Chicago Revisited

Title: Chicago Revisited

Author: Tori

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, ncons, oral, anal, fist, rape, drugs

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Chicago.  Selena hated Chicago but here she was, in town once again with two shows to do before heading home.  It had been a short tour and she was thankful it was almost over.

The last time she was here, she encountered a stranger in her suite but instead of being brutalized, she turned the tables and let the man have his way with her, willingly.  This time was going to be different and she knew it.  The man standing in front of her had a ski mask over his face and the large knife in his hand scared her.  “Scream and I’ll cut that pretty face up, understand?”  Selena stood trembling and nodded.  He reached into his pocket and took out a pill.  He pushed it against her lips and shoved it in her mouth.  “Swallow bitch.”  Selena choked down the tablet and waited.

When he grabbed her arm and shoved her towards the bed, he said, “Lie down and don’t move.”  Selena got on the bed and did as she was told.  As she lay there, the man took out some rope and tied her wrists together before securing her to the headboard.  When he finished, he took out two more lengths of rope and tied her ankles to the footboard, spreading her long legs apart.  Using the knife, he slowly sliced off her yoga pants revealing her thong panties.  His rough fingers ran across her slit as he cut through the thong.  Next, he grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and cut it up the middle, exposing her perfect breasts.  He laughed as he ran the blade across her nipples and then took the tip and pressed it against her cheek.  “I love that mouth.  I can’t wait to shove my cock down your slutty throat.”  Selena’s eyes were starting to glaze over as the drug took effect.  She watched him get off the bed and remove his clothes.  The last thing she saw was the man removing his mask.  Selena recognized him from last year.  She mumbled through the gag and when he pulled it out, she said, “You….you…….”  Her eyes rolled back and she became unaware of her surroundings.  Bob smiled and stroked his cock and said, “You remembered.  I was hoping you would.  Do you remember what you said to me the last time?”  Selena just looked at him and tried to speak but her words were incoherent.  Bob leaned over and slapped her face and said, “You said you’d let you tie me up, remember?  Well this time you won’t remember a thing.”

Bob climbed on the bed and said, “Suck my cock whore.”  Selena instinctively turned her head and opened her mouth.  As Bob fed her his hard meat, he put his hand around her throat and squeezed.  Selena’s eyes began to water and between the cock in her throat and the hand around her neck, her face started to turn bright red.  After almost a minute, Bob pulled his cock out causing Selena to cough and choke.  Selena was still coughing when Bob shoved his cock back in and said, “I’m not going to be gentle this time cunt.  You took me by surprise last year but now I’m in charge.”  Selena had no idea how much trouble she was in as he grabbed her by the hair and started to fuck her face.  He slammed his cock in an out, fast and hard, and after several minutes, he pulled out and covered her face with his hot load.

The next thing he did was shove his fist deep inside her pussy.  The drugged out singer began to moan as Bob violated her.  He slammed his fist in and out of her and within minutes the superstar came.  Her orgasm made her entire body jerk and shake while her juices soaked the sheet beneath her.  Bob continued his assault for several more minutes before he finally got on top of her and shoved his cock balls deep into her gaping cunt.  He slammed his hard meat in and out of her making her cum again and again.  Bob continued to rape Selena’s pussy and then filled her with his hot load.  When he pulled out, he saw his cum dripping from her hole and said, “That’s just the first of many bitch.  I’m going to fill every hole you have with more cum than you can imagine.”

Selena was totally fucked up the effects of the drug and when he released her ankles, he flipped her over on her stomach and climbed on top of her.  Her mouth hung open and her drool ran onto the sheet making Bob laugh.  “You should see yourself princess.  You have no idea how long I’ve waited to have you again.”  With that, he spread her cheeks apart and shoved his cock into her ass.  The gorgeous Latina simply lay there as the rapist slammed into her gaping ass.  Bob grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up off the bed and spit in her face.  “This is what a whore like you deserves.  You’re nothing but a piece of shit.”  He spit again as he brutalized her asshole, pounding away mercilessly until her finally filled her ass with another hot load of cum.

After fucking her pussy and shooting more cum inside of her, Bob got off the bed and started taking pictures of the ruined superstar with her phone.  When he had over a dozen shots, he sent them out to everyone on her contact list.  Within minutes, the phone started to buzz and he saw messages from her friends asking her if she was alright.  Bob laughed and dropped the phone and fucked her gaping asshole once more.  When he finished dressing, he untied Selena and left.

An hour or so later, Selena started to come around.  Her head was pounding and when she sat up, she looked down and saw her rapists cum dripping from her red, swollen pussy.  She started to cry as she dragged herself off the bed.  She stepped on her phone and when she picked it up she saw the photos of her lying on the bed covered in cum.  Just then it buzzed.  She answered it and told the caller what had happened to her.  When the police arrived, they took her statement and then led her out to the ambulance.  The attendant strapped her to the gurney and as the ambulance drove off, he took off his hat and leaned down.  “Nice to see you again Selena.”  Selena screamed when she recognized her rapist.  She tried to get up but the straps across her chest and legs made that impossible.  “No sense in struggling.  You’re not going anywhere” he said.  Selena started to beg, “Please, just let me go.  Haven’t you had enough?”  Bob smiled and said, “That?  That was just the prelims slut.  You’re headed for the main event.”  He looked at the driver and said, “Hey Jon, she thinks I should let her go.  What do you think?”  The driver looked in the rearview and said, “Hell no.  I haven’t had my turn on her yet and neither have the others.”  Selena was really scared and said, “Others?  What others?”  Bob squeezed her tit and said, “My boys have been waiting for you to come back to Chicago bitch.  After I told then about the last time, they couldn’t wait to get a piece of you.”

As soon as the ambulance pulled into the abandoned garage, the back doors opened and Selena was pulled out.  Bob and Jon unstrapped her and pulled her to her feet.  That was when she saw the gang of men standing around her.  Bob pushed her to her knees and said, “Welcome back to Chicago Selena.”  Selena stared at the big cock pointed at her mouth and screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!”

The End

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