their fluids mixing together

Sarah put her hand on Cheryl’s naked breast, kneading it gently, her fingers squeezing and pinching her hard nipples

She put her mouth to it and sucked in the meaty flesh, taking it all in, her tongue wrapping itself around her nipple

She bit gently on it and heard a low groan coming from Cheryl. She bit again, teeth clamping down hard on the little bud.

She made her way to the other breast, kissing and licking the milky white flesh in between her mounds.

Her mouth took the other breast, her tongue worked around the juicy knoll.

She felt the hard nipple scrape the roof of her mouth and she sucked in the soft muscle

Cheryl placed her hand on Sarah’s head, pushing her in to her chest

Massaging the back of her head, she groaned as Sarah fondled her breast with her mouth.

Letting go, Sarah worked her hands on both her breasts, kneading them, running her little hands all over the surface of her small mountains

They moved over to the couch.

Cheryl lay down and Sarah on top her her so that they were in a 69 position

Sarah’s face headed straight for her friends’ cunt, her mouth swallowing it whole

Her tongue ran up and down it’s hairy lips, licking and sucking at the surface, the fine hairs tickling her nose.

She opened the slit with her tongue and lapped at the soft meaty pink flesh inside

A salty taste filled her mouth

Cheryl slid her fingers inside Sarah’s wet cunt, slowly pushing in and out, her fingers imediately coated in Sarah’s juices

She slipped another finger in.

Three fingers now worked inside Sarah’s hole

Moving expertly around, she grazed the walls of her cervix, gently caressing it’s soft pink flesh

Moving a little faster, she slipped another finger in

Sarah’s hip bucked as Cheryl finger fucked her cunt

Sarah’s hands roamed up and down the length of her friends’ slit, her fingers caressing every nook and cranny

She slipped a finger inside Cheryl’s pussy, she found she was extremely wet, the juices sucked her fingers in deeper.

She slid another one in, her other hand worked on Cheryl’s clit, rubbing it furiously

She heard Cheryl moan as she stroked her little button

Sliding another finger in to her hole, she rocked back and forth, her body in time with Cheryl’s movement on her pussy

Cheryl slipped a finger into Sarah’s tight arse hole, the small tunnel sucked her finger in.

She now had her whole hand inside Sarah’s pussy, fucking her stretched hole with her fist.

Sarah graoned as Cheryl’s hand moved inside her love tunnel

She had never been fisted before, and was surprised to find she quite enjoyed it.

She shoved her fist inside Cheryl, stretching her vagina walls.

Cheryl’s hips bucked as she pushed herself onto Sarah’s hand

She too, had never been fisted, she’d only seen it in the porn movies she watched while the other girls were asleep.

Both girls worked in unsion, screwing eachother senseless with their fists.

Orgasm beckoned them and they soon found themselves lost in bliss

Sounds of groaning could be heard as they brought eachother to a mindblowing climax.

They bodies writhing and wriggling as orgasm took over, sending waves of ecstacy thru them

Many seconds later, their bodies lay still as they caught their breath, still recovering form the mighty whims of orgasm

They lay there still, their sweaty bodies entwined

Neither one of them wanting to move

Taking the dildo in her hands, Cheryl slowly caressed her friends’ body, running it lightly over her skin leaving a trail of goosepimples in it’s wake.

Sarah sighed softly, her body tingling as the plastic toy lightly brushed her skin.

She moved the toy down to her thighs, running circles across the warm silky flesh, being careful not to touch her waiting wet pussy

Eventually she moved across to her aching cunt.

Smoothing it over her soft blonde hairs, before running it over her long slit, parting her lips and exploring the wet pinky flesh inside

She ran it across her clit, applying a little pressure

The little bud now protruding from it’s hood, it’s bumpy surface ached for attention.

Sarah moaned as the toy came into contact with her clit, sending waves of pleasure thru her body

‘Oh yesssssss…………’ she whispered, lost in her own world of ecstacy

Cheryl moved it a little faster, causing Sarah to buck as it hit a sensitive spot

‘Oh fuck’ she yelled

Juices flowed from her body, running down her cheeks and thighs as the toy worked it’s magic.

Cheryl slipped a finger inside her wet hole, wiggled it and pulled it out again, bringing her fingers to her mouth

Her lips parted and she slid the tips of her come soaked fingers in her mouth, savouring the taste of her friend.

The sticky discharge filled her mouth, the salty taste ran down the back of her throat.

Slipping a finger in again, she lightly brushed the walls of her friends’ cervix, juices coating her fingers, clinging to her flesh.

Her other hand swiftly worked the dildo, smoothing it over the little button, sending her friend into a frenzy of delight.

Sarah knew she was about to come. She let the sensation take over her body, sending her to new heights of pleasure.

A river of juices flowed from her pussy and down her thighs. Unable to stop, she let the orgasm take over


The orgasm finally drifted away, leaving her feeling exhilerated, if not a little exhausted!

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